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Best Apps Like Pokemon

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Best For Creative Fun: Pokart

Pro Nuzlocker Ranks The Best Pokemon ROM Hacks

Over a year before Pokémon TCG had its U.S. release, my small collection of imported Japanese Pokémon cards earned me some serious cred on the playground at school. However, it was the homemade cards my friends and I played with that I enjoyed the most. Playing with PokéArt seriously brought back that nostalgia for me.

With several templates to edit, the ability to upload photos and art, or even draw your own on the screen, and an easy-to-use interface, this app lets you design your very own Pokémon cards that will look just like the real deal. It’s ad-supported, but for a small, one-time fee, you can remove the ads permanently. PokéArt also includes an AR feature that lets you take pictures with your new cards. There’s even a social section of the app which allows you to submit your designs for other users to vote on although, as with anything else online, there will always be some posts that aren’t child-friendly.

Rush Royale: Tower Defense Td

Rush Royale is a classic tower defence game, where you have to create the best loadout of warriors and wizards so that they can defeat the passing hordes of enemies. The more you play, the more characters you unlock, thus allowing you to improve your deck.

Its an addictive game if you enjoy playing on your own, but one that also provides an enjoyable multiplayer experience. Once you feel youve assembled the best possible team, you can enjoy using them in PvP battles to challenge your skills against other Rush Royale masters.

Pikmin Bloom Offers Best Zen Experience

Pikmin Bloom is a cute adventure game that uses your location to render a beautiful environment. You have to walk to grow Pikmin from seedlings.

After the Pikmin have grown, you can pluck them. These Pikmins will follow you around, and you can use their petals to grow more flowers. You can also take pictures of different areas you find beautiful in the game, and upload them.

There are 7 unique Pikmins with different characteristics. Once your Pikmin reaches a certain stage of bonding with you, they will bring back gifts. You can use those to transform the Pikmin to Decor Pikmin.

Overall, it is a great game that rewards your daily steps with an aesthetically pleasing environment. If youre stressed, this game could calm you.

Some players have reported issues with the image uploading mechanics, so you will have to be wary of this when playing the game.

Price: Free

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Pokmon Cafe Remix Best Arcade Pokmon Game

For the more casual gamers, Pokémon Cafe ReMix is a good game to try. Youre the cafe owner, and you will have to make recipes through puzzles with your Pokémons help.

The games objective is to solve as many puzzles as possible. However, there is a twist. Some puzzles require the powers of certain Pokémon to solve. This adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Ultimately, you will have to solve puzzles to level up your Pokémon, leading to better powers. This also unlocks some quirky outfits for your Pokémon staff. Puzzles also get more difficult as you progress.

However, it has an issue similar to other freemium games. Some puzzles may seem pretty difficult, pushing you to purchase powerups with real cash.

Price: Free

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth


The rivalry between Digimon and Pokemon is almost as iconic as the one between Ash and Gary. The two series duked it out in the late ’90s and, although Pokemon came out on top, Digimon has never truly been down for the count. It’s still incredibly popular in Japan and there are plenty of Western gamers with fond memories of the franchise.

The similarities between the two series are too numerous to list, but there’s a strong likelihood that anybody who likes Pokemon will take some enjoyment from the Digimon Story video games. The pick of the bunch is definitely Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth although many of the older Digimon Story titles are pretty good as well.

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Are Pokemon Emulators Safe

Yes, Pokemon emulators are safe to download. Make sure to scan them after downloading to rule out the issues of viruses and malware. Moreover, we advise that you download them from the official website to ensure safety. The only catch is that you canât play Pokemon emulator with ROMs. Downloading ROMs is illegal.

Top 20 Mobile Games Like Pokemon Go

Available on: Android and iOS

Cost: FREE

Enter a Sci-fi world where you get to choose which side youre on. The plot revolves around the discovery of Exotic Matter and other energies that you can discover when you explore the real world around you. The two sides that you can play on are referred to as factions, where The Enlightened seek to harness XM to take over mankind or to fight against those forces as part of the Resistance. Choose your side and enjoy the adventure with other Agents as players are called from around the world. The game actually allows communication between agents so you also get to make a couple of friends on this journey.

Available on: Android and iOS

Cost: FREE

This pirate-themed game takes you out on a treasure hunting adventure with your smartphone as the map to help you discover the hidden treasures. Find the gold! That is the main goal for this AR adventure game. Its a simple game that is really easy to play.

Cost: FREE / 0.87$

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the latest offering from Niantic Studios and Warner Bros Games. The game is perhaps the most similar game to Pokemon Go. Players can visit real-life locations while casting spells, discovering mysterious artifacts, and encountering iconic characters and legendary beasts from the Harry Potter universe.

The gameplay is similar as well. You have to fight against the mythical beasts from the Harry Potter world. Players have the ability to choose their wizarding house, their wand, and their profession: either Professor, Auror or Magizoologist.

When you play the game for the first time, you have to create an avatar. Its location depends upon the players geographic location as well. Then you have to go out and find confounded items and creatures, and unconfound them. Just like Pokestops, players can stop at inns , greenhouses , and fortresses .

You can download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for both Android and iOS.

Zombie Gunship Revenant Ar

Pokemon Go Spoofing Tutorial (iOS/Android) SO EASY!

Available on: Android and iOS

Cost: FREE

Fly and shoot with this app. Even better, you get to shoot at undead zombies. The game puts you at the controls of a battle helicopter that flies over a land infested with zombies. The HD graphics are really immersive and put you right in the middle of the action. While the controls can be a bit tricky to start, youll get used to it after some game time. Flight is controlled not by your fingers but by your bodys movement instead.

Available on: Android and iOS

Cost: FREE

Are you ready for a pet dragon? Unfortunately, you wont find any dragons up for adoption at your local pet shop. Instead, the AR Dragon game will give you one that is, if you are ready for such great responsibility.

This AR game isnt just a virtual pet that you keep on your phone. You have to feed, play, and take care of it as you would any other pet. You also have the added fun of dressing up your scaly friend with hats and glasses.

Available on: Android and iOS

Cost: FREE

Available on: Android and iOS

Cost: Freemium

Developer: A& E Television Networks Mobile

Available on: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

Available on: Android and iOS

Cost: Freemium

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List Of The Best Apps

  • reviewed on June 4, 2019

    Very much like Pokemon, except that you get to build actual houses and managing an island that serves as the trainer’s home. Monsters are also tradable, reminds me of the old school gameboy where you can trade pokemons with your friends.

  • reviewed on March 14, 2019

    The 8bit graphics of this game are adorable and i love the adventure and collecting aspect of this game. i just wish there was a sequel because beastie bay’s pretty awesome.

  • reviewed on December 13, 2018

    Another cute little game, full of in app purchases. This really destroys a good game. Pay to progress is no fun.

Temple Treasure Hunt Game

Temple Treasure Hunt Game is an A.R. twist on the classic scavenger hunt. One person plays the role of treasure protector and places treasure points at various locations nearby. They can place virtual treasure points based on G.P.S. co-ordinates, or physical treasure points with paper markers . The other players are treasure hunters who must follow their maps and the clues that they get to find all the treasure points before time runs out. This is a great game to play together with family and friends!

Cost: Free

There you have it! If youre getting burned out on Pokémon Go and feel that its time to switch up your mobile gaming experience, here are 7 other apps that you can try. Or, if youve never played Pokémon Go before, be sure to check out the rest of our Pokémon Go course to learn all of the basic info you need to know in order to play! Then you can get out and enjoy it when the weather is nice!

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Be The Very Best On Your Phone

Pokemon fans will tell you there’s nothing like breaking into a brand-new Pokemon adventure. From Red and Blue in the ’90s to Sword and Shield now, every core Pokemon game delivers great RPG gameplay and the eternal task of catching them all.

But if the recent release of New Pokemon Snap has shown us anything, it’s that there are fun and exciting Pokemon-style games outside of the core releases. A great place to look would be right in your pocket, as mobile devices offer plenty of options to bring you that classic Pokemon experience without playing a mainline Pokemon game. Here are 10 of the best Pokemon-like mobile games we’ve found so far.

Jade Cocoon: Story Of The Tamamayu


Jade Cocoon: Story Of The Tamamayu is one of the most underrated RPGs on the PlayStation. It’s starting to show some cracks visually, but its story and gameplay are top-notch. The game shares more than a few similarities with Pokemon, but also has some great ideas of its own. Even when its ideas don’t quite land, it’s easy to see what the developers were going for.

In Jade Cocoon, players catch and obtain Minions which can be used in battle. Players can breed and fuse them together and there are 175 of them in total. One of the more interesting mechanics in the game is the catch level, which makes it easier for players to catch Minions based on how many they have already caught. It’s a nice idea and one that wouldn’t feel at all out of place in a modern Pokemon game.

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Most Useful: Pokmon Home

As the eighth generation of Pokémon games wrap up, players who’ve been at it since the early days of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green have amassed enormous collections of Pokémon with each game able to store between 240 and 1,000 Pokémon each. While many Trainers have been forced to leave some of their Pokémon behind in previous generations’ games, there are still quite a few who’ve continued to trade up their best Pokémon whenever a new game is released. Then came Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield with, for the first time in a core game, an incomplete Pokédex. Rather than making players abandon all their Pokémon who cannot be transferred to the current gen, Pokémon HOME was released.

The successor to Pokémon Bank, Pokémon HOME is the latest app for storing Pokémon from all of the core games and Pokémon Go. Pokémon HOME allows players to transfer Pokémon between games and serves as storage for the many Pokémon who either can’t be transferred to the current games or who players don’t need in their current games. Capable of storing up to 6,000 Pokémon, Pokémon HOME isn’t just for storage either. It also allows for trading, earning rewards and Mystery Gifts, and learning more about Pokémon.

Games Like Pokemon: Conclusion

With so many amazing Pokemon alternatives to pick from, you are spoiled for choice. Each of them has its own unique selling point, with different features and abilities to learn and master. Some have the best stories, others allow you to take care of and bond with the creatures you befriend or capture. Most of the names in our roster of best games like Pokemon should each afford you hours of fun and engaging gameplay, no matter which of them you pick.

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Rick And Morty: Pocket Mortys

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys blends Pokemon with Adult Swim’s grandfather/grandson duo, bringing all of the show’s trademark humor and crassness with it. In this universe every Rick is a trainer and every one of the multiple Mortys are the Pokemon, and it just works. The freemium aspects of the game aren’t too in your face–the currency being Blips and Chitz coupons will get a smile out of longtime Rick and Morty fans–but they do pop up once in a while.

Despite the crude humor this is as close to a true Pokemon experience as mobile can get, even if the battle system isn’t quite as complex. However, with every new episode of Rick and Morty adding new Mortys to collect, we could eventually see Pocket Mortys ascend to Pikachu’s level. “I turned myself into a Pokemon game Morty! I’m POKERIIIIIIIICK!!”

See it on iOS | See it on Android

Best Puzzle Game: Pokmon Shuffle


Although there have been more than a few unofficial and official Pokémon puzzle games, Pokémon Shuffle remains the best almost six years later. It takes the basics of a match-three game and adds a few Pokémon specific features, such as type strengths and weaknesses, capturing new Pokémon, and even Mega Evolution. The graphics are clean and crisp, and the gameplay is going to be familiar for any fan of match-three puzzles.

Although Pokémon Shuffle operates similarly to most mobile match-three games with limited plays being regenerated over time, there is an option to pay for more plays, as well as to buy other in-game bonuses. Unfortunately, this game’s final update came in 2018 with developer Genius Sonority moving on to Pokémon Café Mix. Still, this game is a lot of fun and there’s still plenty of content to keep players new and old alike busy.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Le Jeu Harry Potter En Ralit Augmente

Prêts pour entrer à Poudlard ? Dans la lignée des jeux inspirés de la saga de J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter: Wizard Unite simpose comme un des meilleurs jeux de RA. Fortement similaire à Pokémon GO, le jeu est issu du même studio de jeux video, Niantic ! Ici, pas de Pokémon, mais de véritables créatures issues du monde des sorciers. Hippogriffes, gobelins, niffleurs, dragons Tout est là pour recréer le monde dHarry Potter en Réalité Augmentée.

Dans ce jeu comme Pokémon GO, vous pourrez également interagir avec des personnages emblématiques de la saga tels que Harry, Ron, Hermione ou encore Dumbledore. Redécouvrez des lieux connus de lhistoire dHarry Potter IRL ! Entrez dans le Portoloin et baladez-vous pour découvrir à votre tour la boutique dOllivander, le Ministère de la magie, ou encore la Cabane de Hagrid et la Forêt Interdite !

Ces lieux peuvent se déployer lorsque vous lancez le jeu, téléphone placé face à un lieu tel quun musée, une église ou dans une simple rue près de chez vous. Dans ce jeu, apprenez de nombreux sorts, rassemblez des ingrédients pour faire des potions et affrontez des Mangemorts et autres créatures ! En plus de tout cela, des combats épiques vous attendent contre des joueurs du monde entier. Selon moi, il sagit là du meilleur jeu en RA sur le marché !

Pokmon Masters Ex Alternative To Online Pokmon Game

Just like Ash Ketchums dream to become a Pokémon Master in the series, you too can be a Pokémon Master in Pokémon Masters EX.

This adventure game allows you to play an original story spanning through different generations of the Pokémon series. All the important characters are present in the game, and you can recruit them onto your team for epic 3v3 battles.

Your objective is to gain entry to the prestigious Pokémon Masters League and fight your way to the title of Champion. Either fight with or against the most popular characters. For Pokémon fanatics, this is a game and story worth experiencing.

You will have to be wary of the grinding mechanics, though. This system makes obtaining the more powerful characters and Pokémon slightly difficult.

Price: Free

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Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon GO was the first entry in the franchise for a lot of people, so it’s understandable that they may want to dip their toes into the mainline games. The latest entry in that vein is Pokemon Sword and Shield. Set in the Galar region, players are competing to dethrone the Pokemon League Champion Leon.

To do so, players much catch and train pokemon by putting them in battles both in the wild and against other trainers. Players must also build up teams that are strong enough to take on various Gym Leaders throughout the region.

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