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Pokemon Go Buddy Catch Assist

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The Catch Assist Feature Allows Your Buddy To Help You Immensely In Your Pokemon Go Adventures

Pokemon Go: How does the catch assist work for great buddies?

Published Jan. 7, 2020, 10:54 a.m.aboutPokemon Go

by Nicholas Barth

It is an excellent time to be a Pokemon GO player, as the high-profile mobile game now allows players to travel with a buddy character who is always adorable and can help them in their adventures. A player’s buddy can even help them when it comes to catching new team members with the catch assist mechanic. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the catch assist feature covered for you.;

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Ultra Buddy : Helps you find locations and brings back collectible souvenirs. Unclear what sort of locations that means, but well find out.

Best Buddy: Gets a CP boost in combat, and a special best buddy bow.

It leads to some interesting decisions if youre trying to level your buddy: the CP boost clearly means that you should take along someone thats meta-relevant and versatile, like a Tyranitar or a Mewtwo. And yet you might not need any candies for those, which means youll be missing out on all the extra candy from the traditional buddy system. And also I dont exactly want to be walking around with my Tyranitars, it just doesnt seem proper.

Im building up a sort of baseline buddy that I plan to use for the souvenirs, catch boosts and items, and then I suppose Ill swap him out every once in a while when I need candy for something new or when I want to look into maxing out something more useful in combat.

You could always fall into a trap where you try and max out several buddies at once, but that sounds exhausting.

How To Get Hearts And Increase Your Buddy Level In Pokmon Go

There are a variety of daily interactions you can perform with your Buddy, each giving you hearts. Hearts can help you unlock the ‘excited’ mood for that day, as well as help you level up their Buddy level.

You can earn up to 10 Hearts per day by performing the following activities:

Collect a Present, Souvenir or visit an ‘interesting place’ provided by a Buddy 3

Note, your Buddy must be in Adventure mode for them to count. So for example, if you jump into AR mode and play with them before feeding them up so they appear on the map, you won’t get a Heart for that action.

The Season of Discovery is here!Current events, include Season 8 of the Go Battle League, the addition of Raid Achievements and the Ultra Unlock 2021: Sword and Shield event.During this event, you can battle Zamazenta in five-star raids and catch new Gen 8 Pokémon, including Falinks, Wooloo and Skwovet.Meanwhile, the last major update saw a level cap increase – including the addition of XL Candy, boosts to some XP sources and the addition of Platinum Medals.

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Questions About Buddy Adventure

Pokémon Go

Do you have any questions about the Buddy Adventure feature? Do you have tips for other trainers on how to get the most out of this new system? Just want to show off your latest Buddy? Drop us a comment below and be sure to check out our many other Pokémon Go guides so you too can be a Pokémon Master!

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Wait No Evolved Forms As Buddies Why Not

Because then you can’t use them in Gyms, which is a waste. The candy is the same regardless of whether you’re using a baby, base, or evolved form. So, by making a lower form your candy, you don’t take the higher form out of the game.

In other words, walk Lavitar to get candy to power up Tyranitar. Best of both worlds.

How To Get Your Buddy Excited

Heres how to get your Buddy excited:

  • You will need 32 Points per day to reach Excited mood for your Buddy
  • Each Activity you do has a 30 minute cooldown, except Walk 2 KM per day
  • You need to do these activities three times per day, as you can earn 14 Points from completing all of them

Here are the activities you can do to get to Excited Mood:

  • Visit a new location
  • Take a Snapshot of the Buddy
  • Open a Souvenir / Present
  • Visit a Location highlighted by your Buddy

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Okay So Let’s Have That Cheat Sheet Again But With Explanations

The first set are the Pokémon that dominate Gym battles as either entrenched defenders or elite attackers. In a perfect world, you want as many as possible, with the best movesets possible, powere dup as much as possible. And that takes candy. Walking any of them isn’t fast, especially the 5 KM ones, but more is more and faster is faster.

  • Chansey: Blissey is the toughest Pokémon in the game right now, so the more you can evolve and the higher you can power them up, the better. Since Chansey has no nests and is a rare hatch, walking can help you get the candy you need.
  • Snorlax: Snorlax is almost as tough but has no lower, slightly more common form it evolves on. So, you’re left with ultra rare spawns or hatches… or walking to get the candy you need.
  • Magikarp: Magikarp no longer hatch so, if you’re not near a water biome with frequent spawns, and you want Gyarados to sit on top of Gyms, you’ll need to walk.
  • Larvitar: Tyranitar is the new Dragonite, so Larvitar is the new Dratini, only it spawns and hatches far less frequently and has no water biome for you to stake out. That makes walking the only consistent way to get candy.
  • Machop: Machop is the most damaging attacker against several of the most powerful defenders in the game ;if you get the right moveset. That means, even though Machop nests, you might need a lot of candy to build your Machamp strike force.
  • Chikorita, so you can evolve Meganium.
  • Cyndaquil, so you can evolve Typhlosion.
  • , so you can evolve Amphoros.
  • What Pokemon Is The Best Buddy To Have


    This answer pretty much depends on what you want, but well give some details on how you can choose the best Pokemon Buddy.

    Pokemon with Evolutions

    Pokemon that have multiple evolutions can be ideal to have as your Buddy. Going back to Charmander, you have to evolve it into Charmeleon and then Charizard. Youll need to farm some Candy and the only other ways to do it is by catching more of the same Pokemon or its evolved forms and Transferring your excess Pokemon of the same kind.

    Strong Single form Pokemon

    Pokemon with only one form can also be good but they have to be those that are really strong and useful. Think about Snorlax with only one form, so setting it up as your Buddy is a good idea so that you can farm Candies for it and make it stronger. Dont forget about those Legendary Pokemon because you cant easily catch them and farming Candies being a Buddy can be ideal.

    Very Rare Pokemon

    There are some Pokemon in the game that have a very low spawn rate. Going back to Charmander, those things dont always pop out. It could be faster to gain Candies by having a Charmander as your Buddy rather than just waiting for it to spawn. There are other Pokemon that are rarer than Charmander so you may want to set one as your Buddy when you need Candies.

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    Pokmon Gos Buddy Adventure: How To Get Hearts To Raise Your Buddy Level And What You Get

    Pokemon GO

    Pokémon GO fulfilled an essential piece of the Pokémon fantasy this week. Pokémon is a series not only about collecting and battling bizarre creatures, but also about a bond that forms between the trainer and their Pokémon: its an idea that really started with the anime, but the mainline games started incorporating those ideas as early as Pokémon Yellow. And now, Pokémon GO lets us double down on it with a kind of Pokémon Tamagotchi, where we can choose a special creature to play with, feed andthis is the most important partfollow us around on the map. Its magical. Im currently rolling with a special little Mime Jr. I picked up overseas.

    Theres a progression system baked in here, because even in Pokémon GO we need a little incentive to play with our new friends. Buddies can level up, just like friends, accruing new bonuses along the way.

    You level up a buddy by getting hearts: up to 11 a day regularly, and double that if you use a special poffin for 100 Pokécoins.

    You get these by walking up to 6km, feeding it treats three times, playing with it, battling with it, taking a picture and visiting a new place. Take note that new place means for that Pokémon as your special buddy, and not for you as a trainer.

    You can see your heart progression on the buddy screen, both for the day and for all your time with the buddy.

    Here are the levels, and what they get you:

    Good Buddy: Comes along with you on your adventure.

    How To Earn Pokmon Hearts And Raise Friendship Level

    There are several things you can do to earn hearts. After feeding your buddy berries, itll gain a heart and begin to walk with you. Once its walking with you, there are several things you can do to earn more hearts.

    Heres a complete list of the things you can do every day to earn hearts:

    • Walk two kilometers together Walk your buddy. Theyll need to be following you for this distance to count. If theyre not following you, youll still earn candies for your buddy based on distance.
    • Give your buddy a treat Feed your buddy. Youll need to wait until their hunger meter is low before feeding a second time.
    • Play together While looking at your buddy in AR mode, simply rub the top of its head. This counts as playing together.
    • Battle together Take your buddy into a trainer battle or fight against a gym. Your buddy doesnt need to fight themselves, they just need to be in the team you select.
    • Take a snapshot This can be done in AR mode by tapping the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.
    • Visit a new place Spin a PokéStop you havent been to before with your buddy.

    If you dont want to battle with your Pokémon, you can start a battle against a Team Leader, like Spark or Candela, with your buddy in your team. You can quit the battle immediately and itll still give your buddy the heart.

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    Best Pokemon Buddy In Pokemon Go

    It has been almost five years ever since Pokemon GO came out. The hype may not be around anymore, but millions of people still play it. The other thing is that Niantic has been putting a lot of content in the game in the years that have passed by. They added a lot of other Pokemon from the later Generations and the best Pokemon Buddy you can have.

    Thats right, the Pokemon GO Buddy system was added into the game and it has some incentives. Before we dive deep into what are the best Pokemon to have as your Buddy, we have to fully understand what this system is. Dont forget as well what factors you would need to learn to help you determine such a thing.

    What About Fun Cant You Just Buddy For Fun

    buddy catch assist: Aron [excellent throw]

    Absolutely! If you have a favorite Pokémon or one you simply thinks looks awesome as a buddy, and you dont care about Gyms or Pokédex, have at it!

  • Baby Pokémon will buddy up in your arms. So. Cute.
  • Small Pokémon will jump up on your shoulder. Pikachu takes 10 KM to do it, but so worth it.
  • Flying Pokémon will hover over your shoulder. Its way cool.
  • Big Pokémon just look fantastic. Especially Dragonite, which barely fits on the screen.
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    What Do I Need Candy For Again

    Weve explained this before, and longtime Pokémon Go players will already know this, but: Candy is necessary for evolving or powering up your monsters. The only way to amass candies is by catching repeat Pokémon or by walking around with one as your special buddy.

    That makes buddy Pokémon especially useful for strengthening rarer finds. If youve been dying to evolve your starter Pokémon be it Charmander or Pikachu but have never found one in the wild, choosing it as your buddy will net you the candy needed to eventually get that Charmeleon or Raichu.

    Catch Assist Buddy Pokemon Go

    Now, this catch assist mechanic allows your companion to reflect a Pokeball that you have thrown at a wild character back at it after your Pokeball is reflected when bouncing off of the enemy Pokemon’s attack animation. This reflection saves players from seeing their thrown Pokeball become wasted.;

    However, you will need to make sure that your companion has a high happiness level with you to help with catching duties. Players can increase the happiness of their companion by playing with them, feeding them, battling with them, walking with them, visiting new places with them, and taking pictures of them.;

    Once your buddy’s happiness level is at a satisfactory level to where they reach the Great Buddy status, they will be able to help you in all of your catching efforts with their valuable catch assist mechanic.;

    Do you want to learn more about Pokemon GO besides how the buddy catch assist works? If so, be sure to check out our dedicated hub for the high-profile title or three of our most recent pieces of coverage below:

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    How Does Your Buddy Help You Catch Pokmon

    If your Buddy is Excited and you earn all 20 Affection Hearts a day, it will still take you four days to reach this level. Once you do, your Buddy can help you catch Pokémon by hitting Poké Balls back at Pokémon who hit them away. Your Buddy can also find presents, like Berries and Potions, while adventuring.

    Pokmon Go Buddy System: Everything You Need To Know


    Buddy Pokémon is a new Pokémon GO feature that allows players to become best buddies with their favorite Pokémon buddy and unlock various bonuses along the way. In this guide, were breaking down how the feature works, how to level up your Buddy Pokémon and how to optimize your play time to get the most of this feature.

    You can learn more about the Buddy Pokémon System by watching The Trainer Clubs excellent video on the topic and by reading our guide down below:

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    New Glitch Or A New Buddy Feature

    I experienced a truly bizarre glitch today and wondered if others know of this. I was catching a Drilbur and my throw was a bit late the ball missed the depleted circle bounced off Drilburs head and flew directly back at me. The ball then bounced back at the Drilbur for a great throw. It broke out of that silly shot and I caught it with a follow on shot. After seeing this I told my son who tried to replicate it with his phone and he did same sequence, late shot, ball rebounds and this time he catches the Drilbur with the rebound. Wish we had filmed it. This gets more bizarre and I swear I am not making this up. On my sons attempt, we saw a grey object bat the ball back at Drilbur. Since my son has a Gible as his buddy all we can imagine is that this is the buddy Gible helping to catch a pokemon. Has anyone else seen this? However, my sons Gible buddy was not active at the time. To better explain this I would use sports terms the assist from the grey object looked precisely like a rebound goal or a put back . Cant wait to try this again.

    This is a new feature, called Catch Assist, available once your buddy reaches Great Buddy level.

    Thats Catch Assist in action, which is a Buddy perk at Geat Buddy onwards. It shows a sprite of your current buddy from behind swatting the ball back in for a throw roughly as good as a direct throw depending on the size of the inner circle. You dont need your buddy on the map for that to happen

    What Is The Pokemon Go Buddy System

    First of all, in order to choose a Buddy, simply click on your avatar on the lower left and youll see the Buddy icon. Just click on that and youll be able to choose and change your Buddies anytime.

    Basically, the Buddy System allows you to have one of the Pokemon on your roster be like your partner. Feed your Buddy the right amount of Berries and it will start walking with you on the world map. That will run out after time so just feed it Berries again so that it starts running around with you.

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