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Pokemon Go Battle Not Working

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How To Enter The Pokmon Go Battle League

Camera not working in Pokemon Go ?

The Pokémon Go Battle League has its own icon on the main menu screen now. Just click Battle, and you’re in. Normally, any player can enter and complete their first five Battles for free. After completing those first five Battles, however, Players are supposed to have to earn additional Battle Sets. Because of the global pandemic, Niantic has suspended walking requirements.

Turn On Automatic Time

Most of the users that have been encountering this particular issue have reported that they managed to fix the issue by enabling Automatic Time in their phones settings. This fix has been reported to be effective for a lot of users that were unable to attack once the PvP match started.

Heres a quick guide on how to do this:

  • Make sure the Pokemon Go app is closed completely on your Android device.
  • Go to Settings > Date & time and look for an option named Automatic date & time. Once you see it, switch the toggle associated with it so that its enabled. If this option is already turned on, disable it, restart your phone and enable it again. Enabling Automatic date & time

    Note: Keep in mind that this option will be different depending on your Android manufacturer.

  • Restart your phone.
  • Double Accounts Due To Different Login Method

    Players might have inadvertently created two Pokémon GO accounts: one account using Google and one using Pokémon Trainer Club. If player creates an account with one login method and later attempts to use the other login method, a second account is created. To resolve this issue, player needs log out of the newly created account via the Settings menu and then log back in with the original login method.

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    How Do I Start A Friendly Battle

    Pokémon Go allows you to fight friends from all over the world. To begin fighting with those on your friends list, follow these steps.

    • Tap the friends tab on your trainers list.
    • Between Send Gift and Trade, there should be an icon for fight at the bottom of the trainers list.
    • Select fight and then league from the drop-down menu.
    • Pick your three Pokémon team once the League has been approved. You will not earn any incentives for battling if your inventory is complete.
    • Pokémon Go will give an invite to your friend to accept after youve chosen your party. By clicking the icon in the top left corner, you can still back out.

    How To Check Pokmon Go Server Status And If A Server Is Down In Uk Europe Us And More  [100% Working]  Pokemon Go Battle Hypno ...

    First of all, you can usually tell servers are offline with an explicit message along the lines of ‘we are working to resolve the issue’, alongside a specific piece of cute Pokémon Go art work. If you see this, chances are you’ll have to return in a little while to play.

    However, it’s not always clear, and there’s several ways to see whether servers are actually offline or temperamental in your region:

    • MMO Server Status shows the status and ping for individual countries across Europe, the US and beyond.
    • A status website from user Jooas displays at a glance the status of both the game and Pokémon Trainer Club log-ins right now, in the past hour and the past day.
    • Crowd-sourced website from cmmcd uses people’s responses to determine whether the server is experiencing major issues.
    • Want to drop a Lure? This website tells you whether it’s wise to right now based on current server stability.
    • Another source is the , which will report on any significant outages.

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    Battles In The Pokmon Go Battle League

    Battles within the Go Battle League are set up the same way as Trainer Battles and Team Leader Training Battles. You select three Pokémon and will be matched up with another Trainer at random. The Battle begins with your first Pokémon against your opponent’s first Pokémon, and until a Pokémon is sent out, neither Trainer knows what the other has brought with them. If you’re lucky, the Pokémon you’ve chosen will have a Type advantage, or at least not be weak against the other Trainer’s choice. There are definitely some Pokémon better suited for these Battles than others, but there isn’t a single Pokémon that cannot be countered, so there’s a fair bit of luck involved in winning these matches.

    To learn more about which Pokémon you should focus on for the Pokémon Go Battle League, see our Pokémon Go Battle League Prep Guide.

    Like other Battles within Pokémon Go, you’ll mostly be using your Fast Move until you’ve built up your Charged Move, which will involve hitting several bubbles on the screen to determine how strong it hits. Each Trainer will have two Shields they can deploy against any Charged Move, but dodging isn’t really an option like it is in Raids. Whichever Trainer’s Pokémon faint first loses. The winner will move up in Rank, as well as get an increase to their Matchmaking Rating. The loser won’t lose Rank, but in higher Ranks, you can lose points in your Rating.

    Pokmon In The Wild Issues

    There happen to be various issues and bugs with Pokémon tracking and catching in both Map View screen and encounter screen. Most of these issues is caused by either not completely synchronised data between game client and Niantic servers or client-sided not-responding.

    Following issues, might occur:

    • tapped Pokémon in the Map View disappears and the red error notice is displayed ,
    • tapped Pokémon in the Map View does not do anything and to access the encounter of such Pokémon either game has to be restarted or other in-game action performed,
    • tapped Pokémon in the Map View happens to be completely other Pokémon in the encounter screen, or Pokémon being caught in the encounter eventually turns out to be completely other Pokémon in the Pokémon summary page and Pokémon collection,
    • this applies to Shiny status of Pokémon that occurs mainly when the Shiny Pokémon is encounter before end of the event during which there is increased chance to encounter Shiny variant of Pokémon and it is successfully captured after the end of the such event, which causes it to be eventually not-shiny in trainer’s collection,
  • while Pokémon being captured to the PokéBall the game freezes while PokéBall with captured Pokémon is in mid-air or on the ground, rarely game unfreezes after few seconds but most of the time player has to restart the game to continue playing,
  • it might be caused by localisation issues,
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    Why Does The Go Battle Not Available

    Battle League is a brand new additional feature to the game that allows players to play PVP or one on one matches with other trainers. Ninantic introduced Battle tournaments to be played in three leagues â Great, Ultra and Master, that gives trainers the opportunity to compete and gain dominance over score board.

    After attacking your opponent with a Charge move, the move set requires a brief time to recharge in order for the player to be able to use it again.

    Few players with the assist of Melmetal could lodge constant fast attacks while also using Charge moves with no recharge time. This landed a handful these players to skyrocket to the leader board.

    After this issue was tweeted to the notice of the game publisher, Ninattic temporarily paused Battle League. Trainers while accessing the live tournament event would be notified with â âPokemon Go Battle League Not Availableâ by the game.

    Although this doesnât mean that trainers wouldnât be able to play practice matches or close proximity matches. Battle League presents itself as an event in the game which gives trainers the chance to earn bonuses and stardust.

    Hereâs a list of exciting updates that will be included in the upcoming season

    Pokemon Go Battles Are Currently Unavailable Error Fix

    How To Un Ban Yourself In Pokemon GO (QuickSpin Method PTC/Google) [Not Working]

    After booting up Pokemon GO on their mobile device of choice, be it iOS or Android, some players are encountering an annoying problem when attempting to access the new GO Battle League feature. Rather than being thrust into an exciting test of their Pokemon GO prowess against another human player, the following error message pops up on-screen:

    Battles are currently unavailable. Try again later.

    If youre encountering this issue, you shouldnt worry the problem doesnt actually lie with you. As we mentioned earlier, the Pokemon GO Battle League is currently rolling out according to an official Niantic statement. This indicates that the feature will gradually become available to more and more players until, eventually, everybody has access to it.

    So, if youre encountering the Pokemon GO battles are currently unavailable error then your first course of action is simply to wait a while. While theres no official indication of exactly how long that wait will be, the Pokemon Go Twitter account recently confirmed that the Go Battle League rollout has been temporarily paused in an effort to ensure a smooth feature launch and prevent server issues.

    Trainers, to ensure a smooth feature launch and prevent server issues, we have temporarily paused the rollout of GO Battle League. We will provide updates as soon as we are able.

    Pokémon GO

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    I’m Having Pokmon Go Login Issue Or Account Related Issues

    If you have login or account related issue, please check the following steps.

  • The Pokémon GO server may be down and that is causing the login/account issue. Please try logging in after few minutes.
  • Your wifi / mobile data connection not working properly. Please check your data connection.
  • You may be trying with wrong login credentials. Please confirm the details that you are entering is correct.
  • If you’re using third-party social networks to login such as facebook, twitter, google etc, check whether that service is working properly by visiting their official website.
  • Your account may be banned or deactivated for activities. Please read error messages.
  • Tip #: Use Drfone Virtual Location

    Use Wondershare Dr.Fone â Virtual Location to easily teleport to catch more poke stops at an adjustable speed and free-hand direction. The program is easy to use and a quicker way to grab more powerful Pokémon using lure.

    Key Features:

    • Mock and teleport your GPS to any desired location while connecting your iPhone to your server.
    • All other location based apps would determine your location according to the coordinates set up in the program.
    • You can set the speed according your choice and all other apps would track you as your pointer is teleported manually or automatically.
    • You can also use a free hand joystick to move the pointer on the map according to the movement of your finger.

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    I Keep Getting Kicked Out During Raids

    Raids are a great part of the game, taking over Gyms and letting you battle as a team. This can also throw up a problem, when you can’t enter the Raid, or you find that you keep getting booted out. This can happen if it’s an easy battle and the enemy is defeated before you get in the arena, because your teammates are too good.

    In this instance there’s nothing you can do – just wait for the next Pokemon to appear, or ask them to slow down so you can play a part yourself.

    Text And Translation Issues  Actually Working  Pokemon Go Battle League Lag ...

    There would be a couple of text and translation issues across past years in Pokémon GO.

    Sometimes, the issue revolve around not displaying technical code line, such as quest_catch_special0_plural instead of proper text line.

    After introducing information about the place and time of obtained Pokémon Eggs to the screen with detail view, for a short time period it was showing the date “May 15, 2016”. Only the date was glitched as the area of PokéStop that the Egg came from was correct.

    When the Special Research tasks campaign A Mythical Discovery first came out, sometimes the tasks header title would read “???” instead of “A Mythical Discovery .” If player clicked into Professor Willow’s dialogue, it would have Professor Willow just sitting there playing his animation, but not speaking. After a while of waiting for him to talk, the game client would crash.

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    Multiple Moves Are Worth It

    If you’re willing to spend the stardust and candy, Pokémon can have multiple Charged Attacks. Although when one is used, they both power back down to zero and have to recharge, it’s very worth having two because of type advantages.

    For example, Gyrados can have Hydro Cannon which is a Water-type move, but also a Dragon-type such as Dragon Rage. You can pick which move to use based on your opponent, which might come in real handy later.

    My Pokemon Eggs Are Not Hatching

    To hatch a Pokemon egg you have to put them into an incubator and walk. When you’ve covered the distance needed, that egg will hatch, giving you a new Pokemon. Originally you had to have the app open for this to happen, but in 2018, Pokemon Go introduced Adventure Sync, which could get the information from your phone, rather than from tracking distance covered in the app itself.

    Enabling Andventure Sync means the distance you travel with your phone is still registered in the game, so that distance is registered even when you’re not playing the game. You can find Adventure Sync in the settings and it’s definitely worth turning on.

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    How To Fight In The Middle Of A War

    Its time to fight now that youve chosen your three-person team and determined your foe. In Pokémon Go, the fundamentals of fighting other players are fairly straightforward. Pokémon can use their Quickstep by tapping the button, much like in Gym or Raid battles, Battle a Team Leader 3 Times. Continue tapping and fighting to charge up your Pokémons Charged strike, which is shown by the bottom-right icon.

    Its ready to go once the attack has been filled. When you tap the move, youll be taken to another scene where you must keep tapping the circle to make your Charged attack as powerful as possible. However, you will continue to take damage throughout this scene, but you will stop attacking even if your health reaches zero. After that, the Pokémon would actually pass out.

    In addition to the new combat feature, Pokémon now have a second Charged assault. This second move is unlocked by spending a certain amount of Stardust and candy . Its a perfect way to give your Pokémons attacks more coverage, and it can be updated with a TM.

    Now that youve mastered the offensive side of combat, its time to focus on the defensive side. To begin with, you can turn Pokémon in the middle of a fight. The first switch will happen instantly, but the switch mechanic must recharge after that. Your screens turn button is located in the bottom right corner.

    how to battle in pokemon go

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    How To Fix Pokstops Gyms Buddies And Pokmon Not Appearing

    The game working as intended for the interlude season… | GO Battle League

    Sometimes you start Pokémon Go only to find your buddy blanked out or reduced to a sparkle and all the PokéStops, Gyms, and Pokémon gone for the virtual landscape. Unfortunately, this bug keeps getting fixed only to come back, time and again.

    You can fix it by force-quitting and re-launching Pokémon Go, though sometimes you’ll need to do it a couple or even a few times before it starts working.

  • Double-press the Home button to enter the multitasking screen.
  • Swipe to the Pokémon Go card, then swipe up on the card to force quit the app.
  • Relaunch Pokémon Go.
  • Repeat until everything is working
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    How To Fix Pokemon Go Battle Not Working

    There are different ways Pokemon battle stops working, as there are different modes of battle.

    Whether you are going for a nearby PvP or a Go Battle League, there are some steps that you can follow as a workaround.

    Heres how to fix the Pokemon Go battle not working:

    1. Enable automatic time update

    But for some reason, if your time and date are not updated automatically, or the option is disabled, you need to turn it on.

    Without the correct time and date on your device, Pokemon Go battles will fail to initialize.

    Heres how to fix it:

    • Go to device settings.
    • Go to time and date settings.
    • Turn on the Automatic Time and Date Updates option.
    • Restart your device.
    • Launch Pokemon Go.

    Now your Pokemon Go battles should work correctly. But if you use a rooted Android phone, you need to use a different method.

    Follow our guide to fixing Pokemon GO adventure sync Not working.

    You need to install an app called ClockSync on your rooted Android. Once the app is installed, you need to turn on the synchronize option. The app will do the task of synchronizing the correct time to your rooted device.

    This method worked for a lot of Pokemon Go players who were having battle issues.

    2. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements

    To engage in battles in Pokemon Go, you need to be at least level 10 or more. If you are below level 10, battles are locked for you.

    So collect some Pokemons, train them, and level up to 10 or above to start battling in Pokemon Go.

    3. Clear app cache

    Preparing For The Great And Ultra Leagues

    Before engaging in battle, you’ll choose to compete in oneof three different leagues that determine the maximum CP each Pokémon in yourparty may have. In the Great League, the maximum CP per Pokémon is 1,500. NoPokémon over 2,500 CP may be used in the Ultra League, while any Pokémon can beused in the Master League. Pokémon of the same CP will perform relativelysimilarly in battle, greatly expanding the pool of first-rate combatants in theGreat and Ultra Leagues.

    If you’re hoping to use your favorite Pokémon in battleagainst other players without feeling at a disadvantage, these two leagues are absolutely the place for it. Butthere’s still plenty of optimizations you can make with your team if you’relooking to get ahead.

    Most Pokémon can hit 1,500 CP, so you’ll have an incredible numberof options available to you in the Great League. Pokémon with lower maximum CPand tricky type combinations, such as Lanturn, could be great choices to messwith your opponents’ strategies. You could even consider Pokémon that aren’tfully evolved that may have stronger moves than their Evolutions!

    The top Pokémon and strategies for the all-new Pokémon GOTrainer Battles are just beginning to be explored, so we’re sure cleverTrainers will discover some surprise strategies. Keep an eye on for more tips onTrainer Battles as we watch this exciting way of battling develop!

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