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Pokemon In Real Life Art

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Gogoat A Speedy Commuter That Will Eat Anything

REAL Biologist Reacts To “Pokémon In Real Life” Art by Joshua Dunlop! ll Pallet University

Tired of your daily commute? Frustrated by exorbitant gas prices? Meet Gogoat. These Pokémon are undoubtedly inspired by goats and share many similar beneficial qualities. Although, unlike goats, a Gogoat doesn’t mind being ridden by their trainers and intuitively senses emotions. The savings on gas alone are almost enough of a selling point.

Similar to Aggron, Gogoat would also be helpful for the environment. Thanks to their ability to eat almost anything, Gogoat could easily maintain a field overgrown with wild grass, fertilizing the soil in the process.

Rotom A Computer Technician On The Go

Rotom are perhaps most recognizable as Pokédex in the series however, these mischievous Pokémon have various unique technological capabilities. Their abilities allow them to inhabit electronic devices from phones to microwave ovens and even drones.

Having Rotom around would effectively negate the need for outsourcing technical support. What if your computer breaks down the night before a final paper is due? Let your Rotom merge with the device, and it will be fixed in no time.

Realistic Cartoon Characters You Would Run Away From If You Met In Real Life

Raise your hands if you remember the 3D Simpsons episode where Homer enters a Tron-like world that rapidly begins to collapse. While you may think its a good idea, these images will make your rethink this.

Below youll find a list of 2D-to-3D images that will show you, dear readers, what your favorite, animated stars would look like if they were three-dimensional. Which one is the most convincing? Let us know, or if youre a 3D guru, show your own creations in the comments!

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Swablu Always Have A Clean House

House cleaning services are undeniably becoming more expensive, forcing individuals to seek other alternatives to maintaining a tidy home. Enter Swablu, a flying-type Pokémon first introduced in the third generation games.

These Pokémon are literally designed to clean. They become frustrated by dirty surroundings and are usually seen dusting with their cotton wings. Not only that, but Swablu enjoys being around humans, making them the perfect Pokémon to help out with some of the less desirable household chores.

Pokmon Who’d Be Useful In Real Life

Freaky Realistic Pokemon

Pokémon, more than just a trainers’ companion, exhibit remarkable abilities, even allowing them the opportunity to work alongside humans in many jobs.

Pokémon, more than just a trainers’ companion, exhibit remarkable abilities, even allowing them the opportunity to work alongside humans in many occupations. The real-world applications of their diverse and unique skillsets demonstrate how Pokémon are irreplaceable contributing members of society.

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The many parallels to our society and the Pokémon world are unmistakable, which inevitably begs the question, “What would our world be like with Pokémon?” After all, what Pokémon fan hasn’t imagined the possibility of Pokémon existing alongside humans in the real world? There’s no job too big or small for these 10 Pokémon who’d be useful in real life.

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This Artist Draws Pokmon With A More Realistic Style

List RulesVote up your favorite realistic Pokémon fan art.

Even the most fearsome Pokémon like Charizard or Lugia can seem adorable in the video games and anime series. But what if Pokémon were drawn in a more realistic style? How intimidating and awe-inspiring would they look? Although we’ll never see actual Pokémon in real life, talented artists like René Campbell on DeviantArt can help us imagine it.

This artist draws incredible realistic Pokémon that will take your breath away. From Gengar to Houndoom, these illustrations will give you a taste of how impressive these Pokémon would look in real life. Vote up your favorite ones!

Make sure to support the artist René Campbell on DeviantArt, and check out her other amazing art on her and website!

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Jigglypuff Every Insomniac’s Dream

Insomnia is a real-world sleep disorder that plagues millions of people worldwide. With Jigglypuff, however, that number would drop to zero practically overnight. Jigglypuff, one of the original Pokémon from Red & Blue, can put anyone to sleep with their soothing melodies and relentless singing.

Jigglypuff also has an impressive twelve-octave vocal range, although few can stay awake long enough to experience it. Although promoting healthy sleep is undeniably beneficial, Jigglypuff would need to come with a clear warning “May cause drowsiness. Do not operate heavy machinery with a Jigglypuff.”

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Ditto The Jack Of All Trades

Ditto’s usefulness in the real world is almost self-explanatory, as this clever Pokémon can transform into any organic or physical object. Tired of misplacing your slippers on a cold morning? Ditto has you covered. Frustrated by making mistakes on important documents? Ditto is your whiteout.

Ditto can also mate with almost any Pokémon, allowing trainers to obtain rare Pokémon eggs with relative ease. Though Ditto may not always produce a given object’s replica, their abilities make them essential in a pinch.

Suicune Purify Water On Long Hikes

Pokémon in real life | Realistic Pokemon Arts | How would Pokémon look in real life

One of the most common hurdles faced by those surviving in extreme conditions is finding a reliable freshwater source. Countless hikers have been plagued by dehydration, unable to locate potable drinking water. The legendary Pokémon Suicune may be the solution.

First introduced in Pokémon Gold & Silver, Suicune have the ability to purify contaminated water simply by touching it. Suicune can also remarkably walk across water, making inaccessible islands a thing of the past.

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Klefki Never Lose Your Keys Again

Keys are one of the most commonly forgotten household items. Since the first key was made, frustrated homeowners have found new ways to lock themselves out of their houses. That’s where Klefki comes in.

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Not only is Klefki’s primary function to collect keys, but these Pokémon will also stop at nothing to protect the keys, providing peace of mind for forgetful homeowners. Although considering Klefki will break into people’s houses to take their keys, they might also prove to be the cause of many missing keys in the first place.

Pidgeot An Alternative To Travelling On A Plane

Most people enjoy visiting new places but dread what traveling entails. Fortunately, with Pidgeot, crowded airport terminals and long waits would no longer be an issue. Additionally, Pidgey, which eventually evolve into Pidgeot, is extremely common, making them an affordable alternative to costly plane flights.

In addition to carrying multiple passengers, a Pidgeot can fly almost three times faster than a standard commercial airplane, so if you survive the trip, you’ll reach your destination in record time.

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Pokemon: In Real Life

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Luxray A Ridable Source Of Energy And Xray Vision

10 Most Realistic Pokémon Fan Art Ever by Joshua Dunlop ...

Luxray, a fan favorite Pokémon introduced in the fourth generation games, has x-ray vision, allowing them to see through almost any object. Their abilities make them extremely valuable for airport security. No longer would disillusioned airport employees be forced to rely on outdated technology. Instead, Luxray could offer their services, providing security and confidence for airport patrons.

In addition to Luxray’s already remarkable x-ray vision, these Pokémon are also ridable sources of electricity. Rather than riding your bike to work, hop on your Luxray that can also power your phone during your commute.

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Pokemon Sure Look Creepy In Real Life

We’ve seen Grand Theft Auto in real life, and even Ugandan Knuckles. This time around we have Pokemon, or at least the closest we’ve ever seen.

Digital artist Joshua Dunlop has spend the past few months building up an army of Pokemon pieces. But not just any ordinary art. Instead, he hand-crafted them with lighting and shading that has been made to best resemble how they would look if they really existed. Ever wanted to see what Charizard would look like if he were roaming your local hiking trail? How about Eevee on your living room floor? If so, then you’re in luck.

The gallery currently includes over 30 works and he’s adding to it every week or so. Check them out below, and be sure to let us know which ones you’re most glad don’t actually exist .

Pokemon Artist Shows How Scary Legendary Pokemon Would Be In Real Life

While many Pokemon fans have fantasized about what it would be like if the creatures lived in the real world, the reality is, some Pokemon would be quite horrifying! Take, Kyogre for example the Pokemon would be a disturbing threat to anyone that entered the ocean! That fact is reflected in a piece of Pokemon Go fan art created by Andres Bordoni, who also goes by Nanoespectro on Reddit. The image, titled “Do not disturb the waters,” shows Kyogre hiding just below the ocean’s surface, its yellow eyes and red accents glowing brightly while its blue body blends with the water. It’s a gorgeous image, but one that looks quite intimidating!

The image can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Andres Bordoni

Introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Kyogre is an incredible force of nature in the Pokemon games. Team Aqua hoped to secure the creature so it could use its powers to flood the planet and provide more areas for water-type Pokemon to live. That ability alone makes the Pokemon intimidating, particularly if it’s powers were to land in the wrong hands! Of course, its opponent Groudon would also be a terrifying threat, but the same can be said for most legendary Pokemon!

Readers that enjoy Bordoni’s take on Kyogre can find more of the artist’s Pokemon Go edits at his Twitter account which can be found right here.

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Most Realistic Pokmon Fan Art Ever

How cool would it be to see your favorite cartoon characters in real life? Well, concept artist, creature designer, and illustrator Joshua Dunlop, is doing something about it by reimagining his favorite Pokémons as if they were wild animals and belonged in our reality.

It has become a full-blown digital illustration series which Joshua updates regularly and hes even started gathering supporters on Patreon for a Pokémon zoology website.

Its not the first time someone has reimagned Pokémon. But what other cartoon characters would you like to see brought to real life? Let us know in the comments!

Realistic Pokemon Art Wallpapers

Pokemon Characters In 3D Fan Art | Pokemon Characters In Real Life

A collection of the top 43 Realistic Pokemon Art wallpapers and backgrounds available for download for free. We hope you enjoy our growing collection of HD images to use as a background or home screen for your smartphone or computer. Please if you want to publish a Realistic Pokemon Art wallpaper on our site.

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Aggron A Protector Of Nature

Aggron, first introduced in the third generation Pokémon games, are fearsome steel Pokémon that feed off iron and dwell in mountainous regions. These Pokémon would be ideal protectors of national parks, as they stop at nothing to defend their natural habits.

Additionally, Aggron will instinctively restore their environment should a national disaster occur. If an area suffers deforestation due to wildfires, an Aggron would readily step up to bring the site back to its former glory. Not only that, but Aggron’s horns can cut through steel, making them great assistants for construction crews.

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