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Amazon Launches New Pokemon Channel For Movies And Tv Shows

Drawing Pokémon from Memory | Anime Club | Prime Video

Prime members can pay $3 month to watch everything in the catalog, including multiple seasons of the main series.

Fans of Pokemon animation who also have Amazon Prime are in luck. Amazon today announced and launched a subscription-based channel that is exclusively dedicated to animated Pokemon TV shows and movies.

The Pokemon Company says the channel will offer a “robust collection” of content. What’s available there right now includes Season 2-5 and 10-16 of the classic Pokemon the Series. Also available are the movies Pokemon 2000 and Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, among many other titles.

According to The Pokemon Company, the selection of movies will rotate “regularly,” so if what’s available there now isn’t of interest, something else might be soon. Amazon Prime members can subscribe to the channel for $3/month. You don’t have to subscribe right away, as a seven-day free trial is available, too.

How To Connect Amazon Prime With Pokmon Go

Pokémon GO players that want to claim the Amazon bundles will need to first connect their Amazon Prime Gaming accounts to their Pokémon GO trainer account. After the two accounts are tied together, players will then be able to log in to Pokémon GO during announced dates and claim their bundle. After the promotion is redeemed, the free Pokémon GO Poké Balls and items will automatically be added to the player’s account.

Amazon Launches New Subscription

The new Prime channel is dedicated to all manner of animated Pokemon content.

There are plenty of ways for fans of the Pokemon animated series and movies to enjoy their favorite content, but is looking to become king of them all. As revealed just earlier today, the retail and streaming-media giant has announced the unveiling of an all-new subscription-based channel that is meant to provide viewers with dedicated hub for Pokemon-based content.

It’s being referred to simply as the Pokemon Channel, or Amazon’s Pokemon Channel for those who might make the distinction, and it’s being offered as an exclusive service to Amazon Prime members. For just 3 bucks a month, Pokemon fans will be given access to a selection of television shows and movies, and The Pokemon Company has stated plans for different Pokemon movies to rotate in and out on a regular basis.

Amazon’s own Pokemon channel already has its own webpage where users can check out some of the content that will be made available, currently including 11 different seasons of Pokemon: The Series as well as a selection of Pokemon movies like Ranger and the Temple of the Sea as well as Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. To see more of what’s been made available, head over to .

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How To Redeem The Freebies

To nab the free goodies, youll have to claim the offer through the Pokémon Go Prime Gaming page . Head over to that website, select the offer you want to redeem, and follow the instructions. Once you’re done, you should be given a unique code.

That code can be redeemed in two ways: through the Pokémon Go website or the Pokémon Go app. If browsers are more your thing, head over to the Pokémon Go websites redemption page and log into your account. Plug the code into the text box, click redeem, and, hey presto, youve just bagged yourself some prizes.

To redeem the code in the app, navigate to the main map screen and tap the Poké Ball at the bottom. Click the shop icon and copy the code into the text box listed under the Promos section. Just hit the redeem button, and youre done.

However, only Android users can redeem codes through the Pokémon Go app. If youre playing on an iOS device, youll have to use the website.

How To Claim The Prime Gaming Pokemon Go Bundle Pokémon

Once you’re signed into your Amazon Prime membership, you can claim the offer and you’ll receive a code in a pop-up message.

You can redeem the code in two different ways: either by signing into your Pokemon Go account and entering the code via the Niantic website, or Android users can redeem it in-game by tapping the Poke Ball menu, followed by the Shop icon and entering your code in the text code under Promos and tapping Redeem. The in-game redeem method is not available for iOS users so you’ll need to opt for the first route.

Make sure you redeem the code before it expires as the codes will expire 5 business days after each offer ends. You can also only redeem the code once.

Once you’ve redeemed the code, you should see a message saying the in-game items have been successfully added to your inventory and they are then yours to keep and use, even if your Prime membership ends or your free trial expires.

If you have no plans to stay subscribed to Amazon Prime, make sure you cancel your subscription before the 30 days are up so you’re not charged. However Pokemon GO goodies aren’t just all that Amazon Prime has to offer and there are plenty of great reasons why it’s worth being an Amazon Prime member. Not only is coming up in July where you’ll have access to thousands of deals exclusive to Prime members, you can also get free games each month through Prime Gaming, enjoy free next day delivery and so much more.

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S To Connect Amazon Prime To Pokmon Go

  • Step 1: Visit Amazon Prime’s Gaming Website to get a code for the Pokémon GO bundle currently active.
  • Step 2: Go to Niantic’s Reward Redemption website and log in with your Pokémon GO account.
  • Step 3: Enter the Amazon Prime Pokémon GO Bundle code on Niantic’s redemption website.
  • Step 4: After redeeming a code, players will automatically be given the free item’s in their Pokémon GO inventory.

Android Pokémon GO users will actually be able to redeem codes from within the game, using the in-game code feature that is not currently available on iOS devices. After getting the code from Amazon Prime’s website, Android players can tap the Poké Ball menu and access the Shop icon. From here, the code can be redeemed at the very bottom of the Pokémon GO in-game shop under the promotions section. Additionally, with Niantic planning many major events this summer in the mobile game, players can stock up on the free items to use in upcoming Pokémon GO Legendary Raid bosses, which as notoriously difficult to complete.

Pokmon The Series: Xy Pokmon The Series: Xy Kalos Quest And Pokmon The Series: Xyz Arrive On Amazon Primes Pokmon Prime Video Channel

If youre an Amazon Prime member, you may be familiar withthe PokémonPrime Video Channel, which features multiple seasons of Pokémon theSeries and Pokémon movies for fans to watch any time. The service isavailable to Amazon Prime members for $2.99 a month, and the selection ofavailable episodes is about to expand with the addition of seasons 1719 of Pokémonthe Series.

These three seasonsPokémon the Series: XY, Pokémonthe Series: XY Kalos Quest, and Pokémon the Series: XYZchronicleAsh and Pikachus journey through the Kalos region. Along the way, our heroesbefriend a young inventor named Clemont and his little sister, Bonnie. Theyalso team up with Serena, an eager Pokémon Trainer who is just starting her ownjourney alongside her partner Pokémon, Fennekin.

During the course of their adventure, the friends battle newGym Leaders, meet loads of new Pokémon, encounter mysteries tosolve, and face off against Team Flare as the villainous group sets into motionits plans involving the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde. And, of course, Team Rocketis never far behind to cause more trouble.

Look for the XY story arc of Pokémon the Serieson . If you arent currently subscribed tothe service, Amazon offers a seven-day free trial. Happy viewing, Trainers!

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How To Get Free Pok Balls & Stardust In Pokmon Go With Amazon Prime

Pokémon GO has teamed up with Amazon and players can get free Poké Balls and Stardust by connecting Amazon Prime to their Pokémon GO accounts.

Niantic has announced a partnership with Amazon, and Pokémon GOplayers with Prime accounts will be able to claim free items through the new collaboration. The new promotion is set to launch alongside Pokémon GO’s summer events, including the annual Pokémon GO Fest 2022 event, which kicks off in June. The program will last several months and will allow Pokémon GO trainers to score a handful of free items like Poké Balls, Max Revive’s, and even Stardust.

The Pokémon GO Amazon Prime program officially launches on Thursday, May 19, and trainers who have an Amazon Prime account will be able to log in to Pokémon GO and claim a free bundle that includes 30 Poké Balls, five Max Revives, and one Star Piece. The first bundle released in the promotional program is designed to help players stock up on items to be prepared for Pokémon GO’s May Community Day on Saturday, May 21. The event will celebrate Alolan Geodude and runs from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time.

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Get Your Pok Balls Ready Pokmon Prime Day Deals Are Popping Off

Classic Anime from the Early 2000s | Anime Club | Prime Video

Youve just GOTTA catch these Pokémon Prime Day deals before Team Rocket gets their hands on them

This is the real deal!

With Pokemon Legends: Arceus having been released in January and Scarlet and Violet the first-ever true open-world Pokémon game coming out in a few months, the Pokémon franchise is seeing a renaissance in 2022. And if youre anything like me, your nostalgia may have got the best of you, and youre going all in on the games, movies, TV shows, manga, and merch.

But take it from me, stocking up on Pokémon goodies gets expensive after a while, so its best to take advantage of whatever sales you can find. Fortunately, its Prime Day, and while there isnt the widest selection of Pokémon-themed items, there are a handful worth snatching up before they return to full price.

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Best Anime To Watch On Amazon Prime Video

10 Best Anime Series and Anime Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Video Now

  • Update: Jul 15, 2022
  • +1032

More and more people have got interested in anime on video streaming platforms globally recently. Where do you enjoy watching anime the most frequently? Amazon Prime Video is one of the most recommended websites and apps to watch anime since you can freely experience the wide lineup of anime if you are a member of Amazon Prime.

However, some people wonder which anime to choose now from numerous titles on Amazon Prime Video. For anime beginners and freaks, here are 10 best anime series and anime movies on Amazon Prime Video to watch now. These selections are worth spending much time to watch from start to finish, which include the classic series and the recent films.

Amazon Prime Has A Pokemon Streaming Channel

Amazon Prime members have the opportunity to watch the first fifteen seasons of the popular Pokemon anime.

Last summer, Amazon Prime started a new subscription program that allowed members to “add on” various streaming channels to their service. Most of these channels are versions of popular stations like HBO, Showtime, or CBS, but there are a few extra channels with very…specific categories. For instance, for just $2.99 a month, Amazon Prime members can unlock access to 16 seasons of the Pokemon anime, spanning from the original series all the way toPokemon Black and White: The Series. The channel does not include Pokemon the Series: XY, Pokemon the Series: XY & Z, or Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon.

While all Amazon Prime members have access to some of the Pokemon anime this represents a pretty cheap way of watching nearly 800 episodes of the series.

Several Pokemon movies, including Pokemon the Movie: 2000, Pokemon 3: The Movie, and Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew are also included as part of the Amazon Channel package. Other Pokemon movies can also be purchased or rented through Amazon’s streaming service.

Right now, people can also stream the first 64 episodes of the original Pokemon anime, both parts of Pokemon the Series: XY, and the three movies that came out during the “XY” era of the show with a Netflix subscription. The Pokemon Company also periodically makes old episodes available for streaming on the Pokemon TV app.

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Pokemon Just Became Easier To Watch For Amazon Prime Users

Being a Pokemon fan means catching ’em all, and Amazon Prime has plans to help in that endeavor. While games like Pokemon Sword and Shield keep fans busy on the Nintendo Switch, the anime hopes to shake things up for streamers. to watch, and subscribers can access it all right. now.

The update comes amidst a renewed love of Pokemon as the franchise is thriving right now. The brand as a whole is making record sales between its trading cards, movies, and games. It goes without saying that Pokemon is doing just fine, and you can catch up on its anime now.

Over on Amazon, a slew of TV seasons can be seen for free if you have a Prime subscription. For instance, Pokemon the Series: Gold and Silver from 2000 is available to watch. You can also find Pokemon the Series: Diamond and Pearl along with the series focused on Ruby and Sapphire. At this time, these are the only seasons available free to Prime users, but there are some movies open as well.

If you want to watch Pokemon the Movie, White – Victini and Zekrom, you can do so right now as an Amazon subscriber. Pokemon the Movie: Black – Victini and Reshiram can also be watched. And of course, almost every Pokemon series and movie are on Amazon to buy and rent.

Here’s How Pokemon Go Trainers Can Get Exclusive Bonus Items From Prime Gaming


Pokemon Go trainers who also happen to be members can now claim exclusive Pokemon GO bundles through Prime Gaming. Starting in May 2022, the bundles are available now and are packed with bonus in-game items such as Poke-Balls, Max Revives and more. This month’s Pokemon GO Bundle includes 30x Poke Balls, 5x Max Revive and 1x Lucky Egg.

This is all thanks to Prime Gaming and Niantic, who have teamed up to bring Pokemon Go trainers with an active Amazon Prime membership or Prime Video membership extra in-game content up until at least July 2022.

If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here, or click the Try Prime button, which is positioned above the active Pokemon GO bundle.

The Pokemon GO app is available on iOS and Android so if you haven’t played before or want to give it another try, you can download it via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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