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Pokeball Plus With Pokemon Go

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How To Use Your Pok Ball Plus With Pokmon Go

How to Use Pokéball Plus with Pokemon GO App (Syncing with Pokeball Plus and Controls on Pokemon GO)

Whether iOS or Android, if you’re not playing Pokémon Let’s Go on your Nintendo Switch you should still bring your Poké Ball Plus controller with you to keep playing the game on your phone. When paired to Pokémon GO on your phone, the Poké Ball Plus acts as a step counter, a PokéStop spinner, and a one-throw catch or fail option for random Pokémon you encounter. If you’ve ever used a Pokémon GO Plus accessory, the Poké Ball Plus will feel very familiar. If not, here’s everything you need to know!

Muting The Pok Ball Plus

You cant mute the Poké Ball Plus sounds or disable its vibrations when playing Lets Go!, but you can mute it when its connected to Pokémon Go. To do this, you have to hold the top button and control stick button at the same time. It will vibrate to indicate that the action was successful. Follow these same steps again to unmute it.

How To Pair The Pok Ball Plus With Nintendo Switch

To pair the Poké Ball Plus with your Nintendo Switch, open your game of Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu or Pokémon Lets Go Eevee, and when it shows you the control selection screen, press one of the buttons on the Poké Ball Plus. After a moment,the Poké Ball Pluswill be paired and ready for use. You can also switch to the Poké Ball Plusat any time if you press X to go to the menu, press Y to go to the options screen, and choose Open Controller Settings, then press a button on thePoké Ball Plus.

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What Is The Pok Ball Plus And How Does It Work

The Poké Ball Plus still hasn’t been completely explained – although there’s plenty we do know already.

We know it’ll function like a Pokémon Go Plus – more on that itself below – when connected to Pokémon Go, allowing you to do all the same things like catch Pokémon and spin stops as you go.

As well as that, we know it’ll have Pokéwalker-style functions for your Pokémon from Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. You can put them “in” the Poké Ball Plus and, by tracking your steps as you walk around with it, it’ll unlock certain unspecified benefits for you or your Pokémon in-game. Junichi Masuda, head of Let’s Go developer Game Freak, also confirmed to us that there will be some different, special features.

“One cool thing if you put your partner Pokémon – so maybe your Pikachu – inside of it, I think maybe there’s some extra things that makes it feel as though the Pokémon is really inside the ball… for example if you shake it, it’ll actually sounds like it’s in there, so things like that – and also some things we haven’t revealed, that are cool that affect the gameplay if you walk around with it,” he said.

We weren’t allowed to touch it out in Japan but, rest assured, were told it felt very nice. It has both a wrist strap and a smaller hoop for you to hook a finger through to make sure it’s secure in your hand – and so no kids go throwing it through the TV.

Jouez Sans Regarder L’appareil Mobile

How to Connect Pokeball Plus with Pokemon Sword &  Shield

Il est bon que vous sachiez que vous pourrez jouer à Pokémon Go sans avoir à regarder l’écran de votre appareil, car Lorsqu’un Pokémon se trouve à proximité de la Poke Ball Plus, il s’allume et commence à vibrer.

Par conséquent, en appuyant simplement sur un bouton, vous aurez la possibilité de lancer virtuellement une Poke Ball et Lorsque les lumières s’allumeront avec un éclairage différent, vous saurez que vous avez déjà capturé un Pokémon.

De même, tant que vous gardez votre Poke Ball Plus connecté avec votre appareil mobile et l’application Pokémon GO, le décompte de vos pas se fait aussi, avec lequel vous pouvez faire éclore des ufs et obtenir des bonbons.

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Dcouvrez Comment Fonctionne La Poke Ball Plus Dans Pokmon Go

Est un outil très utile car il fonctionne comme un contrôle pour effectuer des mouvements, placer des combats et avoir une bonne navigation dans les menus.

Il s’avère que la Poke Ball Plus possède des capteurs de mouvement qui lui permettent de détecter quand un Pokémon fait son apparition. Par conséquent, ce que vous devez faire est de préparer votre Poke Ball Plus pour que vous puissiez essayer le capturez-le au moment où vous déplacez votre Poke Ball Plus comme si vous alliez le lancer.

Après cela, lorsque vous attrapez un Pokémon, votre Poke Ball Plus il s’allumera et vibrera dans votre main. Vous entendrez donc aussi un son qui est particulier, et qui est émis par le Pokémon, et vous penserez sérieusement qu’il y a un Pokémon à l’intérieur.

Pokmon Go Plus The Dated Original

If you want a simple way to speed up your Pokémon Go progress without losing the Poké-essence, the Pokémon Go Plus is the device for you. It features a plastic build that screams Im playing Pokémon Go, so its also a good way to meet fellow players on the street.

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Whenever a Pokémon or Pokéstop is nearby, the device will vibrate and light up, making the Pokémon Go Plus easy to use. The light indicates if its a new or duplicate Pokémon, and pushing the button will spin the Pokéstop or throw a single Poké ball. If the first Poké Ball fails, the Pokémon escapes.

It might seem like a bummer that it only throws a single Poké Ball , but its worth mentioning that both the other devices on this list work the same way. Youll have to pull out your phone to use berries or better types of Poké Balls.

The Pokémon Go Plus’ battery is a major drawback.

The worst part about the Pokémon Go Plus is the battery. It comes with a single CR2032 battery, and youll need to purchase a new battery to keep the fun going. You can buy a new Pokémon Go Plus battery here, but it is an added hassle in the age of rechargeable devices.

Its worth noting that although it isnt available yet, there is a Pokémon Go Plus+ on the way. It appears to be similar to the original, if a little bit more stylish. It will also work as a sleep tracker for the upcoming game Pokémon Sleep. Stay tuned for more details on this new Pokémon Go device in the near future.

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How To Disconnect Your Pok Ball Plus From Pokmon Go

If you didn’t already know this, you can’t have the Poké Ball Plus paired with two devices at the same time. Luckily, it’s easy to unpair your Poké Ball from Pokémon GO. Here’s how.

  • Launch Pokémon GO on your phone.
  • Tap the Poké Ball icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • When disconnected, the Poké Ball will dim.

    Can I Transfer Pokmon From Pokmon Go To Pokmon Sword And Shield

    How To Use Poké Ball Plus In Pokemon GO | DansTube.TV

    This is possible if you also own Lets Go, Pikachu and Eevee , although functionality is on the way that will enable you to transfer critters from Pokémon GO to Pokémon HOME directly. If we were you, wed probably sit tight for that unless youre absolutely desperate.

    Image: Nintendo Life

    So, while the functionality of the Poké Ball Plus is quite limited when it comes to Pokémon Sword and Shield, you can get some modest benefits by taking your Pokémon for walks with you and if youre desperate to use Mew in Pokémon Sword and Shield, a brand new Poké Ball Plus is currently the only way.

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    How To Reset The Pokeball Plus

    If there is a problem with the PokeBall Plus, such as it not charging properly even with a new power source, you can try resetting it. To reset the PokeBall Plus, locate the tiny, black button to the right of the base of the strap and press the button once with the tip of a pen or small object. The PokeBall Plus will briefly vibrate if reset.

    You can also reset the device by going into support mode by holding down the top button and control stick for five seconds when not connected to anything, according to HiHoSilver99 on the Pokemon Go Subreddit. The flash of the LED will let you know how full the battery is. Press the top button once so that the LED turns blue and then press the control stick to reset pairing information with the Switch, which you can do if you want to pair the device with a new Switch system. Press the top button twice so that the LED turns white and then press the control stick in to delete all user data on the device.

    Caution: If the PokeBall Plus is reset while data such as scores, save data, etc is being written to it, then it may be erased forever.

    How To Pair The Pokeball Plus With Pokemon Go On Ios Android

    The Pokemon Lets Go Pokeball Plus works on Switch of course, but also can be paired with Pokemon Go on iOS or Android devices. Were here to help do just that!

    The new Pokeball Peripheral can take the place of the Pokemon Go Plus peripheral, helping count your steps, catch Pokémon and automatically spinning Pokéstops.

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    What The Led Lights On The Pok Ball Plus Mean

    You must have Pokémon Go open in the background to use the Poké Ball Plus. You dont have to be actively playing the game, however. Instead, the device uses a series of lights to alert players to whats going on in the game.

    These are the lights to look for and what they mean when it comes to catching a Pokémon:

    • Three green lights: already owned nearby Pokémon press the top button to capture
    • Three yellow lights: new nearby Pokémon press the top button to capture
    • Up to three white lights: wild battle in progress
    • Three red lights: Pokémon ran away
    • Multi-colored lights: Pokémon captured

    These lights show up for PokéStops:

    • Two blue lights: spin a nearby PokéStop
    • One red light: unable to spin
    • Multi-colored lights: items collected from PokéStop

    Catching Pokmon With Pok Ball Plus In Pokmon Lets Go

    Pokeball Plus

    To catch a pokémon with the Poké Ball Plus in Pokémon Lets Go, when you encounter a wild pokémon, choose Get Ready, then raise the Poké Ball Plus over your shoulder, then swing itdownward . You will throw a Poké Ball in the game. If you didntcatch the pokémon, you can choose Get Ready and try again.

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    How To Connect Your Pok Ball Plus To Pokmon Lets Go

    When you first start Pokémon Lets Go, youll be asked which controller type you want to use. You can manually Switch to the Poké Ball Plus at any time.

  • Launch Pokémon Lets Go on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Press the X button on your Joy-Con.
  • Press the Y button on your Joy-Con.
  • Select Open Controller Settings.

  • Press the white button on the Poké Ball Plus. It may take a few seconds to connect.
  • Press the white button on the Poké Ball Plus again after the icon turns red.
  • Press the white button on the Poké Ball Plus again to confirm that you want to use it.

  • Once connected, your Poké Ball Plus can be used as a standard controller. Use the joystick to walk around. Press the white button on top of the joystick to select things. Press the red button on top of the Poké Ball Plus to open the menu or exit out of windows.

    How To Pair The Pokeball Plus With Pokemon Go

  • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone,
  • Open Pokémon Go.
  • On the main screen, tap the Pokéball icon to open the menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • Press the Control Stick of the Poké Ball Plus to make the accessory discoverable.
  • A dialog box displays asking if you want to Enable Poké Ball Plus. Confirm.
  • If successful, the Poké Ball Plus icon in the game will become brighter and pressing the Control Stick on the Poké Ball Plus will cause it to vibrate.

    You can then make sure Poké Ball Plus is being used while youre playing Pokemon Go by clicking on the new Poke Ball icon in the top right of the screen


    Pokémon Go is available now on iOS and Android devices and Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee heads to Nintendo Switch on 16 November.

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    Update Your Pokmon Go App

    For iOS users, you’ll need to make sure that your device has the latest Pokémon GO update. Check the Updates tab in the App store.

    For Andriod users, if you go to settings, then applications, you’ll find the Pokémon GO app in your list of applications. When you tap on the app, it should give you the version number. If it is below 0.37.0, you’ll need to go to the google store to update the app from there.

    May 29 201: Nintendo Announces Pok Ball Plus Controller

    Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu How To Put Pokemon Inside Pokeball Plus

    Guess what Poké fans? You’ll be able to play Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu, Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee, and PokéMon GO with a real Pokéball! You can pair it with your Switch and use it in place of your Joy-Con or connect it to your mobile device and use it while your out on a Pokémon GO adventure. Nintendo just announced that it will be available alongside Pokémon: Let’s Go on November 16, 2018.

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    Rendre Plus Facile Encore Un Jeu Qui Lest Dj

    Autre fonction de cette Poké Ball Plus, la possibilité demmener un Pokémon en vadrouille lors de ses déplacements. Dans le menu « Sauvegarde » du jeu, on peut choisir un des monstres de poche de son équipe et le transférer virtuellement dans la Poké Ball Plus. On glisse lobjet dans sa poche, on fait sa promenade et, à son retour, le Pokémon a gagné des points dexpérience en fonction du nombre de pas réalisés. Il devient donc plus puissant, voire beaucoup trop et se met à surclasser ses adversaires. Dommage, dautant plus que Pokémon Lets Go est déjà un jeu peu trop facile selon nous.

    Si votre enfant égare la Poké Ball Plus, pas de panique. Le Pokémon est en réalité toujours présent dans le jeu. Le transfert vers laccessoire nest que virtuel.

    Quand un Pokémon est dans la Poké Ball Plus, il est possible dinteragir avec lui en appuyant trois secondes sur le joystick. Celui-ci émettra des cris dès que vous vous amuserez à secouer lobjet. Ignorons laspect « torture » un peu limite de cette fonction pour ne retenir que son caractère ludique. Une LED autour du joystick prend dailleurs la couleur du Pokémon retenu en captivité. Une idée qui devrait ravir les enfants, et qui les vise très certainement.

    Dernier apport au jeu permis par la Poké Ball Plus, la possibilité de récupérer un Mew de niveau 1 gratuitement. Un Pokémon légendaire impossible à trouver autrement quen achetant laccessoire.

    Avec Le Smartphone La Pok Ball Plus Ne Convainc Pas

    La Poké Ball Plus est un accessoire pour Nintendo Switch, mais aussi pour son smartphone. Connectée en Bluetooth à Pokémon Go, elle vous avertit dès quun Pokémon passe dans les environs. Vous pouvez alors le capturer à laveugle en appuyant sur le bouton central. Pour le coup, nous ne sommes pas du tout convaincus. La connexion au smartphone est instable, la capture ne fonctionne pas à tous les coups. Surtout, le jeu perd tout son intérêt si on ne voit pas le Pokémon quon essaye dattraper.

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    How To Pair Pok Ball Plus To ‘pokmon Go’

    Along with the release of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee, Nintendo is releasing the Poké Ball Plus, a new peripheral and successor to the Pokémon Go Plus.

    However, if you’re looking to use it with your Pokémon Go account you’ll need to pair it to the popular mobile game. What are the benefits of using the Poké Ball Plus? Like the Pokémon Go Plus, it will track your steps without having the app open. This is great for inclement weather and for battery-saving purposes.

    For Pokémon Let’s Go, you can use it as a controller to make you feel more like a Pokémon trainer as you toss the peripheral towards the screen to catch wild Pokémon. It’s also great to take a Pokémon from Let’s Go with you. The longer you have a Pokémon in the Poké Ball Plus the more experience it gains. You can even get helpful items.

    The Poké Ball Plus is sold separately for $49.99 and you’ll need to pair it with your Pokémon Go to get the most out of it. Here’s the steps you need to do just that.


    • Turn phone’s bluetooth on.
    • Got to Settings and scroll down until you see Poke Ball Plus.
    • Tap the button on the Poké Ball Plus once so it blinks white.
    • When the Poké Ball symbol appears in Pokémon Go‘s settings, tap it to start the pairing process.
    • Once the Poké Ball symbol is colored in, it’s connected.


    What Rewards Can I Get By Walking With A Pokmon Sword And Shield Pokmon In My Pok Ball Plus

    Pokemon Let

    Nothing very exciting, were afraid. Unlike in Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu! & Eevee! where your Pokémon also got experience points for your steps taken while in in the Poké Ball Plus, in Pokémon Sword and Shield the Pokémon do not receive XP. Youll get Poké Balls, Stardust, Rare Candy and various other items only.

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