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How Old Is Serena In Pokemon

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Do Jeremy And Bonnie End Up Together

Pokemon Theory: How old are Ash and Serena?

Jeremy and Bonnie grew up together in Mystic Falls. Jeremys sister, Elena is Bonnies best friend. The witch Qetsiyah made Bonnie the Anchor to the Other Side, allowing Bonnie to be in both places at once. Bonnie and Jeremy were able to declare their love for each other and finally consummate their relationship.

Game Serena And Show Serena Are Not The Same

There are quite a few differences between the Serena that we see in the Pokémon anime, and the Pokémon video game!

Some of the differences are obvious. From Serenas shorter hair in the anime, to her total change in clothing, the two girls barely look the same.

Some of the changes are smaller. Game Serena has painted nails, and show Serena does not. An interesting change, as Anime Serena actually would more likely paint her nails

At the beginning of Serenas time with Ash, she closely resembled her game counterpart, with some slight changes. Her hat is different, and her shoes are also slightly different.

The most strange, however, is the change in eye color. Anime Serena has blue eyes, while Game Serena has grey.

Regardless of the changes, both Serenas are wonderful!

Pokemon Trainer Becomes The Very Best Like No One Ever Was

What does Ash Ketchum want?

The main character of the Pokemon TV series has always made his purpose clear.

To catch every Pokemon , and to be the very best.

Not only are these goals said in the opening line of the shows iconic theme song, but they also drive the plot in each of the animes 22 seasons and many of the franchises 122 games.

But since the show premiered in 1997, generations of kids have seen Ash make it to the Pokemon League Tournament only to fall short of first place and the title of Pokemon Master.

Until now.

Twenty-two years later, Ash Ketchum was finally declared a Pokemon Master in the latest episode of the anime, where he won the Alola Regions official Pokemon League tournament.

Now thats determination.

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Where Is Serena Now

As was commonplace with the Pokémon series, there are very few instances where a character will travel with Ash across multiple regions, with the only exceptions being Brock and Misty. At the end of the Kalos series, Serena decides that she needs some more experiences as a performer and is told to travel to the Hoenn region and take part in their contests. As of now, she is likely still in Hoenn performing in said contests, though considering the current format of Pokémon Journeys, it’s likely that Ash may run into her again sooner rather than later.

Performing A Pathway To The Future

Serena old and new old Serena=Chica New Serena=Me ...

Serena’s career as a Pokemon Performer leads her to the Pokemon Showcase Master Class, where she and her Pokemon excel. After beating out Shauna and Team Rocket’s Jessie in previous episodes, Serena is up against Aria, the reigning Kalos Queen. The title is up for grabs, but unfortunately Serena isn’t able to take it.

However, Serena’s loss helps her realize what she needs to become a better Performer. She’s also given the opportunity to learn under Palermo, a former Kalos Queen, but she turns it down. Serena continues traveling with Ash, though this offer becomes something lingering on Serena’s mind in oncoming episodes.

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Ashs Pokemon Teams Throughout The Regions

Over the years, Ash Ketchum has traveled to many different regions in the Pokemon world. Each new region brings a new generation of Pokemon with it and the anime features Ash and his pal Pikachu catching a new team of Pokemon with each new adventure.


All of Ashs Pokemon at the end of Best Wishes!

Ash and his Pokemon huddle together in a snowstorm

  • Pikachu
  • Charmander Charmeleon Charizard
  • Squirtle

Ashs Pokemon team consists of Pokemon from his home region, Kanto. The team is well balanced and largely set the standard for Ash capturing a Fire, Water, Grass, and Flying-type in each region. Butterfree does eventually leave his team, but even with more Pokemon available Ash opts to only use his other five main Pokemon for most of his remaining time in Kanto. Pidgeot was also released to the wild in one of the very last Kanto episodes.

Other Pokemon

Tauros, Muk, and Kingler all offer to battle

  • Raticate

Her Pokmon Team Is Never Consistent

Across her multiple incarnations, Serena’s Pokémon team never stays the same. Heck, her anime version doesn’t even have a full team. That Serena only has three Pokémon a Fennekin, a Pancham, and a Sylveon. Of those three, her game counterpart only has one. Sort of. Game Serena can have a Fennekin, but only if the player character is male and has a Chespin. Her manga counterpart, Y, seems to mix the two together. Y has Anime Serena’s Sylveon and Game Serena’s Absol, but her starter is the water-type Froakie. She also seems to have stolen her mother’s Rhyhorn. Nice girl.

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Does She Have Any Pokmon That Aren’t Water

In the anime, it’s not uncommon for the gym leaders who accompany Ash to catch Pokémon outside of their specialty, since they are away from their gym leader duties and are able to branch out. When it comes to Misty, the only Pokémon she has ever caught that wasn’t Water-type was her Togepi and Togetic before she released it, making her somewhat unique among other gym leader companions. Considering that the Water-type is the most commonly occurring type in the series, with the most number of sub-types, she probably doesn’t need to branch out too much.

A Pokevision Of Things To Come

Serena Returns in SPECIAL EPISODE?! Ash and Serena REUNITED?! РPok̩mon Journeys

Some Serena-centric episodes thrive on the pure fun of following her journey. In this episode, Serena decides to make a Pokevision video that promotes her abilities as a Trainer. This episode is filled with many enjoyable moments of Ash and his friends trying to craft the perfect video to show off their talents.

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However, Team Rocket intrudes on their fun, posing as Pokevision producers and stealing the group’s Pokemon, so that Jessie can make her own Pokevision video. Serena finally overcomes her Fennekin’s disobedience and come to the rescue. At the end, Serena shows off her charming Pokevision video starring her and Fennnekin.

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Serena Tends To An Injured Ash

Episode:“Day Three Blockbusters!”

In this episode, as the group travels through a forest looking for the ideal location to film a Pokévision segment as part of a summer camp challenge, the ground crumbles under Serena and she begins falling into a ravine. Ash reaches out to save her, but this only causes him to tumble down with her.

With Ash’s ankle twisted, Bonnie and Clemont rush to get help, leaving Serena and Ash to have a personal conversation. Ash, who isn’t upset about his injury, helps Serena understand she’s got plenty of time to decide upon her ultimate goal, and she realizes how determined he is to fulfill his dream of becoming a Pokémon master, even calling him amazing as she bandages his ankle.

Ash also smiles when he sees Serena’s bond with Fennekin if there’s something likely to attract Ash to a girl, it’s her dedication to Pokémon. In short, this was a lengthy exchange full of cute moments demonstrating the two trainers’ affection for one another.

Serena and Ash after their kiss

She Has A Crush On Ash

Unlike all his other female companions, Serena never really argues with Ash. They don’t butt heads or get into petty fights. While this is partly because Serena is just a kind, polite person in general, it’s also because she has a crush on Ash. She has since they were kids. Ever since he rescued her at Professor Oak’s summer camp. When Ash first appeared in Kalos, on the news, Serena was intent on tracking him down to thank him. The anime often shows her blushing when Ash does something cool, and when anyone brings up her feelings for him.

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Examining Pokemons Animation Changes

Pokemons animation style has changed since the first episode of the anime debuted in 1997. The changes often spark controversy among fans. The design changes seen in Sun and Moon has certainly riled many fans. But in order for any franchise to remain strong, it has to reinvent itself time-to-time. Sensibilities change with each decade. And long-time creators need to do something different in order to keep their own interest. You cant do one thing for 20+ years without getting bored with it if you dont try different things.

In general, the animation style has become more dynamic. Lets take a look at how the Pokemon anime has changed over the years.

She Has More Rivals Than Ash


While she can battle, Serena is a Pokémon Performer, not Trainer. Pokémon Performers are more like Dog Show trainers, their Pokémon do routines and impress judges. Unfortunately for Serena, Pokémon Showcases are more cutthroat than Pokémon Battles. While Ash only had Gary as a rival, Serena has at least three.

One is Aria, Kalos’ reigning Pokémon Performer champ, but there’s also Miette who is probably the closest to Serena’s Gary, and her friend Shauna who made Serena want to be a Performer in the first place. Not to mention Jessie of Team Rocket is a Performer too. Good Luck Serena.

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List Of Pokmon Anime Characters

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Recurring antagonists of Ash and his friends throughout the show are the frequently comedic, greedy thieves from Team Rocket, made up of the humans Jessie and James, a talking Meowth and later, a Wobbuffet. Ash also competes with a number of recurring rival Pokémon trainers in his journeys, including Gary Oak, Ritchie, Harrison, Morrison, Tyson, Paul, Nando, Conway, Barry, Tobias, Trip, Bianca, Stephan, Cameron, Virgil, Tierno, Trevor, Sawyer, Alain, Gladion, Hau and Bea.

She Started Her Journey Way Late

Anyone familiar with Pokémon knows what the game’s setup is supposed to be. Kids leave home at age 10 to travel the world and catch Pokémon. Serena must not have gotten that memo though. The version of her from the games didn’t set out on her journey until she was 16 years old. For this series, 16 is basically old age.

And while her anime counterpart is closer to Ash’s age, that Serena seems to have inherited the same lateness. It took her 47 episodes to figure out what her actual goal in life was. She’d mostly just been following Ash around before then.

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Where Are Misty’s Parents

The only members of Misty’s family the audience is ever shown are her four sisters. Like with other trainers in Pokémon, it’s likely that both of her parents are on their own Pokémon journeys away from their family and the Cerulean gym was handed down to her from her parents.

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In the manga adaptation of the anime, Pocket Monsters: The Animation, it is revealed that she and her sisters were actually abandoned by their parents when the role of being gym leaders become too much to handle, subsequently leaving it to their children. Since many aspects of this manga have since been altered in the anime, it is unknown if this is actually canon to her story.

What Is Ash Up To In 2020

Will Serena Return in Pokemon Journeys?

Pokémon Journeys: The Series has taken a different approach from most other seasons. Although Generation VIIIs Galar has naturally received some attention, Journeys has allowed Ash to revisit many of the other regions. Rather than trying to collected Badges, Ash is competing in the World Coronation Series, a ranking contest that boasts thousands of competitors who are split into four classes. The current Champion is Leon.

Currently, Ash is trying to break into the top 1000 Trainers in the world, a process that is proving easier said than done.

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Who Loves Ash The Most

Fans of the franchise agree that Serena is Ashs most prominent love interest. She shows deep affection for him and even kisses him goodbye when the two part ways, a moment thats still talked about to this day. Like other female characters in the anime, Serena is the female player in the Generation VI games.

Ash Asks Serena To Travel Together

Episode:“Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!”

Here’s a subtle but significant amourshipping clue. After seeing Ash on TV and finally catching up to him to return his handkerchief, Serena’s a bit unsure about what to do next. In a first for the Pokémon anime, Ash asks her to accompany his gang, stating that her support and advice have already proved useful. Bonnie quickly agrees, and Serena happily accepts, placing a hand over her heart.

It’s also noteworthy that Ash seems nervous while asking Serena to join the group, indicated by his tone and the way he scratches his cheek.

Shauna teases Serena

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Ash And Serena Kissed

I know, what a scandalous way to start this list. Serena and Ash have a long history , and she always had at least a little bit of a crush on him.

So when it came time for Serena to leave Kalos and move on, she left Ash with the goodbye she felt was best. While the camera cut down to their feet during the act, it’s pretty clear that the two shared a quick kiss before she continued down the escalator, and the faces of his friends and Pikachu really said it all.

While there have been kisses on the cheek in the past, everything leads to the notion that this kiss between Serena and Ash was ACTUALLY Ash’s first kiss, how cute is that?

Serena Didn’t Want To Go To Kanto

Serena Pokemon XY (2015 Art) by DoniArts on Newgrounds

Serena was a very young girl when she first traveled to Kanto, and in all actuality, she didnt want to leave her home at all.

Against her will, her mother sent her to Kanto to go to the Pokémon Summer Camp, which the very famous Professor Oak actually hosted.

Her being forced to go to Kanto did play a role in her future, and developed her in ways she didnt realize as a child, but it also affected her relationship with her mother AND, in a positive way, allowed her to meet people that affect her future.

Ultimately, it may have just been a normal kid not wanting to go to camp, but being sent all the way to Kanto for camp seems a bit extreme, and little Serena thought so too!

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How Many Pokmon Does Misty Have

Like her fellow gym leader Brock, Misty has many Pokémon at her disposal at the Cerulean gym, though she doesn’t keep them all on her when she leaves the gym. The Pokémon available to her are Psyduck, Staryu, Starmie, Gyarados, Corsola, Politoed, Goldeen, Horsea, Luvdisc, and Azuril.

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That being said, not all of them are used in battles, particularly Azuril, who is only a baby like her Togepi, and she seems to favor the more powerful Pokémon she has gained in her adventures such as Gyarados and Psyduck.

Pokmon Journeys: The Series

Ash wears a blue vest with yellow outlines, a white undershirt with short sleeves and a red stripe, indigo shorts with black outlines, and black sneakers with blue highlights. He also wears a red cap with a black Poké Ball design formed into the letter C. During his second visit to Galar, he wears a Dynamax Band on his right wrist which he obtains from Leon. Also, Ash sometimes returns to wearing his Z-Power Ring on his left wrist whenever he is battling in an important match, especially World Coordination Series battles.

Ashs sided spike hair has increased a bit and are sharper like they were before, his eyebrows and his spike hair tuft is larger than usually seen in previously. When he is not wearing his hat, his hair remains the same, only smoother and shorter. Ashs two lighting bolt-like markings still remain slightly bigger like they were in the sun and moon series. His eyes are a bit wider than they were before.

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Her And Her Mum Don’t Get Along

Serena and her mother have quite a bit of a rocky relationship.

From sending her daughter to Kalos as a child against her will, to pressuring her to become a Rhyhorn Racer, Serenas mother doesnt really understand who Serena is.

Once Serena actually decides to become a Pokémon Performer, she actually does not want to tell her mother, which is a pretty clear indicator of their relationship.

When Serena decided to tell her, Serena actually felt the need to challenge her mother to a Rhyhorn Race, with the stakes that if she loses to her mother that she would not become a Pokémon Performer and would get into racing instead.

Serena ended up winning, which meant her mother gave her the permission to become a Pokémon Performer, but before that moment their relationship had been very tense and only slowly began to grow as Serenas career as a performer grew.

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