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How To Beat Giovanni Mewtwo

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All Giovanni Weaknesses And Best Pokmon Counters In Pokmon Go For November 2021

How to Beat Giovanni SHADOW MEWTWO Team in Pokemon GO

Giovanni has never been better.

Image via Niantic

Giovanni has returned to Pokémon Go, and for November 2021, hes captured shadow Lugia. Youll have to do battle against him to catch this Pokémon and add it to your collection. You only have one opportunity to battle Giovanni, and you need to use a Super Rocket Radar to find him. For November 2021, youll need to complete all of the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research project, the month-long Special Research for the Season of Mischief event. Heres what you need to know about fighting Giovanni, and all of his weaknesses, and the best Pokémon to counter him.

How To Beat Armored Mewtwo

Before we dive into the counters , lets break down some of the things youll want to keep in mind while taking on this fearsome foe. Armored Mewtwo, as the name implies, has higher defense than his attack heavy counterpart. This means itll take more trainers to take him down, with morst recommending at least three higher level players. This isnt too tough of a battle though, so toss a few more in and you should take him out easily. At least, unless the weather is against you.

Windy weather will bump Armored Mewtwos CP level 1700-1800 range to closer to 2200. 1821 and 2276 CP means you have encountered a perfect IV Armored Mewtwo, so be sure to use all your Golden Razz Berries to catch him. In terms of moveset, theres not really one you must avoid, but watch for his charge attack and change up your team if theyre vulnerable. Speaking of which, heres the best counters against Armored Mewtwo in Pokémon GO.

How To Beat Giovanni May 2021

To beat Giovanni in Pokémon Go in May 2021 you will have to overcome his line-up of creatures. It means that you have to beat the likes of Persian, Kangaskhan, Nidoking, or Garchomp.

Giovanni always uses Persian as his first Pokemon, and for Giovanni’s second Pokemon, he will either use Kangaskhan, Nidoking or Garchomp.

Giovanni Counters

Your fight against Giovanni will begin with Persian.

Persian Counters

  • Lucario with Counter and Aura Sphere

  • Conkeldurr with Counter and Dynamic Punch

  • Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch

  • Breloom with Counter and Dynamic Punch

  • Blaziken with Counter and Focus Blast

The counters against Kangaskhan, Nidoking, or Garchomp are:

Kangaskhan Counters

  • Heracross with Counter and Close Combat

  • Machamp with Counter and Close Combat

  • Conkeldurr with Counter and Dynamic Punch

  • Landorus with Mud Shot and Superpower

  • Dragonite with Dragon Breath and Hurricane

Nidoking Counters

  • Empoleon with Waterfall and Hydro Cannon

  • Mewtwo with Psycho Cut and Psystrike

  • Swampert with Water Gun and Hydro Cannon

  • Kyogre with Waterfall and Surf

  • Landorus with Mud Shot and Earth Power

Garchomp Counters

  • Mamoswine with Powder Snow and Avalanche

  • Regice with Lock-On and Blizzard

  • Articuno with Ice Shard and Ice Beam

  • Alolan Ninetails with Powder Snow and Weather Ball

  • Togekiss with Charm and Aerial Ace

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How To Find Giovanni In Pokemon Go

The first thing you need to do on the quest to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go is complete the first four stages of the Pokemon Go Looming in the Shadows research. You know the Rocket Radar you’ve been using to find the Rocket Grunts in the buildup to this point? Yeah, now you’ve got a Super Rocket Radar! This nifty tool works in the same way as the normal Rocket Radar, except it will show you the location of Giovanni.

Kind of. In a last ditch attempt to thwart your plans, there’ll be plenty of disguised Rocket Grunts located at various stops. To uncover their disguises, you thankfully don’t have to defeat them all simply spin each stop to find the real Giovanni.

An Explanation Of Stun Time

How To Defeat Giovanni &  Catch Shadow Mewtwo

You may notice that after

  • You use a charged move

  • They use a charged move

  • A Pokémon switches in

The AI have a short period in which they don’t take any actions. We’ll be referring to this as Stun Time, and it lasts exactly 4 turns.

Turns are the 0.5-second-long intervals into which PvP is broken.

On the 5th turn, the opponent will start their next action . However, if you fire off a charged move on that 5th turn, Stun Time resets, and you dont take any fast move damage.

You can test this yourself against the team leaders, who perform mechanically identically .

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How To Beat Giovanni In Pokemon Go In December 2021

After a brief departure during Hoopa’s antics in Pokemon GO, Giovanni has returned to the fore of Team GO Rocket these last two months with new battle teams including the mighty Shadow Lugia.

This December, a new team prompts players to adopt a new strategy for combatting Giovanni in Pokemon GO. The Team GO Rocket boss is the toughest of the entire organization, and this is reflected in his battle teams.

Overall, Giovanni has access to five different Shadow Pokemon for his battle team. Although this is less than Team GO Rocket Grunts and Leaders, Giovanni has the upside of a Shadow Legendary Pokemon on his side.

The Best Counters Against Persian Mewtwo And Others

After a bit of a hiatus the usual seasonal update for Pokémon GOs Team GO Rocket special research is out and players around the world have another chance to catch Shadow Mewtwo once more. Of course, to do this theyll have to battle their way through Giovanni and his many minions. If youve stuck with the game through the pandemic so far then youve likely fought these guys a bunch over the last few months. However, Giovanni himself has only just reappeared and will offer a true challenge once again. To help, heres how to beat Giovanni in Pokémon GO after the October 2020 update.

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How To Beat Team Leaders In Pokemon Go

If youre looking to take on the other Team Go Rocket Leaders, check out our guide to take down Arlo, defeat Cliff, and finally, our guide to beat Sierra.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the best counters to beat Giovanni and Shadow Lugia in Pokemon Go for December 2021.

For all of the best tips and tricks to become the very best, make sure to check out our other guides:

How To Beat Giovanni In Pokmon Go During December 2020

[Pokemon GO] How to beat Shadow Mewtwo and Giovanni

To beat Giovanni in Pokémon Go during December 2020 you will need to overcome his line-up of creatures.

This means that youll have to beat the likes of Persian, Kangaskhan, and Mewtwo to defeat Giovanni in Pokémon Go during December 2020.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

You can find the line-up for the Team Go Rocket boss down below:

Line-up one:

  • Mewtwo

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Does Lillie Love Ash

Lillie and Ash share a common love for Pokémon, excitement for adventure and their willingness to help people or Pokémon for various reasons. Although sometimes, Lillie does get annoyed with Ashs habits. Lillie gives her full support for Ash whenever he is in a Pokémon battle or competition he participates in.

Take Him Down Easily With This Guide

Pokémon day is just around the corner, with plenty for fans to celebrate and take part in. Of course this means more events in Pokémon GO, the mobile phenomenon that swept the world by storm in 2016. Millions of trainers still log in every day and will be taking part in the latest events. This time, to celebrate both the day and the release of a new movie on Netflix, Armored Mewtwo is returning to raids. But what are the best counters against him this time? Heres how to beat Armored Mewtwo in Pokémon GO.

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How Do I Get Shadow Mewtwo

And be sure to take a snapshot for a surprise! Youll also be able to gain access to a new Special Research story called An Inter-eggs-ting Development! Completing this Special Research will lead to a confrontation against Giovanni himself. Defeat him in battle, and youll have a chance to rescue Shadow Mewtwo.

Is Giovanni Ash’s Dad

How to (Possibly) Beat SHADOW MEWTWO Giovanni at GO Fest ...

RELATED: Pokemon Anime Teases a Legendary Pokemon Could Join Ash and Co. … More specifically, that Team Rocket’s President Giovanni is actually Ash’s father, and that he hired the bumbling trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth, to perpetually fail to “steal Pikachu” in an indirect attempt to keep watch over his son.

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Best Pokemon Go Mewtwo Movesets

If youve managed to execute these counters and youve got yourself a Mewtwo, youll want to know which moves work best. Firstly, a lot of this will depend on how strong your Mewtwo is. You can find this out by selecting Appraise, following which your Team Leader will give you a Star Rating. The higher the rating, the stronger your Mewtwo will be in battle.

Out of all the possible movesets, there are three thatll prove most effective. First is having Confusion as your quick attack, and Psystrike as your charged attack. Thatll do 18.84 damage per second , and on average, 842 total damage throughout a fight .

The next two combinations are slightly less effective, but will still provide a strong attack. If you have Psycho Cut as your quick attack and Psystrike once again as your charged attack, youll deal a respectable 18.20 DPS, and a slightly lower 813.50 TDO. However, this combination is over 2 seconds quicker to execute than the first moveset, so if speed is your thing, this is worth considering.

Lastly, you can team up the reliable Confusion quick attack with the Psychic charged attack. Damage is slightly lower at 18.16 DPS, and again lower at 811.53 TDO. The time per attack is also slower than the previous option but this is a reliable alternative.

Why Cant I Find Giovanni With Super Rocket Radar

He has reportedly disappeared, according to Niantic. It is hinted that he is planning something nefarious in secret, so it will be interesting to see what he has in store. However, this means that trainers cant battle Giovanni at the moment. Super Rocket Radars wont work, so theres no point in using them.

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How To Get Shadow Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

Shadow Mewtwo is the greatest prize for the Special Research questline An Inter-egg-sting Development. While the name would suggest that it revolves around hatching eggs, it mostly tasks players with battling Team Go Rocket opponents. The full mission list is as follows:

Step 1 of 6

  • Spin 5 Poké Stops
  • Defeat Team Go Rocket Grunts
  • Catch 1 Shadow Pokémon

Rewards: 500 Stardust, 10 Poké Balls, 10 Razz Berry

Step 2 of 6

  • Defeat 5 shadow Pokémon
  • Make 3 nice curveball throws in a row
  • Purify 5 shadow Pokémon

Rewards: 1,500 Stardust, 10 Great Ball, Larvitar encounter

Step 3 of 6

  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket leader 3 times
  • Hatch 3 eggs
  • Earn 5 candy walking with your buddy

Rewards: 1,500 Stardust, 3 Golden Razz Berries, Toxicroak encounter

Step 4 of 6

  • Defeat Team Go Rocket Leader Arlo
  • Defeat Team Go Rocket Leader Cliff
  • Defeat Team Go Rocket Leader Sierra

Rewards: 5 Super Potions, 1 Super Rocket Radar, 3 Revives

Step 5 of 6

  • Find the Team Go Rocket Boss
  • Battle the Team Go Rocket Boss
  • Defeat the Team Go Rocket Boss

Rewards: 3,000 Stardust, 1 Fast TM, 1 Charged TM

Step 6 of 6

  • Claim Reward

Rewards: 3 Max Revives, 20 Ultra Balls, 1 Elite Charged TM

As part of step five, players are tasked with defeating Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni. Hearkening back to the original Pokemon movie, Giovanni battles using Shadow Mewtwo. Once players defeat him, they have the chance to capture Shadow Mewtwo and are given the choice of purifying it at any time.

Find And Beat The Team Go Rocket Boss And Catch Shadow Zapdos

Beat Giovanni MEWTWO at Low Levels & Hatch Eggs Without Walking (Using Phone Shaker) in Pokemon GO

The Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni is back for another battle in April 2021 for Pokémon GO. This time youll be able to catch his Shadow Zapdos, but only if you can find and beat him. The process remains the same as last month, but if you missed out or decided to skip it youll have some questions. To help, heres how to find and beat Giovanni, the Team GO Rocket Boss in Pokémon GO for April 2021.

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Best Counters Against Armored Mewtwo

Darkrai with Snarl and Dark PulseOrigin Forme Giratina with Shadow Claw and Shadow BallHydreigon with Bite and Dark PulseChandelure with Hex and Shadow BallGengar with Shadow Claw or Hex and Shadow BallMewtwo with Psycho Cut and Shadow BallTyranitar with Bite and Crunch

You should lean more toward the ghost type Pokémon if he has Dynamic Punch or Rock Slide. Switch to the others for any other moveset. And thats how to beat Armored Mewtwo in Pokémon GO using the best counters.


Who Can Defeat Moltres

To defeat Moltres, the fire-type legendary bird, in Pokémon Go you need to know its weaknesses and counters:

  • Moltres type Fire and flying-type.
  • Moltres is weak against Electric, rock and water-type Pokémon.
  • Moltres counters Gyarados, Zapdos, Raikou, Tyranitar, Swampert, Kyogre, Terrakion, Rampardos and Electivire.

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How To Beat Giovanni Shadow Lugia

In order to defeat Giovanni in Pokémon Go in December 2021, you must first defeat his pokemon lineup.

Trainers should be able to counter what Giovanni brings to the battle with the following lineup of possible counters. There are certainly loads of different Pokemon that can fill in for this suitable lineup, however, most should have no difficulties putting together the team suggested here!

ALL CREDITS TO Amazing Hacksaw for this strategy guide! Check out the tips shared below!

  • My line up worked the best. First, he had his Persian. I used my Rhyperior with his smack down/stone edge.
  • One shield will be used here. After my first attack I switch over to Machamp with Counter/Dynamic punch where I took him out.
  • They use Kingler for the 2nd one where my Machamp used its 2nd attack and a 3rd. I then waste him as I did not shield. Lugia comes up. I then used my Tyranitar iron tail/fire blast and used off one attack. I also used my 2nd shield.
  • They will take you out before a 2nd attack can come off, and they send another attack anyway. Dont sweat it.
  • Once Tyranitar goes down, switch back to rhyperior. There will be just enough to finish Lugia off.

I study this over two weeks finding him everyday, and losing every day, until I did everything above and won!

  • Currently, he always uses Persian as the main Pokémon. You can battle with one of these Pokémon at random:
  • First Pokémon: Persian
  • Second Pokémon: Kingler, Rhyperior, or Nidoking
  • Third Pokémon: Shadow Lugia

How To Find The Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni

Pokémon GO

There are two main steps you need to complete before you can even try to beat Giovannin in Pokémon GO. The first is to acquire a Super Rocket Radar. This item is the powered up version of the regular Rocket Radar, which lets you do battle against the Team GO Rocket Leaders. However, while you can get one of the lesser Radars by battling Team GO Rocket Grunts, the Super Rocket Radar is only available one way.

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Giovanni Missing In Action In Pokemon Go

Unfortunately, Giovanni is gone. He has reportedly disappeared, according to Niantic. It is hinted that he is planning something nefarious in secret, so it will be interesting to see what he has in store.

However, this means that trainers cant battle Giovanni at the moment. Super Rocket Radars wont work, so there’s no point in using them.

Pokemon GOs announcement didnt mention when Giovanni would return. The only further information they offered was stating, Be sure to keep an eye out for updates throughout the season.

This likely hints at a large event revolving around Team GO Rocket later on in the Season of Mischief. This season is all about Psychic-type Pokemon , so it makes sense to release the most powerful Psychic Pokemon during this time.

While Team GO Rocket may not be involved, there are plenty of other events for trainers to look forward to. There already has been a Special Research where trainers could pick up the mythical Pokemon Hoopa, who also seems to be the mascot for the Season of Mischief.

The Psychic Spectacular will also be making a return to Pokemon GO. This event will feature the debut of Inkay and its evolution Malamar. These are Generation VI Psychic and Dark Pokemon with a very unique evolution method.

How To Beat Giovanni In December 2021

And now we come to the true question of how to beat Giovanni in Pokémon GO for December 2021. To do it you will need solid counters, which we list below. More than that though, you need to strategize using his own tactics against him. First off, make sure your Persian counter isnt in your first slot. Swapping Pokémon will cause Giovanni to pause his own attacks for 2-3 seconds, letting you do damage and gain Charged Attack energy. And youll then want to use that energy to burn off Giovannis two shields. Hell use them against your first two Charged Attacks so dont worry about damage or type matchups with them. Just fire them off so that your later counters actually hit.

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