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Where Are Pokemon Cards In Target

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What Days Does Target Restock Pokemon Cards


Just like with Walmart, this is going to be dependent on the store. You will need to pay attention to when your Target store restocks.

Since most Target stores are not going to be open 24-hours a day, the best way to pick up some new Pokemon trading cards is to check out the store when they open.

One of the interesting things about Target, and we are going to discuss this shortly, is the fact that Target has rules in place on the number of products a person can buy from their Pokemon range. This means that, in some cases, you may find that Target is getting restock less frequently than twice per week. It may only be some of the more frequented stores that receive regular stock refreshes.

Target Has Started Selling Pokmon Tcg Products In Stores Again

Buyers will still be limited to two items, but at least they’re back on shelves.

Some Target stores around the U.S. suspended sales for Pokémon TCG and other collectible card game products on May 14. But the company is now offering customers a chance to purchase these in-demand products once again.

The announcement was made today while Targets social media promoted its Deal Days event for June 20 to 22 and users asked if theyd be able to buy Pokémon cards again.

Stores will resume selling select Pokémon Trading Cards the week of June 1, 2021. Pokémon Trading Cards can be sold seven days per week and will have a limit of 2 items per guest per day.

What Company Stocks Pokemon Cards At Walmart

What a lot of people fail to realize is that Pokemon card restocks at Walmart are not carried out by Walmart. Instead, it will be one of the vendors that sell to Walmart. They will send in their own staff to put Pokemon cards on the shelf. This is part of the reason why it is so tough to predict when the Pokemon cards are going to be restocked. It is just a group of people going through Walmart to Walmart store. Walmart isnt just keeping Pokemon cards out the back that they can just restock whenever they want.

At the moment, the main stockist for Pokemon cards at Walmart will be MJ Holding. Whether the actual staff will be MJ Holding staff will vary from place to place. However, they will certainly be using MJ Holding boxes to restock the product.

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon Booster Boxes, click here to view them on Amazon.

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Pokemon Tcg Players Report The Return Of Pokemon Cards At Target

But it seems that Target’s decision was short-lived. A lot of Pokemon players have reported seeing cards back on the shelves of their local Targets. New shipments of Battle Styles have started being stocked as well as older sets of cards.

What’s even more surprising is that a lot of the photos of Target’s card shelves don’t include signs, meaning customers aren’t limited to a certain number of items.

From southern California to small towns in Florida, Pokemon fans have started sharing photo evidence of local Targets carrying a variety of Pokemon cards once again. Some players have even gone out to stores in those areas after seeing the tweets and taken photos of their pulls.

While Target has not made any official announcement regarding Pokemon cards and other collectible cards, photo evidence supports that there are stores in certain areas that are already starting to carry cards again. For now, Pokemon players are scouring their local Targets and Walmarts to see if Pokemon is back as they await major updates in the ongoing scalper-enduced drama.

Target Halts Sale Of Trading Cards Including Pokmon Over Safety Concerns


Target said it will temporarily stop selling trading cards, including Pokémon, after a disagreement over the collectibles sparked a fight at a store in Wisconsin.

In an emailed statement, a Target spokesperson said that beginning Friday it will “temporarily suspend the sale of MLB, NFL, NBA and Pokémon trading cards within our stores.” The cards will still be available for purchase online.

“The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority,” the spokesperson said.

Last week, a man was injured after he got into a fight with four suspects in the parking lot of a Target in Brookfield. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the brawl started after the men got into a disagreement over trading cards.

Police told the outlet that four men between the ages of 23 and 35 physically assaulted the victim. The man, 35, suffered minor injuries that did not require hospitalization.

The victim, who has a concealed carry weapons license, allegedly grabbed his gun and the four men fled. They were eventually located and arrested on charges of battery, strangulation and disorderly conduct, the outlet reported. Brookfield police did not respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

According to eBay’s first-ever State of Trading Cards report, there was a 142 percent surge in domestic sales of sports, collectible card games and non-sport trading cards in 2020 than the year before.

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Us Target Stores To Stop Selling Pokemon Cards After Rising Value Prompts Threats To Staff

The dramatic rise in the re-sale value of the cards prompted a fight in Wisconsin during which a man pulled a gun

US retail giant Target will stop selling Pokemon playing cards out of an abundance of caution for its staff and other shoppers. The re-sale value of the cards has increased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic, prompting chaos and threats to staff. Target will also stop selling MLB, NFL and NBA sports playing cards.

The decision comes after man pulled a gun during a fight over trading cards in a Target parking lot in Brookfield, Wisconsin on 7 May. Police said the 35-year-old man produced the gun when he was assaulted by four men aged 23-35 as he left the store, ABC reported.

A shopper who was at the Target during the parking lot incident told Fox news at the time: Its just kind of sad for the kids. It just sounds kind of ridiculous that adults got into a fight in the parking lot about trading cards.

Target confirmed the decision in a statement to comic book and games website Bleeding Cool.

The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority, it said. Out of an abundance of caution, weve decided to temporarily suspend the sale of MLB, NFL, NBA and Pokémon trading cards within our stores, effective May 14. Guests can continue to shop these cards online at

Where To Buy Pokmon Trading Cards

According to a post on the PokemonTCG subreddit by user drewuptown, major stores that are selling Pokémon trading cards include Walmart, Meijer, Fred Meyer, Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s and Scheels.

They have also been found in Best Buy, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Kohl’s, TJ Maxx, Five Below, Party City, Burlington, and Big Lots, as well as in smaller stores like Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Hot Topic, and Gamestop.

Additionally, the Reddit thread says that stores such as Barnes and Noble, Dollar General and Dollar Tree sell the cards.

While this isn’t an official list and inventory will vary, these stores may be a good place to start your search. Many online stores and reselling sites also claim to be selling the cards.

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Walmart And Target Tcgs Cancelled No More Pokemon Cards

Hey everyone and welcome back to ChannelFireball, your favorite trading card website! I am back with another article on the Pokemon collecting world and boy do I think this will be a good one.

Scalping is certainly a touchy subject in the community, as it should be, and recent developments have shown the effects that scalping has on the hobby. Not only has it led to prices being slightly increased online or in some cases greatly increased but it has created tension in a wholesome community that just wants to have product available on the shelves. Up until recently, this is the worst it has ever been, but now its gone a step further. Pokemon cards and possibly some other trading card games are reportedly not going to be sold at Target and Walmart stores anymore due to the trouble they are causing.

I am sure everyone is aware of this by now, but Pokemon is absolutely booming and has been since right before the pandemic started. It was advertised by celebrities, people were looking for things to do, nostalgia finally kicked in and it was already wildly popular to begin with.

Sealed Pokemon product is performing very well right now and some of it is difficult to obtain at a reasonable price. I do have some bad news and some good news for you Pokemon fans out there that I will be sharing in this article. Time to move on to the bad and then we can wrap things up in a positive manner.


Target Pulls Pokemon Cards From Stores Citing Threat To Workers And Customers

â ï¸?CAUTION…NEW POKEMON MYSTERY BOX AT TARGET! Opening Cards From Ultimate Collection 7

May 13, 2021 / 4:46 PM / MoneyWatch

Target is pulling in-store sales of popular trading cards, citing employee safety, after a parking lot brawl in one of its stores last week. The retailer told CBS MoneyWatch it would no longer sell Pokemon and sports trading cars in its physical locations starting Friday.

“The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority. Out of an abundance of caution, we’ve decided to temporarily suspend the sale of MLB, NFL, NBA and Pokemon trading cards within our stores, effective May 14. Guests can continue to shop these cards online at,” a Target spokesperson said in a statement.

Trading cards have surged in popularity during the pandemic. Pokemon cards, especially, are flying off the shelves so fast the printing press can barely keep up. Some early editions of the card game, which turns 25 this year, have fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars in online auctions even recently printed Pokemon cards are quickly climbing in price.

Soaring card prices are driving some would-be collectors to extremes. In recent months, scalpers have targeted Pokemon cards destined for McDonald’s Happy Meals and ravaged cereal boxes on supermarket shelves to extract the special-edition cards within. In Japan, one man allegedly climbed down a rope to break into a store and carry away $9,000 worth of Pokemon cards, according to

original sound – harryama279

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Did Walmart Stop Selling Pokemon Cards

Walmart has not stopped selling Pokemon cards. During the latter part of 2020 and the early part of 2021, they were out of stock of the trading cards for long periods of time. This is because there simply wasnt enough product being produced to keep up with the demand that people suddenly had for Pokemon cards.

Even now, you may find that Walmart is out of stock of Pokemon cards for a short part of the week. In many cases, these products sell out almost as quickly as they hit the shelves, particularly when it comes to the promotional products that contain much sought-after promotional cards.

Gotta Catch ’em All: Pandemic Sends Prices Soaring For Pokemon Cards

The retailers stores around the U.S. have had pre-sunrise lines, stretching around the block, as fans, collectors and resellers waited to buy restocks of Pokémon cards, VICE reported in April.

The chaos got so bad that Target stores instituted policies limiting how many cards a given person could buy, and asked customers to stop lining up overnight.

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Why Target Has Suspended Trading Card Sales

Target stopped selling the trading cards in store after a fight broke out among customers.

Four men aged between 23 and 35 physically assaulted a 35-year-old man in a Target parking lot in a dispute over the cards, resulting in the victim suffering minor injuries. The disagreement ended when the victim, who has a concealed carry weapons license, accessed his gun and the suspects fled, though no shots were fired.

In a statement, Target said that it would “temporarily suspend the sale of MLB, NFL, NBA, and Pokémon trading cards within our stores,” but would still sell them online. A Target spokesperson said: “The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority.”

Did Target Stop Selling Pokemon Cards

Target: 20% Off Pokémon Cards = Trading Cards Anniversary ...

Yes. For a brief period in early 2021, Target did stop selling Pokemon cards. In fact, they ended up refusing to sell all trading cards. This is because the high demand for certain trading cards had caused a lot of violence in their stores. As a result, they decided to pull all of the stock from their shelves. This lasted for a little over a month.

In June 2021, they decided to put the stock back on the shelves. However, in order to prevent people from arguing in the Target stores, they had to have specific limits in place. Each person is only allowed to purchase 2 products from the range per day. It can be any two products. So, you could buy 2 booster packs and reach your daily cap. You could also buy 2 promo boxes and reach your daily cap.

It is unlikely that this is a policy which is going to be changing any time soon. There is likely going to be a shortage of Pokemon cards for the next few sets. This means that we would anticipate seeing Pokemon card restrictions at Target going well into 2022.

We do want to point out that the staff are going to be keeping tabs on the number of products each person has bought. They are really strict against this policy.

Remember, this is going to be a limit per guest. If you have multiple people in your group , then you are allowed to buy 2 Pokemon products for each of them. Well, at least this should be the rule in the vast majority of Target stores.

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What Company Stocks Pokemon Cards At Target

Just like with Walmart, the Target Pokemon cards are not going to be restocked by Target. Instead, that is all going to be handled by the team at MJ Holding. There may be some different distributors that deal with different Target stores. However, the bulk of the stock refreshes seem to be carried out by the staff from MJ Holding.

Target To Start Selling Pokemon Cards Again

In a surprising announcement on Twitter, Targets official support account announced that the major retail chain would start carrying Pokemon cards again as soon as June 1, 2021.

Stores will resume selling select Pokémon Trading Cards the week of June 1, 2021. Pokémon Trading Cards can be sold seven days per week and will have a limit of 2 items per guest per day, the account responded to a consumer.

The move comes as a surprise as it appears that the company is also reversing its April policy of only selling TCG collectibles on Fridays. Based on the wording, its also unclear if select items means stores will stock fewer products than previously.

Stores will resume selling select Pokémon Trading Cards the week of June 1, 2021. Pokémon Trading Cards can be sold seven days per week and will have a limit of 2 items per guest per day.


At the time of writing, Target has yet to release a full statement on the situation so we only have the support account to go off of. It wasnt made clear if this is going to be a nationwide policy impacting all stores or only select locations.

The retailer has faced major problems with scalpers over the last three months. In March, Target had to move to only selling Pokemon cards on Fridays due to sellers causing chaos as stores. In May, they even instituted a policy to on the TCG collectors camping out in front of retail locations.

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What Days Does Walmart Restock Pokemon Cards

The problem with us giving you a time that the restock happens is the fact that it is going to be different between Walmart stores. You will have to try and work out when your Walmart store restocks card.

For the most part, people have reported that the Pokemon cards are restocked on Thursdays and Fridays. We assume that this is to help ensure that the store has enough Pokemon cards to see them through the weekend. However, the time at which the cards are restocked will vary. There will often be a few people that go between the Walmart stores in a certain area and restock. So, some may have it carried out in the early morning, while others will have to wait until the afternoon.

If you ask Walmart staff when they normally get restocked, then they may be able to tell you. Although, we wouldnt count on it. A lot of people may not even know! Since the cards are not restocked by Walmart, this is the sort of thing that they do not have that much knowledge of, sadly.

How Often Does Target/walmart Restock Pokemon Cards


For many living in the United States, Walmart and Target are going to be the main source of Pokemon cards. After all, the stores are easily accessible, and most people head to these stores to regularly shop. Sometimes they may be out of Pokemon cards, though. So, when do they restock the cards?

Target and Walmart locations will restock their Pokemon cards overnight, a couple of days per week. it is dependent on the store on the exact days that the products are restocked. On the restock days, it is likely that the new cards will be available the very next day at opening. Or, in the middle of the night in the case of 24-hour Walmart stores. Lets expand upon this a little bit.

Throughout the rest of this page, we want to talk a little bit about restock days for Pokemon cards at Walmart and Target.

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