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Pokemon Go How Many Gifts Can You Send

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Pokemon Go Global Valentines Challenge Rewards


If Pokemon Go players manage to complete the Global Valentines Challenge, theyll be rewarded with a 3x Transfer Candy bonus, which is perfect for evolving, powering up, and unlocking extra moves.

In order to make the most of this bonus, wed recommend searching through your Pokemon collection now and marking any duplicates you dont need. When the reward goes live, transfer them all for triple Candy!

That seems to be the only reward on offer at the moment, although well keep you updated if Niantic decides to give an extra bonus to players once the Global Valentines Challenge is completed.

How To Send Gifts

Occasionally, PokeStops will drop Gifts, which you can then send to Friends on your Friend List.

1. Once you’ve added a friend, simply tap on them from your Friend List to get a closer look.

2. Then, choose “Send Gift.”

3. From there, you can choose which Gift Box you want to send.

You will not now what’s inside each box, but it will include a “postcard” from the PokeStop where you picked up the gift.

Pokemon Go: How Many Gifts Can You Open A Day

In Pokemon Go, gifts are very useful items, particularly for rural players with lower item supplies, but how many Gifts can you open a day?

This is a pretty important question for some players, as gifts may well be the only source of items they get, or perhaps the only useful source Pokestops can be irritatingly cheap with items after all.

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How To Find Gifts In Pokmon Go

Its not difficult to find gifts while playing Pokémon Go. All you need to do is spin PokéStops. Gifts will appear at random, but they will be sealed, as youre expected to send them to friends.

Gifts dont take up inventory space, but you cant hold more than ten of them at any given time. If you need more, make a goal of spinning more PokéStops and theyll appear to fill your bag.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

Bear in mind that every gift includes a postcard detailing which PokéStop it came from. Whoever you send your gift to will be able to see this postcard, so its important to be careful regarding privacy when playing Pokémon Go.

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List Of Pokemon Go Gift Codes Of 2021

Making friends in Pokémon Go guide: Friendship levels, gifting, trading ...

For all the players in the world who are still struggling to get their hands on a Pokemon Go gift code, we have decided to help you.

We will be providing a list of Pokemon Go gift codes for all the players who are still struggling to get their hands on a Pokemon Go gift code. This is also one of the many ways we want to help out our community with, so make sure you stay tuned for more updates from us.

Make sure that you stay tuned for more updates from us as time goes by! Here you go:

Note: These are expired now. But, we are looking for active codes and once we find them will add here soon.


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How To Send A Gift Pokmon Go

  • In the Map View, access the Coach Profile.
  • Click on the tab Friends located at the top of the screen to open your friends list.
  • Then press on the Coach you want to send the gift to.
  • Click the button Send a present.
  • Then select what gift do you want to send.
  • Click the button Send.
  • To personalize a gift, you can attach a sticker before sending it to one of your friends.
  • After selecting the gift you want to send, tap «Add sticker»And select the sticker you like best. Your friend will see the sticker when opening the gift.
  • You can send each of your friends up to one gift a day.
  • If your friend has not yet opened a previously sent gift, you will not be able to send him another until you open the first.
  • Pokemon Go Eases Gift Limits Offers Bonuses During Covid

    As the coronavirus crisis worsens, Niantic and The Pokemon Company are easing some more restrictions for Pokemon GO to keep the game going.

    Playing Pokemon GO these days has proven a little tougher given the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. It’s even harder with a handful of states in the middle of active shelter-in-place orders. So Niantic is doing what it can by easing some of the game’s limitations and has announced another series of them on Monday.

    Last week, Niantic tried to make things easier for Pokemon GO players by offering Pokemon-attracting Incense bundles for 1 PokeCoin. Now it’s going a step further by adding a special 1 PokeCoin bundle that adds 100 Poke Balls to a player’s inventory. On top of that, the 1 PokeCoin bundles will rotate in the weeks ahead. Starting next Monday, a new bundle will be made available for purchase. That means if you want that batch of Incense or that bag of Poke Balls, you should scoop them up while you can.

    But that’s not all. In an effort to keep the game going, players are being awarded triple Stardust and XP for their first Pokemon catch of the day. Also, in an effort to keep the game social while also maintaining social distancing guidelines, players can now open 30 gifts a day and carry 20 gifts at a time. Meanwhile, in an effort to promote social distancing, the planned Lugia Raid has been canceled.

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    You Can Now Open More Gifts Each Day In Pokmon Go For A Limited Time

    Niantic is continuing to release new features and content for the millions of Pokémon GO players out there. Read on below to learn more:

    Updates to temporary bonuses

    Update 11/19/20: To continueadapting to the changing global environment, and in response to the situation becoming more difficult for many of our players, we are returning the following bonuses to the game beginning Thursday, November 19, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. PST:

    • Incense effectiveness will be increased, now attracting Pokémon to you more often.
    • Your Buddy Pokémon will now bring you more Gifts each day, up to five gifts at once and up to three times a day.

    These bonuses are temporary, but they will remain in the game at minimum through June 2021. Well give at least one months notice before they change.

    Also look out for the following bonuses to show up during select upcoming events, making sure they have components that can safely be played regardless of your situation:

    • Incubator distance reduction
    • And more


    Over the past few months, weve been making temporary changes to Pokémon GO to adapt to the changing global environment. Some of these changes will remain implemented for the foreseeable future, such as the ability to raid remotely, changes to the GO Battle League, and the increased distance at which you can spin Photo Discs at Gyms and PokéStops. We thank you for all your feedback.

    The following temporary bonuses will remain to improve Pokémon GOs overall gameplay experience.

    How To Send Gifts In Pokemon Go


    First, in the list of friends, you need to go to the record of one of them. In the lower left corner there is an option to send a gift. Unlike trading, you don’t need to be in close proximity to another player to send a gift. So pick one gift from the list – the location of the gift doesn’t matter – and send it.

    The selected friend will receive a notification that the gift has been received. After that, he will be able to open it and get valuable items. Please note that you can only send a gift to each friend once a day.

    If the game does not allow the gift to be sent, then this happens because the selected friend has not yet opened the current gift, or there was already a sending on that day. There is also the possibility that the server is not responding as expected. If an explanation of the reason does not appear on the game screen, then go back and log in again and try again.

    • Friend list
    • Friend window

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    Friends And Friendship Levels

    You will soon be able to connect with your real world friends via Pokemon GO and see their in-game activities on the Friends List. When you raid or gym with people from your friends list, you raise your Friendship Level. You earn the following bonuses with higher Friendship Level:

    • You deal more damage when raiding with friends
    • You get more balls and items from raids when raiding with friends
    • Your trades are discounted when trading with a good friend
    • You exchange your Trainer Code to make friends
    • Trainer Codes are unique ID numbers given to each player, and once you enter a friends code, they will be sent a Friend Request.
    • You can increase your Friendship level once per day per friend.

    There are four levels of Friendship:

    • Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals
    • 3x discount on Trading
    • +4 extra Premier Balls with that friend
    Ultra Friend
    • Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals
    • 2x discount on Trading
    • +2 extra Premier Balls with that friend
    Great Friend
    • Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals
    • 1x discount on Trading
    • +1 extra Premier Ball with that friend
    Good Friend
    • Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals

    It is strongly encouraged to raise Friendship levels with your local players quickly, as these bonuses work on top of the existing Weather and Team based damage / ball bonuses. However, only the highest friend bonus is applied they do not stack up.

    Do Gifts Take Up Bag Space

    Only one gift can be sent to each Friend per day and at most 20 Gifts that can be opened in a single day. Trainers may have up to 20 Gifts in their Item Bag at any given time and they do not take up any space in the Item Bag. They can be viewed from the Item Bag page and also discarded from there.

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    Increased Daily Bonuses Changes To Gifts And Rotating 1 Pokcoin Bundles


    The following changes have been made to Pokémon GO until further notice.

    • 3× Stardust and XP for your first Pokémon catch of the day: Be sure to activate a Star Piece and Lucky Egg to maximize your rewards.
    • Changes to Gifts: The number of Gifts you can open daily will now increase to 30, and the number of Gifts you can carry in your inventory will increase to 20. Gifts will also contain more Poké Balls. We appreciate your patience as we continue to prioritize updates that make gameplay more accessible and enjoyable at this time.
    • Rotating 1 PokéCoin bundles in the shop! New 1 PokéCoin bundles will be available in the shop each week as one-time purchases. The contents of these bundles change weekly, so be sure to get what is available each week. Right now, a new 1 PokéCoin bundle is available for you that contains the following.

    • Poké Balls × 100

    You can access the above bundle from now until Monday, March 30, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PDT .

    The Incense and Poké Ball bundles will both be removed at that time, and a new 1 PokéCoin bundle will be available.

    Be sure to follow us on social media, opt in to receive push notifications, and subscribe to our emails to stay updated. For the latest on in-game-event and feature updates, be sure to check this help center article.

    The Pokémon GO team

    Where Do I Find Gifts

    pokemon go

    As long as you are near a Poké Stop, you can get gifts to share with friends! Gifts are now one of the random items you can get from spinning a disc at a Poké Stop, just like Potions or Poké Balls or Eggs. You aren’t guaranteed to get one every time like that first free Raid Pass of the day, but if you have a couple of Poké Stops near you there’s a good chance you will come across a couple of gifts throughout the course of a day.

    Gifts know where they came from, and carry that information with it to the person you send them to. In addition to the actual gift, recipients get a post card from the Poké Stop you collected the gift from. This allows you to share parts of your travels with people who have never been to the places you have been, which is a super cool little bonus to the gift itself!

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    When Does The Pokemon Go Valentines Challenge Start

    The Global Valentines Challenge will begin automatically on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT. Simply open the Pokemon Go app and play along to take part.

    Trainers will have until Tuesday, February 15, 2022, at 12am PST / 3am EST / 8am GMT to complete the challenge and enjoy the bonus reward on offer.

    A Note On Traded Pokemon Iv Rerolls And Level

    The following rules apply when trading Pokemon:

    • the trading screen shows the range of CP and HP the Pokemon can have after trading.
    • the range adjusts based on your Friendship level and the level of players in the trading process
    • IVs can be rerolled randomly, anywhere from 0% to 100%, ensuring a fair trading system for everyone
    • moves while trading remain a mystery at this moment

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    How To Track Global Valentines Challenge Progress

    During previous global challenges similar to this one, players have been able to track the progress of the challenge by following Pokemon Gos official , where regular status updates are provided.

    Fortunately, during this Global Valentines Challenge, Trainers can check progress directly in the Pokemon Go app. Simply visit the Today page to see how many Gifts have been sent around the world so far.

    Well also provide updates on this page when the challenge is completed.

    How Do I Open Gifts


    If you have gifts waiting for you to open, you will be notified when you open the Pokémon Go app. If you miss that notification, here’s what you do:

  • Tap on your Pokémon Go Avatar in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen
  • Tap on the Friends tab at the top of the Avatar screen
  • Look for the gift icon next to your friend in the list, and tap on the gift
  • Once you have a gift, here’s how you open it:

  • Read the post card attached to the gift
  • Tap Open to open the gift
  • Watch as each item comes out of the gift and is added to your inventory
  • And that’s it! You can open gifts as soon as you receive them, and it shouldn’t ever impact the contents of the gift.

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    Daily Limit On How Many Gifts You Can Collect From Pokestops

    Is there a limit for how many gifts you can collect from pokestops?I have over 100 friends and it seems like there is a limit how many gifts I can collect from pokestops. For the last 100 pokestops I have not received any gifts?

    Im not talking about the limit on 10 gifts in your inventory or the limit on opening 20 gifts received.I collect ten gifts. Send them to friends. Collect another ten. Send them. Etc. But when I was around 100 gifts sent I didnt get anymore gifts at the pokestops. Just unluck or a limit?

    The reddit community has been experiencing this as well. Aside from the reddit thread, I was unable to find any other articles that is talking about this.

    Despite there being an appearance of receiving gifts from Pokéstops being capped at 100 per day, I have confirmed there is no daily limit. I reached out to Niantics support team and below is a response I received earlier today.

    Hello Trainer,

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    What Is The Max Number Of Pokemon Go Or Niantic Friends

    As of April 2021, your maximum number of friends in Pokemon Go is 400. This includes all of the friends youve added across the Niantic family of games, including Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Ingress Prime.

    If youve been avidly adding friends for all of those games over the years, then your friend list may already be topping out at 400 friends – but hopefully youre not there yet and you still have plenty of room for new pals.

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    Get Gifts To Send From Pokestops

    The only way you can get Gifts to send to your friends is by getting them from Pokestops. You will receive 1 Gift per Pokestop in a day before it resets again.

    Only 10 Gifts Stored at a Time

    The amount of Gifts you can have in your inventory is limited to 10. Once you’ve reached 10, you won’t receive any more gifts when you spin a Pokestop.

    Pokemon Go: How Many Gifts Can You Have At Once

    Pokemon Go Sponsored Gifts: Everything You Need to Know

    Gifts are a great way to help friends in Pokemon Go, but how many gifts can you hold at once to avoid wasting any when you spin Pokestops?

    You see, if you dont use up your gifts when you hit the maximum limit, any more gifts a Pokestop would give you simply disappear instead, and as these items are given as extras alongside your usual items, this is fairly wasteful. This makes How many gifts can you have at once? a fairly important question in Pokemon Go to some players.

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