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What To Do After You Beat Pokemon Shield

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Farm Experience With Wild Chanseys And Blisseys

10 Things To Do After You Beat Pokemon Sword and Shield | Guide | Endgame

Pokemon Sword & Shield has lacked a number of easy ways to grind for experience, but the Isle of Armor fixed this by adding a great new way to get a lot of fast experience nearly anywhere. This is thanks to Chansey, and its evolved form Blissey, who both grant an absurdly large amount of experience compared to any other Pokemon you can encounter.

Chanseys and Blisseys will spawn nearly anywhere on the island in the overworld, so you can easily just bike around until one shows up wandering the grass. Giving any Pokemon a Lucky Egg and sending it into battle first will let your newly hatched Pokemon hit the first 30 or 40 levels without wasting your valuable experience candies.

Collect All 400 Pokemon In Galar Pokedex

The final thing you can do in the post game of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is catch em all. In total there are 400 Pokemon to catch in the Galar region. Catch all of these Pokemon if you so desire then visit the director on the second floor room of the Hotel Ionia in Circhester. He will give you the Shiny Charm as your reward.

Thats are quick and dirty 5 Things to Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. What end game activities are you taking part in? Let me hear them in the comments section below.

Thoughts on these 5 things to do after beating Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield? Drop a comment in The Pit below.

Counter + Stone Edge And Close Combat

Counter is easily one of the best moves on PVP with 4 DPT and 3.5 EPT . On top of that, Hitmontop gains STAB from the move to boost it even farther.

Stone Edge charges at a reasonable rate considering its power and grants good counter-coverage, while Close Combat hits even harder with STAB and brings Fighting-types excellent coverage to the table.

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Pokemon Go: Tyrogue Evolution Guide

Choose your fighter.

Now that Pokemon Go has added all the Gen 2 Pokemon to the game, some all new ways to reach classic Pokemon are available in the form of baby Pokemon, or as we briefly called them in the late 90s, pre-evolutions. These are basically versions of Pokemon that evolve into Pokemon were already familiar with from Gen 1.

Fill Out Your Pokedex

Pokémon Sword &  Shield: Things To Do After You Beat The ...

With Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee, its easier than ever to become a true Pokemon master and catch em all. Now that you no longer have to be careful with weakening monsters before catching them, consider taking the time to revisit all the different areas in the Kanto region, and catch the creatures you missed out on your first time through.

Aside from just appealing to your completionist tendencies, theres a reward for filling out the Pokedex as well. Once youve caught all 151 creatures, head back to Celadon City and talk to the Game Director on the top floor of the office building. Youll be rewarded with a Shiny Charm, which makes it much easier for you to find and catch shiny Pokemon all over Kanto.

As you probably already know, shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare, and theyre basically specially colored versions of regular Pokemon you meet out in the wild. With the Shiny Charm, itll be easier for you to find these creatures and show them off to other trainers.

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Fight Game Freaks Trainer

Throughout your travels you may have encountered certain NPCs who mentioned coming back to visit them when you are champion. These trainers a GAME FREAK trainers. These battles unlock when you are champion. So far Ive fought:

  • Morimoto: in a hotel room on the second floor of the Hotel Ionia in Circhester. He gives the Oval Charm for beating him. Can be fought once per IRL day.
  • Is This A Brand New Game

    Hmm, well no it is not. Look at the time I thought that Pokémon Emerald was a good game, but lets be honest. When it comes to enhanced versions of Pokémon games, Emerald perhaps offered the least amount of extra content that any other enhanced Pokémon game had offered. What we have here with this Pokémon Emerald Randomizer is a way to make the events of Emerald more random I know it sounds weird, but it is kind of cool.

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    Things To Do After Beating Pokmon Sword And Shield

    Greetings, champion of Galar! If you think your adventure is over, youre horribly mistaken. This is just the beginning! After all, the quest to becoming the best Pokémon trainer in the world is never-ending.

    Theres actually a lot more to Pokémon Sword and Shield than meets the eye. You just need to look a bit closer. This guide will help you see and discover all the challenges and activities you can undertake now that youre the champion of Galar.

    More Challenges Await in “Pokémon Sword and Shield”

    What Is A Shiny Pokmon

    32 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Shield!

    A Shiny Pokémon is an incredibly rare version of a normal Pokémon with a special coloration. For example, a Shiny Gyarados is a deep red as oppose to its traditional blue colour.

    The different colours arent always so pronounced though, and sometimes the differences can be as small as different eye colours. It really depends on the Pokémon.

    Aside from this unique appearance, theres nothing special about a Shiny Pokémon. Statistically theyre the same, and have no advantages in combat or anything like that.

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    Catch Yourself A Legendary Pokemon

    It wouldn’t be Pokemon without legendary or mythical Pokemon to catch – and though Sword & Shield do have a few less Pokemon of this type than some other games in the series, you’re still left with a gap in your Pokedex in the shape of Zacian and Zamazenta after completing the main story.

    Sword users will have a chance to catch Zacian, while Shield players will get a shot at nabbing Zamazenta. To find your Legendary, head to the Slumbering Weald area and go to the shrine. There’s a little story sequence that takes place here whcih involves one more battle with Hop, and at the end of it you’ll have the chance to catch one of the two powerful legendary Pokemon of old. As we previously said, this might be a place to use your Master Ball.

    Icipate In Restricted Sparring

    Restricted Sparring is similar to the Battle Tower in Pokémon Sword and Shield in that it gives restrictions to the player and presents much more difficult fights than players will find in the base game. This feature is only unlocked after completing the main story of the Isle of Armor.

    The rules of restricted Sparring are simple but complex at the same time, it requires players to only use three Pokémon, and they all have to be of the same type. Restricted Sparring will earn the player BP, and it is worth using this new training method when practicing for competitive Pokémon battling. It is also worth noting that the player’s Pokémon will be scaled to level 50 while competing in Restricted Sparring.

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    Are Burger King Toys Worth Anything

    Burger King Toys That Are Worth An Insane Amount Of Money Today

    • Pokémon Set Of 57: $325. Photo: eBay. If you want to cash in on some rare Burger King Pokémon toys, you gotta catch em all!
    • Little Mermaid Glass: $110. Photo: eBay.
    • Toy Story And Toy Story 2 Collectible Set: $45. Photo: eBay.
    • Scooby Doo Glow-In-The-Dark Set: $47.

    Heres a quick recap of the 20 most expensive Pokémon cards in the world:

    • Pikachu Expedition $5,999.
    • First Edition Shadowless Holographic Blastoise $1,500.
    • Holographic Shadlowless First Edition Mewtwo $1,500.
    • Gastly Expedition $999.
    Charizard Gold Star 100/101 Frontiers ULTRA RARE Pokémon Card PSA 10 GEM MINT $1,250.00
    1999 Pokémon Base Set 1st Edition Charizard Graded PSA 9 MINT First Shadowless $1,200.00

    Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield

    Pokémon Sword &  Shield: 15 Things To Do After You Beat The ...

    In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield you complete the game when you defeat Leon in the Pokemon Championship final. This victory marks the end of the game as it were and the credits will roll. After the credits roll you might be wondering what else to do. Here are 5 Things to Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

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    Time To Go Shiny Hunting

    One of the most popular things to do once you’ve completed a Pokémon game is to hunt for Shiny Pokémon. For those who aren’t aware, Shiny Pokémon are rare, alternately-colored versions of Pokémon. Without the Shiny Charm that we mentioned, the odds of finding a Shiny in the wild or breeding one is 1/4096. With the Shiny Charm, your odds become 1/1365.33.

    However, you can increase your odds of finding a Shiny Pokémon even more by getting catch combos, and battling a specific Pokémon a lot. For more in-depth detail about how to catch Shiny Pokémon, check out our Shiny catching guide.

    Is Alolan Muk Shiny

    Regular Alolan Muk. The only difference between normal and shiny Alolan Muk is a subtle one the green stripes across its body are a pale purple.

    How do you get Alolan Pikachu? To evolve Pichu into Pikachu then into Alolan Raichu Evolve Pichu into Pikachu by making it happy. Keep it at the forefront of your party, feed it, pet it, and play with it. When Pichu becomes Pikachu, you can turn it into Alolan Raichu at any time by giving it a Thunder Stone. So cute!

    Where can I buy Alolan raichu?

    The best place to find pokemon lets go Alolan Raichu is in the Viridian Forest zone, it will have a 05% chance to spawn in the area with a level range of 03-06. This also makes Viridian Forest the best place to Catch Combo Chain hunt Shiny Alolan Raichu or for a Flawless IV Stats.

    Is there an Alolan Charizard? Alolan Charizard is the alolan form of charizard.

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    From Catching Pokmon To Collecting Items Heres Everything You Need To Know About Pokmon Go Plus

    What exactly is Pokémon Go Plus? Youve likely seen the Poké Ball-shaped devices online, or maybe youve seen some other Pokémon trainers wearing them on their wrists while catching Pokémon out in the wild. Still not quite sure what Pokémon Go Plus is all about? Youve come to the right place.

    Although the Pokémon Go Plus is not essential to enjoy Pokémon Go, its still the ultimate accessory for taking your Pokémon Go experience to the next level. It pairs with your iPhone or Android smartphone and interacts with Pokémon Go, meaning you can easily catch Pokémon without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

    Below, weve included all the information youll ever need on Pokémon Go Plus, including what it is, where to buy one, and how to use it. Whether youre looking to catch the Pokémon you encounter with just a simple button press, or looking to easily stock up on items at your nearest PokéStop, heres everything you need to know about the Pokémon Go Plus.

    How To Catch Pichu Or Pikachu In Pokemon Sun & Moon

    25 Things To Do After Finishing Pokémon Sword & Shield
    • The most reliable and easiest way to get a Pikachu is to get your hands on a Pichu. Typically Pikachu and Pichu spawn in the same places, but Pikachu is much, much rarer youre better off settling for a Pichu and getting it to evolve into Pikachu.
    • Both Pikachu and Pichu actually spawn in the very earliest area of the game, Route 1 on Melemele Island.
    • Pikachu and Pichu can also be found in the long grass thats in the gardens of Hauoli City also on Melemele Island. They seem to be more common in this area and spawn at a slightly higher level, so this is your best bet.

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    Encounter 2: Energy Plant


    At the Energy Plant, you Hop and Piers will find Sordward and Shielbert once again and you’ll face them. Push them back and you can go up to the roof where they are attacking Zamazenta/Zacian. Hop will try to calm down the Pokémon after you battle it but it’ll go to attack him, only to be protected by the other Legendary. The attacking Legendary will run off and Hop will go after it with the retrieved Rusted item while you catch the Legendary Pokémon.

    What Is Pokmon Go Plus

    Pokémon Go Plus is a Poké Ball-style device that you can wear on your wrist. It connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone and interacts with Pokémon Go, allowing you to catch Pokémon. Once the Pokémon Go Plus is connected with your iPhone or Android smartphone, youll receive notifications when Pokémon are nearby including special notifications if its a species of Pokémon that you havent caught before.

    The Pokémon Go Plus also allows you to collect items from PokéStops. The Plus will send you notifications when youre near a PokéStop, and you can acquire items at the press of a button!

    Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $1,750

    Composed of three individual Magnemite held together by a strong magnetic force, Magneton is a dual-type electrical and steel Pokémon.

    Often found near industrial areas and power plants, this mechanical creature charges itself by eating electrical currents.

    Magneton is certainly one of the more unusual-looking of all Pokémon.

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    Can I Have A Pokmon Follow Me In The Overworld

    Yes! This is one of the most exciting things that wasn’t revealed before the Expansion Pass released. After completing Mustard’s trials on the Isle of Armor, players can have the first Pokémon in their party follow them around in the overworld. This is definitely something we wanted to see in the base Gen 8 game, so we’re happy to see it finally is possible in the DLC.

    What Is A Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke

    How Long To Beat Pokemon Sword And Shield

    You wanted to know what is a Pokemon Randomizer? A Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke is the same but it has Nuzlocke rules. Basically, you can still randomize everything but this time you can also edit and add the Nuzlocke rules. Just to recap a couple of rules, one of them is the fact that any Pokemon that faints in your team will be automatically removed since they are considered as dead. Basically, it is something that will definitely implement the Nuzlocke rules so that you dont cheat your way out of it while randomizing everything.

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    How To Get Tyrogue

    The best method of acquiring Tyrogue is via eggs. It is available in these types of eggs:

    • 2km eggs
    • 5km eggs
    • 7km eggs

    Each of these eggs could be acquired as rewards for different events throughout Pokémon GO such as the Pokémon GO: Tour Johto, Rivals Week, and Johto Celebration event amongst others.

    Is this everything you were looking for? Let us know! As always, we will keep you updated if there are any changes in Pokémon GO!

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    Description: Set in a magic school, the game entails mastering a series of spells and incantations in order to achieve a Magician Licence and become Master Wizard. To this end, the player enrolls in the Magic Academy where alongside over 150 fully interactive pupils, they must learn and implement key spells and use them wisely.

    Why Its So Valuable: Magicians Quest is like the Animal Crossing series, but far more obscure. And considering the rabid fanbase for the Animal Crossing franchise, it should come as no surprise that this title is as sought after today as it is.

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    Why Does Pikachu Hate Raichu

    As it turns out, the reason behind Pikachus aversion has nothing to do with him hating Raichu. It all comes down to Pikachus stubborn instance of becoming stronger the most natural way. By the episodes end, fans watched as Goh ultimately evolved his Raichu, so Pikachu will get to know the evolution much better.

    Team Time: Long Live Valor

    11 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Shield | Post Game Features!?

    If youre just starting out, you may notice gyms that are blue, red, or yellow. And youve probably figured out that you cant do anything with gyms yet! Thats because you need to be at Level 5. Once you are, visit a gym and join one of three teams: Team Mystic , Team Valor , or Team Instinct . Each team has a leader: Blanche for blue, Candela for red, and Spark for yellow. Not only that, each team represents one of the three Legendary Birds: Articuno for blue, Moltres for red, and Zapdos for yellow.

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