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Pokemon Go Eevee Name Trick

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Pokemon Was The Dream Of A Dying Ash

How To Evolve Espeon & Umbreon! Pokemon GO Generation 2 Eevee Name Change Trick!

Since children dont like change and animators dont like to spend ten months redoing designs, its common for cartoon characters to simply not age. But that wasnt good enough for Shudo, who felt that the show needed to address that plot hole and in the most depressing way possible. So he wrote an ending for the entire series which explained why Ash always stayed the same age: It had all been a dream.

The Two Ways To Evolve Eevee Into Glaceon In Pokemon Go

The first method of evolving Eevee into Glaceon in Pokemon GO is unique in that it can only be used once. This tactic involves what is often referred to as a “name-trick”, where all a player has to do is name their Eevee a particular word and the Pokemon will evolve into a corresponding evolution.

For a player who wants to evolve their Eevee into Glaceon using a name-trick, all they’ll need to do is name the desired Eevee “Rea”. Once the Eevee has been named Rea and a player has enough species candies, they simply need to evolve Eevee and they’ll get a Glaceon.

Now, for those players who have already used the name-trick for Glaceon and need to evolve more Eevees into Glaceons, there is another simple way to do so. This method requires a Pokemon GO player to obtain and use a Glacial Module item.

A Glacial Module can be purchased from Pokemon GO’s in-game store for 200 PokeCoins. Occasionally, this item can be earned as a reward for completing Timed Research Tasks.

Once a trainer has obtained a Glacial Module, they’ll need to head over to a PokeStop. At a PokeStop, a player can activate the Glacial Module and as long as they stay in close proximity to it, they will be able to evolve Eevee into Glaceon.

Remember, Trainers! During the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space event, Palkia will be appearing in five-star raids, and Heatmor and Durant will be appearing in the wild! Learn more here:

Pokémon GO

How To Get Espeon And Umbreon In Pokemon Go

For Espeon and Umbreon, the two Gen 2 Eeveelutions, there is a method to obtaining each. Simply add Eevee as your buddy and have it walk with you for 10km. Once that requirement is complete, evolve your Eevee during the day for Espeon and at night for Umbreon. Be careful, however, as sometimes Pokemon Go doesnt reflect night and day like in real life. Check the color of the sky in-game to make sure it is nighttime where you are before evolving.

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How To Evolve Multiple Umbreons And Espeons

A second method of evolving Eevee into Umbreon and Espeon exists, and it’s surprisingly easy. Simply make Eevee your buddy Pokémon and walk 10km. You can then evolve your Eevee at night to unlock Umbreon, or during the day for Espeon. You can easily tell if it’s day or night by looking at the colour of your map or listening to the game’s music, but ensure that you have good signal before evolving – the game needs to know the time of day in your exact location and if your signal drops at the wrong moment, you’ll get a Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon no matter how far you’ve walked.

Evolve That Eevee Rename It

How to Evolve Eevee into Leafeon or Glaceon in Pokemon GO!

If you remember the original Pokemon cartoon, you may recall the three Eevee Brothers, who each owned one of Eevees evolutions: a Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. If you nickname your Eevee one of the brothers punny names, then it will evolve into your desired evolution! Want a Flareon? Then name it Pyro. Want a Jolteon? Name it Sparky! Jonesing for a Vaporeon? Then call it Rainer. This may not work all the time, however its an almost-guaranteed way to evolve one of your Eevees, but this weird method may not work 100 percent of the time.

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How Does The Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution Name Trick Work

To use the Eevee Name Trick you will have to use these nicknames given below.

  • Rainer: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Vaporeon
  • Sparky: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Jolteon
  • Pyro: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Flareon
  • Sakura: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into an Espeon
  • Tamao: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into an Umbreon
  • Linnea: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Leafeon
  • Rea: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Glaceon
  • Kira: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Sylveon

To use the Pokemon Go Eevee Name Trick all you have to do is go and rename your Eevee. The other way is to feed your Eevee 25 Eevee candy which will morph them into one of these characters. However, you wont be able to guarantee which Pokemon you get.

This is everything you need to know about how to use the Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution Name Trick. While you are here you can also have a look at some working Pokemon Go Friend Codes August 2021.

Name Trick Method For Evolving Eevee Into Espeon

One of the two ways that Pokemon GO trainers can turn their Eevee into an Espeon is by using a naming trick that was discovered quite some time ago. By changing Eevee’s name to Sakura, it’ll automatically turn into Espeon once it has been fed 25 Eevee Candies.

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To change the name of a Pokemon, players will want to go into the Pokemon’s profile and then hit the pencil icon by its current name. This will allow for the changing of a Pokemon’s nickname. It’s worth noting that this trick will only work one time per evolution type, meaning that players will not be able to get multiple Espeon’s from this exploit. Make sure to pick the perfect Eevee with the best stats before the decision is made.

Once the nickname has been changed, players will need to select the Evolve option in the Pokemon’s data screen. Pokemon GO will then make the player confirm the evolution, and then the Espeon will be there to greet them. Of course, trainers can always change the nickname to something else or just name it Espeon, depending on how they play. Changing Sakura to anything else will not cancel out the evolution or somehow revert the Espeon back into an Eevee.

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How To Evolve Into Espeon And Umbreon

The first time you want to get your hands on Espeon and Umbreon, you can use the name trick detailed above. Evolve an Eeevee called Tamao to get an Umbreon, or an Eevee named Sakura to evolve it into Espeon. After that, youll need to evolve them the old-fashioned way, by completing certain goals.

For Espeon and Umbreon, you can also evolve into them based on their in-game method of evolution in Pokemon Gold and Silver back on the Game Boy based on the time of day. In order to do this, youll first need to build a relationship with your Eevee. Set them as your buddy Pokemon and walk with them as much as you can.

Once youve walked 10km with that Eevee as your buddy Pokemon, its ready to evolve into either Epseon or Umbreon. Just evolve in the day for Espeon and night for Umbreon and this isnt limited, you can do it as often as you like!

When Defending A Gym Get Free Stuff

Pokemon Go: HOW TO EVOLVE EEVEE! (Name Trick)

Now that youve got a Pokemon defending a gym, go to the in-game Shop, tap the Shield icon and get free Coins and Stardust. Coins are in-game currency that you can use to buy items like Pokeballs, Potions, and even bigger item bags. You can also buy coins with real-world money! What, did you think there were no micro-transactions in innocent little Pokémon Go? Of course, the only real way to play for free is to acquire Coins by assigning a Pokemon to defend a gym. Pressing the Shield will get you 10 coins and 500 Stardust per each Pokemon of yours defending that gym. However, you need to wait 21 hours before you can tap the Shield again! So be sure to defend the gym, or place Pokemon in multiple gyms! Ah, dont you love Energy mechanics in mobile games?

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Pokmon Go Sylveon: How To Evolve Eevee Naming Trick Best Moveset And More

Here’s how to get Sylveon in Pokémon GO

Sylveon is one of the top Eevee evolutions by our estimations it would be in S-tier if we were making a tier list based on how cool the elemental foxes look, and not many people would disagree with us. Our personal favourite, Jolteon, is a much more controversial pick, but Sylveons adorable design and strong Fairy typing immediately secured its place in fans hearts when it was released in Pokémon X and Y.

Despite having first graced the screens of a generations 3DS consoles back in 2013, fans are only now seeing signs of the release of Sylveon in Pokémon GO. Developer Niantic recently confirmed that Sylveon will release with the Luminous Legends Y event, which celebrates the sixth generation of main series games.

As well as shaking up the Pokémon GO egg pool, introducing shiny Galarian Zigzagoon , and adding the next raid boss to Pokémon GO, Yveltal, the event will see Sylveons first appearance in the mobile game.

Whether youre a big fan of the Fairy-type fox, or just want to catch em all, heres how you can go about doing just that:

How To Evolve Eevee

In 2020, there are more evolutions available but unfortunately, we dont have Sylveon just yet.

Fortunately, there is a workaround to evolving Eevee. All you need to do is change the nickname to get the evolution that you want.

As discovered by people on Reddit, renaming your Eevee Rainer, Sparky or Pyro before its evolved will give you the corresponding evolution. For example, if youre after a Flareon, you should rename your Eevee Pyro, save and restart your game and then evolve it.

This hack is also true of the Pokemon Go Gen 2 update for Espeon and Umbreon. If you have 25 Eevee candies saved up, you need to do the following to incorporate the two new evolutions to your collection: use the name Sakura on your Eevee to evolve it into Espeon, and use the name Tamao to evolve your Eevee into Umbreon.

Its a similar story to Pyro, Sparky and Rainer the names Sakura and Tamao are references to the original anime series Pokemon. Sakura and Tamao feature as two of the five Kimono sisters.

Its not the first time Pokémon Go has included a nod to the original series. If you want to get Pikachu as a starter Pokémon, you have to loosely follow the plot of the first episode of the cartoon Pokémon, I Choose You!.

The corresponding nicknames for the most currently available evolutions are as follows:

  • Vaporeon Rainer
  • Glaceon Rea

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Battle & Trade Online

The online features of Pokemon Lets Go allow players too battle and trade with friends or, if theyre so inclined, random people. When battling, all Pokemon get set to level 50 to keep things fair, although its still possible to use the Key Stone to help things along.

Given the amount of hard work that goes into catching all of the games Legendary Pokemon and tracking down shiny gen 1 variants, the online areas of the games serve as a great place to show them all off. Of course, there are also plenty of challenging opponents there just waiting to be battled, making it a great training ground for those whove already defeated Red, Blue and Green.

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Walk 10km With Eevee As Buddy

Pokemon go eevee glaceon name trick.

While Eevee is your buddy Pokemon, you need to walk with it for 10 kilometers. You can track how far you’ve walked by checking the bar/number at the bottom of the screen!

Go Beyond 10KM To Ensure Proper Evolution

Be sure to go beyond the required 10 kilometers needed to evolve your Eevee to Espeon or Umbreon. This makes sure you are doing the process properly.

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Pokemon Go: Top 5 Rarest Pokemon To Catch As Of September 2021

Catching em all can be a really tall order in Pokemon GO sometimes.

Several Pokemon are either extremely rare, locked behind difficult objectives, or are only available for short periods of time. This is why its important for trainers to take advantage of things like Community Days, Spotlight Hours, etc.

No one can ever tell when the featured Pokemon will be available again.

Eevee Evolutions: How To Evolve Into Sylveon Glaceon Leafeon Umbreon Espeon Vaporeon Flareon And Jolteon In Pokemon Go

Eevee Evolution is meant to be a random process in Pokemon Go. Once you press evolve on an Eevee, you have a random chance of getting one of the original three eeveelutions. The others can be obtained through other means, all of which require a bit of effort. There’s also some useful shortcuts and cheats of a sort to get around the random factor. We’ll detail all of that below.

There’s seven Eevee Evolutions in the game so far. Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon from generation 1 are completely down to random chance. Umbreon and Espeon from generation 2 and Leafeon and Glaceon from generation 3 are obtained in specific ways. The final Eevee Evolution is Sylveon, from generation 6, and it was finally added to the game in May 2021.

So, which Eevee Evolution do you want? You’ll want to carefully consider this – each evolved form of Eevee is a different type, so you’ll want to consider strengths and weaknesses with our Pokemon Go Type Chart, at least. Plus which you think is cutest.

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How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon Or Glaceon Without The Name Trick

Evolving another Leafeon or Glaceon is the easiest. These Gen 4 Eeveelutions require an item each and a visit to a nearby PokeStop. Follow the following steps to get the type you desire.

To evolve a Leafeon:

  • Make sure you have a Mossy Lure Module. If not, you can buy one for 200 coins from the store, or find a Pokestop with a Mossy Lure Module equipped.
  • Use the Mossy Lure Module on the Pokestop. Note: If you use one on a Pokestop, you can evolve as many Leafeon you desire, and it will help other players as well.
  • Once you are in the vicinity of the pokestop, check the sprite next to the Evolve option. At this point, you should see a Leafeon in place of a Question Mark.
  • Spin the Pokestop and then hit the evolve button to get a Leafeon. You can evolve as many as you like.

To evolve a Glaceon

  • Make sure you have a Glacial Lure Module. If not, you can buy one for 200 coins from the store, or find a Pokestop with a Glacial Lure Module equipped.
  • Use the Glacial Lure Module on the Pokestop. Note: If you use one on a Pokestop, you can evolve as many Glaceon you desire, and it will help other players as well.
  • Once you are in the vicinity of the pokestop, check the sprite next to the Evolve option. At this point, you should see a Glaceon in place of a Question Mark.
  • Spin the Pokestop and then hit the evolve button to get a Glaceon. You can evolve as many as you like.

All Eevee Nicknames In Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO – SECRET EEVEE EVOLUTION TRICK! (Eeveelution Name Trick)

Evolving Eevee can be a tiresome process. It’s completely random whether you’ll end up with Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon when simply using Eevee Candy. You have more control over the other evolutions, but they still need some combination of candy, items, timing, and raw exercise to perform.

But there is an easier way to get your first of any Eevee evolution.

This is all done by the nickname you give Eevee before hitting the evolve button. With the right nickname, you can dictate which evolution you end up with. Each nickname trick can only be used once per account, though. After that, you’ll have to evolve your Eevee the old-fashioned way.

Below is the Eevee code for each evolution:

  • Vaporeon – Rainer

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How Do I Get An Umbreon

To get Umbreon or Espeon, you need to raise your Buddy Pokémons Friendship level:

  • Make the Eevee you want to evolve your Buddy.
  • Walk with your Eevee Buddy for at least 10 KM and earn two Eevee candy.
  • While that Eevee is still your Buddy, hit the Evolve button during the day to get Espeon, or at night to get Umbreon.
  • Alternate Eevee Evolution Methods For Leafeon Glaceon Umbreon And Espeon

    Gen 4’s Leafeon and Glaceon have a second Eevee evolution method, by using the Mossy Lure or Glacial Lure respectively. When you’re in range of that PokéStop with the Lure enabled, go to your Eevee and choose the Evolution.

    Meanwhile, Gen 2’s Umbreon and Espeon also have a second Eevee evolution method. Walk your Eevee as a Buddy for 10km, then evolve it either during the night or day and it’ll turn into the desired evolution.

    Note you specifically need to walk 10k and earn two Candies in the process, then keep Eevee as your Buddy when evolving, and be either day or night during the game itself for it to work .

    Since the naming trick only works once per evolution type, this appears to be a useful way to get a second Espeon or Umbreon with some reliability.

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