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Basic Pikachu Card 60 Hp

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Not Worth Much: Burger King Gold Plated Card

Every Detective Pikachu Card! (New Mini Set) (Pokemon TCG)

Whilst many different fans loved getting hold of a gold-plated Pokémon card, they are unfortunately pretty useless when it comes to selling with it only costing $20 to buy. Nevertheless, they’re still a cool card to own!

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The main reason this card doesn’t make much money is that it was so common and popular. Everyone who got one had the sense to keep it and make some money off it. The more common the card the less it’s worth.

Not Worth Much: Pikachu Furious Fists

It’s always great to frolic in the flowers, and Pikachu seems to be enjoying itself. You’ll note, however, that Pikachu is pacifistic, resorting to a bland Thunder Shock if any conflict arises. Not very furious at all.

This card is sometimes sold for as low as $0.50. That is absolutely nothing compared to our other Pikachus.

Is Pikachu Card Rare

Known as the Holy Grail of Pokemon, the Pikachu Illustrator card was only given out to winners at the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest in 1998. With only a few in circulation around the world, this card is the rarest card in existence. In 2014, one of these cards in mint condition was sold for $100,000 on eBay.

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Special Delivery Pikachu 60 Hp

Special Delivery Pikachu 60 HP-Basic- CUSTOM HANDMADE: This is a “CUSTOM” of the original card. These cards are NOT official Pokémon cards. Prices vary per card type. Compare To Market Price.HIGH QUALITY METAL CRAFTED: This card is made of an extremely sleek and high quality gold metal materialCOLLECTORS DISPLAY: This collectable card is awesome for display with beautiful original colors as well as playingHeavier & more durable than a regular cardFits in a 3-ring binder sleeve.

Valuable: Pikachu On The Ball


The Pikachu on the Ball card, like Pretend Magikarp and Gyarados, had some pretty specific conditions. For one, you had to be part of the FA Pokémon Youth Futsal Program, to which you could join if you sent a request email to them. Because of this process, this card is likely to go up in price from here on out.

As it stands, the card on eBay UK is £1,007.00 . It can’t even be located on the American eBay, save for a few promotional posters.

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Valuable: Pikachu 2005 San Diego Comic Con

This is a sadly pathetic card. If you compare it to the base EX Emerald card, it is virtually the same. The only difference is the inclusion of the San Diego Comic Con logo. The real difference? An increase of one thousand dollars or more.

For example, if we take a look at this listing for the Comic Con version it is $16,999.99. Other listings are priced at $4,599.95 and $3,750.00 respectively. The EX Emerald card is $30. In retrospect, the sheer amount it has come to cost couldn’t have been predicted, but it sure looks fishy now.

Valuable: Pikachu Vmax Rainbow

A more recent example, Pikachu VMAX Rainbow has ascended the ranks to stardom. This smirking, tubby wall of flesh is quite a strong card on its own, but it’s the shimmering secret quality that’s got everyone going bananas.

The decided median for this special card is around $270.99. Since it is so new, it is likely going to fluctuate compared to the other cards on this list.

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Not Worth Much: Lt Surge’s Pikachu

Lt. Surge is a fearsome enemy just from his appearance alone. One of his most recognizable Pokémon is his Pikachu. The Gym Heroes set was awesome in that each Gym Leader showcased what made their creature so special. With distinct poses and a tailored move set, they are nice pieces of memorabilia.

Both the Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge cards are not expensive–on the left, $5.62 compared to on the right, $7.77.

Valuable: Pikachu 1999 Poketour Promo

Flying Pikachu Vmax Standard,Bt t + Chn dame t basic,Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Viet Nam

This Pikachu comes from the 1999 Australia Poketour and is another hard one to find. It’s hard is the original printing of Pikachu with the addition of the “Poketour 1999” stamp in gold foiling.

This one isn’t as high as some of the others on the list, but you’re still looking at a couple hundred dollars on the marketplace.

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Not Worth Much: Detective Pikachu Holo Promo Card

This card’s value is pretty understandable. Despite the film being the highest-rated videogame movie, it is still relatively new and common to find which decreases the value quite a bit.

Nevertheless, if any fan of the film or the games wants to pick one up, at least it’s only $19.46, so not too expensive to buy! However, some things get more valuable over time so have a look in a few years and see how it fares!

Pokemon Ex Holon Phantoms Pikachu

This is the first and only time we have seen a shiny Pikachu in card form. The color variation has greyish tips on the ears and a darker yellow tone. It comes from a subset known as the Gold Star cards that were all illustrated by Masakazu Fukuda. Pikachu is seen in a very heroic pose with his arms crossed. There is a simple black background with a bright sparking energy surrounding Pikachu. Trademarks of Gold Star cards are the Pokémon being drawn outside of the typical image boarders, as seen with Pikachus ear and tail, and the gold star next to his name. He has a low 60 HP with two low damage attacks in Thundershock and Spring Back. The latter attack could be useful, but only if certain conditions are met. This is a must-have Pikachu card with the highest PSA Set Registry weight of 4.00 in the set. Just like catching shiny Pokémon in the video games, this card wont be easy to come by.

Average APR for PSA 8: $864Average APR for PSA 9: $1,257Average APR for PSA 10: $6,975

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Valuable: Shiny Pikachu Holon Phantoms

The Holon Phantoms Set contains three separate versions of Pikachu. It may be hard to tell from the photo, but the Pikachu on the right is a shiny. Anytime you factor shiny into the mix, you can expect it to correlate to expensive.

The more common asking price is $450, but some people will absolutely gauge you, like this listing for $10,000.00. Be absolutely sure that what you’re getting is the real deal.

Base Set 1st Edition Pikachu Red

Pikachu BREAKthrough Card Price How much it

This was the first introduction of Pikachu to the general public in the famously known Base Set illustrated by the Legendary Mitsuhiro Arita. Pikachu is seen in what looks like Viridian Forest and is shown much rounder than how hes portrayed nowadays. Pikachu really put in some agility training to help Ash get that first championship. Like most basic Pokémon that had evolutions, he had a low 40 HP and attacks like Gnaw and Thunder Jolt that did minimal damage and required little resources. Not only were there many variations in rarity through Base Sets 1st Edition, Shadowless, and Unlimited, but we had two variations of cheeks to look out for on this card. The rarer Red-Cheeks which came in 1st Edition and Shadowless, and the Yellow-Cheeks which came in all three. The 1st Edition Red-Cheeks Pikachu is the most sought after of the Base Set variations and is an essential piece to the Master Set.

Average APR for PSA 8: $588Average APR for PSA 9: $1,459Average APR for PSA 10: $6,828

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Not Worth Much: Pikachu Legendary Treasures: Radiant Collection

Though the “look at the shiny thing” tactic might suggest importance, this card is quite cheap. Yes, it is labeled uncommon, and yes, there are fewer listings than usual, but $7 for a card like this is underwhelming,

You might be able to trick your friends into believing you got it for some exorbitant price, but we all know deep down inside that you didn’t.

Why Is Charizard So Expensive

Charizard Pokémon Trading Card Game cards are extremely popular and certain cards can be worth a large amount of money, thanks to nostalgia. Because of this, Charizard has earned a special place in the hearts of players, and this nostalgia has helped the powerful Fire-types Pokémon TCG cards skyrocket in value.

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Not Worth Much: Pikachu Hidden Fates

The low price of the Pikachu from the Hidden Fates set is a bit ironic given how hot this set was upon its first release and how astronomically expensive some of the cards from the set are. Hidden Fates was intended to be a “mini” set of sorts. It included many reprints of cards from prior sets with a Shiny counterpart of the Pokémon included in the art. There were a few new cards included too, but they were less of a selling point.

However, the basic non-Shiny Pikachu from the set isn’t worth much, with the non-holo version going for $.08 and a foil version going for about half a buck.

Valuable: Pikachu Wizards Promo #1 Ivy Misprint

Pikachu GX – Best Pikachu Card Ever? (Pokémon TCG)

The Ivy Misprint Pikachu is a peculiar card in the grand scheme of the Pokémon card game. It was printed in the set and is easily the most expensive card in the set. The regular Pikachu from isn’t worth all that much .

However, this Pikachu is misprinted in several ways. Firstly, it has an ivy background that is different than the intended background for the card. Secondly, it has a Promo stamp in place of the logo. This card goes for quite a bit. Its median price on TCGPlayer is $150 where it’s unavailable at the time of this writing. However, it can be found on eBay for thousands of dollars.

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Valuable: 1999 1st Edition Pikachu Red Cheeks

A first edition Pikachu card is extremely special for a few reasons.* Not only does this make it extremely valuable but also pretty hard to come by. Rightly so for a card that costs $500!*

This one was a mint condition, never opened and a must-have for any collector. What makes it so expensive is how sought after and hard to find they are, so if fans see one then hurry because they’ll sell quickly.

Chapter 1 Of Learning Pokemonhow To Play And Teach The Pokemon Trading Card Game

Learning Pokemon TCG is a series of blogs and videos that teaches you everything you need to know to start playing! This series is updated regularly to ensure all information is accurate.

The Pokemon TCG is an incredibly easy game to learn, and its worth doing no matter your age or experience because its incredibly fun. The Pokemon YouTube channel created a series of quick, helpful videos to teach you everything you need to know about the basic rules of the game. Those videos are below, along with our text-based summaries that contain a bit more detail so you can reference them later without rewatching an entire video.

The starting version of a Pokemon is known as a basic Pokemon, like this Pikachu.

There are several important elements along the top of each card:

  • Starting on the left, the word basic indicates this is a basic Pokemon.
  • Next to the word basic is the name of the Pokemon, in this case Pikachu.
  • On the top-right, the HP next to the number 60 indicates how much damage the Pokemon can take before being knocked out.
  • To the right of the HP is the energy type of the Pokemon, in this case Lightning.
  • To the left of each attack is the energy cost. This indicates the number and kind of energy cards that need to be attached to a Pokemon in order for it to use that attack. You can play one energy per turn from your hand by attaching it to one of your Pokemon. Below are the various energy types found in the game.

    Below is an example of a pretty standard starting setup.

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    Basic Pikachu Card 60 Hp

    Basic pikachu card 60 hp -Charge search your deck for a lightning energy card and attach it to this pokémon. Sun & moon / burning shadows / basic: Pokémon tcg guru advanced syntax sets donate. Series / set / stage: Find pikachu in the pokédex explore. Attacks gnaw thunder jolt flip a coin. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for pikachu 60 hp basic at the best online prices at ebay! Purchase this item instantly with buy now. Attack 1 gnaw attack 2 agility flip a coin. Thunder jolt 30 flip a coin.

    Sword & shield 65/202 common. If tails, this pokémon does 10 damage to itself. Free pokemon card price guide and trends, updated hourly. Sword & shield 65/202 common. Find pikachu in the pokédex explore more cards pikachu.

    Pikachu Basic Pokemon Card 60 HP 35 OF 38 eBay

    If heads, your opponent’s active pokémon is now paralyzed. Free pokemon card price guide and trends, updated hourly. Details about 2020 basic pikachu hp 60 pokemon card.


    Weakness / resistance / retreat: Free prices and trends for pikachu pokemon cards of the set celebrations. Find pikachu in the pokédex explore more cards pikachu.

    Pikachu Sun & Moon Promos SM206 Limitless

    Free prices and trends for pikachu pokemon cards of the set celebrations. Pokémon tcg guru advanced syntax sets donate. Find pikachu in the pokédex explore more cards pikachu.

    Pikachu BREAKthrough Card Price How much it’s worth

    Pikachu Burning Shadows Card Price How much it’s worth

    Pokmon Sun & Moon Team Up Full Art/pikachu & Zekrom Gx Secret #184

    Free: Pikachu

    The Team Up set was released and introduced the new Tag Team mechanic to the card game that would use the combined powers of multiple Pokémon on one card. Here you can see Pikachu with friends in high places, teaming with the legendary Pokémon Zekrom. The card was designed by 5ban Graphics with Pikachu confidently standing next to his partner Zekrom. This is the same artwork as the Full Art card released in the same set but adds a rainbow filter. Pikachu & Zekrom carry a bulkier 240 HP than we were used to when Pikachu would have his own card. This duo carries a Full Blitz attack that damages you for 150 and adds more electric energy cards to load yourself up with more firepower. Combo that attack with their GX move Tag Bolt, and youre really dishing out punishment with 200 damage and 170 to a benched Pokémon. This card gives you a chance to show what Pikachu is capable of in battle and is beautiful to collect with its rainbow shine. Pikachu & Zekrom wont let you overlook adding them to your collection.

    Average APR for PSA 8: $39Average APR for PSA 9: $62Average APR for PSA 10: $293

    Want to start your Pikachu Master Set? Follow this link to the PSA Set Registry.

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    Not Worth Much: Pikachu Latios Trainer Kit

    There is nothing visually compelling about this card. It doesn’t even have descriptions for either of the moves. It just exists, and that’s really all we can say about it.

    The lowest you can obtain this card is $2. Unlike other cards, there are really no price inconsistencies. What you see is what you get.

    Are Mcdonalds Pokemon Cards Real

    The McDonalds Pokemon cards are new, which means the market price isnt really set for them. There are 50 cards in total, 25 normal and 25 holographic cards based on McDonalds. Though they are all different in that they are associated with McDonalds, they are technically reprints of other cards.

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    Valuable: Pretend Magikarp And Gyarados

    Unless you were in Japan to witness the grand opening of the Pokémon Center in Hiroshima, we doubt you’ve seen these cards recently. This is a rarer XY-P card, but throughout the collection, you can see a common thread: be there or be square.

    As a set of two, listings suggest a ripe $2,000. That is pretty hardcore for some cute looking cards!

    Not Worth Much: Pikachu Xy Evolutions

    Pokemon Card HP is OUT OF CONTROL

    A few years back, Pokémon decided to release a throwback set where they updated the stats of their first couple of sets. There were a few new cards too, particularly Mega Evolutions, and they had retro printings produced for them as well.

    Pikachu received a reprint of the original Pikachu Pokémon card, but it wasn’t worth much and hasn’t risen much since then. You can still pick this one up now for about $.20.

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