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Pokemon Sun And Moon Trial Captains

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Ilima’s Design In Pokmon Sun & Moon Is Better Suited To The Fairy

Pokemon Sun & Moon Unified Minds Box Opening & GIVEAWAY

Whether its Sun and Moon or their follow-up games Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Ilimas ace partner is the Painter Pokémon, Smeargle. Smeargle is a versatile Normal-type that can learn almost any attack with very few restrictions thanks to its exclusive move Sketch. Ilima uses this to teach his Pokémon either Leafage, Water Gun, or Ember depending on which starter Pokémon the player chooses. Ilima will have type coverage over the players starter, which is a clever way to make players strategize when they battle against him. But nothing about Ilimas prim and proper appearance would suggest he uses a messy painting Pokémon, unlike Mina who is very clearly a painter herself.

Fans have noticed how odd it is that Alolas resident artist doesnt use Smeargle while Ilima does. The pink paint smeared across Minas clothes isnt as concentrated as Ilimas light pink hair, meaning in terms of using the Pokémon Fairy-typings signature color, both characters are about equal. But where Ilima has notebooks for writing, Mina has a sketchbook thats light green, as well as some green paint on her baggy shirt. It isnt the exact same shade, but it does bear similarities to Smeargles own green paint.

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Pokmon Sun & Moon’s Ilima Should Have Been A Fairy Trainer

The first trial of Pokémon Sun & Moon is Ilima’s Normal-type challenge. But the games would have benefited from him specializing in the Fairy-type.

Some of the Pokémon series Trainers dont always appear to match their type specialty one such Trainer is the Normal-type Trial Captain Ilima from Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. The set of Pokémon games set in the Hawaiian-inspired Alola region use trials in place of Gyms, in which players solve a Gym-like puzzle and battle one-versus-two against a Totem Pokémon and its ally. The Trial Captain is the Trainer selected to design the trials puzzle and train the Totem Pokémon to test the skills of Trainers trying to complete Alolas island challenge.

Like Gym Leaders, Trial Captains specialize in one type, and the Pokémon featured in their trial match said type. The first trial of Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon is on Alolas first of five islands, Melemele Island. The Trial Captain is Ilima, a charming young man who specializes in the Normal-type. His trial is the only one to have a version difference: in Sun and Ultra Sun, players battle Totem Gumshoos, while in Moon and Ultra Moon, the Totem Pokémon is Alolan Raticate. Before challenging the Totem Pokémon, however, players must find and battle wild Pokémon hiding away in the Verdant Cavern.

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Top 7 Trial Captains In Pokemon Sun And Moon

by Unclepulky

Pokemon Sun and Moon changed a lot of things about the series. Z-moves and terrains were added, older Pokemon got new forms, and most importantly, the entire structure of the game was different from every main series game to come before it.

In the past, each game consisted of battling your way through eight gym leaders, earning gym badges in order to gain access to the Pokemon League. Here though, there are no gyms, and the Pokemon league is still under construction. In their place are Island trials and Trial Captains.

Each with their own unique trial, a different Totem Pokemon, and of course, a distinct quirky personality, they’re all great.

These are the Top 7 Trial Captains in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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Trials Captains And Kahunas Await In Pokmon Sun And Pokmon Moon

We know that Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon take place in the Alola region, with players to explore an archipelago of tropical islands four nature-filled islands and one man-made island.

As a resort area, it attracts tourists from all over the world and, as it is surrounded by the sea, it has a diverse ecology that is made up of Pokémon that are native to the region as well as those that have more recently arrived from other regions.

Humans and Pokémon coexist in a very close relationship, and from that a culture has developed that is different from that in other regions. This carries across into Trials, Captains and Kahunas:

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Mina Trial

(POKEMON SUN/MOON) trial captains by Nephae on DeviantArt

Once you have defeated the Necrozma and captured it, you will be able to continue your journey through Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moons world. Trial Captain Mina will be available at the Altar in Poni Island, so travel to the island and start the trial by talking to her.

Mina Trial Captains

Mina Trial will see you battling against Mina Trial Captains and will ask you nothing else. Your first battle will be with Mina herself. You will find Mina in the Wiscash-shaped boat in the Seafolk village.

Upon entering, she will ask if you are here for the trial. Tell her yes, and the trial will begin. You will have to defeat her in battle in order to proceed to the next Captain.

She possesses three Level 51 Pokemon, which Granbull, Ribmobee, and Mawile. Defeat her and you will get a Pink Petal and then Mina will tell you to fight other Mina Trial Captains on the previous islands to earn all the petals.

You will also receive 6,120 Pokedollars upon defeating her.

Defeat IlimaAfter having defeated Mina, come back to ask her of the whereabouts of Ilima. She will tell you that he lives on Route 2, where the Verdant Cavern is. If you cannot still find him, you can take help from the trial guide there as well.

Ilima is located at Hauoli Cemetery on Melemele Island, travel there and you will find Ilima in the middle of the cemetery.

Defeat MallowPlayers will find Mallow in the Lush Jungle. Ilima will lead you to it and then leave you outside the Lush Jungle. Proceed to enter the jungle.

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‘pokmon Sun And Moon’ Trial Guide: Early Cheat Sheet To Captains And Kahunas

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, the whole gym and league system has been replaced with a number of trials on each of the four islands capped off by a kahuna to beat at the end. The trials are varied, though the kahuna is always a straightforward fight. Heres a quick and dirty guide to the first few trials and kahunas youll face on your way through Alola. Levels listed for Pokémon may vary in your game.

This cheat sheet should be enough to get you through the first few trials. Well add to our cheat sheet as we progress through Pokémon Sun and Moon, so be sure to check back as your island challenge progresses.

Got any tips for fellow Pokémon Sun and Moon trial-goers? Feel free to drop a note in our comments section below.

Kahuna Hapu’s Grand Trial

Go north and talk to the northernmost Exeggutor to go up to the upper part ofthe island. Then go north and approach Hapu. She will challenge you to a battle.If you are not ready, you can say that you need to prepare.

Kahuna Hapu has a level 53 Golurk, a level 53 Flygon, a level 54 Mudsdale, anda level 53 Gastrodon. You get 8640 Pokédollars for winning.

After the battle, Hapu gives you Groundium Z.

Your next destination is Mount Lanakila, which is north of Tapu Village onUla’ula Island.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Trial Captains

Alola region has many islands and on these islands, you will find many Trail Captains specific to a single Pokemon type. They oversee specific trials on specific islands. They are equivalent to Gym Leaders of the previous games and they specialize in a single Pokemon type. When you encounter them, they will put you through their specific trails and you will be required to clear them by using all your skills and wit.

Each island has specific Trial Captains and some island may even have more than one Trial Captain, however, each Trial Captain is only specialized in one specific Pokemon type. We have detailed them according to the islands.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Melemele IslandOn Melemele Island, you will encounter Ilima inside Verdant Cavern and her Pokemon type is Normal.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Akala IslandWhen you reach Akala Island, you will encounter three Trail Captains. Lana can be found on Brooklet Hill specializing in Water-type. Residing also on Akala Island is Kiawe on Wela Volcano Park specializing in Fire-type. The last Trail Captain found on Akala Island is Mallow. You can find Mallow in Lush Jungle specializing in Grass-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Poni IslandThe last Trial Captain can be found on the Poni Island. New in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is Mina, the Trail Captain specializing in Fairy-type Pokemon. Her exact location is not known but she can be found on Poni Island.

Pokmon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Captain Mina’s Trial For Fairium Z

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon in tamil | Episode 35& 36 | Pokemon | Pikachu | New | Episode | Series

Captain Mina can be found at her home back in Seafolk Village. Your first task is a battle against her team of three Fairy-type Pokémon, which have a few shared weaknesses – two are weak to Fire, two to Poison, and two to Steel – so rotate your team accordingly.

After that, you need to go and collect a series of coloured Petals by defeating the other Trial Captains around the map! Here’s where to find each, in order:

  • Captain Ilima – Hau’oli Cemetary. Fighting-type attacks are useful against all three.
  • Captain Mallow – Lush Jungle. Fire, Ice, and Flying are all super effective against all three.
  • Captain Lana – lush Jungle. Grass, Rock, and Electric are all super effective against two of her three Pokémon, so rotate accordingly.
  • Captain Kiawe – Wela Volcano Park. Water and Rock are super effective against all three, as they are against Hiker David’s Pokémon, too!
  • Captain Sophocles – Hokulani Observatory. Ground is 4x effective against all three Pokémon and fire super effective too.
  • After defeating all of them, zip back to Mina’s place in Seafolk Village for a final battle of the Trial – against Totem Ribombee!

    It summons either Blissey or Pelipper, but there aren’t any shared weaknesses besides Rock-type between two of the three. Focus down Ribombee first – and beware it’s a fast one! – and then deal with its easier allies.

    After that, you’ll finally have completed your last trial, and be awarded Fairium Z. Just the Grand Trial to go!

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    Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Mina Trial Guide All Petals Locations Defeat Totem Ribombee

    Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Mina Trial Guide will help you with the entire trial that will see players fighting Trial Captains to earn Flower Petals.

    Players will get to start this trial once they have defeated the Ultra Necrozma. This guide will help players step-by-step on how to complete the trial and earn all the FLower Petal.

    For more help on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon also read our Rare Candy Guide, Shiny Pokemon Guide, and Vast Poni Canyon Trial Guide.

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