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Pokemon Lets Go Pokeball Plus

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How The Poke Ball Plus Works

Pokéball Plus: How to Walk Pokemon and Connect to Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

The biggest feature of the Poke Ball Plus is that it allows players to throw the device when attempting to catch a Pokemon. Once the player successfully tosses a Poke Ball, the joystick will light up with a yellow indicator at first when the Pokemon is still struggling to free itself, and then a green indicator once the creature is successfully caught, or a red light if it manages to escape the Poke Ball.

While it seems like a minor feature since players are more likely to be looking at the screen rather than the device, it is still a welcome addition that adds a sense of authenticity. Also, when the player goes out for a stroll with their Pokemon, the device will light up depending on the type of creature inside . The Poke Ball plus also rumbles in certain situations, has an eight-hour battery life, and players can even hear the captured Pokemon inside.

Given the availability of two-player co-op in Pokemon Lets Go, one player can use a single Joy-Con to navigate around the game, while the other can use the Poke Ball Plus to aid the first player by being responsible for catching the Pokemon. Of course, a Poke Ball Plus is not required to play co-op the other player can just use the second Joy-Con instead. Moreover, the device also doubles as a fully functioning Pokemon GO Plus that players can connect with their smartphone.

Pokemon Lets Go Pikachuand Lets Go Eevee are now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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  • Worked Hard in Pokémon GO
  • Replied to a Callout
  • Walked Together

You earn varying amounts of ‘points’ for these activities that translate to experience gained as well as various candy and berry rewards.

It’s also important to note that you’ll receive bonus Candy rewards for the Pokemon you currently have out of it’s Pokeball and walking around when you return your other Pokemon from the Poke Ball Plus. This means you can walk an Eevee around in the Poke Ball Plus, then in Let’s Go bring a Mewtwo out of the Pokeball to walk with you. Upon returning the Eevee to your game you will get both Mewtwo and Eevee Candy.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu

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  • How do I exit the game with the pokeball plus?
  • OutlawJT3 years ago#1I can’t believe I actually have to ask this. It feels like a stupid question. Here I am though. For the life of me, I can’t find a way to exit the game using the pokeball plus. The switch also won’t let me use the home button from another controller to exit out of the game . This seems like a dramatic oversight in game design to not provide an accessible menu option to quit the game using the controller they designed specifically for the game. I mean, there has to be a way to do it right?NS FC: SW-1014-1963-5814
    MuteCamaro3 years ago#2Same i have to press + and Y on the switch itself when i use the pokeball
    OutlawJT3 years ago#3So basically, even when I’m using the pokeball plus I still need to have my joycon handy to exit the game and put my Switch to sleep. That is a horrible oversight on Gamefreak’s part. Suddenly I am regretting buying the game bundle with the pokeball plus. NOT a convenient controller to use when you need a second controller within arm’s reach to quit the game.NS FC: SW-1014-1963-5814
    scott34393 years ago#4I seriously hope they patch an “exit to home” option in when using the poke ballSwitch FC: 5695-4599-8963

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    Charging The Pok Ball Plus

    There is a small notch to the left of the strap of the Poké Ball Plus.Put your finger in the notch and pull on the white part below your fingerto pull the white part open. The white part is attached to the Poké Ball Plus, so don’t try to pull it all the way off.

    After opening the white part, you can either connect the Poké Ball Plus to yourNintendo Switch Dock with the included USB charging cable, or plug the PokéBall Plus into the Nintendo Switch AC Adapter, or connect the included USBcharging cable to any USB port and the Poké Ball Plus.

    When you plug in the Poké Ball Plus, it will play the “healing Pokémon in a Pokémon Center” sound.

    What The Led Lights On The Pok Ball Plus Mean

    Poke Ball Plus, Pokemon: Let

    You must have Pokémon Go open in the background to use the Poké Ball Plus. You dont have to be actively playing the game, however. Instead, the device uses a series of lights to alert players to whats going on in the game.

    These are the lights to look for and what they mean when it comes to catching a Pokémon:

    • Three green lights: already owned nearby Pokémon press the top button to capture
    • Three yellow lights: new nearby Pokémon press the top button to capture
    • Up to three white lights: wild battle in progress
    • Three red lights: Pokémon ran away
    • Multi-colored lights: Pokémon captured

    These lights show up for PokéStops:

    • Two blue lights: spin a nearby PokéStop
    • One red light: unable to spin
    • Multi-colored lights: items collected from PokéStop

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    Catching Pokmon With Pok Ball Plus In Pokmon Let’s Go

    To catch a pokémon with the Poké Ball Plus in Pokémon Let’s Go, when you encounter a wild pokémon, choose “Get Ready”, then raise the Poké Ball Plus over your shoulder, then swing itdownward . You will throw a Poké Ball in the game. If you didn’tcatch the pokémon, you can choose “Get Ready” and try again.

    Putting Pokemon Inside Poke Ball Plus

    Yes, you can place Pokemon inside the Poke Ball Plus and take them with you. Read on for the deets:

    • Bring up the menu by pressing the top button on the red half of your Poke Ball Plus.
    • Pick Save.
    • Pick the option to “Take your Pokemon for a stroll.” Then press the top button of the Poke Ball Plus to sync. Once you hear the chime, press the control stick on the Poke Ball Plus to complete the connection.
    • You can pick either your “Partner Pokemon” or any of the pocket monsters from your “Pokemon Box.” This will allow you to literally take your Pokemon with you in your pocket. Don’t worry, it will still be playable in your game.
    • To make your Pokemon return from its stroll, bring up the in-game menu, pick Save and choose the stroll option again to take it back from the Poke Ball Plus.

    The best part about the stroll option is how you can level up your Pokemon by simply letting time pass by. You don’t even need to literally walk in order to take your Pokemon out for a stroll.

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    Poke Ball Plus Comes With Mew

    Players who pick up the Poke Ball Plus are in for a little bonus. The mythical Pokemon Mew will be included, and can be used in the game. It’s still possible to catch Mew in the game, but you’ll be saving a lot of time and effort. Mew will be exclusive to the Poke Ball Plus for a short time however.

    Thats everything you need to know about the Poke Ball plus, for more on how Pokemon Go will interact with Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee, head to our Pokemon Let’s Go Pokemon Go Guide. Well be updating our guides with more information as we get it, so stay tuned for further details as we get closer to the release date.

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    How Does Pok Ball Plus Work With Nintendo Switch

    Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu How To Put Pokemon Inside Pokeball Plus

    It works like a Joy-Con controller. In Pokémon: Let’s Go, you’ll be able to throw Pokéballs in the game by flicking the Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus. Catching a Pokémon in Let’s Go is similar to the way you’d catch one in Pokémon GO.

    The Poké Ball Plus controller has motion controls, vibration, sound, and colorful lights that will glow to show you the status of your catch.

    The latch on the front of the Poké Ball Plus is used as a navigation and movement joystick so you can walk around in the RPG part of the game.

    When you’re ready to catch a Pokémon, you can click the button on top to initiate the process. Then, flick the Poké Ball Plus to simulate throwing a Pokéball and watch as your favorite characters get added to your Pokédex.

    When you catch a Pokémon, your Poké Ball Plus will light up and vibrate in your hand, and you’ll hear the Pokémon let out its unique cryyou’ll think there’s really a Pokémon inside!

    When you’re ready to battle another trainer, you can use the Poké Ball Plus to select and confirm your moves, too.

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    Take Your Pokemon With You Wherever You Go

    Were you one of the die hard fans who bought not only Pokemon Lets Go, but also the PokeBall Plus accessory? Did you get your Mew out and then wonder how to put a new Pokemon in? Yeah, lots of players did. Its one of those random features that isnt put right in front of the player, since only select players even have the accessory. Ive got one though, and that means I can tell you how to put Pokemon into the PokeBall Plus in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee.

    While it doesnt make a ton of sense, the way to do it involves selecting Save from the main menu. Bring it up and hit Save and youll see that there is an option to take your Pokemon for a stroll. This will then walk you through the steps, which include connecting the PokeBall Plus to your game, selecting a Pokemon to put into it, and describing how to use it.

    Basically you just want to keep the PokeBall Plus on you, carrying it around and earning points to level up whichever Pokemon you have inside. You can also earn rewards for this, so make sure to use it as much as possible. Connect your PokeBall Plus to Pokemon GO and you can use it like a Pokemon Go Plus accessory.

    And thats how to put Pokemon into the PokeBall Plus in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee.

    More on Attack of the Fanboy :

    Connecting Pok Ball Plus To Pokmon Go

    The Poké Ball Plus is perhaps more useful for Pokémon Go users, presuming they can get it to work properly.

    Pairing the Poké Ball Plus with your smartphone may take some trial and error. With Bluetooth enabled, enter the main menu on Pokémon Go. From there, go into the Settings menu. Youll see an option for Poké Ball Plus.

    With your Poké Ball Plus in hand, click in the button on top of the accessory. This will allow your phone to find it. Then click the Poké Ball Plus option to initiate a pop-up that will ask to enable the Poké Ball Plus. The Poké Ball Plus icon on the main gameplay overworld will then illuminate to confirm that the game and device are paired.

    You may require additional troubleshooting, especially if your accessory is constantly disconnecting from the game . This is what the Pokémon Go support site recommends:

    On iOS devices:

    Press the top button on the Poké Ball Plus to make the accessory discoverable.

    Tap your Poké Ball Plus on the Available Devices list. It will vibrate when connected.

    From there, you can start catching Pokémon and collecting items.

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    How To Use The Poke Ball Plus As A Controller

    When you first open Pokemon: Let’s Go, you’re given the option to choose one of four controller setups. You can also access this menu by going to the options and hitting “Open Controller Settings.” This will be the second option below “Open Pokemon GO Settings.”

    To choose the Poke Ball Plus, you’ll need to have your Poke Ball Plus ready. Hit any button and wait for it to connect to the Switch. Once it’s successfully connected, you’ll see this screen:

    Press the control stick to confirm using the Poke Ball Plus as the controller.

    Connecting Your Pokeball Plus To Pokemon Go

    Pokeball Pokebola Plus Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu ::..

    To connect your Pokeball Plus to Pokemon GO, simply go into your Pokemon GO settings, scroll to the bottom, select Pokeball Plus, and then clock your Pokeball’s analog stick to let it become visible to your phone. Once visible, select it, and you’ll be good to go. From then on, whenever the Pokeball isn’t in use by the Switch, you’ll be able to turn it on and off from the game’s main screen on the upper-right side via tapping the icon.

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    How About Pokemon Go

    Yes, the Poke Ball Plus works with the mobile game Pokemon Go as well. To pair both, make sure your phone or mobile device has Bluetooth on. Then look for the Poke Ball Plus option under the game’s settings. Press the Poke Ball’s stick so it can be discovered by the game. The ball has pretty good synergy with Pokemon Go, allowing you to catch Pokemon on the field, track steps and acquire Pokestop items.

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    How To Use Pok Ball Plus In Pokmon Sword And Shield

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    First released alongside Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee!, the Poké Ball Plus offered a unique way to play that game one-handed. Designed to resemble the Poké Balls used to catch Pocket Monsters, it’s a cute little controller with a built-in accelerometer which adds a fun flavour to playing through the remakes of Pokémon Red and Blue, the original Pokémon games on Game Boy.

    But can you use the Poké Ball Plus to play Pokémon Sword and Shield? Well, although it doesn’t work as a controller in this game, the little Poké Ball Plus device is compatible with Pokémon Sword and Shield, albeit in a more limited way. It is the only way to unlock the mythical Pokémon Mew in Pokémon Sword and Shield, although you’ll probably need a brand new Poké Ball Plus. It’s also a handy accessory when paired with Pokémon GO .

    Below is a list of questions and answers pertaining to the Poké Ball Plus and Pokémon Sword and Shield. Read on to find out exactly how you use the little device with the latest in the mainline series of Pokémon games.

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    Functionality As A Controller

    The primary use of the Poke Ball Plus is to act as a controller for the Switch. It has a joystick that can press as a button, a button on top, and an accelerometer. However, this does leave it short several options, including a Y button and a home button as two that are pretty relevant for most gamers. Many people seem to prefer using a regular joycon than the Poke Ball Plus as a result. The control scheme is:

    • The joystick can be used to run around
    • Press the joystick to use the “A” button
    • Press the top button to use the “X” button
    • Shake the Poke Ball Plus to use the “Y” button

    To check the battery level of the Poke Ball Plus, you have two options:

    • If the ball is connected to the Switch, go to “Home” and find the controllers section and you can see the remaining charge from there.
    • If the ball is not connected to the switch, hold down the top button and the joystick simultaneously for several seconds. Your Poke Ball Plus will flash a certain color. A green color means you have more than 2/3 charge left a yellow color is between 1/3 and 2/3, a red color is below 1/3 charge.

    Sending Pokemon Out On A Stroll

    How EARLY Can You Get Mew from PokeBall Plus in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee?

    Sending any of your Pokemon in Let’s Go out on a stroll is simple – from the save menu, once you have fought your rival the first time, you’ll be given the option to send a either your Partner Pokemon or a Pokemon from your box out on a stroll. Sync your Pokeball Plus, follow the instructions, and you’ll be good to go. Simply start the process again if you want to return your Pokemon from its stroll. It’s worth noting that while your Pokemon is on its stroll, it will still be usable in the game itself.

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    How To Mute Pok Ball Plus

    Poké Ball Plus can only be muted while in stroll mode .It can’t be muted while playing the game.To mute sounds from the Poké Ball Plus while in stroll mode,press the top button and the controlstick simultaneously. If you did it correctly, the Poké Ball Plus willmake a long vibration. You can unmute it by pressing the top button andthe control stick simultaneously again. If you did it correctly, the Poké Ball Plus will make two short vibrations. You can check whether it is mutedor not by plugging it in to charge or by playing with the pokémon that iswith you on a stroll .

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