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My Hero Academia Pokemon Team

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Ochako Uraraka’s Fairy Team

My Hero Academia || Denki’s Pokemon team

Whether one likes her or not, it is undeniable that Uravity, AKA Ochaco Uraraka, is the sweetest, cutest, most wholesome character in the series. She’s a ray of sunshine and a constant reminder that there is always a reason to be optimistic and hopeful in life.

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ZeaW90 saw her as a Fairy-Type Trainer and it’s hard to argue against it. Fairy type pokemon are resourceful, more powerful than they appear at first glance, and so darn cute. Uraraka would be a great trainer and she would fool anyone into thinking she’s armless when in fact, she is one of the smartest and strongest trainers out there.

Izuku Wants: Jolteon Is An Agile And Flexible Lightning User With His Attacks

Izukus classmate Denki Kaminari is a lightning user and Izuku respects the power of his friends mighty Quirk. However, Denki relies almost entirely on its electrical powers, while the Lighting-type Pokémon Jolteon is a bit more flexible.

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Jolteon is one of the original three evolutions of Eevee, capable of learning not only ranged electrical attacks, but also agile physical attacks. Izuku rewards quick and accurate physical attacks Jolteon can perform such techniques. and Electric attacks that can sting a stronger enemy. A good Pokémon indeed.

This Artist Imagines My Hero Academia Characters As Pokemon Trainers

Have you ever wondered what the kids from My Hero Academia would look like as Pokemon trainers? Zea Webb, known as Zeaw90 on DeviantArt, has answered that question with their amazing My Hero Academia Pokemon art. In each image, they depict one of the kids from 1-A as they might appear in the Pokemon universe, surrounded by their team. Each trainer has Pokemon that are suited to their quirks and personalities. For example, Katsuki Bakugo’s Pokemon are appropriately fire and explosion themed, while Kyouka Jirou’s Pokemon are all sound themed. Meanwhile, Denki Kaminari is surrounded by Pikachu.

If you love this fantastic artwork, check out the rest of Zea’s work, and make sure to show them the love they deserve.

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If You Were A My Hero Academia Character Which One Would You Be Take The Test And Find Out

What would you choose for your quirk?

How would your friends describe you?

What would you choose for your signature fighting move?

What would you like to wear when not in school uniform?

What is your favourite hobby?

What is your greatest weakness?

What is your aim in life?

What are you best at?

What is your weapon of choice?

How do you like to wear your hair?

Fandommuse My Hero Academia Pokemon Teams/crossover

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    The Two Sides Of Izuku Midoriya

    Midoriya is a very complex character. He is a very sensitive character who is shown crying on many occasions, he is attentive and cares about others while being selfless and strong at the same time. His Quirk makes him powerful in close combat and he can use his super strength to knock out an enemy.

    His party shows off his complex personality perfectly. Caterpie and Heracross are both insect pokemon and have proven themselves to be soft-hearted and still have a strong heart while Pinsir and Hitmonchan are both fighters.

    Fumikage Tokoyami: Master Of Darkness

    Starting with everyone’s favorite bird student, Fumikage Tokoyami. His Quirk, called Dark Shadow, enables him to use his own shadow as a weapon. He has proven himself to be one of the strongest students in class 1-A and no doubt will make a great hero someday. However, he sometimes has trouble controlling his dark alter-ego.

    It makes all the sense in the world that Tokoyami would specialize in psychic, flying and dark types pokemon to match his own Quirk. The color palette in this art matches Tokoyami’s style and Quirk perfectly and makes him look like an anime version of Batman.

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    My Hero Academia Characters Reimagined As Pokmon Trainers

    My Hero Academia and Pokémon is a crossover many might’ve not saw coming. But it works on so many levels!

    Among the franchises that are universally known, is, of course, Pokemon. This multi-platform franchise has transcended generations and is loved by the now-grown ’90s kids who were around when the anime first aired and the first game was realized as well as all the new generation that came after. Naturally, there had to be someone out there who would mix those two worlds which is exactly what ZeaW90 did and turned the students of Class 1-A into Pokemon Trainers:

    Izuku Wants: Beedrill Can Perform Melee And Poison Attacks

    My Hero Academia, Eri’s Pokémon team.

    Izuku needs some flying Pokémon on his team to meet other aerial Pokémon on equal footing one of your strongest options is Beedrill. This Pokémon Bug is the final evolution of Weedle and Kakuna, and it packs a punch in more ways than one.

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    Beedrill is capable of launching poison attacks, as expected, but thats just the beginning. As its name suggests, Beedrill has huge cone-shaped stingers on its arms as well as its abdomen, so it can hit other Pokémon with sharp melee attacks. Thats just what Izuku needs.

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    Pokemon X My Hero Academia Art Imagines Nessa And Mirko’s Fusion

    Pokemon and My Hero Academiaboth have huge world filled with an ever huger roster of fan favorite characters, and now one crossover has imagined what it would look like if Gym Leader Nessa fused together with the Rabbit Hero Mirko. The two franchises might have a ton of differences between the two, but at their core they share a similar philosophy for the main characters. Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia is all about how one hero becomes number one, and Pokemon follows a trainer who is seeking to become a master.

    Both franchises are so malleable that you can pretty much imagine any hero or villain from the My Hero Academiauniverse fitting right in with a specialty Pokemon team of their own. As it turns out, this malleability goes the other way as well as Pokemon’s Gym Leaders are so distinctly designed that you can imagine pretty much any of them fitting into the pro hero line up with quirks of their own.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Rakeem on Aug 18, 2020 at 1:51pm PDT

    Nessa would not be one of the only Gym Leaders to perfectly fit into My Hero Academia, but definitely one of the coolest if this art is anything to go by. While there has yet to be an official collaboration between the two franchises, it would most definitely be welcome considering the bright and colorful worlds of both franchises. But what do you think? Would you want to see an official collaboration between the two happen?

    Izuku Does Not Want: Blastoise The Water Cannon Beast Is Not Light On His Feet

    For balance purposes, virtually all Pokémon are quite proficient in battle, but some of them are true powerhouses. However, that is not the only factor at play when choosing a team. Izuku wants Pokémon that match his own fighting style and Blastoise is going in a different direction.

    Blastoise is the fully evolved form of Squirtle and Wartortle, and relies on their hard shell and durability to survive their enemies, plus the use of their ranged squirt guns . Thats not bad, but Izuku wants something lighter for his feet.

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    Adapting Anime: Finding The Next Live

    Netflix’s plan to dominate the anime market isn’t new, but its live-action adaptation ambitions showcase just how Netflix is approaching expanding its current and potentially new anime fanbase globally.

    For example, Netflix is reportedly creating a live-action Pokémon series based on the popular long running anime and video game franchise, marking the latest leap into adapting beloved anime series as new original titles for the platform.

    Not only is Pokémon one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, but the anime that co-exists alongside the game series, and has run for more than 20 years, also remains very much in-demand. It has 47.66x the average longevity how long a show remains in-demand overtime of other TV shows and boasts 66.57x the average reach of other series, making it an exceptional title. Demand for Pokémon is 23x the demand for the average show in the US a feat that only 2.7% of all shows in the market can boast.

    People love Pokémon, and Netflix wants to buy into that fan base to expand it even more. Its not the first anime Netflix is trying to do it with, either.

    One Piece, Death Note, and Cowboy Bebop are just some of the other titles that Netflix has either adapted or is in the process of adapting, according to multiple trade reports. Its easy to see why. Anime is one of the fastest growing genres of entertainment, with more anime produced in the last 10 years than in the decades that preceded it.

    Lucario The Shoulder & Fist

    My Hero Academia × Pokémon, un cross

    When it comes to empathy and understanding, it’s hard to find a character full of those qualities as much as Midoriya is. All-Might is also rather empathetic in his own right, but sometimes his focus on vanquishing evil and stopping criminals gets in the way of his human emotions.

    Lucario is a Pokemon that can sense the auras of those around it and can help identify irregularities. Not only would this Fighting and Steel-type help All-Might out in the field, but its abilities could alert those around it of when loved ones are going through something.

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    Izuku Wants: Arcanine Can Use Fire And Fast Melee Attacks

    Izuku might consider some Fire-type Pokémon and one of the most prominent of Generation I is the fierce beauty named Arcanine. In fact, Gary Oak is known for using this Pokémon on his team, and its easy to see why. Izuku should also catch one.

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    Arcanine mainly emphasizes its fire attacks, such as the Ember and Burn Up techniques. However, this Pokémon can also perform fast melee attacks and use Growl and Read to destabilize the opponent Izuku certainly likes how that sounds.

    Momo Yayoruzu The Clever Trainer

    As the class vice representative, Momo Yayoruzu has to be a strong and reliable classmate, almost a role model to them. yet she is also misunderstood and often underestimated because she was one of the few students to have been accepted on a recommendation. Her Quirk allows her to create any objects she wants from any points on her body as long as her skin is exposed. Coupled with her intellect, Momo is a strong student who shows great promise.

    Her party is a combination of both wise and intelligent pokemon such as Noarfang and Marowak as well as tough-skinned pokemon such as Steelix.

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    My Hero Academia: What Deku’s Pokmon Party Would Look Like

    Deku seems like he’d do fine in the Pokémon world. If he did find his way there somehow, this is what his team would look like.

    Pokémon is a pervasive phenomenon. It seems to have seeped into our minds and other worlds, without us even realizing it. Who out there doesn’t have their ideal Pokémon party ready to list at a moment’s notice?

    It’s hard not to try and imagine what fictional characters would have for their Pokémon party. Especially when those characters are brilliant tacticians fully capable of coming up with a talented or surprising list.

    Naturally, that made us curious to see what Deku , from My Hero Academia, would come up with for a Pokémon party. Here’s our theoretical party.

    We started off this thought experiment with a sudden, but rather an obvious realization. Deku is a classic hero worshiper. So really, all we have to do is figure out the characters that Deku respects more than any other and then find their natural Pokémon equivalent. That means that Deku would likely have list that is more fun than competitive, but that’s okay with us.

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    Greninja The Aizawa Stand

    My Hero Academia Pokemon Team If Pokemon Trainers

    All-Might is a kind and gentle soul who loves having solid relationships with people. Shota Aizawa and he couldn’t be farther apart in terms of personality, but the two make such a great tag team. Greninja is a Dark and Water-type starter Pokemon whose design evokes a lot of Aizawa’s design as the hero Eraser Head.

    All-Might has a hard time getting Aizawa to fight alongside him, so having a creature like Greninja that’s so reminiscent of his friend would make All-Might happy. At the same time, it would allow Aizawa to sleep more.

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    One Izuku Doesnt Want To: Exeggutors Style And Perspective Cant Be Related

    Exeggutor is a really strange Pokémon that is known for its long-necked Alolan version in particular. Exeggutor is a Psychic / Grass Pokémon that tends to use ranged techniques, but has virtually no melee attacks. It doesnt even have arms.

    On a personal level, Izuku cannot relate to Exeggutors style or perspective at all, not to mention that he has no experience using psychic attacks or deception like Exeggutor does. This strange Pokémon doesnt have a place on Izukus Kanto team.

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    nextMy Hero Academia: 10 Things You Didnt Know About Sero

    About the Author

    Izuku Doesnt Want To: Voltorb Is Too Risky In Battle

    Voltorb is an electric Pokémon, like Jolteon, but it works quite differently. This Spherical Pokémon can perform electrical attacks as expected, but it can also self-destruct, dealing heavy damage to opposing Pokémon in the process.

    This is a great technique, but Izuku isnt very interested. Yes, he sometimes does all or nothing with his Smash attacks, but hes not always the type to bet on battle. Izuku prefers to stay agile and discover his opponents movements, then exploit his weaknesses with physical attacks. Voltorb doesnt work like that.

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    Todoroki Shoto’s Dual Team

    Todoroki Shoto has the rare and unique ability to have a double Quirk: he can manipulate both ice and fire. His father is the numero 2 hero and has always had an unhealthy obsession with power and, seeing as it seems he would never be number one, he chose a wife with a strong Quirk that matched his in the hope that their future children would get the best of both Quirks and would one day rise above everyone else.

    Todoroki is a gifted student and he would no doubt be a talented trainer. Unsurprisingly, his party is composed of powerful pokemon that match both his ice-cold and fire side.

    Izuku Wants: Machop Can Learn All Kinds Of Techniques

    My Pokémon Academia

    The first generation of Pokemon He has many types of fighting and Izuku would definitely want to train some of them in combat. Machop is practically the Pokemon version of Izuku himself, being a tough little melee fighter with incredible tenacity.

    Machop is a basic Pokémon, but that doesnt weaken it. This little scrapper can learn all kinds of fast and hard-hitting techniques, and once hes level high enough, Izukus Machop will practically have One For All.

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    ‘my Hero Academia’ Creator’s Take On Pokemon Will Make You Want A Full Series

    Kohei Horikoshi is now known for his ultra popular My Hero Academia series, but he’s also known to be an artist who creates some fantastic fan-art for his favorite anime, video game, and comic series.

    Such fan-art has resurfaced online, and Horikoshi’s fierce take on the Pokemon series will have fans wanting an entire series from the My Hero Academia mastermind.

    My Hero Academia creator has some fantastic fanart of other series. Legendary!

    Miraculous Maku

    As shared by @RedMakuzawa on Twitter, Horikoshi has created fan-art for Marvel’s superheroes , Final Fantasy IX, the various works of Studio Ghibli, and finally, Pokemon.

    His take features a fierce Pokemon trainer with the kind of intense face fans of My Hero Academia‘s Bakugo are sure to recognize. Her team is composed of various Dragon types throughout the years, and fans would love to see more of his take on various Pokemon favorites. Horikoshi handling a full Pokemon series would be a dream, but there would be no time for that as My Hero Academia continues it’s strong run. But there will be plenty of time after should he choose!

    Izuku Does Not Want: Snorlax Cannot Perform Fast And Accurate Attacks

    The huge Pokémon Snorlax is the heaviest in the entire Kanto region: it is shaped like a strange panda bear. The snorlax is large, slow, and hardy, and is known to laze around while eating a lot of vegetation. If you are not eating, you are probably sleeping.

    Of course, Snorlax is not really useless You can use your volume to crush your enemies in battle, especially when properly motivated. However, Izuku wont have much patience for this, and Snorlax cant easily perform the fast and accurate attacks that Izuku prefers.

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