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How To Get An Eevee In Pokemon Sword

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Day Night And Moveset Considerations

HOW TO GET Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Shield

True to their titles, the Sun and Moonlight Eeveelutions still evolve based on the time of day: Espeon during the day, Umbreon at night. This sounds simple enough until you factor in the odd way that the day/night system works in Sword & Shield, which allows for either Pokémon to be evolved during the same time in the evening.

If you have not completed the game yet, the areas outside of the Wild Area will be locked in plot-relevant times of day , with only the Wild Area registering the actual time of your Switch’s internal clock. This means that at 8pm at night, an Eevee will evolve into an Espeon instead of an Umbreon if the level-up takes place outside of the Wild Area.

So for those of you who want an Umbreon before reaching the post-game, beware: nighttime only registers when you are in the Wild Area and can visually see that the sun has gone down in-game. If youre impatient, you can simply set your Switchs clock to the evening and hop to the Wild Area to get your Umbreon.

That is, of course, if your Eevee does not know any fairy-type moves no matter the time of day, if it knows even one fairy-type move, it will evolve into a Sylveon. For those of you who want the fairy-type evolution, most Eevee are found with the fairy-type move Baby-Doll Eyes. Otherwise, you can hatch an Eevee who has inherited Charm from a Minccino father.

Conversely, if you definitely do not want a Sylveon, make sure to have Eevee forget Baby-Doll Eyes before levelling up!

So, to recap:

How To Get Gigantamax Eevee

Gigantamax form is a new mechanic that was introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield alongside Dynamax. Dynamax allows you to increase your Pokemon in size in certain battles that make them even stronger. While Dynamax just makes them larger, certain Pokemon also have a special Gigantamax form that looks very different from their usual. One of those introduced in the game was Gigantamax Eevee, which you can see above.

When Pokemon Sword and Shield first launched, you could definitely acquire an Eevee in the game, but these ones you would catch normally would not have the ability to Gigantamax. Instead, the only way to get a Gigantamax Eevee then was to have a save file from Pokemon Lets Go! Eevee on your Nintendo Switch.

Thankfully, that has now changed with yet another special event in Pokemon Sword and Shield that will allow you to get Gigantamax Eevee. This is similar to Gigantamax Pikachu last week, where it is only available for a limited time, so make sure you get it this week.

To get Gigantamax Eevee, head to the Wild Area and make sure you connect the internet or at least download the latest Wild News to get the latest update for Max Raids. Now just head around and look for any of the pink beams of light and interact with them to see if any of them are for Gigantamax Eevee, which you can tell by the silhouette in the below image.


When Is Sylveon Coming To Pokmon Go

Friendship needs to be a little bit higher.

Its been a long time coming, but Sylveon now has a clear release date in Pokémon Go. It will be arriving in the Luminous Legends Y event, which kicks off May 18. However, Sylveon wont be making its appearance the second part, on May 25. The first part of the Luminous Legends Y event will have players hunting down several Dark-type Pokémon as Yveltal makes its debut to the mobile game.

Its been revealed that how players evolve Eevee into Sylveon will earn hearts when Eevee is your buddy. This tracks pretty closely with the standard game as an Eevee had enough friendship points to evolve into Sylveon. Although, other Eevee evolutions also require this step, which means there will be a bit more well have to do when Sylveon does release. Well be learning more about it on May 25.

Sylveon is the Fairy-type evolution for Eevee. This is the final Eevee evolution that many players have been waiting for. Following the Luminous Legends Y event, youll still be able to evolve any Eevee you capture into a Sylveon, so long as you follow the exact steps. Alternatively, Sylveon will have an evolution name trick, which means if you give an Eevee this name, it will evolve into a Sylveon, but you can only do it once.

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Catching: Always Be Curving

Throwing a Curve Ball in Pokémon Go gives you a 1.7x bonus to catching a Pokémon.

The 1.7x bonus for a Curve Ball is higher than the 1.5x bonus you get for using a Razz Berry or switching to a Great Ball, and it consumes no resources. Its also cumulative, so if you do use a Razz Berry or Great or Ultra Ball, you get a 1.7x bonus for curving on top of the bonus for the Berry or better Ball. Its basically free bonus. All you have to do is get good at throwing it.

Each Pokémon has one or two types, and each type has a medal. Typically, if you catch 10 of the same type, you get a bronze medal. Catch 50, and you get a silver medal. Catch 200, and you get a gold medal. Why bother? Bronze medal earns you an extra 1.1x bonus for catching Pokémon. Silver gets you a 1.2x bonus, and gold gets you 1.3x. Its not as high as a Curve Ball bonus, but its also effortless once you have it. And any bonus you get to catching that Dragonite might matter!

Bonuses stack together, so if you use a Razz Berry, then throw a Curve Ultra Ball at a Pokémon you have Gold Medal for, and hit the Excellent Bonus, you catch rate multiplies through the roof.

  • Poké Ball: x1.
  • Curve Ultra Ball + Razz Berry: x5.1.
  • Curve Ultra Ball + Razz Berry + Excellent: x10.2.
  • Curve Ultra Ball + Razz Berry + Excellent + Gold Medal: x13.26.

About Eevee And Its Evolutions

Pokemon Sword and Shield

As mentioned before, Eevee is a Pokemon of possibility. Eevee has eight possible evolutions,;some using an evolution stone, some evolving during certain times of day, and some evolve depending on how friendly they are to their trainer. Eevee is interesting because of the many different types that it can evolve into and the stats and movesets that go along with its types.

Interestingly, Eevee is not the only evolution that can be found in the wild. If players are interested in getting a select evolution at an extremely high level, each and every eeveelution can found in the late-game area called the Lake of Outrage during specific weather conditions. Additionally, players can just evolve their Eevee naturally, though evolutions like Umbreon, Espeon and Sylveon;can be a bit tricky.

With those helpful suggestions, players can try to build there own team of eeveelutions, breed for a shiny Eevee,;or just catch an Eevee and give it an Everstone to keep it;the same forever.

Pokemon Sword;and;Shield;is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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Is There A New Eeveelution In Sword And Shield

Unfortunately, there aren’t any new Eeveelutions in Gen 8. However, you can catch Eevee and all eight of its pre-existing Eeveelutions in Sword and Shield.

While there are 18 different Pokémon types, only half of them have received an affiliating Eevee-related evolution. Of the ones that we haven’t seen, I’d especially love to see a Dragon-type, Ghost-type, and Flying-type Eeveelution. Maybe we’ll see one of these in the next core Pokémon game.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Eevee

Pokemon Sword and Shield Eevee is a Normal Type Evolution Pokémon, which makes it weak against Fighting type moves. You can find and catch Eevee in Route 4 with a 1% chance to appear during All Weather weather. The Max IV Stats of Eevee are 55 HP, 55 Attack, 45 SP Attack, 50 Defense, 65 SP Defense, and 55 Speed.

List of Eevee Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

Speed 55

Based on this pokemon’s stats we consider the best nature for Eevee to have is Careful, this will increase it’s Sp. Def and decrease it’s Sp. Atk stats.

Eevee Abilities

Enables a sure getaway from wild Pokémon.
Adaptability Powers up moves of the same type as the Pokémon.
Anticipation The Pokémon can sense an opposing Pokémons dangerous moves.

Sword Pokedex Entry

It has the ability to alter the composition of its body to suit its surrounding environment.

Shield Pokedex Entry

Thanks to its unstable genetic makeup, this special Pokémon conceals many different possible evolutions.

Gigantamax Eevee

Gigantamax Sword Pokedex Entry

Gigantamax energy upped the fluffiness of the fur around Eevee’s neck. The fur will envelop a foe, capturing its body and captivating its mind.

Gigantamax Shield Pokedex Entry

Having gotten even friendlier and more innocent, Eevee tries to play with anyone around, only to end up crushing them with its immense body.

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Where To Find And Get An Eevee In Pokemon Sword And Shield

If you want to catch an Eevee in order to add one of the Eevee Evolutions to your team, you’re going to need to find one first. It’s a Galar Region native, but that doesn’t mean it’s particularly common: in fact, in both games Eevee only spawns in one location, on Route 4.;

You’ll want to search inside the yellowed grass you find on Route 4, keeping an eye out for Eevee’s very recognizable ears. Eevee is one of the rarer spawns on Route 4, so it might take you a while to locate one in the wild.

If you don’t want to search for one on Route 4, there are a few other options. For one, you can encounter Eevee as an enemy in Max Raid Battles out in the wild area.;

Secondly, there’s a free Eevee available as part of a cross-promotion with the previous Pokemon release on Switch, Pokemon Let’s Go. If you had the Eevee edition of that game and have a save game present on your Switch, head to the wild area train station. Look for two kids in the corner – they will let you pick up your bonus. Saves from the Pikachu version of the game will get you a unique Pikachu, while a save from the Eevee edition will, naturally, get you an Eevee.

These two bonus Pokemon are designed to be Dynamaxed into a unique form of both Pikachu and Eevee – but they’re one way to grab an Eevee in Sword and Shield if you’re struggling over on route 4. Keep in mind that this Eevee cannot be evolved. Once you have one Eevee, it might be wise to combine it with a Ditto at the daycare to breed yourself more.

How To Get Gigantamax Eevee In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Where To Find Eevee In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Everything you need to know to get your hands on the Gigantamax Eevee in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Weve already shown you how to get some of the other special Gigantamax Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This time around, though, were going to show you how to get a Gigantamax Eevee, one of two special Pokemon that players can get for having Pokemon: Lets Go save files. In this particular guide, well break down how to get the Gigantamax Eevee, which you can get early on in Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield.

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How To Evolve Eevee Into Vaporeon

Vaporeon is a Water-type Eevee evolution, and is one of the original three Eeveelutions.

To evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, simply give it a Water Stone.;

You can find Water Stones by the circle of rocks on the hill in the Lake of Outrage region of the Wild Area, and can also receive them as rewards from the Digging Duo in the Wild Area.;

Special Pikachu And Eevee Gigantamax Ability In Pokmon Sword And Shield Explained

The Pikachu or Eevee you receive isn’t just special because you get it for having a Let’s Go file on your Nintendo Switch.

No, the Pikachu or Eevee you receive also has the ability to Gigantamax in battle. The downside, however, is that you can’t evolve either of these special Pokémon.

Gigantamax is a special ability that only some Pokémon have. When it occurs the Pokémon will grow in size and their power will increase.

In this new form, the Gigantamax Pokémon will have access to a special G-Max Move, which is exclusive to that specific Pokémon.

Due to their inability to evolve, the special Pikachu or Eevee you recieve is basically a collector’s item. You can have some fun experimenting with the Gigantamax form, but neither one will have any long term usefulness on your team.

You may find Pikachu useful in the second, water-type based gym, but, other than that, if you want either Pokémon to be a permanent feature on your team, you’re better off looking for one you can evolve.

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How To Get Eevee

If you have save file for Pokemon: Lets Go, Eevee! on your Nintendo Switch, you can get a special Eevee that is capable of Gigantamaxing from an NPC in the Wild Area train station . It should be noted that, while you can use this Eevee to breed, it cannot be evolved. The Eevee you get here is a female, so it can be used to breed more Eevees without a Ditto.

Eevee can also be caught in the wild in a couple of places in the game, though it has a low spawn rate. The main spot you should look for Eevee is on Route 4, north of the mine. You may have to spend a bit of time looking for Eevee here, however, as it has a spawn rate of 1% in Sword and 5% in Shield.

Eevee can also be found in the Stony Wilderness section of the Wild Area on occasion. You will have to wait for a thunderstorm, however. The spawn rate here during thunderstorms is 10%.

Vaporeon and Leafeon

How To Evolve Eevee Intoflareon

Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Find And Evolve Eevee Into ...

Flareon is a Fire-type Eevee evolution, and is one of the original three Eeveelutions.

To evolve Eevee into Flareon, simply give it a Fire Stone.;

You can find Fire Stones by the circle of rocks on the hill in the Lake of Outrage region of the Wild Area, and can also receive them as rewards from the Digging Duo in the Wild Area.;

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What Is Gigantamax Eevee

The Gigantamax Factor is an ability some Pokemon can have, which allows them to take on huge forms with different moves than regular Dynamax Pokemon. Gigantamax Pokemon also take on a special appearance thats different from other Pokemon of that species.;

Gigantamax Eevee becomes extremely fluffy, and its ears take on a more angular appearance. Gigantamax Eevee can also use the unique move G-Max Cuddle, a powerful Normal attack that attracts opponents.

Pokmon Sword And Shield: How To Catch And Evolve Eevee

Eevee is one of the most popular Pokémon throughout the series, and there’s always a bit of mystery surrounding how to acquire its many different evolutions. There are eight different Eeveelutions in Pokémon Sword and Shield which can be caught or evolved in different ways. Here is how to catch Eevee followed by how to evolve Eevee in Pokémon Sword and Shield, which is one of the best Nintendo Switch games available, to fill out your collection.

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How To Get Gigantamax Eevee In Pokmon Sword And Shield

Before now, Gigantamax Eevee was only available in Sword & Shield to players who had save data on their Switch from 2018’s Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! If you do, you can get Gigantamax Eevee as a gift from an NPC in the train station in Sword & Shield’s Wild Area.

If you didn’t, you can now catch Gigantamax Eevee as part of an eponymous limited-time event in Sword & Shield. Until May 25th, you can find Raid Dens in the Wild Area marked by pillars of red or purple light. Inside, you’ve got a good if not guaranteed chance to find G-Max’d Eevees.

Like regular-sized Eevees, the Gigantamaxed version is a Normal-type Pokémon that’s totally immune to Ghost-type attacks. It’s vulnerable against Fighting, but has no other weaknesses, and knows the exclusive Normal-type move G-Max Cuddle. While Cuddle can dish out some pain, its real drawback is that any Pokémon on your team of the opposite gender from the G-Maxed Eevee will become Infatuated, which brings a 50% chance that they won’t be able to attack the Eevee at all.

Most Eevee tend to be male, so your best team for capturing a Gigantamax Eevee would involve some high-defense male Pokémon with Fighting-type moves. A properly leveled Machamp, Conkeldurr, Hitmonlee, or Hawlucha should be able to take on Eevee and win with minimal difficulty, particularly if you’ve reached or gotten past Sword & Shield’s endgame.

Where To Catch Eevee In Pokmon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield – How to evolve Eevee into ALL 8 Eeveelutions

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, you can find Eevee on Route 4. After you exit Galar Mine, youll come across some rolling fields that lead to Turffield. Eevee will appear randomly in the tall grass in this area.

Alternatively, head to the Wild Area and take part in some Max Raid Battles to get your hands on an Eevee. Jumping into battles in Bridge Field, East Lake Axewell, Motostoke Riverbank, or Rolling Fields could land you an Eevee. Defeat the powerful Dynamax Eevee using Fighting-type Pokémon and then throw your best ball to capture it. We find Dusk Balls or Ultra Balls work best on Dynamax Pokémon.

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