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Sell Pokemon Energy Cards

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How Much Do Pokmon Cards Sell For

Top 10 Ways To Use Pokemon Energy Cards! | TCG Corner #4

The amount you can sell cards for all depends on the type of card youre selling. Rare cards in fantastic condition will sell for much higher prices. Ungraded cards have a lower selling price from as low as $1 to $100. The rarest, holographic cards can sell up to $100,000 or more if they are graded. However, nowadays common cards are sold at very low prices.

Who Buys Pokemon Cards

Buyers range from celebrity collectors to nostalgic millennials and kids who want to play with the cards.

The rapper Logic purchased a first edition Charizard for $220,000 during an auction in October 2020. He later described how he always wanted to play Pokemon as a child, but his family couldnt afford it.

Take The Time To Study Their Worth

As Pokemon re-enters mainstream culture with the release of new video games and movies, expect to see an uptick in buying and selling activity of old cards. But interest doesnt pick up overnight.

Its not binary in that sense, Pratte says.

Instead, its a more gradual process where each new Pokemon-related release reminds twenty- and thirty-somethings of their childhood: the crinkling sound of ripping open a new pack of cards followed by a strong whiff of ink as they shuffle through the set, hoping to find something rare.

But as you rummage through your collection, remember that theres no rush to purge now. Spend some time with your cards. See if theyre valuable. Consider getting them authenticated. Then decide if theyre worth selling.

After two decades, Pokemon and its card-collecting hobbyists arent going anywhere anytime soon.

Adam Hardy is a former staff writer for The Penny Hoarder and specializes in stories on the gig economy. Hes a University of South Florida graduate, who studied magazine journalism and sociology.

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Top Cut Central Bulk Policy


Please ensure that all cards are separated by rarity .We are currently accepting cards from any English Non-World Championship card sets. The cards must be in NM condition, and English language. We understand that English Pokemon cards aren’t always perfect right out of the pack, but they should be in at least the same condition they were in when the pack was opened. Any cards that we receive that are in a lower condition than NM will not be accepted. Unacceptable cards will be subtracted from the total and disposed. If an order contains a significant enough quantity of unacceptable cards so as to require a more detailed sorting process to remove them, the order will be subject to a 20% surcharge to offset the additional time and labor involved on our end.


When preparing your bulk for shipping, count it into stacks of 100, sorted by rarity. The different rarities are C/UC, Reverse Holo C/UC, Rare 90HP or less, Holo Rare/Reverse Holo Rare 90HP or less, Rare/Holo Rare/ Reverse Holo Rare 100HP and over. Please make sure that none of the cards you’re sending are in sleeves, including the higher rarity cards.

Wrap the stacks in something that will hold it together, but not damage the cards. Options for this include plastic wrap and/or printer paper. It’s helpful to label each stack with its contents, but not absolutely necessary. Please make sure that cards you send are unsleeved, and not in top loaders.

Packaging for Shipment:


Final Steps:

Best Channels To Buy Pokmon Cards

100+ Pokemon BASIC ENERGY Card Fighting Fire Grass Lightning Psychic ...

1. eBay:

The safest online marketplace to buy and sell Pokémon cards. Check sales for a quick look at where cards are at price wise. Check seller reviews and buy with confidence from high rated sellers. eBay is the largest online marketplace and is your best chance to locate inventory. When searching for cards, look at items nearest you, and contact nearby sellers, potentially creating a local network. It saves on shipping and more. Load up your watch list to get faster alerts when cards sell or are pulled.

2. WhatNot:

WhatNot is at the pinnacle of auction sales by live streaming their auctions. Sellers have the ability to add prizes and a multitude of different other ways to entire buyers to participate. They also frequently do large charity box breaks with influencers, bringing additional light to the hobby.

2. Facebook groups & Instagram:

Look for feedback from sellers to check legitimacy, these are great places to score deals and build relationships within the collecting community but beware of scams.

3. COMC:

4. Mercari:

Popular marketplace to buy and sell cards. When hunting for low population cards, its important to utilize all options.

5. Card Shows & Stores:

If you can find a show or store with vintage Pokémon cards, go. You get the chance to look at cards in person, check sales online, network and decide whats of value. You never know what you can walk away with.

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Variables That Can Affect A Cards Value

1. The Grading Company

PSA is the king of Pokémon card grading with BGS a close 2nd. Both companies command top $ for their graded cards and have proven that grades do matter in the Pokémon realm, with a BGS 9.5 1st Edition Charizard selling for nearly $73,000.00 in July of 2021.

2. Supply of the card

Pokémon cards have low populations compared to sports cards. The number of graded cards can be the biggest indicator of value, but some cards, such as Pikachu or Charizard, have insane demand regardless of populations. Supply is outmatched by current demand, and after two decades since these cards were produced, that wont change. Check the PSA 1999 Pokémon Game Population report to get more info on how limited the Base set cards are.

3. Buying Raw vs. Graded

Thanks to modern technology, getting clear photos of cards is easier than ever. That said, until you hold a card, you dont know how clean it really is. Graded cards are the safest indicator that youre getting what you want. When buying graded cards, think of the price paid for the grading and that there is no wait time besides shipping. There is much less risk buying graded cards, but raw can be the best bet to make profits faster. You never know what you can find in a binder someone is selling, but be careful and do your best to inspect those cards.

4. Surface, corners, edges, creases & centering

5. Your negotiation tactics

6. Nostalgic elements

Best Places To Sell Pokmon Cards And Tips For Selling

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie. You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions.

If you want to sell Pokémon cards to make some pretty great cash, there are a lot of great ways to do it.

And plus, if you have rare ones that are worth a lot of money, you could net a huge profit, especially if you have had these for a long time.

But where can you sell them? Whats the best location to sell Pokémon cards? What are your options for doing so?

Thats what were going to dive into here today, and here, well discuss, of course, how to sell Pokémon cards and the 15 best places to sell Pokémon cards.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie. You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions.

If youre looking to sell these, you may wonder why you should.

If theyre sitting around collecting dust, its definitely something to consider.

You also might want to do it if youve got a passion for finding collectibles and flipping them.

If you get them for cheap, and then you flip them, you can net a huge profit.

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What Do I Do With My Pokemon Energy Cards

Ideally, you would play with them. You have to remember that the Pokemon Trading Card Game is a game. It is right there in the name, after all. In order to play the game, then you are going to need to have some energy cards available. You cant power the Pokemon without them, after all.

In an ideal world, you should be keeping 40-50 of each basic energy available. This way you can build up plenty of different decks whenever you want. It stops you from needing to take apart decks when you want to build something new. It shouldnt take too long to get hold of that many basic energy cards either. At the most, you are looking at 2-3 Trainer Kits and that is all that you need. Less if you are a fan of theme decks.

If you really dont want to keep your Pokemon Energy Cards, or it seems like you have way too many of them, then you can sell them. A lot of people sell them to great success in bundles on sites like eBay, etc. Bundle them up into 10-20 of the same energy type and sell them. We are sure that you will get a few takers.

What Is A Shadowless Card And How Can I Identify Them

HUGE Pokemon Card Scam EXPOSED

The early unlimited edition print runs of Base Set that still adheredto the original card design. Shadowless only applies to non-1st Edition, Base Set Cards.

In Base Set, initially the card design was different in that therewas no shadow around the picture of the Pokémon, the date format and fontsize used were different. So initially the unlimited print runs looked different,then were changed.

Early Shadowless Print

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Are Original Base Set Energy Cards Worth Anything

Surprisingly, not really.

First Edition energy cards can sell up to $35 each, but only if they are fully graded PSA 10s. The average 1st Edition card is going to sell for about $2 each. This means that energies are among the cheapest of First Edition cards that you can get.

Part of the reason why original energy cards are not worth anything is that they do not do anything special. The design from the original energy cards was copied for the very first sets of Pokemon. This means that they do not really stand out from the crowd.

If that wasnt enough, these energy cards have actually been reprinted in Pokemon Evolutions. This means that even the most recent sets of Pokemon have cards that look similar to the base set.

As we said before, your energy cards are always going to be worth something. It doesnt matter where they come from. They are going to hold value. However, dont think you have anything special just because you have picked it up from the base set. You dont. Sadly.

You have to remember at that time there was a guaranteed energy card in every single booster pack. A lot of booster packs were sold, which means that there are a lot of energy cards out there. Same with the theme decks. A lot of them were produced at the time, which puts even more energy cards out there to buy.

How To Cash In On Your Pokemon Cards

Now that youve gone through your cards and identified which may have value, its time to see how much theyre actually worth and put them up for sale.

As you might expect, one of the easiest ways to check the value of a card is to look it up on an auction site like eBay. Make sure to look at completed listings to see how much the card actually sold for.

Other useful sites are ones like TCGPlayer and TrollAndToad, which act as digital storefronts for game shops and individuals selling cards. Once you look up a card, you can check the Market Price for an idea of how much its currently worth. Like eBay, these sites allow you to sell your cards for a fee.

A snapshot of Charizard cards on TCGPlayer.

Once you know how much your cards are worth, you can either make a listing on one of these sites to sell them, or you could visit a card shop or flea market to haggle in person, whatever it takes to get the very best price for your Pokemon cards.

Joshua is a Senior Editor and Producer of Features at IGN. If Pokemon, Green Lantern, or Star Wars are frequently used words in your vocabulary, youll want to follow him on and IGN.

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Best Websites To Sell Pokmon Cards

Pokémon card is a collectable card game based on the Pokémon franchise by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc.

Pocket Monsters exists as a TV show, a trading card game, video games, and toys.

People tend to just collect and trade the cards.

The reason behind the collection of the cards is to build a powerful deck of 60 that will help them win battles against other trainers, or they might just be interested in collecting the cards they like best or consider most valuable.

New cards are released every time a new TV show season comes out you might refer to this as a new series. The new series usually tally with the latest video game titles.

A micro symbol on the bottom right-hand corner will let you know the rarity of a card.

A circle on your card means its common, a diamond on your card means that your card is uncommon, and a star on your card means its rare.

The Best Places To Sell Pokemon Cards For Cash How To Sell Pokemon Cards

20 Pokemon Card Classic Base Set Energy Cards Double Colorless Water ...

posted on February 13, 2022This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Chances are, if you grew up in the late 90s/early 2000s or had a kid around the time, youve owned Pokemon cards at one time or another.

With over 800 different Pokemon species and millions of fans around the world, theres no doubt that Pokemon is one of the defining shows and card games of multiple generations.

Plus, with thousands of cards and a variety of different sets and expansions, the world of Pokemon trading cards has a pretty insane amount of depth to itand a ton of monetary value.

Some Pokemon cards are worth nothing, some are rare, and some are extremely valuable.

In fact, if you can get your hands on cards like a first edition, perfectly rated Charizard, you might be looking at over $300,000 in value with just that single card!

The point is, the world of trading Pokemon cards is insanely valuable, and many collectors view Pokemon cards as both a piece of history and lucrative investment opportunity.

So, if you have any cards saved up from when you were younger or if you still collect, you could potentially be sitting on hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Of course, theres a lot you should know in order to avoid undervaluing your Pokemon cards.

Where do you sell them? How do you price them? And what else can I take advantage of?

  • Final Word
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    Why Cards Are Rising In Value Right Now

    Pokémon card sales and prices have skyrocketed this year, with some cards selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    On Thursday, a sealed box of Pokémon booster packs sold for a record $360,000 through Heritage Auctions, while a similar set sold for $198,000 only two months ago. According to eBay, there were 60% more Pokemon card sales on its platform in September compared to January of this year.

    YouTube stars, celebrities and investors have dropped big bucks on cards, which has contributed to the frenzy and helped push up their value. That, in turn, has encouraged others to snap up cards in hopes that theyll be able to turn a profit.

    Theres an entire genre of buyers unboxing card sets on YouTube and Twitch, where DJ and producer Steve Aoki recently hosted a live charity event devoted to opening up packs.

    Publicity is always something that can drum up momentum and price, said Eugene Smith, a 24-year-old card collector and investor from Tampa, Florida, who also happens to work in finance.

    Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has spent almost $300,000 , while the rapper Logic dropped $226,000 on a rare 1st edition Charizard.

    When I was a kid I absolutely loved Pokémon but couldnt afford the cards, Logic .

    People my age are finally in their late-20s, mid-30s, and they can afford the stuff they liked when they were kids, said Jesus Garcia, an assistant comics & comic art operations supervisor at Heritage Auctions.

    Do Pawn Shops Buy Pokemon Cards

    Pawn shops do buy Pokemon cards in some cases, but we dont recommend selling them there. Unless the pawn shop is known to specialize in trading card games, chances are high the clerk wont know the ins and outs of Pokemon card trading. So you can expect a lowball offer.

    If you want to sell them locally and in-person, try comic book shops or hobby shops instead.

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    Where To Sell Your Pokemon Tcg Bulk In The Us And Uk

    By Jo Craig

    Pokemon TCG bulk is one of the few downsides to the hobby. However, by selling your bulk you can make some of your money back to purchase more packs in the future.

    Most retailers that offer to buy your bulk have common conditions to be met, including a near mint card condition and general organization of your bulk into common, uncommon, rare etc.

    Some retailers offer a payout and/or store credit when buying your bulk, so you can decide which method is better to fund your future Pokemon TCG purchases.

    Can You Sell Pokemon Energy Cards

    I Graded My Prototype $10,000 Pokemon Card

    You absolutely can. The great part is that they seem to be an easier sell than most other Pokemon cards. This is because everybody needs energy cards.

    Do not expect to get a huge amount of cash for them. The most we have really seen them go for is 5-10 cents each. However, people are probably going to buy them from you.

    The best part is that, unless you have the special energies that we mentioned previously, energy cards are never taken out of rotation. So, an energy card from the base set can be used in the current rotation of the game. This means that if you have one of the cooler designs of energy cards, it is going to be an even easier sale!

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