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Pokemon Booster Box Unbroken Bonds

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Pokemon Booster Box Darkness Ablaze


Another set from the Pokemon Sword and Shield collection, this booster box is the third main expansion from that series. The Pokemon Darkness Ablaze booster box was released under a different name in Japan as it was called Infinity Zone for the Japanese cards.

Some of the best cards that are in the packs that are inside this booster box include a spectacular Charizard VMAX, a Mew V, and a Slowbro V. That Charizard card is especially sought after because of its iconic status as well as the stunning card art.

For those that are just looking at these booster boxes in terms of investments, this set might not be the most desirable. Thats because there arent any cards that have extremely high values, though there are plenty of interesting ones that have middling values. This set is more special for collectors who want significant cards or those that are looking to add to their decks in terms of battling power. Overall, the Darkness Ablaze booster box is one that resonates strongly with collectors

Sword And Shield Vivid Voltage

This was the fourth set released for Pokemon Sword and Shield and the Vivid Voltage booster box exceeded all expectations.

There are more ultra-rare cards in this booster box than other expansions, a Pikachu card that has become recognized across the Pokemon universe, and this was the set that introduced Amazing Rares cards.

All these factors combine to make this booster box one of the most well-liked.

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This set also features a few other special cards that collectors pay a hefty penny for, making it one of the best chances for a strong return on investment of any booster box. One of those is an Alakazam card that features a full-card design, something that is rare and that caught the eyes of everyone the moment it was released.

Pokemon Gym Heroes 1st Edition Booster Box

This booster box was released in 2000 and has been a favorite among collectors ever since that day. This was one of the first booster boxes that really took off and has a lot of sentimental value with people because of that. The cards in this set are some of the most recognizable ever produced and thus collectors of all levels love adding them to their collection. This means that certain cards from this booster box can reach extremely high prices, making it one of the better boxes to open in terms of a return on investment outlook.

There are four different levels of rarity that the cards in this booster box can be found in. The hardest to find is called holographic, followed by rare, followed by uncommon, and then lastly there are the common cards. The cards from the English version of this set include a headshot of each Pokemons trainer in the bottom right corner. This is a defining feature that is synonymous with this iconic set.

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Greatest Pokemon Booster Boxes Of All Time

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While many will jump right to baseball cards when they check their childhood stashes, one thing they may not know is that Pokemon cards have seen a similar jump in popularity. The Japanese trading card game is played all around the world, enjoyed by people of all ages, and many start playing while they are kids and continue into adulthood.

Pokemon fans will know that one of the best ways to upgrade your deck or find rare cards that could potentially be worth lots of money is to purchase booster packs. Luckily for collectors, there are booster boxes that include many packs bundled together for a better price. These packs are a gamble as you can never be sure as to what the contents will be.

However, because Pokemon has been around for so long, there have been many different types of booster boxes released.

Because of the different quantities as well as other characteristics of each of these boxes, some are much more sought after than others because of the better chance of finding something valuable inside of them.

While novice collectors may not know the difference between all the different boxes, veterans of the game will be constantly scouring the internet and local sales to find one that is underpriced.

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Pokemon Celebrations 25th Anniversary Box

Pokémon TCG: Sun &  Moon

The Pokemon Celebrations 25th Anniversary Box is an homage to the journey that the card game has taken over its lifetime. The set only contains fifty cards that are further broken into two different subsets, the Celebrations Collection and the Classic Collection. These are reprints of some of the most famous cards ever made for the game and many are fan favorites that collectors would die for.

These packs only contain four cards but each card is valuable in itself and worth something. You are very likely to pull a holographic card if you can get your hands on one of these booster boxes. This celebration of twenty-five years was received well by collectors and was very well done by the Pokemon team.

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Wizards Of The Coast Pokemon Card Game Jungle 1st Edition Booster Box

Another booster box that was released in 1999, this is one of the most sought-after collections. Packs are weighed before they are sold as heavier packs are likely to have a rarer card. Thus, if youre buying this booster box on the secondary market then it can be a good idea to get it weighed before you complete the transaction, though this could also result in a price increase if the seller has second thoughts now that they have a better idea as to what the contents might be.

Some of the most valuable cards that can be found inside this booster box include the Holographic Snorlax, the Holographic Clefable, and the Hologram Scyther. These first edition cards are super expensive and thus buying a box like this requires a heavy upfront investment. However, a big pull inside one of these packs can make that upfront investment very worth it if you find one of the cards listed above which all sell for humongous amounts on the resell market.

Walmart Promotional Discount On Black Friday

Everyone across the United States will be familiar with Walmart as they have established themselves as one of the largest retailers in the world. Walmart stores can often be good places to check for Pokemon booster boxes, but if youre looking to get the best deals possible then you should be going shopping on Black Friday. The deals that are available to collectors on this day are second to none but you will have to deal with the craze that accompanies Black Friday.

Black Friday has turned into one of the best shopping days of the year as all the big brands offer massive discounts that consumers go crazy for. Walmart is no different and they mark down the prices of most of their products a significant amount. This results in plenty of different sales that allow shoppers to buy their favorite products for cheap. Pokemon cards are no different as the booster boxes will be cheaper than usual.

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Check Your Local Craigslist Or Ebay Market Boards

While the internet has made it easier for collectors everywhere to get their hands on a variety of different boxes that they might not have been able to before, it has also led to the prices of these boxes becoming homogenized. Because there are so many people trolling the internet looking for deals, the good discounts often get swept up quickly and a base price floor is created. This means that it can be difficult to find booster boxes, especially those that are rarer and more sought after, for cheap.

One tip to find good deals is to merge the old-school local search with the technology of the internet and check local message boards. Some great places to start your search are Craiglist, eBay market boards, or even local Facebook groups. Because there is less competition in these corners of the internet you will have a better chance at finding a good deal or an undervalued box.

In addition, local boards can help you cultivate relationships with other collectors that live nearby to you. These people can sometimes help you find other local avenues to cheap boxes or act as trading partners that can help you improve your collection. By immersing yourself in your local card scene you can entrench yourself as an expert in the field and establish yourself as a figure of authority, eventually improving your chance at getting your hands on a discounted booster box.

Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box

Opening a Unbroken Bonds Pokemon Booster Box (Part 1)

One of the more recent releases of all the boxes that are on this list, the Shining Fates Elite Trainer booster box has already established itself enough to arrive in tenth place. This booster box is a sequel to the Hidden Fates collection that was mentioned above.

The promo card for this collection is an Eevee VMax that has a really well-done design. In addition, this booster box features cards that are deemed Amazing Rare which have special designs and are tough to find. The presence of these gems inside the booster box gets collectors and investors excited.

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Is It Better To Buy Pokemon Boosters Or A Booster Box

Most Pokemon Booster Boxes contain 36 Booster Packs. Naturally, a single pack is cheaper. However, usually youll spend less per booster, if you get a whole box.

Another benefit of buying a Booster Box is that it should arrive sealed. In that case, theres a lesser chance that its been tempered with. Single boosters can more easily be resealed with the best rares missing.

So all in all, its generally better to get a whole box, than buying separate booster packs.

Ebay Auctions Combined With Ebay Rewards Credit Card

Anyone thats involved with trading cards knows that eBay is the place to be to find the best deals. Its one of the worlds largest online marketplaces and the auction system that many of the sellers use means that there can often be some steals to be had. By scouring the auctions you can look for cards that have been underpriced or some that arent receiving enough bids for the final price to reach the true value.

Another veteran tip is to sign up for the eBay rewards credit card. This card is a collaboration between eBay and Mastercard and can help you earn rewards. One of the best parts about this special credit card is the fact that it has no annual fees, making it a legitimate option for those that are just looking to use it for the occasional eBay purchase. You can earn points for all purchases that are made with the card and then redeem those points in the future for a variety of rewards.

The combination of the eBay auctions with their special credit card means that you can often find booster boxes that can have a positive return on your investment. This is one of the best ways to find booster boxes for a reasonable price and one that doesnt take too much work.

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Pokemon Booster Box Rebel Clash

This is another set that is among the most impressive that Pokemon has ever released. It was the second main expansion set from the Sword and Shield series. Similar to the Chilling Reign booster box that was mentioned above at number twenty, this Rebel Clash booster box features a ton of PokemonV and PokemonVMAX which are stronger than their traditional counterparts. This is one of the more recent releases of any booster box on this list and thus the cards have a more modern feel and look to them.

This booster box also introduced new cards into the Pokemon ecosystem. These Pokemon were said to come from the Galar region and included Darumaka, Perrserker, and Sirfetchd among others. In addition, there were many other cards that didnt feature Pokemon such as new trainers and other accessories.

The only reason that the Rebel Clash booster box isnt higher on this list is because of the fact that other expansions during this same era have been even better.

Astral Radiance The Newest Pokemon Booster Box

Pokémon TCG: Sun &  Moon

Usually, the best Pokemon booster box to buy is the newest one. These almost always work great as a gift for Pokemon card players. If you do decide to go with the newest Pokemon booster box, then Astral Radiance is the one to pick. It was released on May 27th, 2022.

With this set youll travel back to a primitive land dominated by myth and legend. This set is the one that introduces Origin Forme Pokemons both Palkia and Diagla are great pulls that you can get.

Another great part of this set are the amazing artworks. Sure, art is subjective, and almost every Pokemon set has some great art. However, we personally feel, like this set takes it up another notch, with some splendid works of art. So if you like beautiful cards, this is an amazing set to get.

Plus, youll also get the newest set, which is, as we mentioned, always great. With all of that taken into account, Astral Radiance is probably the best Pokemon booster box to get currently in 2022.

Just one thing to note, if youre looking for the absolutely newest Pokemon boosters, Pokemon Go set was released on July 1st, 2022. However, that set doesnt come with an English booster box, so we didnt include it on this list. If you want, you can .

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Sun And Moon Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box

Ever since it was first released in 2019, the Hidden Fates elite trainer box has been super popular among collectors. There are a few reasons that this booster box is always so sought-after and one of the biggest is the inclusion of shiny cards inside this set. The shiny cards are special editions that include normal Pokemon who get rare cards with a unique visual look. These cards are beloved by collectors everywhere.

Other reasons as to why this booster box is so popular include the rare Pokemon that are available as well as the presence of limited GX cards in every box. The values of these cards have continued to increase over time, making this one of the best investment options on this list.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds Details

Bonds Tempered in Battle!

When you have a partner you can count on, nothing can stop you!The TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX in the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon-Unbroken Bonds expansion show the colossal power of teamwork, including Reshiram & Charizard-GX, the Ultra Beasts Pheromosa & Buzzwole-GX, and Gardevoir & Sylveon-GXplus, Lucario teams up with the newly discovered Melmetal! With trust and practice, these Pokémon can tackle just about anything, so check out the amazing Pokémon pairings in the Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds expansion!

  • Over 210 cards
  • 7 brand-new TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX
  • 7 more Pokémon-GX
  • More than 25 Trainer cards and a new Special Energy card
  • Each booster pack contains 1 code card. This card gives you access to an additional online booster pack for play in the Pokemon TCG Online!

The complete Sun & MoonUnbroken Bonds expansion will be available to play in the Pokémon TCG Online when the expansion launches.

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Which Pokemon Booster Box To Invest In

Thats the big one. Many players want to know which is the best Pokemon booster box to buy for profit or to invest in. The idea is simple. You want to buy a Pokemon booster box now, hoping its price will go up, and youll be able to sell it for more money than you paid for it.

Many YouTubers will claim that you should go for this or that booster box, to make guaranteed profits, but the truth isnt as simple. Sure, some boxes have a bigger chance of gaining value in the future, but thats not a guarantee.

Lets say that a certain booster box contains three high-value cards that are staples in the format. While the price of the box could go up, these cards could very well get a reprint in the next set, or in a special product, and the price of the box would plummet.

So is it impossible to profit from a Pokemon booster box? Certainly not, as we have seen booster boxes raise to very high prices often enough. We just want to warn you not to invest blindly. Actually, there are some rules you should follow.

What to Pay Attention to When Investing?

  • Only invest money that you can afford to lose.
  • Dont treat your Pokemon Booster Boxes, as your retirement plan. These should at most only be a small part of your portfolio.
  • Keep your Booster Boxes safe from harm, such as water damage, etc.
  • Okay, Ill be Careful. Which One to Invest in?

    As we said, its impossible to tell. However, the most booster boxes that usually go up in price, have some or multiple of the following things:

    Sword And Shield Chilling Reign Booster Display Box


    The Pokemon Sword and Shield Chilling Reign Booster display box is the first one on this list and arrives at number twenty. The Pokemon that was included in this box featured Pokemon V which are stronger cards.

    Even stronger than the Pokemon V are the Pokemon VMAX that can be found in these packs. Some of the Pokemon who received VMAX cards in this booster box are Blaziken and Celebi.

    One other feature that you will notice with these cards is that some of them have a badge that describes the card as either single strike or rapid strike. This set puts these indicators on even more cards than before including Beedrill, Weavile, Passimian, and many more. Some of the art on these cards is also very impressive as Pokemon went all out with their designs. There are many cards that do not feature the traditional design format and instead have art that stretches from edge to edge.

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