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What Pokemon Is Best Against Lapras

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What Is Weak To What

How to beat Lapras in Pokemon Go

If youre here, you probably dont know the type weaknesses and resistances. Also, maybe you dont know that when a pokmon uses an attack of its type, like if an elecrtic pokmon uses an electric attack, the damage is multiplied by 1.5. Well, here are the types:

Normal is a plain type. Some people say its useless, but others say its great. Id say Normal type pokmon are good, many of them have good status and they have only one weakness, Fighting, and are competely immune to Ghost, although they resist no other type. Normal type attacks, however, are not as good. No type is weak to them, but Ghost is immune to Normal and Rock and Steel resist it. But Normal attacks can be the solution to your problems anyway, as most pokmon can learn Normal attacks and many of them are strong. The Normal type is a physical type, so all Normal attacks are counted as physical attacks.

Fire is a hot type. Fire is a powerful type that should be on every team. Scizor and Forretress, both very common in teams, are only weak to Fire. Fire is super effective on Bug, Steel, Grass and Ice and is not very effective on Fire, Water, Rock and Dragon. No type is immune to Fire. Water, Rock and Ground are super effective on Fire pokmon and Fire, Grass, Bug, Ice and Steel are not very effective on them. The Fire type is a special type, so all Fire attacks are counted as special attacks.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Type Chart

Weve charted all the different type matchups for Pokemon so you know whats super-effective or weak against other types.

Guideby Jake Green, Guides Editor

To win battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield youll need to understand type matchups and how different moves can be super-effective. To help make it easy, weve outlisted all the relationships between types below in our type chart, allowing you to know when you have the advantage.

On this page:

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Every Types Strengths And Weaknesses

The more you can remember from the table below, the better, as it will help you know which Pokémon and which moves to use against your opponents. Heres a quick guide on how to read this table:

  • Type: The type of Pokémon/move
  • Super Effective: The types of Pokémon the attack type will do double damage against
  • Not Very Effective: The types of Pokémon the attack type will do half damage against
  • Weak: The types of attacks that will do double damage to a Pokémon of this type
  • Immune: Types that this Pokémon type is immune to meaning they take no damage.

Using the information above and the table,e below, you can deduce everything you need to know about how each type interacts with each other. Heres an example of how this breaks down:

  • Bug attacks are super effective against Grass and Psychic-type Pokémon and will deal double damage.
  • Bug attacks will do half damage to Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Dark-type Pokémon.
  • Bug Pokémon are weak to Flying, Rock, Fire, and thus will take double damage from these types of attacks.
  • Bug Pokémon are not immune to any damage.

D E F E N S E If a Pokemon type is listed as Immune against, it will take no damage from attacks of that type. If a Pokemon type is listed as Strong Defense Against, the Pokemon will only take half damage from attacks of that type. If a Pokemon type is listed as Weak Defense Against, the Pokemon will sustain double damage from attacks of that type.

Bug Weakness and Immunities

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What Is The Best Way To Shadow Lapras

If the Lapras has a water fast attack, a Giratina-A with Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw would work very well.Here are a few examples of Pokémon that can work well against Lapras specifically:

  • Lucario with Counter/Power-Up Punch.
  • Melmetal with Thunder Shock/Rock Slide.
  • Poliwrath with Mud Shot/Power-Up Punch.
  • Is Lapras Legendary Pokmon Go


    This Pokemon Go Rare Pokemon guide will show players how to get rare species of Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Characters like Gyarados, Snorlax, and Lapras are among the rarest species currently available in the game. Other well-known legendary Pokémon, such as Mew, have not become available in Pokémon Go just yet.

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    How Did We Find The Most Reliable Counter To Lapras

    As is typical in any Pokemon title, including Go, precisely how strong a Pokemon is and what moves it uses may vary depending on the individual, but there are a few things we can use as a weakness that remains consistent across all of any given species of Pokemon.

    The easiest of these to exploit for counter purposes is often the Pokemons Type.

    Lapras, a classic Pokemon from way back in generation I, is a Water/Ice Dual-Type. This combination may actually not be the best for battle though, as while Lapras design may look amazing, it has only two resistances and 4 separate weaknesses to deal with.

    Lapras Type interactions in Pokemon Go

    • Water
    • Ice

    Water attacks will deal 62.5% damage against Lapras, while Ice will struggle twice as much dealing only 39% damage.

    • Dragon Pulse
    • Ice Beam

    While Rock-Types are a counter, they are weak to the various Water-Type moves Lapras has, making them a poor overall choice. Grass-Types will resist water but struggle with Ice attacks, another unfortunate option.

    Electric-Types and Fighting-Type will deal good damage without the additional risk, which is perhaps the best we can hope for here.

    Pokemon Go Type Chart: Strength Weakness And Effectiveness For All Types

    Pokemon Types are the core of battles in Pokemon Go just as in the rest of the series and to succeed, youll need to understand Pokemon type strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness.

    As hardcore Pokemon fans will already know quite well, each Pokemon has one or two types, and types determine much about how that Pokemon battles. For the Pokemon Trainer, type is important because certain types are strong against others, meaning you can deal or take additional damage, or on the other hand lessen the amount of damage received.

    Theres 18 different types, and each type is either strong, weak or neutral versus other types. At the most basic level with the starter Pokemon this breaks down to Rock, Paper, Scissors Charmander beats Bulbasaur who beats Squirtle which comes full circle by beating Fire.

    That all makes sense and is nice and easy though things get more complicated when you start introducing more obtuse Pokemon Types types like Fairy or Dragon, or when you consider Pokemon with multiple types. Then you have to consider that moves have types so a fire-type Pokemon like Charizard can easily come stacked with Dragon and Flying-type moves, meaning its damage output on the type chart is attached to those types rather than its raw type.

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    Pokemon Type Weaknesses And Strengths Chart Explained

    Despite the table above, there is actually much more to type effectiveness than meets the eye. For example:

    • Super effective moves will deal double the damage, whereas weak moves will deal half. There are also a few moves that will deal no damage at all, such as normal-type attacks against ghost-types.
    • Dual-types also play an important role. Dual-type Pokemon, as the name suggests, have two types. If the move you are using is effective against both the opposing Pokemons typing, it will deal 4x the damage. Conversely, if the move is weak against both, then it will be just 1/4 of the overall damage.

    The best example of a super-effective type attack is using a water attack against a rock and/or ground type. In this instance, Geodude would be 4x more susceptible against any water Pokemon attacks directed at it.

    The opposite of this would occur when a Fairy-type move is used a mon like Heatran, which is a dual steel/fire-type. This would result in just 1/4 of the damage.

    Learning all of these strengths and weaknesses will undoubtedly take time, but utilizing our guide here when in doubt will help you on your way to becoming Galars number one trainer in the region!

    So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about Pokemon Sword and Shields weaknesses and strengths type chart. Want some more tips on your way to becoming the very best? Check out our lists and guides:

    Youre Gonna Be Frozen In Your Tracks


    Possible encounters feature Ice type Pokémon.

    Pokémon #1

    Counters: Machamp, Tyranitar, Arcanine, Charizard, Moltres

    Grunts using this taunt will use Ice type Pokémon. Easily defeated by using or Rock type attacks. Cloyster and Lapras are possible encounters which can be trickier for your rock types. You can bring an Electric type in the back just in case. Also, Fire types are extremely good against the Snover family line and Arcanine features Wild Charge which could prove useful against Lapras or Cloyster.

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    The Best Pokmon To Counter Lapras

    The best Pokémon to counter Lapras will be Magnezone, Lucario, and Raikou.

    Magnezone is an Electric and Steel-type Pokémon. It possesses a robust defense and equally powerful offensive capabilities as an Electric-type. As a result, its an ideal choice to use against Lapras, especially in a raid. The best moveset it can use during the raid is the fast move spark and the charged moves wild charge and zap cannon.

    Next, were going to recommend Lucario, a Fighting and Steel-type Pokémon. Like Magnezone, Lucario has a high defense and a heavy attack as a Fighting-type Pokémon. The best moveset it can use during a raid is the fast move counter and the charged moves aura sphere and close combat.

    The final Pokémon were going to recommend is the legendary Electric-type, Raikou. While it might not have the highest defense stat compared to Lucario and Magnezone, Raikous high attack power makes it an ideal glass cannon to use for every raid, and its a viable choice to use against Lapras in PvP. The best moveset to give Raikou is the fast move thunder shock and the charged moves wild charge and thunderbolt.

    Youre going to need a full team of six Pokémon to use against Lapras. Were going to recommend these Pokémon to fill up the rest of your team.

    • Breloom

    Pokmon Type Effectiveness And Weakness Chart

    Our type chart presents the 18 Pokémon types in attack and defence scenarios. To use it, simply find your Pokémons type to see what its attacks are strong and weak against, and what it is resistant and vulnerable to when defending.

    • Types bolded in square brackets are subject to a further cut in effectiveness in the mainline games these are outright immunities
    • If a type is not listed, damage is neutral
    • The strength of an attack is increased if the attack type is strong against both types of a dual type Pokémon
    • Type resistance and vulnerability effectively cancel each other out on dual type Pokémon
    Pokémon Type Chart

    Bug, Dark, , Fighting

    Poison, Steel

    Note that attack and defence type relationships are not identical e.g. types may be resistant to types when defending that they are not super effective against when attacking.

    Remember, things get even more interesting when Pokémon of dual types crop up and you have to factor in additional strengths and weaknesses.

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    Ice Shard* + Surf And Ice Beam* Or Skull Bash

    Ice Shard is more useful than Frost Breath or Water Gun. Ice has better coverage than Water, and Ice Shard’s energy generation makes it more important than Frost Breath’s damage. Bummer that it’s Legacy, though.

    Surf is 100% mandatory on Lapras, providing very solid and consistent Water-type damage. Your secondary move of choice will depend on the format. Skull Bash is at its strongest in Great League and Ultra Premier, where you’re likely to run into Pokémon that would resist a Water/Ice moveset . Ice Beam mostly sees play in the Open Ultra format, letting you really need that Ice-type nuke to hit Giratina.

    Weakness And Counters Summary

    Pin by Stella Mandala on Pokémon

    Grass-Types theoretically have the most advantages here, resisting Water based attacks, but suffer heavily against Ice-Types, which Lapras has plenty of too. Your best bet will probably be using an Electric or Fighting-Type Pokemon as those dont have the drawbacks Grass-Types will.

    Of course you could use a Rock-Type, but theyre weak to Water-Type attacks and will take a lot of damage back for no extra gain.

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    How Do You Beat Lapras Shadow

    If the Lapras has a water fast attack, a Giratina-A with Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw would work very well.Here are a few examples of Pokémon that can work well against Lapras specifically:

  • Lucario with Counter/Power-Up Punch.
  • Melmetal with Thunder Shock/Rock Slide.
  • Poliwrath with Mud Shot/Power-Up Punch.
  • What Beats Lapras In Pokemon Go

    | Jul 27, 2020

    What beats Lapras in Pokemon GO? With this Pokemon situated comfortably on Team GO Rocket Executive Leader Sierra’s team, trainers are rapidly searching for the best counters and strategies.

    Lapras is a water and ice-type Pokemon originating from the Kanto region as part of the original 151 in Generation I. Its PokeDex number is #131. In Pokemon GO, it has a CP ceiling of 2641, an attack stat of 165, defense of 174, and stamina of 277. It was once considered one of the strongest Pokemon in the game when it was first released. Now, despite its nerf, it still holds a place as a decent Great and Ultra GO Battle League contender.

    Lapras is best known as a transportation Pokemon that ferries trainers overseas from one place to another.

    Trainers, yâall did it! Team GO Rocket appears to be retreating after failing to capture Victini! What an exciting adventure! We knew we could count on all of you! #PokemonGOFest2020 may be over, but thereâs never a time limit to our celebration of the Pokémon GO community!

    â Pokémon GO

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    What About Dragon Pulse

    Dragon Pulse was made a legacy move starting February 21, 2017, and now available through Elite TMs. Demanding 60 energy to use, it’s slightly slower than Ice Beam, but does offer the perk of neutral damage against opponents that would resist Water or Ice-type attacks . It’s also handy in the Lapras mirror match, and easier to get to than Skull Bash, but does not offer a DEF self-buff.

    What Shadow Pokemon Are Good For Pvp

    Pokemon Go – Best Pokemon Lineup Against Pokemon Go Team Rocket Leader Sierra (Lapras) with 100% Win

    While Shadow Pokémon only deal 10 Damage with Frustration, Return now with the recent Charge Move update deals a whopping 70 damage. while also having a lot more usability and dishes out strong natural damage to most Pokémon. The most useful purified Pokémon for PvP currently are Banette, Ivysaur, Gloom, and Dragonair.

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    Pokmon Strengths And Weaknesses

    Fire, Ground, Rock Electric, Grass

    Knowing your type match ups is one of the best tools youll have in all your battles. But what if you want to make sure your favorite starter Pokémon stays viable throughout your whole journey? Check out our guides for Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble to learn how to make your partner the best it can be.

    Even more Pokémon Sword and Shield guides

    Pokémon SwordShield

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    Every Pokmon Has A Type

    Every Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield has at least one of the 18 types in the game. Some Pokémon, like the Hootoot, even have two types. The entire list of types found in the game are as follows:

    • Steel
    • Water

    You can see what type a particular Pokémon is by looking in your Pokédex or your menu once you encountered the Pokémon in the game.

    Even more importantly, every move in the game also has a type, so although you may have a Grass Pokémon like Grookey , youll notice that the moves it knows vary by type.

    Certain attack types do more damage to certain types of Pokémon, while certain others will do less. There are even some attack types that wont affect certain Pokémon types at all.

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    Pve Defensive Moves Explanation

    • Ice Shard edges out Frost Breath with respect to defensive DPS and energy gain.

    • Water Gun suffers from rock-bottom base power.

    • Hydro Pump is both powerful and difficult to react to, and Lapras has the bulk to use it.

    • Blizzard has the same high base power as Hydro Pump, but its easier to dodge.

    • Surf and Ice Beam have similar damage windows, but Ice Beam is much stronger.

    • Dragon Pulse and Skull Bash are underwhelming due lack of STAB and late damage windows.

    What Is The Biggest Weakness Of Lapras In Pokemon Go

    The best Pokémon to use in a gym battle against Lapras ...

    This one is more debatable than most. Electric and Fighting-Types will offer you the easiest overall Type most of the time. Grass-Types theoretically can outperform them due to resisting Water-Type attacks, but suffer heavily at the hands of Ice-Type ones as well, negating their advantage.

    Meanwhile, Rock-Types just kinda struggle here with no qualities to redeem them above the others.

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    Psychic Pokemon Strength And Weakness

    Psychic Pokemon are all about the power of the mind or something like that. The word psychic is defined as a person that has an enhanced mind being able to use telepathy and telekinetic abilities. In this case, we have the Pokemon that have the power of psychics but dont worry as you can know the Psychic Pokemon strength and weakness.

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