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How To Connect Pokeball Plus To Pokemon Go

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Catching Pokmon With Pok Ball Plus In Pokmon Let’s Go

How To Pair / Connect POKEBALL PLUS with Pokemon GO

To catch a pokémon with the Poké Ball Plus in Pokémon Let’s Go, when you encounter a wild pokémon, choose “Get Ready”, then raise the Poké Ball Plus over your shoulder, then swing itdownward . You will throw a Poké Ball in the game. If you didn’tcatch the pokémon, you can choose “Get Ready” and try again.

What Is The Pokmon Go Plus

The Pokémon Go Plus is a peripheral for Pokémon Go which can be worn either on the provided bracelet band, or as a pin on your clothes.

Shaped like a combination of a Poké Ball and the Google Maps pin – because, you know, Pokémon Go is essentially Poké Balls plus maps – it’s around the size of a large smartwatch, although of course only provides functionality when used with the Pokémon Go app.

The main point of the Pokémon Go Plus is to enable you to enjoy the game – or if you’re anything like us at times, compulsively obsess over the game – without having to use your phone.

It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and will notify you of a nearby PokéStop or wild Pokémon with a vibration and blinking LED.

The greatest benefit, really, is the fact that you can do these things without draining your phone’s battery life at quite the same rate as doing so normally – helpful since battery drain in Pokémon Go is a recognised issue.

That is, unfortunately, mitigated somewhat by the fact that it’ll be using your phone’s Bluetooth, but it’s still a bit of an energy saver.

Make Sure Location Services Is Turned On For Pokmon Go

If you have your privacy settings set to “Never” or “While Using the App” for Pokémon GO, the Poké Ball Plus will have trouble staying connected . Make sure your location permissions are set to “Always” for Pokémon GO. Then, go back and tap the Poké Ball icon in the game or try reconnecting your Poké Ball Plus in the settings section.

Do you have any more tips that have worked for you to get your Poké Ball Plus to sync? Let us know in the comments.

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How To Mute Pok Ball Plus

Poké Ball Plus can only be muted while in stroll mode .It can’t be muted while playing the game.To mute sounds from the Poké Ball Plus while in stroll mode,press the top button and the controlstick simultaneously. If you did it correctly, the Poké Ball Plus willmake a long vibration. You can unmute it by pressing the top button andthe control stick simultaneously again. If you did it correctly, the Poké Ball Plus will make two short vibrations. You can check whether it is mutedor not by plugging it in to charge or by playing with the pokémon that iswith you on a stroll .

How To Connect Pokeball Plus With Pokemon Go

How to connect your Poké Ball Plus to Pokémon GO on iPhone ...

Bluetooth must be active on your smart phone to connect it to the PokeBall Plus. Go into the settings menu in Pokemon Go and scroll down to PokeBall Plus. Click on that and then press down on the control stick once to make it discoverable by the app. Then tap to enable the accessory to connect.

If youre connected, then the PokeBall Plus icon will become brighter and you can make the accessory itself vibrate when you press on the control stick. If disconnected, then it will start flashing white when you press on the control stick. From the game screen, you can connect and disconnect the PokeBall Plus by tapping the PokeBall Plus icon. The icon will turn green when its connected. You can also disconnect the PokeBall Plus from the PokeBall Plus menu in the settings.

The PokeBall Plus will vibrate and light up when a Pokemon is nearby. You can press the top button to throw a Pokeball and the LED will let you know if you caught it. If it flashes in multiple colors and vibrates five times, then you caught the Pokemon. If it lights up red and vibrates two times, then you failed to catch it. The accessory will also count your steps, allowing you to hatch eggs and collect Candy from a Buddy Pokemon.

As someone pointed out in the comment section below, you can use the Mew in the PokeBall Plus to spin PokeStops for you. So even if you dont have Pokemon: Lets Go, you can still get a use out of the Mew that came with the device.

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Pairing Your Poke Ball Plus

Turn on your Switch and launch your copy of Pokemon: Lets Go, Pickachu! or Pokemon: Lets Go, Eevee!

When you turn on your game, you will be asked which controller option you want to use. You can pick between the attached Joycon, detached Joycon and the Poke Ball Plus. Just press the button on the controller you want to use and you’re all set. In the case of the Poke Ball Plus, just press down on the joystick and it will recognize the device.

If you want to pair your Poke Ball Plus after already launching the game and playing with the Joycon, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • While in the game, press the X button to bring up the in-game menu.
  • Press the Y button on your Joycon to pick Options.
  • Highlight the Open Controller Settings and choose it.
  • You will be shown a list of controller options that you can pick. You will need to press a button on the controller you want to use. Press down on the Poke Ball Plus joystick.
  • You will get an option to Confirm. Press down on the Poke Ball Plus joystick again.

Fix: Pokeball Plus Failed To Connect

Pokeball Plus may fail to connect due to interference from other communication devices. Moreover, outdated controller/Pokeball firmware may also cause the error under discussion.

The affected user encounters the error when he tries to connect the Pokeball Plus to his phone. The issue is reported to happen on nearly all makes and models of Android phones. Some users encountered the problem when setting up the new ball, whereas other users faced the error after using it for a long time. The issue is not country-specific.

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting process, make sure you are not out of Pokeballs or Pokemon storage. Moreover, restart both the devices and then check if the problem is solved. Furthermore, make sure the OS of your phone is updated.

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How To Connect Your Poke Ball Plus To Pokemon Let’s Go

Instead of using the Joy-Con controller to catch ’em all, you can connect the, much-cooler Poké Ball Plus to use as a controller with Pokémon Let’s Go. The white button on top acts as a joystick and when you press it, it triggers the A button. The red button on top of the Poké Ball Plus launches your menu and exits out of windows. Here’s how to set it up.

How To Pair The Pokeball Plus With Pokemon Go On Ios Android


The Pokemon Lets Go Pokeball Plus works on Switch of course, but also can be paired with Pokemon Go on iOS or Android devices. Were here to help do just that!

The new Pokeball Peripheral can take the place of the Pokemon Go Plus peripheral, helping count your steps, catch Pokémon and automatically spinning Pokéstops.

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How To Pair Pok Ball Plus To ‘pokmon Go’

Along with the release of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee, Nintendo is releasing the Poké Ball Plus, a new peripheral and successor to the Pokémon Go Plus.

However, if you’re looking to use it with your Pokémon Go account you’ll need to pair it to the popular mobile game. What are the benefits of using the Poké Ball Plus? Like the Pokémon Go Plus, it will track your steps without having the app open. This is great for inclement weather and for battery-saving purposes.

For Pokémon Let’s Go, you can use it as a controller to make you feel more like a Pokémon trainer as you toss the peripheral towards the screen to catch wild Pokémon. It’s also great to take a Pokémon from Let’s Go with you. The longer you have a Pokémon in the Poké Ball Plus the more experience it gains. You can even get helpful items.

The Poké Ball Plus is sold separately for $49.99 and you’ll need to pair it with your Pokémon Go to get the most out of it. Here’s the steps you need to do just that.


  • Turn phone’s bluetooth on.
  • Got to Settings and scroll down until you see Poke Ball Plus.
  • Tap the button on the Poké Ball Plus once so it blinks white.
  • When the Poké Ball symbol appears in Pokémon Go‘s settings, tap it to start the pairing process.
  • Once the Poké Ball symbol is colored in, it’s connected.


Walking Your Pokemon Around

The most intriguing functionality of the Poke Ball Plus is that it gives you the ability to carry a Pokemon around with you. Put any Pokemon from your game into the ball, walk it around, interact with it, and even earn experience and items!

To put a Pokemon in the Poke Ball Plus you need to:

  • Bring up the menu
  • Select the Save option
  • Select the “Take your Pokemon for a stroll” option
  • Pick whether you want to bring your Partner into the ball or select a Pokemon from your box
  • Done!
  • Now you can carry your Pokemon around with you! It’s worth noting this does not remove the Pokemon from your Let’s Go game.

    There are a handful of things you need to know about this:

    • You can play with your Pokemon by holding the control stick for a few seconds. After this, you can shake your Poke Ball Plus to play with your Pokemon. It will respond, and after enough plays, the ball light up in rainbow colors indicating your Pokemon is satisfied. There are bonuses for this. Hitting the top button will turn this mode off.
    • Your Pokemon will occasionally call out to you and if you respond, you will earn some bonuses. To respond you just need to hit the top button or shake the ball when it calls.
    • If you use the Poke Ball Plus as a Pokemon Go Plus in Pokemon Go while a Pokemon is in there, you will earn more bonuses for “helping”.
    • Walking around will also let you accrue bonuses.
    • To mute your Poke Ball Plus, simply hit both the joy stick and the top button at the same time.

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    Turn The Volume On/off

    If you hold the top and control stick buttons at the same time, you can turn the audio of the Poke Ball on and off. You can check whether its on or off via the vibrations when you press the button!

    Vibrations When Enabling/Disabling Sound

    1 Long Vibration

    The Volume Cannot Be Adjusted

    The Poke Ball Plus can only turn audio On or Off. It cannot be raised or lowered!

    How To Pair Pok Ball Plus To Your Smartphone

    How To Connect Pokeball Plus To POKEMON GO

    Once you have ensured that Bluetooth is turned on your device, then you are ready to go ahead with the method mentioned below. This is a straightforward process, and it would hardly take less than a couple of minutes to do so.

    • Open the Pokemon GO application.
    • Now tap on the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of your screen. This will open up the Games main menu.
    • Now in your main menu, tap on the Settings option at the top right corner.
    • Tap on Poke Ball Plus.
    • Then take your accessory and press the button on top of it. This will make the accessory discoverable for the smartphone.
    • Now you will see a dialogue box asking you whether or not you want to Enable Poke Ball Plus. You will see two options. Turn It On and Maybe Later. Tap on Turn It On.
    • Now your Poke Ball accessory should connect to your game.

    Now there have been some issues with connections for some users. Firstly, you need to make sure that the Poke Ball Plus is always charged up. If it is charged up, but you still face disconnection issues often, then try restarting your smartphone.

    Now if you are unsure about the connection, you dont need to open up the application to verify. You can just tap on the button at the top of the accessory, and if the accessory blinks with white light, then it is disconnected. You can try connecting it again using the method mentioned above.

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    What Is The Pok Ball Plus And How Does It Work

    The Poké Ball Plus still hasn’t been completely explained – although there’s plenty we do know already.

    We know it’ll function like a Pokémon Go Plus – more on that itself below – when connected to Pokémon Go, allowing you to do all the same things like catch Pokémon and spin stops as you go.

    As well as that, we know it’ll have Pokéwalker-style functions for your Pokémon from Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. You can put them “in” the Poké Ball Plus and, by tracking your steps as you walk around with it, it’ll unlock certain unspecified benefits for you or your Pokémon in-game. Junichi Masuda, head of Let’s Go developer Game Freak, also confirmed to us that there will be some different, special features.

    “One cool thing if you put your partner Pokémon – so maybe your Pikachu – inside of it, I think maybe there’s some extra things that makes it feel as though the Pokémon is really inside the ball… for example if you shake it, it’ll actually sounds like it’s in there, so things like that – and also some things we haven’t revealed, that are cool that affect the gameplay if you walk around with it,” he said.

    We weren’t allowed to touch it out in Japan but, rest assured, were told it felt very nice. It has both a wrist strap and a smaller hoop for you to hook a finger through to make sure it’s secure in your hand – and so no kids go throwing it through the TV.

    How To Get Mew

    To download Mew, you will need to get far enough in the game to unlock the “Communicate” option in the menu.

    After pairing your Poke Ball Plus, you will get the following message:

    A Pokemon is in your Poke Ball Plus. Its a present for you! Select Communicate from the main menu, and then select Mystery Gifts.

    Heres how to get Mew out of the Poke Ball Plus:

    • Bring up the in-game menu and pick Communicate.
    • Pick Get with a Poke Ball Plus.
    • You will get the following message: Its a present for you. Would you like to receive it? Pick yes.
    • You will then get a super scary warning about making sure both your Switch and Poke Ball Plus controller are adequately charged: Attention! If your battery runs out or youre disconnected while youre receiving a gift, you may no longer be able to receive the gift. Please check the battery of your Nintendo Switch and Poke Ball Plus. Please also make sure there is no communication issue. Say three Hail Marys and proceed.
    • You will get the following message: You will now connect to the internet. Your game will be saved. Is that OK? Pick Yes.
    • Watch the happy loading screen as your Mystery Gift is acquired. Do NOT turn off your Switch.
    • You will get the message: Mews data will be added to the Pokedex!

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    Muting The Pok Ball Plus

    You cant mute the Poké Ball Plus sounds or disable its vibrations when playing Lets Go!, but you can mute it when its connected to Pokémon Go. To do this, you have to hold the top button and control stick button at the same time. It will vibrate to indicate that the action was successful. Follow these same steps again to unmute it.

    Play With Pokmon On A Stroll

    How to Use Pokéball Plus with Pokemon GO App (Syncing with Pokeball Plus and Controls on Pokemon GO)

    If there is a pokémon in your Poké Ball Plus, you can play with your pokémonby holding down the controlstick until it lights up in the color of your pokémon. Then shake the pokéballuntil it shows rainbow colors,or rotate the control stick until it shows rainbow colors,to earn rewards that you will get when you send your pokémon back to the game.

    If you have connected your Poké Ball Plus to Pokémon GO on your smartphone,and there is a pokémon in your Poké Ball Plus, you will get extra rewards forusing the Poké Ball Plus to interact with Pokémon GO.

    To return from a stroll, go to the save menu and choose “Take your Pokémon for a stroll”. You will be asked if you want to remove the pokémon from yourPoké Ball Plus. If you say yes, any rewards or experience that your pokémon got during the stroll will be sent to your Pokémon Let’s Go game on NintendoSwitch.

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    Solution : Use Go Companion Application To Pair The Devices

    There is a Go companion application that helped a lot of users to get rid of the error under discussion. The said app is especially useful if you are also encountering the device not supported error with the current issue. In this scenario, using the Go Companion Application may solve the problem.

  • and install the Go Companion application from the Play Store.
  • Unpair the ball device from the Bluetoothsettings of your phone .
  • Unpair the ball from the settings of your game .
  • Quickly, open the Go Companion Application and setup the wizard for the paired devices. Run Setup Wizard of Go Companion Application
  • Now check if the connection issue is resolved.
  • If not, pair the ball with Bluetooth of your phone and repeat the process with enabled Initial Boost.
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