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Where To Take Pokemon Cards To Sell

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Organize Cards By Set

How To Sell Pokemon Cards on eBay! *2022 Beginner’s Guide*

Pokemon has been around for over 20 years. In the United States, there are more than 70 sets from the 1990s until now.

Its best to organize your cards by set and then numerical order. This organization lets potential buyers quickly inspect cards and can help you earn more money since the store doesnt spend time cataloging the cards.

You can find a complete setlist on sites like Pokellector. Creating a free account lets you build a checklist to quickly see which cards you have and the ones youre missing.

There are other apps and websites you can use as well. The best catalogs display the current sales price, letting you estimate how much money you can make by selling the full collection.

Pokemon Card Set Symbols

Use this handy guide to look up Pokemon card set symbols, set names, and set years.

The most common way to organize Pokemon cards is by set. To identify the set, look for a little symbol at the bottom of the card, next to the card number. There are a bunch of these set symbols 5-6 sets are released every year, each with a different set symbol, and theyve been printing cards since 1999!

The following table is a complete list of Pokemon card sets, sorted by date the newest sets are at the top the oldest are at the bottom. If I missed something, let me know if the comments! I want this to be THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE FOR POKEMON CARD SETS!

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Pokmon Japanese Base Set No Rarity Symbol Holo Venusaur

A very rare Pokémon card made ever more valuable by its artists autograph

Sold for $55,000 in November 2021

Image: PWCC

Many of the rarest Pokémon cards date from the trading card games early days, with first edition cards released in the 1990s ranking as among the most valuable Pokémon cards today.

While the first edition stamp on cards is highly sought-after in the English edition of the Pokémon card game, the rarest Japanese Pokémon cards are instead identified by their lack of a stamp. Specifically, a missing black star in the bottom-right of a Japanese-language card is whats known as No Rarity – meaning that the card is missing the common symbol used to signify a Pokémon cards rarity.

No Rarity Pokémon cards are among the rarest Pokémon cards in existence, and few come rarer than the Venusaur Pokémon card from the games first print run in 1996. Just five copies of the Bulbasaur evolution – famous for appearing on the original video game Pokémon Green – have been graded at a perfect Gem-Mint 10 by PSA, making a flawless copy of the card extremely rare.

While a No Rarity Venusaur card commands a high price by itself, a copy sold in November 2021 set a new record for the rare Pokémon card by fetching $55,000 at auction. Helping the record sum was the signature of the cards illustrator Mitsuhiro Arita – the legendary artist behind many Pokémon cards from the last 20-plus years – on the cards case, making the already rare Pokémon card truly one-of-a-kind.

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Take Very Good Pictures Of Your Cards

When you are ready to sell, you should know that the presentation of your listing is extremely important. Buyers will want to trust you and verify that your cards are the real deal.

Make sure your photo doesnt have any distracting objects other than the card itself. You should be sure the image is clear and close enough to the card so the buyer can view its appearance. Make sure to use a black or white background and take the photo in good lighting.

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How To Price Your Pokmon Cards

Best Selling Mix Pokemon Cards Collection GX Mega EX Cards For ...

Now that you know the conditions and rarities of your cards, you can set the selling prices of your Pokémon cards.

Do your price research thoroughly the more aligned your prices are to the market, the better chances youll have of selling your Pokémon cards.

There are approximately thousands of unique Pokémon trading cards and prices change over time as people buy, sell, and trade these cards.

The best places to do your research are:

Also, many sites that sell Pokémon cards online list down all the most popular and most in-demand cards, giving you an idea of how much you can make if you have those particular cards.

Sometimes, though, prices differ wildly among websites.

In this case, you might want to search for a trading card forum online or a hobby shop in your area that can provide you a fair price for your cards.

Individual cards that are less than near-mint condition or not very rare are likely to be worth less than a few dollars, so consider selling them as a bundle.

On the other hand, if youve hit the jackpot and have a card thats worth $100 or more, its recommended by most Pokémon traders to have it authenticated by the Professional Sports Authenticator .

Having your card authenticated also ensures that youre not selling a fake or bogus card. However, authentication costs some money, so make sure the card is worth more than that.

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What Is A Shadowless Card And How Can I Identify Them

The early unlimited edition print runs of Base Set that still adheredto the original card design. Shadowless only applies to non-1st Edition, Base Set Cards.

In Base Set, initially the card design was different in that therewas no shadow around the picture of the Pokémon, the date format and fontsize used were different. So initially the unlimited print runs looked different,then were changed.

Early Shadowless Print

What Factors Decide Pokemon Card Prices

To get an idea of where to start, you need to first think about what factors actually decide the prices of Pokemon cards.

Here are some key things that will affect how much your Pokemon cards are worth:

The cards set :

Certain sets are worth more than others due to their rarity. For example, the first edition base set is worth a lot more than most other sets because it was the original release and cards from that set are now considered rare. You can check rarity by symbol on the right bottom, where a circle means common and a star means rare.

The cards number:

Believe it or not, some Pokemon cards are just worth more because of the number on the card. For instance, cards like Pikachu , Mewtwo , and Charizard are worth more because theyre some of the original 151 Pokemon.

The cards condition:

Cards in pristine condition will always be worth more than cards that have been played with and have visible wear and tear.

The cards features:

Things like holographic images, first edition symbols, spelling mistakes and extremely low print numbers will also affect a cards value.

Whether the card is Holo, EX, or GX:

In general, cards that are classified as Holo, EX, or GX will be worth more than regular cards.

The cards value in the market:

Like any other commodity, the prices of Pokemon cards can fluctuate over time. So, even if you have a card that isnt technically rare, it could still be valuable if the market is currently experiencing a high demand for that specific card.

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What Are Pokemon Cards

For the uninitiated, Pokemon Cards are part of the Pokemon Card Trading Card Game that originally launched in 1996. Back then, the original set contained just 151 cards one for each OG Pokemon.

In simplest terms, Pokemon cards are baseball cards but for adorable Japanese Pocket Monsters.

Since then, Pokemon has exploded into the worlds most valuable media franchise, valued at over $100 billion worldwide. For comparison, thats more than Star Wars, Spongebob, and James Bond combined.

Fueling two decades of meteoric growth was a steady stream of new Pokemon creatures and thus new cards to collect. There are around 898 total Pokemon and over 9,100 Pokemon cards to collect in the English market.

Not all 9,100 cards are available on store shelves at once, of course. The Pokemon Company International, the folks who make Pokemon cards, publish and release cards one generation at a time, with each generation lasting about two years.

In total, there have been eight generations of Pokemon cards since 1996. And as the next generation of cards begins appearing on store shelves, the previous generation tends to sell out. At that point, its no surprise that certain cards begin shooting up in value!

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Organize Your Pokemon Cards

How to Make Money on your Common Pokemon Cards (Selling Bulk)

To sell cards individually, start by separating them into sets, such as Jungle or Gym Heroes. If you have any complete sets, you can sell them for a higher price, but its okay if you dont.

To determine a cards set, look for the symbol, usually in the lower right-hand corner. There are a ton of different symbols, but there are several websites that will tell you what they mean. For now, sort the cards into sets with matching symbols.

If youre selling a collection, consider organizing the cards based on type: Pokemon, trainer, energy, or miscellaneous.

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What Is Our Pokemon Card Values Chart

Our pokemon card value finder is the largest TCG lookup database that is updated on an hourly basis. Our online price guide tool helps users easily search and instantly find the price of any Pokemon cards. You can search by individual card, by Pokemon name, or browse our Pokemon card set list available for all TCG sets.

People of all ages love Pokemon! We know first hand, as we are major poke-fans ourselves. We grew up collecting Pokemon cards and playing the original games on the gameboy when they first came out. Heck, we remember trading our holographic Charizard card for a copy of Pokemon red for the original gameboy. We love Pokemon and the TCG so much that we dedicated our time to creating this website for other people who love it as much as we do.

Beginning your search is simple. You just type the name of the Pokemon you want to lookup, the Pokemon TCG set name, or the name of the rare Pokemon cards you want to see list information on. We will return you the results that we have in our database and you can easily jump to the next Pokemon, card, and set in line. We believe that browsing cards and finding prices should be simple and easy to do.

How To Sell Your Pokmon Cards The Ultimate Guide

Pokémon is still incredibly popular worldwide, and people are easily spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the rarest cards. Everyone from celebrities to everyday collectors goes crazy for these types of cards, and knowing how to sort and sell them, along with where to sell them, is critical.

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What Are The Most Valuable Pokmon Cards

The rarity and condition of a card will determine how much money you get from it. Cards in mint condition will fetch the most.

According to Heritage Auctions, cards with these features are particularly rare and/or valuable:

  • 1st Edition mark: The hallmark is on the center left side of the Pokémon Card. 1 editions cards are the rarest and most valuable among the standard Pokémon cards.
  • Shadowless: Cards that dont have a shadow also sell for a premium.
  • Error: Cards that have misprints and errors also sell for a substantial premium.

Here are some examples of some of the most expensive Pokémon cards ever sold:

Like I said above, you can use the handy tool from Card Mavin to determine the value of your Pokémon cards.

Opt For The Best Shipping Method

Pokemon cards 1999, 199

Shipping cost is another important thing that customers look for when buying your product. People have to cancel their orders most of the time due to high shipment costs. So it would help if you kept a balance in this.

Charging too little amount for shipment will result in no profit, and setting too much on load can lead to fewer orders.

Here are some tips for how you can minimize shipping costs:

  • Use eBay shipping labels.
  • Do not overcharge for shipping.
  • Borrow the shipping supplies in bulk.
  • Look for cheap but reliable and good packaging materials.
  • Opt for the best shipping company discounts.

Above all these tips, be sure that you have selected the best way for the shipping.

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What Tcg Cards Are Worth Money

The growing popularity of vintage trading card games is creating a gold rush. While most TCG cards are common, the rare exceptions have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. Are your TCG cards worth money? The most expensive TCG cards tend to be first edition cards, tournament prizes, limited editions, and cards given to the publishers employees.

  • Most uncommon and common TCG cards
  • Cards in poor condition

Collectible TCG Values

Vintage Magic: The Gathering cards are valuable to collectors, and rare Pokémon cards are also in demand. Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, first introduced in the US in 2002, are also considered collectible to the adults who grew up playing these games. While nostalgia drives the demand, no doubt the prices paid for rare TCG cards draws in speculators and traders as well as collectors.

How Much are Rare Pokémon Cards Worth?

If you have a mint holofoil First Edition Base Set Pokémon card, youre in luck! Pokémon cards can be marked common, uncommon, rare and ultra-rare, but its only the rarest, best condition cards that have the highest value. While most Pokémon cards are worth less than a dollar, a shadowless Charizard base set holographic card may sell from $1,000 to over $100,000 depending on the grade, because the population of cards is so low. Here are examples of valuable Pokemon cards sold at auction:

How Much Does It Really Cost To Have A Pokmon Card Graded

Youll see prices ranging from $9 to $500 to get a single Pokémon Card Graded. Prices do go down if you send cards in bulk though. And if you plan to get a lot of cards graded there are reduced rates and/or monthly specials for members. On average plan on about $15-30/card once you pay for shipping both ways

Theres also another catch you should be aware of. You have to declare the value of the cards for insurance and authentication. The bulk rate just applies to less valuable Pokemon cards. If you have a 1st Edition Charizard that you think is worth $25,000, the grading on that one card will cost you more. Thats because the grading companies need to get more insurance for your card in case something happens to it under their care. This is usually well documented at each grading companys site.

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The Condition Of The Card

Similarly, the cards condition could have a lot of impact on its value. For example, people careless with the cards in their collection often find that the cards value and the prices go down with how unpleasant the card looks.

It is important to ensure that your Pokémon cards remain in mint condition. If that is not possible, having them close to mint condition is the next best option to explore. Cards in mint condition have no scratches, folds, or scuffs.

You may want to keep your cards in a transparent file to preserve their looks. However, remember that the price you will get for your Pokémon cards could very well depend on how careful you were handling it.

Without A Doubt Well Pay More For Your Pokemon Cards

HOW to sell Pokemon Cards Online?

Rare Trading Card Experts

We will pay more to buy your old Pokemon Cards collection or individual cards. When it comes to experience, weve been in the trading card industry since the inception of Magic the Gathering in 1993. We buy all languages and types of Pokemon Cards from around the world, both expensive and inexpensive cards. The only Pokemon Cards we wont buy are fake, or proxy, Pokemon Cards due to them having no value.

Its common for the public to approach us asking to appraise their Pokemon Card Collection, we do this for free no obligations. Within 24 hours of you sending us a picture, well respond with our best offer for your Pokemon collection.

The last thing you want to do is take your rare Pokemon Card to a local card shop or giant company with large overhead costs and hundreds of employees. Were small, which allows us to offer you more money than anyone else.

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We Buy Your Pokemon Cards

If youre in the area then fantastic, we can come to your location to pick them up. The further you are away from Colchester then the less likely we are to travel to your location. However, depending on the size and weight of the bundle, we can cover the postage cost or arrange for a courier to pick them up from you. Just drop us a message or give us a call and we can discuss all of that once you are happy with our offer.

Find all of our contact details below which you can get in touch through including our Instagram and Ebay pages. All of the cards that we currently have for sale are listed on my Ebay. We hope to speak with you soon.

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