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Pokemon Let’s Go Articuno

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How To Get To The Seafoam Islands

Where To Find Articuno In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

Before you can actually capture Articuno, you must first reach the Seafoam Islands where it is located. The Seafoam Islands can be found at any point after you have discovered the Sky Dash and Sea Skim secret techniques. Sky Dash can be learned after defeating Team Rocket at the Game Corner while Sea Skim is taught by a man with a Lapras in Fuchsia City.

Once your partner Pikachu or Eevee has those, fly or run to Fuchsia City. Once there, head south from the Pokemon Center to the beach in Route 19.

From there, use Sea Skim to surf on the water. This is a large water area but your main goal is to continue heading south.

This will eventually lead you to a line of impassable rocks. From there, head west onto Route 20. Continue heading west for a short bit until you reach another line of rocks. There will be a piece of land you can land on just south of you.

Land there and follow the west path to the entrance of the Seafoam Islands cave.

Getting To The Seafoam Islands

Once youve obtained the Sea Skim Secret Technique in Fuchsia City, you can technically already start making your way to the Seafoam Islands and Articuno itself. You can get there from the southern part of Fuchsia City, or the eastern part of Cinnabar Island.

If youre at Fuchsia City, head south from the Poke Mart till you reach the ocean, then keep heading south past all the swimmers and beauties till you reach the island. Similarly, if youre at Cinnabar Island, get into the water from the eastern part of the area and keep swimming till you find the island.

Increasing The Chance Of Rare Spawns

There are two primary ways to increase the odds of encountering a rare spawn Pokemon. Firstly, use your lure, super lure and max lure items to increase the number of spawning Pokemon. Secondly, Pokemon Lets Go has introduced catch combos. Catch the same species of Pokemon consecutively to increase your catch combo. This will result in an increased chance of encountering that Pokemon again. We appreciate its a difficult task getting a catch combo with Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres though.

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How To Find And Catch All 3 Legendary Birds In Pokmon: Lets Go Pikachu And Pokmon: Lets Go Eevee


Poppy is the author of A Bards Lament and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

The Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Lets Go Eevee! games have provided a great deal of fun and nostalgia for Pokémon fans across the globe. Being able to collect, catch, train, and compete with others is easier than ever in glorious high-definition on Nintendos latest console, the Switch.

Of course, Pokémon come in a variety of rarities. While some are so common you may encounter thousands of them in your playthrough, others need a great deal of time and effort to track down. In addition, some Pokémon can only be found in one place, and there is only one of them in the whole game. The three legendary birds of the original 151 Pokémon are Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, mighty beings of ice, lightning, and fire, respectively.

Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres

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Catching A 2nd Articuno In The Wild

Pokemon Let

As with Zapdos, you’ll be able to find a second legendary Articuno in the wild once you’ve caught the first – and if you’re really lucky, even more than two! Once again, it manifests in the wild as a rare Pokemon spawn with some painfully low spawning rates.

After you’ve raided Seafoam Islands, Articuno can be a rare spawn on Routes 1-4, 6-8, 10-19 and 21-25. You’ll need to be flying on a Pokemon of your own for a chance of catching up with it.

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Where To Find Articuno In Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee

When you enter the cave, go right and take the hole all the way down to the water. You want to get to the bottom of the area first. After you get out of the water you will want to follow the path right until you get to the first ladder. Take that ladder up and then keep going right until you can go down. You should see more blocks that you can push with your Pokemon. Go to the second hole first and push that one down. Now go to the two blocks next to each other and push the right block up twice. Get behind the left block and push it down twice, then to the left once. Go to the single block against the wall above the hole and push that to the left twice as well. Now push the other block towards the hole and then push it in. Drop down and you will be in some water and surfing. Go up until you can get off at a little platform and Articuno awaits you there.

Be sure to check back soon for more Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee guides.

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Pokmon Lets Go Legendaries: How To Catch Mewtwo Moltres Zapdos And Articuno

Legendary Pokémon are some of the most powerful in the series, and Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu and Pokémon Lets Go Eevee are no exception. And in the Kanto Region, there are four Legendaries that trainers will want to try and catch to bolster their team to fight NPCs and friends online.

The four Legendary Pokémon of Kanto are Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos and the mysterious Mewtwo.

In Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee, catching Legendary Pokémon is different from your run-of-the-mill Pidgey, youll actually have to battle them. Each encounter gives trainers five minutes to take down the Legendary Pokémon before you get to the catching stage. The Legendary Pokémon will also have all their stats raised to make it even harder.

This part is similar to the rest of your capture attempts, albeit much more difficult with the catch rate lower than most other Pokémon. Its unclear whether they can run away from you, but we suggest saving your progress before encountering them.

We also recommend talking to the Fortune Teller in Celadon City before trying to capture the Legendary Pokémon to get the Nature you desire.

Heres where to find them and the best ways to catch them.


Before heading into battle, we recommend bringing a Rock and Ground-type Pokémon like the Onix, the Geodude or Rhyhorn line. Zapdos Thunderbolt wont affect it and Drill Peck will be not very effective against them.

  • Drill Peck
  • Light Screen

What To Do If The Legendary Birds Escape

How to find/capture Articuno – Pokemon lets go Eevee/Pikachu – Walkthrough

If your team is not up to the challenge or you run out of time before you defeat one of the birds, they will flee from battle and you will not be able to catch them.

But if you beat the Elite Four and become the new Pokemon Champion, the escaped bird will respond in its old location, giving you more chance to catch it.

As a bonus, once you defeat the Elite Four there is a slight chance of the three legendaries, albeit much weaker, spawning in the wild.

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How Do I Catch Articuno

Articuno location and how to catch it

You can manually follow it by cycling along behind it if it flies off! When you approach Articuno, itll create two decoys of itself, and the three Articunos will start spinning around in a circle. Interact with the right one and itll trigger the battle for you to catch it.

How To Get To Seafoam Islands In Pokmon: Let’s Go

Seafoam Islands is a location just off Route 20 east that houses one of the most devilishly difficult dungeons in Pokémon: Let’s Go. It’s a dungeon well worth conquering though, as you can get your grubby little mitts on an Articuno at the end of it.

We’d recommend that you have a solid few Rock, Fighting, Steel, or Fire Pokémon at level 50 so you stand the best chance of walking away with that Articuno.

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Como Capturar Moltres Em Pokmon Let & Rsquo S Go

Como nos lançamentos Pokémon Red, Blue e Yellow originais no Gameboy Color, Moltres reside no coração de Victory Road.

Isso significa que você terá que derrotar todos os oito campeões de ginásio antes de poder acessar este pássaro lendário de fogo.

A Victory Road é considerada o teste final que todo competidor do Indigo Plateau deve enfrentar antes de poder desafiar a Elite Four.

Você pode encontrar a Victory Road no final da Rota 23, ao norte da Rota 22 e ao nordeste da cidade de Viridian.

Semelhante às ilhas Seafoam, você terá que empurrar grandes monólitos para os oxalatos do interruptor para destrancar os portões e avançar para o outro lado.

Mas tome cuidado porque a caverna está cheia de treinadores fortes que podem tornar a luta contra Moltres mais complicada quando sua equipe estiver com pouca saúde.

Moltres está localizado em um dos níveis mais baixos das cavernas, próximo à saída do Indigo Plateau.

Como Capturar Articuno Em Pokmon Let & Rsquo S Go

Articuno Raid Guide For Pokémon GO Players: February 2021 ...

O pássaro do gelo Articuno provavelmente será o primeiro dos três pássaros lendários que você encontrará.

Articuno se tornará acessível imediatamente após você aprender as técnicas secretas Strong Push e Sea Skim – ambas encontradas na cidade de Fuchsia.

Para aprender o Sea Skim, simplesmente vá até o Pokémon Go Park e converse com o homem com uma prancha de surfe e Lapras.

Depois disso, desça para o sul até a praia para pegar uma dentição de ouro pertencente ao Diretor do Parque.

Você encontrará Jessie e James da Equipe Rocket para uma batalha, mas assim que os desprezar, você pode pegar os dentes e entregá-los ao Diretor que mora na casa à direita do Pokecentre.

O Diretor irá recompensá-lo ensinando-lhe a técnica secreta do Empurrão Forte.

Com as duas técnicas aprendidas, você precisará voltar para a praia e surfar pela Rota 19 até entrar nas Ilhas Seafoam.

As ilhas Seafoam são uma intrincada série de cavernas e cavernas baseadas em quebra-cabeças com Articuno escondido em seu coração.

Você precisará passar por cada nível das cavernas e usar o Strong Push para soltar grandes monólitos de pedra em aberturas no solo.

Os gigantescos pilares de rocha cortarão o fluxo de água nos níveis mais baixos, dando a você a oportunidade de surfar até Articuno e deixarão você sair das cavernas para a Rota 20.

Antes de capturar Articuno, você terá que derrotar o Pokémon de nível 50 em um limite de tempo de cinco minutos.

Certifique-se de que sua equipe de Pokémon está à altura do desafio.

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Catching Legendary Birds In The Wild

While your first and perhaps only encounter with each of the four legendary Pokémon has to happen in their set locations, it is possible to see the legendary birds in the wild and score two or more of the same legendary bird. This possibility is something you would never see in Pokémon Yellow.

For a chance to see one of the legendary birds in the wild, you need to be riding on a flying Pokémon like Charizard. You also have to have a high catch chain going, so you must catch a lot of Pokémon in a row. A lure, which attracts rare Pokémon, must be active. No matter how many requirements you meet, you still might not ever see a legendary bird in the wild. They have certainly eluded us during the duration of our Lets Go gameplay, but dont let that deter your perseverance.

Editors’ Recommendations

Fighting Articuno In Pokemon Lets Go

Like the other two legendary bird Pokemon, Articuno appears as a level 50 enemy, and youll have to defeat it in battle before you can catch it. As an Ice-type, Articuno is weak to Fire-types, so if you have a good Fire Pokemon, you should be set. Theres a five-minute timer as well, so be quick about it.

After beating Articuno, youll be able to attempt to capture it. We recommend using a Silver Razz Berry, then start pelting it with Ultra Balls. Remember to save your game before triggering the fight with Articuno, just in case you run out of Balls or it escapes.

Thats all you need to know about how to get through the Seafoam Islands and catching Articuno in Pokemon Lets Go. Be sure to check our Pokemon Lets Go guide wiki for more tips and information on the game. If youre looking for post-game content to get into, weve got you covered as well.

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Onde Encontrar Articuno Em Pokmon Let’s Go

How to Catch Articuno, Zapdos, & Moltres in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

Para descobrires Articuno, precisas de viajar atéàs Ilhas Seafoam, localizadas no extremo sul do mapa de Pokémon Let’s Go. Para chegares até aqui, precisarás primeiro de obter a técnica Sea Skim do Pokémon Go Park Complex, em Fuschia City, antes de devolveres os Gold Teeth ao director do Safari Park, para obteres a técnica Strong Push.

Agora que o teu Pokémon iniciante possui estas duas habilidades, segue para a Route 19, indo para sul a partir da cidade de Fuschia. Agora, continua para oeste na Route 20 e, eventualmente, chegará a uma caverna numa ilha, chamada Seafoam Islands. Dentro desta caverna, terás de seguir caminho para baixo, empurrando pilares de pedra para que eles caiam repetidamente em buracos, permitindo-te surfar na água no nível mais baixo da caverna com facilidade.

No nível mais baixo das cavernas, poderás encontrar Articuno. Para capturares a criatura, terás primeiro que derrubá-la em combate usando o ataque Thunderbolt do Pikachu.

Depois disso, precisarás de capturar Articuno usando Poké Balls. Certifica-te que tens uma quantidade decente de Ultra Balls ou Great Balls armazenada, a fim de maximizares as tuas probabilidades de capturar o lendário pássaro Pokémon. Lembra-te de que tens apenas 5 minutos no total para derrotares e depois capturares Articuno antes que ele desapareça ou terás que sair das cavernas e repetir todo o processo.

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How To Catch Moltres In Pokemon Let’s Go

Where to find Victory Road

Moltres is the only Pokemon in the world of Kanto in a place that you absolutely must visit in your pursuit of the main story. The fire-type legendary bird can be found in Victory Road to the west of Viridian City, the cave-like system that provides the ultimate final challenge to Pokemon Trainers before they tackle the Elite 4. This place is crawling with little puzzles that use many of your secret techniques, but you’ll only need the one to reach Moltres.

Find the area where Officer Jenny is hanging out – you met her earlier on in the story and probably picked up a naughty Squirtle from her. She’s also the only cop you’ve seen – Kanto is rough. Anyway, she heals you up here, but to the right of where she’s hanging out is a Strong Push block. Move it and head down the ladder – on this floor you’ll find Moltres.

Moltres is a fire and flying type mix, which makes it weak to Rock, Water and Electric-type attacks. For this encounter you could use Zapdos – but not Articuno – but if you want to batlte with non-legendary Pokemon another water type Pokemon is a solid bet, as are rock-type Pokemon, who’ll resist fire damage and dish out double damage to Moltres.

Once you catch Moltres, it’ll be at level 50.

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