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How To Get Leafeon And Glaceon In Pokemon Go

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The Story Behind The Eevee Naming Method In Pokemon Go

How to Get Leafeon and Glaceon – Pokemon Go

Now that you know the Eevee naming method in Pokemon GO, you might be wondering where it comes from. As I’m sure some of you will know, Niantic didn’t just pull these evolution names out of a hat, no, it actually looked to the Pokemon anime for inspiration. The Battling Everly Brothers featured in the TV series, each with his own Eeveelution. The names used in Pokemon GO are a direct reference to these pokemon, which is pretty neat throwback if you ask me.

We’ve even got a video for you below, showing how to evolve Eevee into Umbreon and Espeon

How Do You Identify What Series A Pokemon Card Is From

Just from looking at the Pokemon card, is it possible to determine what series the card is from e.g. Hidden Fates, Steam Siege etc.? The copyright states the year but not which release quarter the card is from.

Each card contains a logo indicating which set it is from. This image was taken from here. A list of all the set logos is available here. I know link only answers are discouraged but there are many of these and can easily be googled.

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How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon Or Glaceon In ‘pokmon Go’


The Eevee menagerie got a little bit bigger in Pokémon GO today. Until now we had been working with Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon and Espeon, but today we got Leafeon and Glaceon, meaning that we’re only missing one of Eevee’s various evolutions. Leafeon is Eevee’s grass-type evolution and Glaceon is the Ice-type, and both are capable little creatures just like their siblings. Read on for how to evolve Leafeon and Glaceon in Pokémon GO.

Leafeon and Glaceon, like other Gen 4 evolutions of previous-generation Pokémon, require a special item to evolve. Unlike all those other creatures, however, that item is not a Sinnoh Stone. It’s a new special type of lure module: a mossy lure for Leafeon, and a glacial lure for Glaceon.

The mossy and glacial lure modules lure particular Pokémon to whatever stop you use them on, making for a marked difference from the usual, anything goes-style lure module. They also allow for evolution. Basically, all you need to do is drop your lure into any given Pokéstop and then select your Eevee. You’ll see a special option so long as you’re in the range of the Pokéstop and have 25 candies. Select that to get your Leafeon or your Glaceon, depending on your lure.

And that’s how you get your new Eeveelutions. There are a bunch of other Gen 4 creatures available today, as well.

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What Kind Of Pokemon Can A Glaceon Evolve Into

They are both evolutions of Eevee. Eevee can evolve into seven different Pokémon depending on what it has in its possession and where it is when it evolves. Glaceon is an Ice-type and can freeze all the fur on its body into protective quills.

Below are the quests in the order listed in the Quest function of the menu This quest is obtained during the games storyline. In the Vientown Ranger Centre, the farmer will come in and state that his Miltank is acting up. Go down to his farm and into the field at the back and capture Miltank. This will calm it down

Eevee Nicknames For Evolutions

Guide: How to get Leafeon &  Glaceon in Pokémon GO ...

First, youre going to need to know the Eevee evolution nicknames. To start this journey off right, start with Pokemon number 133, Eevee. This is a Normal type Pokemon thatll appear pretty much anywhere around the world. Not in the middle of the ocean or the desert, mind you but pretty much anywhere else.

The first three Eevee evolutions are Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. To evolve into each of these Pokemon, youll need only change the name of your Eevee. Change to Rainer for Vaporeon, Sparky for Jolteon, or Pyro for Flareon. This trick will only work ONCE for each of the three first evolutions of Eevee.

The rest are a bit more complicated. Nicknames for the rest of the Eevee evolutions require more than JUST a nickname, but here they are anyway: Espeon is Sakura, Umbreon is Tamao, Leafeon is Linnea, and Glaceon is Rea. Those are, in order, Psychic, Dark, Grass, and Ice types.

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Do Any Other Pokemon Evolve With The New Lures

Like the Glacial and Mossy Lures, the Magnetic Lure also enables certain Pokemon to evolve when placed in a Poke Stop. Specifically, Magneton and Nosepass can evolve into Magnezone and Probopass, respectively, when you’re nearby an active Magnetic Lure. As with Glaceon and Leafeon, to get either of these evolutions, place a Magnetic Lure in a Poke Stop, click on the Pokemon’s detail screen, and you’ll have the option to evolve it into its Gen 4 form.

Pokmon Go Eeveelutions: How To Evolve Eevee Into Evolutions Slyveon Leafeon Glaceon Umbreon Espeon Vaporeon Flareon And Jolteon With These Eevee Names

Here’s how Eevee evolutions work. If you choose to evolve Eevee without any meddling – by feeding it 25 Eevee candy – then it’ll turn to Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon at random.

However, players have discovered a trick that allows you to target any of Sylveon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Espeon, Umbreon, Flareon, Jolteon or Vaporeon by using one of the following Eevee names:

  • Rename Eevee as Kira to evolve into fairy-type Sylveon
  • Rename Eevee as Linnea to evolve into leaf-type Leafeon
  • Rename Eevee as Rea to evolve into ice-type Glaceon
  • Rename Eevee as Sakura to evolve into psychic-type Espeon
  • Rename Eevee as Tamao to evolve into dark-type Umbreon
  • Rename Eevee as Rainer to evolve into water-type Vaporeon
  • Rename Eevee as Sparky to evolve into lightning-type Jolteon
  • Rename Eevee as Pyro to evolve into fire-type Flareon

Important note – the trick only works once per evolution type, so make sure you choose Eevees with the best CP values before you evolve them into the type you want.

Thank you to redwineandbeer from reddit for confirming the nickname for Sylveon.

That said, for select Eevee evolutions, its possible to get the specific types you want through a second method…

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Evolve Eevee Into Flareon Vaporeon Or Jolteon In Pokemon Go

Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon are the first three evolutions of Eevee introduced in the Kanto region. They were among the first 150 OG Pokemon of the whole franchise. In the core games as well as the anime, Eevee evolved into these forms using evolution stones. However, the stones are not available in Pokemon Go.

But dont worry, you can still evolve your Eevee into a Flareon, Vaporeon, or a Jolteon in Pokemon Go. You can use the same Name trick for this.

  • Flareon: To get a Flareon, rename your Eevee to Pyro and evolve it. This way you can get a Flareon in Pokemon Go.
  • Vaporeon: To get a Vaporeon, rename your Eevee to Rainer and evolve it. This way you can get a Vaporeon in Pokemon Go.
  • Jolteon: To get a Jolteon, rename your Eevee to Sparky and evolve it. This way you can get a Jolteon in Pokemon Go.

Thats how you can get the Kanto Eeveelutions in Pokemon Go.

How To Get Eevee’s Ice

LEAFEON & GLACEON NAME TRICK! – How to get Leafeon & Glaceon 100% in Pokémon GO!

So, there are two ways to evolve Eevee into Glaceon in Pokemon GO. One method is instantaneous and the other is a bit more complex.

The easy way is to use the nickname trick. There are several names that players can give their Eevee to automatically evolve it into one of its specific evolutions after feeding it 25 Eevee candy. The nickname trainers should give Eevee to ensure that it evolves into Glaceon is Rea.

The significance behind the name Rea has to do with Pokemon Sun and Moon. In Generation VII, there is a side quest to get the Eevium Z item that involves fighting separate trainers, each with an Eevee evolution. Rea is the trainer that uses Glaceon.

Sadly, this method only works once per Eevee evolution. Therefore, there are eight total times trainers can use this trick.

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How To Evolve Into Espeon And Umbreon

The first time you want to get your hands on Espeon and Umbreon, you can use the name trick detailed above. Evolve an Eeevee called Tamao to get an Umbreon, or an Eevee named Sakura to evolve it into Espeon. After that, you’ll need to evolve them the old-fashioned way, by completing certain goals.

For Espeon and Umbreon, you can also evolve into them based on their in-game method of evolution in Pokemon Gold and Silver back on the Game Boy – based on the time of day. In order to do this, you’ll first need to build a relationship with your Eevee. Set them as your buddy Pokemon and walk with them as much as you can.

Once you’ve walked 10km with that Eevee as your buddy Pokemon, it’s ready to evolve into either Epseon or Umbreon. Just evolve in the day for Espeon and night for Umbreon – and this isn’t limited, you can do it as often as you like!

Pokemon Go Eevee Has A Number Of Evolutions That Players Can Get By Different Methods Learn How To Get Glaceon And Other Eevee Evolutions Here

Pokemon Go is one of the most well-known handheld games out there. With new substance updates and events for players to partake in, the game has figured out how to remain above water. The game permits the players to live their hotly anticipated fantasy about being a Pokemon Trainer. They can approach their everyday life and catch and train Pokemon in transit with the assistance of this game.

Players use Pokemon Go to catch and prepare Pokemon, put them into fights, and to develop them into their evolution. Players have been asking how to get Glaceon in Pokemon Go.

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How Do You Force Eevee To Evolve Into Gen 4s Glaceon Or Leafeon With The Nickname Trick

So the idea behind is that you just have to rename your Pokémon to any nickname, and it will evolve the eeve to Gen 4s Glaceon or Leafeon. This is the pretty simplest way to get free evolution.


This nickname trick for Pokémon go Eevee evolutions only works once so be very specific while using it.

What I can use other than Nickname trick to evolve my Pokémon?

As it is mentioned earlier the Nickname trick can be used only once. So now what you will do for Pokémon go Eevee evolutions to more Leafeon or Glaceon? Nothing serious, just tap the Evolve button and your eeve will get evolved in one of the following.

  • Vaporeon
  • Flareon
  • Jolteon

But wait! What about Leafeon or Glaceon. They just need a couple of different steps. But before moving forward lets have an overview of the candy concept in Pokémon go.

How To Catch Eevee In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Guide: How to get Leafeon &  Glaceon in Pokémon GO ...

So you can acquire an Eevee in Pokemon Sword and Shield in more than one way. The first, which weve already briefly mentioned, is to actually own Pokemon Lets Go Eevee and have a save file of it on your Switch. If you do, youll be able to pick up the Gigantamax Eevee from one of two trainers in the Wild Area train station by the Meetup Spot.

However, if youre just looking out for your average Eevee, weve got some good news. Sure, its not going to be as adorably fluffy as the Gigantamax version that you can get, but theyre actually not super difficult to find in the wild. Our recommendation would be to head straight for Route 4 after arriving from Wedgehurst and to just start running around until you spot them scampering around.

Take your time to head back and forth between the areas til an Eevee makes its presence known, then proceed how you normally would when it comes to catching any other Pokemon. Eevee can evolve into all of its Eeveelutions in this game so long as youve got the right evolution stone or meet the right conditions. For example, weve got a guide on how to turn your Eevee into a Sylveon if youre interested, and you can check that out here.

Now that weve told you how to catch Eevee in Pokemon Sword and Shield, why not check out some other tips and tricks that weve put together for aspiring Trainers in the Galar region?

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Pokemon Go Trading Mechanics

There is a few things to keep in mind when trading Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

  • Standard trades cost 100 Stardust. A standard trade involves Pokemon that are not shiny, not legendary and which you have already caught.
  • IVs, HP and CP change when trading, but moves, gender and size of the traded Pokemon stay the same. Be careful: Pokemon Level can also change!
  • A traded Pokemon level will be adjusted to the maximum power up level the recipient can perform. If you try to trade a higher level Pokemon to someone who cant normally power up to that level, the Pokemons level will go down. In other words, you cant boost someone by passing them a high level Pokemon they wouldnt have access to otherwise.
  • You can influence the re-rolled stats by increasing your Friendship level. According to this official blog post, the game assigns minimum stat values based on your Friendship level.
  • Trades reward additional Candy, depending on the distance between the locations where the two Pokemon were caught
  • 1 Candy => close distance
  • 3 Candy => 100 KM distance

Trading Pokemon affects your older medalsA Pokemon can only be traded once.

ByFord James30 April 2020

The Leafeon Pokemon Go name and Glaceon Pokemon Go name you need to use if youre wondering how to get Leafeon & Glaceon in Pokemon Go

How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon And Glaceon In Pokemon Go

If you do not already have Leafeon and Glaceon then you can use a cool trick that will guarantee that you Eevee evolves into Leafeon or Glaceon . The trick is to change the nickname of Eevee to ensure that a certain evolution takes place. The following are the nicknames that you can use in order to get the evolution that you want.

Eevee Nickname
Glaceon Rea

So in order to get Leafeon, you need to nickname Eevee Linnea and then evolve Eevee. This will evolve Eevee into Leafeon. If you want Eevee to evolve into Glaceon then nickname Eevee Rea and then evolve Eevee to get Glaceon.

The same trick works for other evolutions as well but you can only use it once per Eevee evolution. Once you get Glaceon using this trick then you cannot get the same result. You can use the trick for other evolutions but the same rule applies there as well.

This is how you can evolve Eevee into Glaceon and Leafeon in Pokemon Go. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can beat Team Rocket leader Giovanni in the game.

You can also check out our guide on how you can beat Jessie and James in Pokemon Go. For more content, you can check out our Pokemon Go guides hub.

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How To Get Faster Times In Rotom Rallies

While Iâd love to say âget good,â instead, you should upgrade your bike. Speak to any Watt Trader and choose the âImprove My Bikeâ option. All it takes is a small sum of watts, and youâll start rolling faster than ever. This can be done three times. The first upgrade costs 1,000 watts, 3,000 for the second, and 5,000 for the final upgrade. Each upgrade will improve your Rotom Rally time and the speed at which you can jet through Galar.

Thereâs also another upgrade youâll get on Route 9, allowing you to ride your Rotom Bike on water! After defeating a duo of Team Yell grunts, a scientist will reward you equippable paddles. This replaces the âsurfâ feature from previous games.

are currently available in stores.

What Is The Best Way To Get Umbreon In Pokemon Go

How to get Leafeon & Glaceon in Pokemon Go! | New Eeveelution Name Trick | How to use the new Lures!

Umbreon Pokemon Go is one of Eevees numerous evolutions, and it may be found in the game. This transformation transforms Eevee into a Pokemon of the Dark-type. Eevee may undergo a variety of various kinds of evolutions based on the method through which the user decides to develop the Pokémon. The following are the steps to get Umbreon in Pokemon Go:

  • The first method is very straightforward. Change the name of Eevee to Tamao in order for it to develop into the Dark-type Umbreon.
  • The second method of transforming Eevee into Umbreon may also be used to transform Espeon into Umbreon.
  • Players who want to catch Umbreon or Espeon will have to walk with Eevee as a friend for 10 kilometers and earn two sweets in the process.
  • It is possible for the players to evolve the pokemon during the day, in which case Eevee will evolve into Espeon, and in the night, in which case Eevee will evolve into Umbreon, if the players choose to evolve the pokemon during the day.

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