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Pokemon Go New Raid Bosses

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Spotlight Hour And Raid Hour


As is the norm, there will be a Spotlight Hour and Raid Hour this week.

Spotlight Hour: On Tuesday, November 2 from 6pm to 7pm local time, Cacnea will be in the spotlight. Cacnea spawns will be boosted significantly, and youll receive double candies for all catches.

Raid Hour: On Wednesday, November 3 from 6pm to 7pm, the weekly Raid Hour event will feature Darkrai. Tier 5 Raids will appear on almost every Gym, and every caught Darkrai will know Sludge Bomb.

Pokemon Go Raid Bosses Festival Of Lights November 2021

Trainers, the Pokemon Go Festival of Lights event is underway and new Raid Bosses are now spawning in raids.

The arrival of the Festival of Lights event has shaken up the raids and different Pokemon are now appearing in one-star, three-star, five-star, and Mega raids.

The Pokemon Go Festival of Lights runs from November 5, 2021, to November 14, 2021, and here is the list of all new Raid Bosses, shiny included, available to battle and catch in the game.

Pokmon Go: List Of Raid Bosses For November 2021

We are right in Halloween, and Pokémon GO started on second part of its event for this holiday, which allows us to catch for the first time the Pumpkaboo and Phantump. However, Niantic brought us all the news events and news that will bring us.

Among them, unsurprisingly, is the. Pokémon GO raid bosses are changing.. The truth is, this November were going to be able to see quite a few creatures pass through them, both in normal raids and in mega-raids. Were going details all right now.

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What Are Pokmon Go Raids And How Do They Work

Raids are multiplayer events in Pokémon Go that challenge you to battle powerful monsters in exchange for exclusive rewards. Each raid has a tier from one to five, with the lowest tiers being easiest and the highest being the most difficult. You can battle easier raids alone, but youll need to work with the community to participate in the tougher raids.

Heres how to start and complete a raid in steps:

  • To initiate a raid, youll need a raid pass, which you can get from a gym once per day
  • Next, find a gym with an egg above it and wait until the timer counts down
  • Visit the gym when the timer has come to an end and youll be able to face the raid boss
  • The raid boss is a Pokémon with much higher CP than usual, and you have an hour to form a team and beat it
  • You can participate in raids solo or join a group of up to 20 other players
  • You can bring up to six Pokémon into the battle with you, just like in a usual gym battle
  • If you fail the boss fight, you can try again as many times as youd like until the hour is up, and it wont cost you another raid pass
  • If youre successful, youll receive a bunch of rewards and a chance to catch it using premier balls, which are exclusive to raids
  • No More Four And Two Star Raids In Pokmon Go

    New Raid Boss List (October 2018)

    Prior to Mega Raids being released, Pokémon Go had two other Raid types: Four Star Raids and Two Star Raids. Four Star Raids were combined with Three Star Raids, while Two Star Raids were combined with One Star Raids. The difficulty remained at Three and One Star levels, while increasing the rewards, making all of these battles more accessible.

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    How Do I Catch Raid Bosses

    Even with the maximum possible number of premier balls at your disposal, youre still not guaranteed to catch the Pokémon especially if its a legendary at tier five. If you want to significantly increase your chances, youre going to need to use a golden razz berry.

    Fortunately, golden razz berries are a reward for defeating raid bosses in the first place, so if you raid often you should have plenty on you to increase the chances of capturing the boss.

    Heres a round-up of other things you can do to increase your chances of catching a difficult raid boss:

    • Throw a curveball by spinning the Poké ball before you throw it
    • Get an excellent throw by landing the Poké ball within the circle when its small
    • Get medals for the type of Pokémon youre aiming to catch

    Mega Houndoom Cp Boost

    Dont forget that a different Mega Evolution will receive a CP boost throughout the Season of Mischief. In November, Mega Houndoom will have a CP boost for the duration of the month. Mega Houndoom is one of the best Dark-type attackers in the game, so its definitely worth using against Psychic- and Ghost-types.

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    How To Catch Pokemon In Raid Battles

    When you successfully defeat a Raid Boss, youll get the chance to catch it. Youll be given a set number of Premier Balls to use, but its not guaranteed that youll be able to catch it, especially if its a Legendary.

    Here are some ways to increase the number of Premier Balls youll get:

    • Deal a high amount of damage to the Raid boss.
    • Your team deals a high amount of damage to the Raid boss.
    • Controlling the gym that the Raid takes place in.
    • Participating in Raids with friends.

    Remember, you can also use Razz Berries, or even better Golden Razz Berries, to help catch Raid bosses. Getting excellent throws or spinning curveballs will increase your chances, too.

    Now youre all clued up on Raids and the creatures you can battle at Gyms this month, its time to get out there and catch yourself some Pokemon and maybe even a Legendary. Good luck, trainers!

    For more tips and tricks covering all things Pokemon Go, make sure to check out our guides:

    List Of Pokmon Go Raid Bosses For November 2021

    PALKIA RAID GUIDE! Best Counters for New Palkia Raid Boss in Pokemon GO!

    All changes will take place the designated day at 10:00 a.m. . The site Time for incursions will continue to be every Wednesday 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and will feature the Pokémon that is currently the boss. Without further ado, here are the bosses. They will all be brilliant:

    • Darkrai : until Friday, November 5.
    • Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion : From Friday November 5 to Tuesday November 16.
    • Cresselia: Tuesday November 16 Wednesday December 1

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    Your Number One Resource For Pokmon Go Raids Including Everything You Need To Know

    If you want to catch the best Pokémon, youre going to have to participate in Pokémon Go raids. These are difficult events that pit you against a variety of your favourite monsters alongside your friends, providing you with a bunch of rewards if you succeed. Youll also get a chance to catch the monster you fought, which makes it a great method of tracking down more elusive monsters.

    Raids take place at gyms, and require you to have a raid pass, which you can get once per day by visiting a gym, to participate. There are different tiers of Pokémon Go raids, with the highest giving you with a chance to receive a legendary Pokémon.

    If you find raids intimidating, or simply want a bit more information before you start digging into them, weve put together this guide for you. Well break down everything you need to know about gyms, including the different types, how you can participate, and what you can expect as rewards, in the guide below. By the time youve finished reading it, youll be a raid master. You can also find out more information about your favourite mobile game by checking out our Pokémon Go news, Pokémon Go event, and Pokémon Go update guides.

    Mega Raids In Pokmon Go

    On August 27, 2020, Niantic introduced Mega Evolution and with it Mega Raids. Mega Raids are a class unto themselves, providing some of the most challenging battles yet. Mega Pokémon get a massive stat boost, and in some cases new typing as well. From June 1, 2021, only one Pokémon will be appearing in Mega Raids at a time.

    After completing any of these Mega Raids, you will be rewarded with the chance to catch the normal version of that Pokémon, as well as a bunch of Mega Energy – the species specific currency used to Mega Evolve your own Pokémon. The amount of Mega Energy you win is based on how quickly you can complete the Mega Raid so you want to invite as many people as possible to these Raids. Additionally, Mega Raids can give you Shiny Pokémon, unlike encountering these evolved Pokémon normally.

    Like other Raids, Mega Raids also rotate out. Currently, you cannot battle in the following Mega Raids right now:

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    When Are Raid Hours Scheduled

    Niantic organises a unique Raid Hour every week in order to give players a higher chance of capturing the current 5-Star Raid Pokemon. All Raid-filled gyms will be 5-Star, meaning Darkrai will be 5-Star at the start of November.

    Every Wednesday from 6 to 7 p.m., Raid Hours will take place, and you wont have to worry about time zones because it will always be your local time. This is an excellent opportunity to go out and capture a Legendary.

    Deoxys Forms In Pokemon Go: Normal Attack Defense And Speed

    Registeel and other New Raid Bosses appearing from July 19 ...

    As noted above, there are four Deoxys Forms in Pokemon Go – just as in the traditional Pokemon games as when it was first introduced in generation 3. These break into four categories: Normal , Attack , Defense and Speed . Deoxys is genderless, so rather then gender you just have to worry about the forms. Shiny Deoxys do exist, however.

    All forms of Deoxys are still Psychic-type, though different forms also have different potential move sets. Here’s how the stats of the various forms of Deoxys break down…

    218 100

    As you can see, the base stats vary quite a lot between the different Deoxys Forms. There’s more too it than just this, however: In Pokemon Go, the different forms of Deoxys also have slightly different move sets. Here’s the moves available to each form:

    Deoxys Normal Form Movelist:

    • Zap Cannon
    • Swift

    Now, we know what question is coming: which form is best? Well, the answer is probably best found in looking at which forms don’t quite work out. So – here’s our take.

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    Camerupt Pokemon Go Raid Boss

    Camerupt is a variation on a camel, meaning it is a ground-type Pokemon. However, it has a volcano housed in each of its humps. This also makes it a fire-type Pokemon raid boss. You will find that its most powerful moves are Rock Smash and Earth Power. As it loves the heat it will also get a boost from being in sunny weather.

    As a fire-type Pokemon, it takes the most damage from water-based attacks. Despite it being a ground-type Pokemon, it is also weak to ground attacks itself. It has a large number of resistances to most other types of attack. These are bug, fire, electric, fairy, poison, and steel.

    This means counters are best from a powerful water-type Pokemon. Blastoise and Gyarados both have water cannons and hydro pumps that can do the job against this Pokemon Go Raid Boss. Empoleon, Kingler, and any other water types should work.

    Deoxys Counters And Weaknesses For Pokemon Go Ex Raids

    Okay, so, you’ve found yourself invited to an EX Raid in Pokemon Go, with a chance to take down and then capture a Deoxys. That’s great – but now you actually need to survive the battle. And while in battle on your side Deoxys is fairly comparable with other mythical and legendary Pokemon, when you’re facing it down within a raid, it’s formidable.

    Deoxys is pure psychic-type, so you’ve got three Pokemon Go Type Weaknesses to work with: Dark, Ghost and Bug. You’ll want to work with these three types of Pokemon and Move in order to take Deoxys down.

    Here’s some good suggestions for Pokemon for that battle:

    • Tyranitar : Bite & Crunch are ideal Dark-type moves, and Tyranitar has great damage output.
    • Mewtwo : Psychic-on-Psychic is favorable for taking damage, but crucially Mewtwo can get access to the Ghost-type move Shadow Ball, which would be your go-to damage dealer in this encounter.
    • Houndoom : Houndoom is one of the better regular Dark-type Pokemon around, but you’ll want it with Dark-type moves like Snarl and Foul Play rather than its fire-type moves.
    • Gengar : In terms of raw type ability, Gengar may very well be your absolute best bet for this encounter – it can use great Ghost-type moves like Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball – if you’re lucky with moves.

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    All Current Pokemon Go Raid Bosses For September 2021


    September and The Season of Mischief have arrived in Pokemon GO with a special three-month-long research story.

    Alongside the research story, which is titled Misunderstood Mischief, players will have the opportunity to get involved in a range of new activities.

    There will be new spawns, eggs, Raid Bosses and even more over the course of the next three months.

    To kick things off here is all of the current Raid Bosses available in Pokemon GO and the raid boss schedule for September and the Season of Mischief.

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl | Details Trailer

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    Raid Invitations And Remote Raids In Pokmon Go

    As the global pandemic slowed Pokémon Go play and Raids in particular during the early part of 2020, Niantic began to implement new features to make Raids more accessible. Now Trainers can purchase Remote Raid Passes, which allow them to take part in Raids that aren’t within range for a normal Raid Pass. These Remote Raid Passes will let you join in any Raid you can see on the screen. Additionally, Remote Raid Passes allow you to join into any Raid a Friend invites you to. Raid Invitations were added shortly after Remote Raid Passes, allowing Trainers to invite up to five of their Friends to join in a Raid from anywhere in the world.

    Gen Iv Themed Raid Bosses

    Many of the raid bosses we have seen so far that are new seem to have some kind of connection with Generation 4 Pokemon. Roselia, Piloswine, Tangela, Rhydon?? Something here is kind of fishy.

    Here is a list of everything we have seen in raids so far. Much like last time it seems there are some old bosses sprinkled in there and might be taken out soon, but we are not certain.

    Tier 1: Magikarp, Makuhita, Meditite, Wailmer

    Tier 2: Alolan Exeggutor, Kirlia, Roselia, Mawile

    Tier 3: Alolan Raichu, Machamp, Tangela, Piloswine, Donphan

    Tier 4: Alolan Marowak, Rhydon, Tyranitar, Absol

    All of the ones in bold have a Gen IV evolution, and these make up a majority of the new additions.

    And of course a graphic from Couple of Gaming to visualize these bosses!

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    Pokemon Go Current Raid Boss List 2021

    In this month of September 2021 pokemon go have scheduled 2 raid bosses named Mega Slowbro and Mega Houndoom. Both raid bosses appears to be very exciting to battle with pokemon go players. There is also a 5 star raids in end of the month and in which new 3 pokemons will get appeared naming Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit pokemon.

    • Shiny Mega Slowbro and Shiny Mega Lugia will be available in raids until September 14, 2021 10 AM.
    • Shiny Mega Houndoom and Shiny Azelf from September 14, 2021, 10 AM to October 1, 2021, 10 AM in only America.
    • Shiny Mega Mesprit and Shiny Mega Houndoom be available from September 14, 2021, 10 AM to October 1, 2021, 10 AM in locations of Asia and Australia.
    • The Shiny Uxie and Shiny Mega Houndoom be available from September 14, 2021, 10 AM to October 1, 2021, 10 AM in locations of Africa, Europe, India and the Middle East.

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