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Shiny Chance In Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go Shiny Species List

Chances of Encountering Certain Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go!

Within the Events sections, per species rates are listed according to the following rates:


Listed below are the data collected by the Silph Research Group on shiny Pokémon.

This Pokémon can be found in the wild.
This Pokémon can be found as a reward from Field Research tasks.
This Pokémon can be hatched from Eggs.
This Pokémon can be found in Raids.
This Pokémon can be earned as reward in the GO Battle League.
NOT AVAILABLE The shiny variant of this Pokémon was released but cannot be obtained currently, except through a trade.

Certainty values are calculated by dividing the likelihood of the most likely shiny rate by the sum of the likelihoods of all previously observed shiny rates.

Shiny rates are independent of the method of encountering a Pokémon .

Within the Events sections, per species rates are listed according to the following rates:


How To Get Unlimited Pokecoins For Free In Pokemon Go Without Human Verification

I know there are a number of YouTube videos, and blogs that claim you can get free Pokecoins without Human Verification, but the fact is there is no method to get free coins without Human Verification.

Dont go for any of the methods, you will lose all your data and still not have a single Pokecoin.

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Dont Skip Out On Encounters

Youll need to get into an encounter with a Pokémon to see if theyre shiny or not. Even if you arent planning to catch that Pokémon, you should still get into an encounter and check.

You can still capture them for sport and additional candy. If you cant tell whether a Pokémon is shiny by their looks, keep an eye on a little white symbol that appears right above their CP. This symbol featuring three stars indicates that a Pokémon is indeed shiny, and you may want to switch to a better Pokéball to make sure you dont miss your chance.

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Pokmon Go: Complete List Of Shiny Pokmon August 2021

First introduced as part of the Water Festival Event, with Magikarp and Gyarados, new Shiny Pokémon are added to Pokémon Go with just about every event and Community Day. There are now so many Shiny Pokémon that it can be hard to keep track of which Pokémon you should be checking. Here’s the complete list of Shiny Pokémon as of right now, and how you can catch ’em all! And be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories a Pokémon Go Plus or a Go-Tcha will make Shiny hunting go much quicker!

Are The Shiny Versions Of The Lake Trio Available

Pokemon go shiny list

Fortunately, the latest legendaries will have shinies available. Starting on September 14, the Lake Trio from Generation IV will be Tier 5 Raid bosses in Pokemon GO.

Each Pokemon will be available in a different region. The breakdown of which Pokemon is found where is as follows:

  • Azelf – located in the Americas and Greenland
  • Mesprit – located in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and India
  • Uxie – located in Asia and the Pacific region.

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What Are The Odds Of Encountering Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO are tough finds, and that’s part of what makes them so coveted and valued.

Ever since shiny Pokemon were introduced in Pokemon’s second generation of games for the Game Boy Color , they’ve been discussed often and sought after even more. This has, of course, spread to Pokemon GO and its dedicated player base, and players have carried on the tradition of shiny hunting.

But what are the actual shiny appearance rates in Pokemon GO? The short answer is that chances are slim but better than they have been in the past.

Depending on the Pokemon being sought after, its chances of appearing as a shiny may be better or worse.

What New Pokmon Go New Shinies Will Appear In The Season Of Mischief

Pokémon GO’s Season of Mischief has kicked off, and already it has introduced a shiny. Shiny Ditto was formerly only available through one Special Research, but now can appear in the wild and as your Research Breakthrough encounter. Make sure you’re up to date with the new Ditto disguises in Pokémon GO so you don’t miss the chance of grabbing the transforming blob.

Oshawott Community Day will also see the launch of shiny Oshawott, and with Inkay and Furfrou on their way in future events, there might be more shinies to catch before the season is out.

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Visit Different Areas And Spawns

A Pokémons shiny status is decided upon its spawn. Covering a lot of ground when playing Pokémon Go will allow you to check out multiple spawns in your area. Keeping your search thorough can increase the chances of you running into a shiny Pokémon.

Despite how hard you try, if you cant seem to find a shiny Pokémon, its nothing to be stressed about. Continue casually playing the game like youd normally do and an encounter should find its way to you sooner or later.

In fact, you can put your search of finding a shiny Pokémon on hold and just for an event to roll out that boosts the shiny drop rate of a certain Pokémon.

Youll always want to be prepared for a shiny Pokémon encounter, though, meaning you should carry some of your finest Pokéballs and berries to make sure the Pokémon doesnt escape. When a shiny Pokémon escapes, you wont get a second encounter and it may take a while before you find another shiny Pokémon.

How To Find Shiny Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

Going Barefoot in Pokemon GO to Increase Shiny Chances! POKEFACT OR POKEFICTION?

Mewtwo will only be available for a single week in 5-star raid battles. It will begin to appear again starting on July 16th to be replaced on July 23rd with a brand-new Pokemon. During this week, players can participate in raid battles against Mewtwo. Here are the best Pokemon to bring along to counter it.

  • Mega Gengar: Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball.
  • Mega Houndoom: Snarl and Foul Play.
  • Mega Gyarados: Bite and Crunch.
  • Darkrai: Snarl and Dark Pulse.
  • Yveltal: Snarl and Dark Pulse.

The trick about Shiny hunting in raid battles is that players won’t know if it’s a Shiny Pokemon until the capturing phase of the battle. Shiny Mewtwo comes in a bright green color that makes it stand out from its original design. The best thing players can do is head outside during this time period and participate in as many Mewtwo raids as possible. This will only be available for a week and it’s currently unknown when Mewtwo will return in raid battles. It’s confirmed Mewtwo will be a part of Go Fest, but that is only for ticket owners. For now, continue to battle and capture this legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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Light Up This Halloween With The Tier 3 Lampent Raid In Pokmon Go

Lampent has joined the roster of Raid Pokémon in this years Halloween Mischief event. The Ghost/Fire-type is a Tier 3 raid and is available from October 22 to October 31. That gives you just over a week to find and catch this Pokémon.

In this guide, well cover the best weaknesses to hit Lampent with, the best individual counters, and what chances you have of getting a coveted shiny variation of the lamplight Pokemon.

If You Catch A Shiny Pokmon Can It Turn Into A Shiny Ditto In Pokmon Go

No. Magikarp was removed from the Ditto potentials shortly after Shiny Magikarp became available, and the same has held true for other common Pokémon since. However, on February 20, 2021, the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto event will unlock the remaining Gen 1 Shiny Pokémon, including Ditto. It is unclear if this means that Pokémon with the potential to be Shiny will be able to be Ditto or if Niantic will handle Shiny Ditto differently than other Shiny Pokémon.

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Shiny Chansey Pokemon Go

Players will have the chance to encounter a Shiny Chansey during the Valentine’s Day Celebration 2020 event. This particular event will begin at 8 AM local time on Friday, February 14th, and will conclude at 10 PM local time on Monday, February 17th.

Shiny Chansey will be very rare for players to encounter, which unfortunately means that there are no guaranteed ways to meet and get this character during the Valentine’s Day Celebration 2020 event. Trainers will have to pray to the RNG gods that their luck is strong enough to lead them when it comes to encountering this rare character during the schedule of the highly anticipated event.

There is no doubt that there will be a vast amount of players looking to add a Shiny Chansey to their teams throughout the Valentine’s Day Celebration 2020 event this weekend.

Do you want to learn more about the world of Pokemon GO besides how to get Shiny Chansey? If so, be sure to check out our dedicated hub for the high-profile game or three of our most recent pieces of coverage below:

How To Catch More Shiny Pokmon In Pokmon Go

Pokémon Go: Complete list of Shiny Pokémon for August and ...

“Ooh, shiny.”

Completing the Pokédex is the dream of every new trainer in Pokémon Go. Upon their journey, players will run into all kinds of different Pokémon, and theyll need to master the art of throwing Pokéballs to capture them.

After getting more and more playtime, youll realize that you run into some Pokémon more than the other. This is because the Pokémon in the game have a rarity tier. Common Pokémon will appear more often in your surroundings, while Pokémon from higher rarity tiers will have a lower chance of appearing.

Theres also an additional rarity tier, Shiny. This special version of the Pokémon makes them even rarer, meaning rare shiny Pokémon will be harder to come by than regular rares, and vice versa. Shiny Pokémon dont offer any competitive advantages, but they feature different colors and a sparkling texture.

The process of catching a shiny Pokémon is identical to capturing a regular one since youll only need to get into an encounter with them and throw a couple of Pokéballs to secure the deal.

Though there isnt a trick or glitch that will allow you to catch more shiny Pokémon, there are a few adjustments you can make in your playstyle, which can slightly increase your chances of catching shiny Pokémon.

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All Shiny Pokmon Wild And Field Research Spawns

These are all of the Pokémon with shiny versions that you can find in the wild and from completing field research tasks during the Psychic Spectacular.

  • Abra
  • Wobbuffet
  • Woobat

A majority of the wild Pokémon spawning during the Psychic Spectacular event will not be shiny. This is because most of them are fairly new, and Niantic has not released these shiny versions.

Pokemon Go: How To Find Shiny Pokemon Shiny Odds

Shiny Pokemon are rare alternative appearance variants of regular Pokemon species, but what are the odds of finding a shiny in Pokemon Go?

In this article well cover the odds of finding shinies in various scenarios, and what you can do as a player to try to find more of them for yourself.

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The Shiny Checking Method

If the Pokemon is available in wild encounters, meaning that it appears on the map nearby and can be encountered by tapping on it at any time it is visible, you can make use of the Shiny checking method.

The Shiny checking method basically works the same as a method used in the main games, where you start as many encounters as you can to check if the Pokemon is a Shiny and if it isnt, you run away and repeat the process with a new Pokemon nearby.

Due to the nature of Pokemon Go wild spawns being less influenceable by players, this method is best suited for the likes of Spotlight hours which feature a high volume of a specific Pokemon around for a prolonged amount of time.

This method also wont work for everything not every Pokemon is available in the wild for instance.

And even then, some of the ones that are available in the wild are so few and far between that you might only ever see one of them every few days, making this method useless in those cases.

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Still, knowing about the Shiny checking method can help reduce the chances of ever missing out on wild Shinies by increasing how many wild Pokemon you check before they despawn.

Its not a silver bullet and its not ideal for finding a specific shiny, but its a good start to getting more shinies in general and you can always trade away shinies you dont want for other shinies you do want.

Pokemon Lets Go Shiny Pokemon List


Everything you need to know about Shiny Pokemon in Lets Go

  • Shiny Pokes will appear a different color only after you enter the encounter.
  • When seen in the wild they will have a Shiny/Glittering Particle Effect.

To better help you spot these out if the particle effect isnt enough to catch your attention or maybe you just curious below we have a list of All Shiny Pokemon for Pokemon Lets Go.

It is still unknown at the moment whether there is a Stat or any other difference between regular and shiny variants of the same species of pokemon. As soon as there is more information available this page will be updated.

Not sure who evolves from what? Have a look at our Evolution Chart.

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Where To Find Shiny Pokmon

Way 1: Increasing Chances in Finding Shiny Pokémon During Community Day

The chances of encountering Shiny Pokémon are higher in special events like Community Days and Pokémon GO Fest. Community Day occurs once a month in Pokémon GO. To Increase the chance of finding a Shiny Pokémon on Community Days, it is recommended not to capture every single Pokémon tapped but to move on to the next Pokémon without getting into combat. The trick is to increase the number of taps. This will let the players check more Pokémon until they find a shiny one.

Way 2: Follow Pokémon GO’s Field Research Tasks

Research is a feature in Pokémon GO that allows Trainers to help Professor Willow with his Pokémon Research. Completion of Research tasks unlocks a different kind of rewards.

Field Research tasks can be found by visiting PokéStops. Each PokéStop assigns one task and changes its task every 24 hours. Completing Field Research tasks is one of the easiest ways to find and catch Shiny Pokémon. Field Research tasks are advantageous because a Shiny Pokémon rewarded from a Field Research task will always remain shiny until the Trainer captures it. It will remain shiny even after the Trainer runs away and re-encounters it.

Pokmon Go New Shinies: Ultra Unlock

The Ultra Unlock events are live, and have brought a host of cool new shinies with them! Here are the new shiny Pokémon for the Ultra Unlock events:

  • Dialga
  • Galarian Weezing

Heracross is usually a regional Pokémon only available in South America, so this is the perfect opportunity to fill out your Pokédex . Dialga, Palkia, and Heracross will only be available in raids, but the other Pokémon will be available in raids and wild encounters. Cranidos and Shieldon will also be available in 7km eggs.

Check out our complete guide to the Pokémon GO Ultra Unlock events to make sure you don’t miss out.

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List Of Cards Featuring Shiny Pokmon

List of cards featuring Shiny Pokémon
Main article: List of alternately colored Pokémon in the anime

Although the games had not premiered alternate colored Pokémon until Generation II, several Pokémon seen beforehand were colored differently. One such example is the pink Butterfree, the mate of Ash’s Butterfree, which appeared as early as the twenty-first episode. This is, however, not the standard alternate coloration for a Butterfree, and therefore may not be counted as a Shiny Pokémon. Likewise, the first appearance of a Generation III Pokémon in The Kecleon Caper featured a non-standard alternately colored Pokémon, this time a purple Kecleon. Another example would be in Fighting Back the Tears!, where a non-standard alternately colored appears, and later evolves into a Toxapex.

In the Orange Archipelago, certain Pokémon have a different coloration because the climate is different than that of the mainland. For example, a Butterfree, instead of the normal white with black markings, would have gold wings with red spots on them. On Pinkan Island of the Orange Archipelago, all of the Pokémon are colored pink because the Pinkan Berries they eat make them that way.

Pokmon Go: How To Find Shiny Spinarak

Diese Pokémon haben eine erhöhte Shiny

Spinarak has a higher chance of appearing during the first part of the 2021 Halloween event in Pokémon GO. For the first time, its shiny is available.

Its time for 2021’s Halloween event in Pokémon GO, and players can now encounter a Shiny Spinarak in the game. The full Pokémon GO Halloween event is scheduled to run from 15 October 2021 to 31 October 2021. It will be held in two parts, and Spinarak will only have increased chances of appearance during the first week of the event, entitled Creepy Companions.

Before this 2021 Halloween event, the Pokémon Spinarak could only be found at night. However, the event has increased Spinaraks chance of appearance, keeping in line with the spooky season. Though Spinarak has had a place in Pokémon GO for some time, Halloween 2021 is the first time its Shiny form will be available for players to capture.

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The “Creepy Companions” part of the 2021 Pokémon GO Halloween event focuses on Psychic- and Poison-type Pokémon. Some of the other Pokémon appearing during the first week of the event, with their Shiny forms, are Halloween Mischief Pikachu, Zubat, Drowzee, Gastly, Misdreavous, Shuppet, Halloween Mischief Piplup, Stunky, Woobat, and Gothita.

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