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Pokemon Qr Scan Codes

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What Are Pokemon Go Friend Codes

How to Scan QR Codes in Citra (Pokémon Sun & Moon Island Scan)

Pokemon Go friend codes given in this website are Pokemon Go trainer codes used in Niantic augmented reality game Pokemon Go. Each Pokemon Go Friend code consists of 12 numeric digits. This Pokemon Go friend code is used to identity each Pokemon Go player in Pokemon Go game. The Pokemon Go friend code for each Pokemon Go player or trainer is generated uniquely.

Mythical Pokmon Qr Codes

After the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Nintendo is giving away several Mythical Pokémon. To get it, you need to scan a special QR code that will be announced during one of the giveaway events. Below we list the European codes for those Mythical Pokémon.

  • Magearna : The code for Magearna is shown at the end of Volcanion and the Ingenius Magearna. Watch that episode or simply scan the following QR code.
  • More mythical Pokémon coming soon

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Shiny Pokemon Qr Codes

Pokemon Sun and Moon have unique and very useful features that enable users to scan QR codes for a particular Pokemon. Scanning QR codes allow users to locate almost all normal or shiny Pokemon in the wild and register them in Pokedex.

You can view the complete list of every Pokemon Sun and Moon QR codes on Imgur which also include special Pokemon but with no QR code or you can also .

There are hundreds of Pokemon available for scanning, though its worth the effort, it takes a lot of time to scan them all. Plus, you can only scan ten QR codes per day and have only one attempt to capture a Pokemon.

This post is intended for players who wish to locate and catch only the shiny Pokemon.

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Legendary Pokemon Qr Code This Video Is For Use With The Qr Code Injection For Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon

Pokemon sun and moon lets you scan in qr codes to register pokemon to your pokedex to learn its location in the game. When you catch a pokemon, you get a qr code that can be scanned using the qr. Once you reach your daily limit and rack up 100 points, you can use island scanner. The pokédex qr codes allows you to automatically mark a pokémon as seen in your pokédex. This can be used to search rare pokémon. 5 20 point qr codes for pokemon ultra sun and moon pokemon qr. All of these codes also work for ultra sun and ultra moon, but we have yet to acquire qr codes for the new pokemon in pokemon ultras regional pokedex. Scanning codes doesnt give you the pokemon, they just appear on the pokedex map for you to find and catch, starters however are not found in the wild. Every qr code you scan in pokémon sun and moon earns you 10 points, with a limit of 10 scans per day. You can view the complete list of every pokemon sun and moon qr codes on imgur which also include special. This video is for use with the qr code injection for ultra sun / ultra moon. Not only will these qr codes allow for unique pokemon to be. Pokemon sun and moon qr codes.

List Of Qr Codes In Pokmon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

Pokémon Sun and Moon QR Codes

There are several ways to view all QR codes on Alolan Pokédex in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. Note that there are some important exceptions such as legendary and campaign-specific Pokémon that will not be available.

At this time, there is no regular list of images available but the following YouTube video from BeardBear contains them all in sequence. If we find a version of them in image, we will obviously update this page.

Finally, note that the codes for the previous version of Sun and Moon will work on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but they will certainly not include all Pokémon added to the Ultra versions of Alolan Pokédex, such as Zorua and Zoroark or Larvitar, Pupitar and Tyranitar.

Do you need more information about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? So youre in the right place. We have lots of guides that cover a number of game mechanics, such as the Rockruff event, QR codes and Island Scan, as well as how to access National Pokédex and download previous games. It is not enough? If you want to be the best Pokémon trainer, you can always take a look at our guide on how to create the best and strongest Pokémon, and dont forget that you can also learn about Festival Plaza, how to trade, use GTS and battle online. Finally, we also recommend that you take a look at Global Missions and learn how they work and what their rewards are, and also discover the new Pokémon added to the Ultra versions.

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Where Do I Find Magearna’s Code In Pokemon Sun And Moon

You can find the QR code for this legendary Steel / Fairy-type on the official Pokémon website. The code is available until March 5, 2017.

Now that you know how to scan QR codes and catch loads of rare Pokemon with ’em, learn where to find evolutionanry stones.

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Which Qr Code Pokmon Can I Catch With Island Scan When Where

Special thanks to Ruin4r on the Pokémon subreddit for this info:

Melemele Island:

  • Monday: Totodile in Seaward Cave
  • Tuesday: Deino in Ten Carat Hill
  • Wednesday: Horsea in Kala’e Bay
  • Thursday: Klink in Hau’oli City
  • Friday: Chikorita in Route 2
  • Saturday: Litwick in Hau’oli Cemetery
  • Sunday: Cyndaquil in Route 3

Akala Island:

  • Monday: Spheal in Route 7
  • Tuesday: Luxio in Route 8
  • Wednesday: Honedge in Akala Outskirts
  • Thursday: Venipede in Route 4
  • Friday: Bellsprout in Route 5
  • Saturday: Marill in Brooklet Hill
  • Sunday: Gothita in Route 6

Ula’ula Island:

  • Monday: Swinub in Tapu Village
  • Tuesday: Duosion in Route 16
  • Wednesday: Roselia in Ula’ula Meadow
  • Thursday: Staravia in Route 10
  • Friday: Vigoroth in Route 11
  • Saturday: Axew in Mount Hokulani
  • Sunday: Rhyhorn in Blush Mountain

Poni Island

  • Monday: Conkeldurr in Poni Plains
  • Tuesday: Togekiss in Poni Gauntlet
  • Wednesday: Leavanny in Poni Meadow
  • Thursday: Serperior in Exeggutor Island
  • Friday: Samurott in Poni Wilds
  • Saturday: Emboar in Ancient Poni Path
  • Sunday: Elektross in Poni Grove

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Island Scan Qr Code Pokemon

Scanning a QR Code in Pokemon Sun and Moon lets you locate the Pokemon in the game, but there is another QR Code feature called Island Scan that lets you find and capture Pokemon that are not part of the Alolan Pokedex.

Each time you scan in a normal QR code, you’ll receive 10 points for the Island Scan. However, there are special cdes like Magearna which give more points, like 20. Once you reach 100 points, the Pokemon assigned to the current day and the island you’re on will appear in the wild. From there you have one hour to go to its location and capture it before it takes off. You can only fight in this battle once, so make sure to make it count!

TIP: It doesn’t have to be a Pokemon QR Code, you can scan any working QR Code and get a scan and points, like scanning a Mii QR Code for BatMii, getting a random Pokemon like Purrloin, and then using Island Scan.

Pokemon 201-284

Unfortunately, you can only save up to 10 scan slots. Once they’ve all been used up, you’ll be able to replenish one scan slot every two hours. It’s basically one Pokemon a day!

So what kind of Pokemon can you find using the Island Scan? Use our list for a chance to get a non-Alolan Pokemon! Each Pokemon that appears is based on the day and the island:

How Does The Qr Scanner Function And How Do You Scan A Qr Code In Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon


The QR Scanner hereutilizes the functionality of 3DSs camera for reading a genuine QR code. Theplayer is confined to the times scanning can occur in succession. Each Pokémonin the Pokédex is associated with its own QR code. They are accessible if youhave caught them by heading to their page in Pokédex and tapping X.

Using the QR Scanner toscan the associated code adds that Pokémon as visible to your Pokédex. It isnot an option to catch Pokemon promptly but seen Pokémon for in-game catchingthrough SOS encounters have their spot marked on your map.

There are only threesteps to how to scan QR codes in PokemonUltra Sun and Ultra Moon. To scan the desired code, you start by launchingthe in-game menu. Then, you go to the second page to choose the option called QRScanner. This turns ON the camera after which you put the code in its front andtake a picture using the R button.

To find the in-game spotof Pokémon, just go to its Pokédex page and navigate to the Habitat tab. Doingso reveals the island and the location on it where you will find the Pokemon.This is how do you get a Pokemon from aQR code.

The caveat is that you cannotuse the scanner utility over 10 times a day. This means you earn 100 points perday . Whenever you are done with 100 points, you can takethe benefit of Island Scan.

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What’s This About Qr Codes And ‘charges’

You can’t spam Pokémon Sun and Moon’s QR code scanner scanning one QR code comes with a two-hour recovery period. However, you can snap up to ten QR codes at once. In other words, you can scan ten QR codes, use Island Scanner, and log the deficit. After twenty hours, you’ll be able to scan ten more codes and use the Island Scanner again.

You can also snap one QR code every two hours if you really want to. Either way, one QR code / Island Scanner “cycle” takes twenty hours to recharge, so don’t use it recklessly.

How To Catch Pokemon Using Qr Codes

The QR Scanner uses the Nintendo 3DSs camera functionality to scan a real-world QR Code. Individual Pokémon have their own individual QR Code that the user can access after catching the Pokémon and heading to its page in Pokedex and pressing X.

Scanning the QR code that now appears on the screen would add this Pokémon to the Pokedex of the player and mark it as seen. Although not an instant way to catch the Pokémon, seen Pokémons are now available to catch in-game via the regular methods.

To scan the QR code, the player needs to follow the method given below.

  • Open the in-game menu.
  • Go to the second page and select the QR Scanner option.
  • The camera will now be activated. Place the desired QR code in front of the camera and snap a picture of the same using the R button.
  • The user can now use the feature of the Habitat tab available in the Pokedex to get accurate information about the location of the scanned Pokémon and then go ahead to catch it or you can scan QR codes at

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    Pokmon Sun And Moon What Does Qr Scanner Do

    QR Scanner allows you to obtain information about a Pokémon that you have not yet seen in the game. A friend of yours has captured the Pokémon Mimikyu, and you want to know where to find that Pikachu lookalike. Your friend looks up Mimikyu in his Pokédex and generates a QR code with the data of that Pokémon with the press of the X button. When you scan that code, Mimikyu will be added to your Pokédex, after which you can look up where to catch the monster.

    Please note that you can only generate a QR code from a Pokémon if you have caught that Pokémon. Its not enough to see the Pokémon. Nor can you generate a QR code from a Legendary Pokémon, even if you have caught it.

    You start with ten scans. When you have used it up, you restore one scan every two hours. So it takes twenty hours to go from zero scans to the maximum of ten scans.

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    How Qr Codes And Island Scan Works In Pokmon Sun And Moon

    These Pokémon Sun and Moon QR codes will help you fill out your Pokédex ...

    To scan a QR code, open the menu, head to the second page and select the QR Scanner option. The camera will activate, and place the desired QR code in front of it and snap.

    Itll then be added to your Alolan Pokédex, revealing where you can catch it in the game.

    You can only use the QR scanner 10 times a day. For every scan, you earn 10 points, and every 100 points allows you to use the Island Scan feature.

    Island Scan will reveal a non-Alolan Pokémon on your current island for you to catch . Go to the location within the next hour and attempt to catch it, though note you have just this single battle to do so. Whether you catch it or not, you have two hours before you can use Island Scan again.

    With new Island Scan Pokémon available every day on each island, you should continue to scan QR codes and over the coming days after all, itll take you over a month to scan every QR code and catch every non-Alolan Pokémon until you have the complete set. Good luck!

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    Whats The Point Of Scanning Qr Codes In Pokemon Sun And Moon

    Scanning a QR code marks that Pokémon as seen in your PokéDex. From there, you can use your PokéDex to zoom in on that Pokémons stomping grounds and catch it.

    If you scan enough QR Codes, you also earn points for the Island Scan. Island Scan gives you the opportunity to hunt down Pokémon that arent native to Alolas PokéDex, including the starters from Johto.

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    Pokmon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Qr Codes Are By Far The Easiest Way To Fill Out The Seen Aspect Of Your Alolan Pokdex Granting You The Ability To Simply Scan A Code We Have A Full List

    Legendary pokemon ultra sun qr codes. After scanning 10 codes a rare pokémon appears in the area and it seems that they are all not from the. Before you start viewing the entire list of pokemon sun and moon qr codes we will explain everything you need to know about them. Whats people lookup in this blog.

    All of these codes also work for ultra sun and ultra moon but we have yet to acquire qr codes for the new pokemon in pokemon ultras regional pokedex. It lets you scan codes to get the location of a pokémon without seeing them first. We have a full list of pokemon sun and moon qr codes for every pokemon these codes will help players complete their alola pokedex.

    Become a member today. The qr code scanner island scan is a new feature introduced in pokémon sun moon. Pokémon qr codes legendary pokemon shiny pokemon qr codes how to get mew powersaves 3ds action replay global trading system pokemon gts gts ignore tags this video shows you a.

    Pokémon sun and moon qr codes. Japan big malasada and fresh water serial code given to players pre ordering the game from 7 eleven stores more details japan 100 poké balls. Pokemon sun and moon how to get genesect event parody you pokémon ultra sun moon and a year of legendary pokémon ultra sun moon and a year of legendary gamestop event level 100 shiny silvally pokemon sun moon card how to get a free shiny rayquaza from mystery gift you.

    Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Island Scan

    Pokemon Sun And Moon Qr Code List For Alolan Pokedex

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    Where Do I Find Qr Codes In Pokemon Sun And Moon

    Its easy to miss, but every entry in your PokéDex has its own QR code including Shiny Pokémon! When you look at an entry in the PokéDex, press X to enlarge the Pokémons QR code for easy scanning .

    Imgur has a gallery of Pokémon Sun and Moons QR codes. You can also get codes off this YouTube video by Prosafia Gaming.

    Active Pokemon Go Friend Codes Only

    How to Use QR Codes to Find Non-Alolan Pokemon – Pokemon Sun and Moon

    You may have added my code some time back, but you cannot see it anymore in this site why? We display here Pokemon Go friend codes for active Pokemon Go trainers only. Your friend code may be removed after some time due to inactivity. Log in to your profile and add status updates continuously to keep your friend code top of our list. Updating your status in your profile boosts your code to top of this website.

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