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Pokemon Black 2 Route 20

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Where Does The Route 20 Start In Unova

Pokémon Black 2 Walkthrough ~Part 4~ Route 20

Route 20 starts from the south at Floccesy Town, where a Youngster and a Lass are. The northern section of the route leads to Floccesy Ranch before looping southwest to the routes western exit. Although this route appears early in the game, travelers cannot head eastwards until they have earned their first badge .

Preparing For Your Adventure

As an introduction to the game, the Pokemon Professor of the Unova Region, Professor Juniper, gives the classic explanation of what Pokemon are and what they are used for. You’re then prompted to provide the gender of the character you wish to play in the game, as well as your name and your rival’s name. After all three have been selected, you enter the world of Pokemon!

50-70 Fishing Spots

The game starts with your mother receiving a call just outside her house. She’ll find out that Professor Juniper wishes to give her child a Pokedex. She’ll be told that Bianca’s going to be the one to give it to you! After she takes the phone call, she’ll go inside and let you know that she’s home. You’re now given control of your character. Move over to her and she’ll begin speaking to you. Select ‘Yes’ four times as you move through the dialogue. Once you’ve finished speaking to her, leave the house.

You don’t need to worry about entering the building to your left, as it contains nothing of note. Instead, begin moving up the street to your left. You’ll be stopped by your rival and his little sister. After a bit of talking, his sister will go home and your rival will now tag along.

Talk to Bianca. Answer yes to both of her questions. Once the dialogue ends, talk to her once more and you’ll be given the chance to choose your starter Pokemon! The three starters are as follows:

Starter Information

Note: All starters begin on Level 5 with no held items.


Rival Battle!

Pokemon Black 2 Cheats Action Replay Codes: Tested Working For Na Version

Please note: Be warned that some listed cheats could potentially cause problems to your game. Our readers have reported messing of key items and random crashing. As a rule of thumb, save the game before applying any cheats. When you observed irregularities after applying a cheat, dont save your progress and restart your game.

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The Salesman The Runner

Midway across the bridge, a man is trying to sell bottles of Fresh Water for 300 apiece. He claims that he will be in trouble if he can’t sell them his reasons suspiciously change with each meeting but if you accept, he thanks you for your generosity. If not, you’ll need to decline his offer twice he’s a persistent salesman!

Farther along, you will encounter a thirsty man running across the bridge. Give him a Fresh Water to slake his thrist, and he dashes off. Repeat the process at the Driftveil Drawbridge, Tubeline Bridge, Village Bridge, , and the in that order, and he will return to the Skyarrow Bridge. Meet up with him here again to receive a dozen bottles of Moomoo Milk in gratitude.

Get Rid Of Team Plasma In Route 20

Pokemon Black 2

Head west through Route 20. Hugh is on the bridge. Don’t cross the bridge.Go south from where Hugh is standing and you will find the Team Plasma Gruntwho is hiding there. She has a Level 14 Purrloin.

When you defeat her, she runs away and says something that makes it seem likeTeam Plasma is going around by boat and might be going to Castelia City.

Hugh tells you to go back to Virbank and look for someone who knows about ships.

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Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Continue west up the stairs. Head north through the Tall Grass when you reach the top. Continue past the steps leading west until you reach the end. In the north-east corner there is a tile that oddly doesnt contain Tall Grass. It instead contains a hidden Carbos though. Grab it, using the Dowsing MCHN to find it if you need.

Head back south and head down those steps leading west. Now head south down to the steps to your west taking you north up onto the elevated area. Move over and challenge the Backpacker here.

Trainer Battle: Nursery Aide

After youre done, ascend the steps to your right. Youll see an item to your north. Go and grab it to find out its a Dire Hit . Then head up the last set of steps and turn right. Ahead is your first Double Battle! Walk up to the Twins and let them challenge you.

If you spot two trainers side by side, chances are its a double battle waiting to happen. You can also encounter wild double battles in the dark grass.

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Pokemon Black Version 2

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  • How do you get the item that’s on Route 20?
  • VideoboysaysCube9 years ago#1There’s a Pokeball resting on the top of a small mount. It’s in the area below the farm. There doesn’t seem to be any way to reach it. . Help?This sentence has five words. This sentence has eight words. Only one sentence in this signature is true.
    ThatKipp9 years ago#2Fall only, that area fills up with fallen leaves and you can access the item. IIRC it’s nothing good anyway.http://i.imgur.com/Upcd7fL.png
    VideoboysaysCube 9 years ago#3Oh, I see. Thanks.This sentence has five words. This sentence has eight words. Only one sentence in this signature is true.
    EricDent19 years ago#4Um, those are a Max Revive & a Rare Candy.Plus you can get a Sitrus Berry & Leppa Berry from the Rangers in the area.Of course you need Surf to get over there…If you have Waterfall you can also get a Sticky Barb & battle another Ranger for another Sitrus Berry.Near the Cave of Being..Toho’s Godzilla Will Live Forever!DQB2 Builder ID: nA8k13WmuZ

    Look For Team Plasma Grunt

    Pokemon Black 2 – Route 20 -Gameplay ep2
    • Come to Route 20 after chasing away Team Plasma from Virbank City. One of the Team Plasma Grunts is still hiding in the vicinity.
    • First head all the way back until you reach where the road connects to Floccesy Town. Then just go east and look at the small opening to the south to find a Team Plasma Grunt. Engage him in a Pokemon Battle.
    • When you defeat the remaining grunt, Hugh appears. Return to Virbank City to join Hugh on his way to Castelia City.

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    Pokemon Blaze Black 2 And Volt White 2 Wild List

    As a 649 hack/mod/whatever, the wild encounters for every area in the game have beenedited to allow you to capture whatever you wish. Encounters are split by area, and all possibleencounter methods are shown together with the possible Pokémon, their levels and theirpercent chance of appearing. Please note that in the case of Surf/Fishing Pokémon, the levelshown is generally a median average. Almost every Pokémon is available before the Elite Fourare battled the first time, and generally before the seventh badge has been obtained. Themain exception is probably Phione, as well as a fraction of the legendaries.For starter Pokémon, some can be found in the Hidden Grottos but youll be able to obtainthree out of the twelve as a gift. Check the Starter & Legendary Guide document for fulldetails. For Hidden Grottos, please jump to page 86. They are listed in the order you are ableto access them Also, where areas have seasonal variation the encounter list is shown in full for all four seasons,but season-exclusive Pokémon are highlighted in purple.But otherwise, enjoy the variety! For the first half of the game, youll be able to find newPokémon in pretty much every new area. Any Nuzlocke challenges should be interesting.ASPERTIA CITYSurf, Normal: Surf, Dark Spot:- –


    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Breeder

    Like most Pokemon Breeders, he will challenge you to a battle if you move in front of him any time after you leave and re-enter this area.

    Now use Strength to push the nearby boulder into the hole. If you need to head back to Humilau City to heal, wed recommend doing it now when you have the shortcut back. Once youre ready, use Surf on the water to the Breeders south. Head down the pond until you reach the western shore.

    Tada! Now youve got an amazing shortcut to make travel easier along this route .

    Move onto the shore and move left behind the trees. Theres an obscured Calcium tucked away here. Grab it then Surf back to the other shore. Now use the thin walkways to head all the way back to the Terrakion. Now head south from the Terrakion through the Tall Grass.

    When you reach the two sets of stairs, continue south past them and grab the Poison Barb . Now head down the western set of stairs, then head north and head down a second set of stairs leading west. Move north up the side of the Tall Grass here.

    Just before you reach the Backpacker, look for the item in the Tall Grass to your west. Its actually an Amoonguss , but feel free to battle it if you want. Therell be an actual item to your south-west. Move over and grab it, a Red Shard . Move back north-west. Youll find a male Backpacker looking for a battle.

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    What Are The Names Of The Starter Pokemon In Unova

    The Unova starters, Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. Nuvema Town is the first town in Unova, which is a very small area. This town is the dwelling of the player character and their rivals/childhood friends, Bianca and Cheren and it is also where Professor Juniper s Lab is located and is where the player character begins their journey.

    Pokemon Black / White 2 Item Location Guide

    Pokemon Black 2 Episode 3: Flocessey Ranch and Route 20 ...

    The journey to becoming a Pokémon master isn’t an easy one. In Pokémon Black and White 2, you travel through Unova facing everything from wild Pokémon, rival trainers, gym leaders, Team Plasma, to legendary Pokémon. Make sure you’re prepared for every encounter by finding the items you need as you make your way through Unova.

    Don’t forget to check out our Pokemon Black and White 2 review.

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