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Pokemon Black And White 2 Rom

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Pokemon White 2 Rom Download

Pokemon White 2/ Black 2 ROM(USA)(EXP) Official Download!

Pokemon White 2 Version is a wonderful remake of Pokemon White game as we have already played the black 2 version which is a remake of Pokemon black. The creators and developer Game Freak has included so many new features along with changing in the pokedex for adding some more pokemon in the list. for free as there are new adventures and quizes.

Strange types of creatures are part of the game as you move on in the old Unova region. The region is old but there are some changes in the routes which makes the game a brand new one. A New Professor and Starter are waiting for you to have a new gameplay. Lets have a look at some of the best features before moving forward and downloading the best ever hack we have today.

Pokemon Black 2 Rom Free Download For Nintendo Ds Emulator

Pokemon Black 2 ROM free download for Nintendo DS emulator. The Pokemon Black Version 2 ROM released in 2012 with White 2 Version ROM. It is a most enhanced version of Pokemon Black Version ROM which is released in 2011. It was internationally released in all regions. The initial release date of the game was June 23, 2012, for Japan. We are sharing the US English version of Pokemon Black ROM 2 for NDS. You can directly download the ROM by using the below download link. The Nintendo DS emulator is must require to play this game because the game was available for Nintendo DS consoles. There are various new features are added in this version of Pokemon.

ROM Name

Pokmon Black And White 2


Pokemon has been a famous brand in the game market for many years now. In addition to the main storyline games, there are many other products designed so that players can enjoy a variety of different gameplay. Because of that, it became famous and loved by many people during the extremely long period of up to nearly 30 years. Every year, there are still many jealous to use Pokemon brand to release with separate gameplay and attractive to players.

Pokémon Black and White 2 is a game of the main timeline of the Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Versions next game. This means that in this product the player will be placed within 2 years after the main events taking place from the previous two versions. And players will join the journey in the Unova region with many exciting new challenges.


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Best Emulator For Pokemon Black Version 2 Rom

Before downloading the Pokemon Black Version 2 game, you need to download and install a Nintendo DS emulator on your device. This emulator helps you to play your game.

For Windows PC, there are few fantastic emulators like DraStic DS Emulator, which has the option to save states, controllers support, and button mapping. In the case of MAC, Citra Emulator is good as it has Graphic optimization and is highly active.

How To Run Pokemon White 2 Rom Version On Windows Pc

[NDS] Pokemon Volt White 2 #5 [ ...
  • For Windows PC, You have to download the Nintendo DS Emulator for Windows to run this ROM file.
  • Install the emulator on your Windows PC and download the ROM file from the above link.
  • Open the emulator and locate the ROM file from it and you will see the configuration tab on the screen.
  • Adjust the frame rate and display setting according to your requirements.
  • Now click on the run button and start playing the game without any barrier.
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    Some Interesting Features In Pokemon White 2 Nds Download Rom:

    • Entirely new pokedex.
    • Pokemon from older version and generations in the pokedex.
    • The graphics are improved a lot.
    • New playable characters.
    • Every character has its own abilities.
    • New rivals and professor.
    • Mostly area is covered with ice.
    • Some new events and Pokemon Tournament is part of the game.
    • New moves and movesets.

    Pokemon Blaze Black 2 / Volt White 2 Nds Rom

    Pokemon Blaze Black 2 / Volt White 2

    Patch by: projectpokemon.org

    Pokemon Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2 are what you would call the best overhauling hacks ever.

    After developing other amazing hacks through the years, Drayano took all that experience and the result were the most challenging hacks you will find ever.

    Generation 5 is, by far, the most well done series of Pokemon Games. Black and White 2 are still the most complete Pokemon games out there and this hack makes them better.

    What does Blaze Black 2 and Volt White 2 offer to you?

    • Complete PokedexOut there lurking, all the Pokemon up to Gen 5 are waiting for you to capture them.
    • Revised MechanicsBe it some stats modification, type change, abilities, attacks, Drayano made some Pokemon more playable than ever.
    • The maximum challengeThis. I love to prove you how bad you are at playing Pokemon. Again, take your game and manage to beat the game AND the post game content, if you dare.
    • Tons of aditional special contentSpecial characters that shouldnt be there but they are and they want to battle you, some others give you special items, some give you special Pokemon!

    The hacks come with a Vanilla version and a Complete version.

    Only the Complete version modifies the Pokemon in any degree, the Vanilla version is just like the original Pokemon games stats wise.

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    Pokemon Black 2 Action Replay Codes: Tested Working For Na Version

    Please note: Be warned that some listed cheats could potentially cause problems to your game. Our readers have reported messing of key items and random crashing. As a rule of thumb, save game before applying any cheats. When you observed irregularities after applying a cheat, dont save your progress and restart your game.

    03E70007 03E70010D2000000 00000000

    Input the code and press Start. Check the bag, and youll have all the Poke Balls unlocked with 900 in amount.

    Pokemon Black 2 And White 2 Jpn Nds Rom 3ds Rom Beta Version Download

    Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 Rom Released(Official Rival Battle) HD

    byCharlie Hassell

    Pokemon Black 2 And White 2 JPN NDS ROM 3DS ROM BetaVersion DownloadPokemon Black 2 and White 2 is the lastest Pokemon game, the 5th Generation Game.Pokémonfans, get excited for the incredible new adventures.The Main Legendary is a Mix of Reshiram & …More

    Pokemon Black 2 And White 2 JPN NDS ROM 3DS ROM BetaVersion DownloadPokemon Black 2 and White 2 is the lastest Pokemon game, the 5th Generation Game.Pokémonfans, get excited for the incredible new adventures.The Main Legendary is a Mix of Reshiram & Kyurem, called “White Kyurem”.Unlike Pokemon Black 2, you might be able to catch Mewtwo in thisgame.Recent press releases from Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe state that Pokémon Blackand White 2, announced over the weekend in Japan, will see an Autumn 2012 release in bothregions.The games will be available in Japan in June.The late 2012 release date is sooner than many expected.While there is currently no word on anAustralian release date, the most recent Pokémon games in Europe, North America and Australiahave seen releases within a few days of each other.Pokémon Black and White 2 were recently revealed on Japanese TV show Pokémon Smash! in aspecial appearance by series director Junichi Masuda, and are bLess

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    Pokemon White 2 Cheats For Nintendo Ds

    D2000000 00000000

    Input the code and your Pokemons PP wont decrease during battle.

    Now that you have a fill of our Pokemon White 2 cheats, take your time to test them out. Always make sure that they are turned on and follow the instructions when it comes to how to activate them.

    Note: Keep in mind as well that these are for the NA version and the codes for the Jap and Euro versions are different.

    You may also want to check our collection of Pokemon game cheats if you play other Pokemon games besides Pokemon White 2.

    What About The Formes:

    As we know that in black and white hacks there are different kinds of new and old formes available. Some new formes such as the Kami Trio are part of the game. But this time this one makes sure that Kyurem is not the only one who can get this special feature. There are some other formes that can be test before moving to other formes as well. Their new formes are called Sacred Beast Forme featuring Tornadus in a figure of a bird, this is one of the newest feature we have seen in the hack of Pokemon White rom. What about the Thundurus? Good news is that the Thundurus as a flying serpent and Landorus as a tiger. These changes in the formes make sure that the game is full of entertainment. In additional, their genie appearances in Pokémon Black and White are now introduced as the Incarnation Forme.

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    Pokemon White 2 Rom Free Download For Nintendo Ds Emulator

    Pokemon White 2 ROM free download US English version for Nintendo DS Emulator. The Black version 2 and White version 2 both are enhanced version of black and white version ROM which are released in 2012. Play the Pokemon white version 2 on your PC by downloading the ROM file. You just have to install the NDS emulator on your PC to run the ROM file. The game is the fifth generation of the Pokemon series. The Pokemon white version 2 has two modes, Single-player and multiplayer. There is some difference between black 2 and white 2 version gameplay. Just download the Pokemon White version ROM from the below link and enjoy the game.

    ROM Name

    Can I Play Pokemon Black With An Emulator

    Download Pokemon White 2 ROM Game Full Version For Free

    Emulators allow you to play virtually all console games on both phones and computers. Yes, pokemon black 2 can be played on and with emulator on PC or an android-powered device.

    Certain consoles from the past are expensive, while others are simple to find. Emulating them to computers is the most effective solution. Emulators are an exactly replica of the console.

    With advancement in technology now these days, the majority of people choose using their phones to carry out the majority of day to day functions. This includes making calls, text messaging as well as playing games and many more.

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    How To Run Pokemon Black Version 2 Rom On Windows Pc

  • First of all download and install the Nintendo Emulator for Windows PC.
  • Now download the Pokemon Black 2 ROM from the above-shared link.
  • Open the emulator in your PC and locate the ROM file using the emulator.
  • Now click on the play button to start the game. Adjust the frame settings according to need.
  • Start playing the game for free on your Windows PC. No other settings are required.
  • Complete Overview And Walkthrough Of Pokemon White 2 Nds Rom Download:

    Unova ! Oh Unova, the good old days! As we have seen the first trailer of the game in which we saw a brand new Unova region where most of the regions parts are covered with Ice. Not all the region is covered with Ice, some parts are totally new locations and have some new pokemon in the area as well. These new pokemon can be catchable which makes the game more flexible than the normal versions. More new events are also part of the game which is quite interesting feature of the game, there are certain events which needs some experties to enter like in Pokemon Silver Yellow ROM. These experties can be gain during the completion of some missions and as soon as you catch some new pokemon and make them train for battles and fights.

    Battles and Fights are part of the game and that will for surely comes whenever you move on in the region. Especially when you go out in search of new pokemon to catch. There are some routes on which the rivals and enemies are located and they are keeping you in target. What you do in your day to day life? What are your activities? Are they concerned with the catching of some new pokemon, then they will also make the process of pokemon catching a lot more faster and efficient than yours.

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