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Pokemon Sword And Shield Gym Leader Theme

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Piers: Has Been Gym Leader Longer

Pokemon Sword & Shield – Gym Leader Battle Music (Full)

A major way to be successful at your job is through experience. Piers has obviously been Gym Leader for a while. He already knows what the job entails and what duties belong to him.

He has already built up who he is as a Gym Leader. He does not have to start from scratch like Marnie would as a newcomer to the job.


Pokemon Sword Exclusive Rival

Klara is a rival that appears with The Isle of Armor expansion. She specializes in Poison-type Pokemon and is training with other new character, Mustard, at his dojo.

Sheâll do just about anything to appear adorable and cute, as popularity is what she admires most of all. She goes about her days with a smile on her face, but hiding behind it is a calculating nature that she puts to very good use.

How To Beat Hammerlocke Gym And Gym Leader Raihan In Pokmon Sword And Shield

Having troubles with the last gym leader in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

As is common with Pokémon games, Sword and Shields path to becoming the very best like no ever was involves taking on various Pokémon gyms. In total, there are eight Pokémon gyms to challenge, each having a specific type of Pokémon as its theme. Of those gyms, the Hammerlocke Gym is the final and most challenging gym you will have before you can start thinking about challenging Leon for the title of Pokémon champion. Here are some tips for beating Hammerlocke gym and its Gym Leader, Raihan.

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Nessa Hullbury Gym Leader

Pokemon sword and shield gym leader theme

The next stop on the road to being the best like no one ever was, just so happens to be in Hulbury. Home to Nessa, this Gym Leader is a master of Water-type Pokémon and she wont waste a chance to rain on your parade if you give her an opening. Nessas gym challenge is a simple task of turning a few valves and defeating her resident gym trainers, but youll need to pack some Grass, Flying or Electric-type firepower in your team if you want to claim victory.

If you chose Grookey and have already evolved it into Thwackey, you dont have much to worry about at this early stage in Pokémon Sword and Shield. If you need some type advantage muscle however, the hills have plenty of options for you to explore. Bounsweet can be found in many sections of the Wild Area, Shield players have exclusive access to wild Lotad on Route 2 while Sword players can grab a Seedot in the same area. Both Pokémon evolve into formidable anti Water-type forms, or alternatively you can be given a Toxel at the Pokémon Nursery on Route 05.

Get Toxel up to level 30, and youll have a mighty counter to all three of Nessas Pokémon, especially when she Dynamaxes her Drednaw in battle against you. Heres a breakdown of her team:

  • Goldeen Level 22 Water-type
  • Drednaw Level 24 Water and Rock-type

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Gordie Leader Of The Circhester Gym In Pokmon Sword

Barbacle / Rock and Water / Level 40

  • Shell Smash

Coalossal / Rock and Fire / Level 42

  • Heat Crash
  • Rock Tomb
  • Tar Shot

Gordie, the Rock-type trainer, is the sixth gym leader players will face in Pokémon Sword and the second version exclusive gym leader in this region. While many of the Rock-type Pokémon are strong defensively, they have a lot of weaknesses. Fighting, Water, Grass, Ground, and Steel-type attacks all do super-effective damage to Rock Pokémon.

Inteleon, the final evolution of Sobble, is a great option for this gym because Gordies Coalossal is 4x weak to Water. Like many of the other gyms, Excadrill is also a solid choice because of its Ground and Steel moves are super effective against every single one of Gordies Pokémon.

Once Gordie is defeated, trainers will be able to catch Pokémon up to level 50, and he will also give them the Rock Badge, Rock Uniform, and TM48, Rock Tomb.

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Finals Opponent : Bea / Allister


The second of the battles officially in the finals in Pokémon Sword is against Bea and in Pokémon Shield is against Allister. As with their Gym matches, Bea Gigantamaxes her Machamp and Allister Gigantamaxes his Gengar

Gym Leader Bea


The last of the finals battles is against the Hammerlocke Gym Leader, Raihan. After his loss, he has changed his strategy and has a team focused solely upon weather. Like before he Gigantamaxes his Duraludon.

Gym Leader Raihan

BySam Loveridge22 July 2021

Here are all the Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leaders youll need to beat en route to Champion Leon

Youll meet eight Pokemon Sword and Shield gym leaders to defeat when you embark on your journey and each has a different specialty to consider, and some puzzles to work out. Obviously knowing what to expect there, as well as which Pokemon youll have to defeat will help you win quicker. So to make it easier to take down all the gym leaders in Pokemon Sword and Shield weve got all the important information you need. If youre ready to take on all of the Pokemon Sword and Shield gym leaders and their Pokemon, weve got the tips you need for defeating them.

**Warning! This guide contains spoilers for Gym Leaders, their Pokemon, the gym missions, and more so if you want to go in fresh, please click away now!**

Type: Grass

Grass Gym Leader Milo:

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Sword And Shield Expansion Exclusives

1. Pokemon Sword Exclusive Rival – Klara

2. Pokemon Shield Exclusive Rival – Avery

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Circhester Gym In Pokemon Shield

Pokémon Sword & Shield – Gym Leader Battle Theme (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

Leader: MelonyType: Ice

Like Nessa’s Water Gym back in Tuffield, Melody’s Ice Gym is a slightly more traditional Pokemon Gym. You’ll need to work your way through an area where the floor will collapse beneath your feet with any false steps, using a detector that’ll tell you when you’re close to a big ol’ hole. There are Gym Trainers en route, all armed with Ice Type Pokemon, so make sure you’ve got some Fighting, Steel, Rock or Fire Type Pokemon with you.

Gym Mission: As we mentioned before, the Ice Gym Mission is all about navigating a trecherous floor. You’ve got a handy detector with you, but here’s a little walkthrough for you, talking as if the playing field is on a grid.

Area 1: Go forward two – right three until you hit the rock – up three – left three – up three into the platform – fight the Gym Trainer – exit left off the platform – go left three – up three or until you’re one line from the top – go right until you hit the rock – exit the area

Area 3: Enter the area in the left lane – go up three – left two – up one – left one – up until you hit the rock – right one – move up onto the platform – go all the way up the platform – battle the trainer at the top – exit the platform on the right below the trainer – go right until you hit the wall – go up three – left two – up one – left one – up two – left one – up two – right one – up until you reach the platform – exit either left or right – go up and around the blocks until you get to the platform.

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Defeat Gym Leaders To Raise Capture Level

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you must defeat Gym Leaders for you to be able to capture stronger Pokemon in the field. Level up your Pokemon to defeat them so you can catch rarer & more powerful Pokemon!

Gain Gym Uniforms For Winning

Defeating Gym leaders will not only reward you with Badges, but also uniforms of the gyms themes. Change into them at the dressing rooms of each Boutiques!

Spikemuth Gym Leader Piers

In order to start the gym challenge you need to run to the right side of the Pokemon Center and a random character will ask you if you want to start the challenge. The challenge will have you run through the streets of Spikemuth and defeating Team Yell members that you encounter on your way. After you have beaten everyone you can take on Piers.

Piers Pokemon

The following are all the Pokemon that Piers uses in battle:

  • Level 44 Scrafty
  • Level 45 Skuntank
  • Level 46 Obstagoon

Piers cannot Gigantamax and you cannot Dynamax in the gym either. So keep that in mind when taking him on.

Recommended Pokemon To Counter Piers

The following are examples of Pokemon that are great against Piers:

  • Caterpie
  • Milcrey


Once you have defeated Piers, you will get TM85 which is Snarl. You will get the dark type uniform. You will also be able to catch Pokemon up to level 55.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Gym Order

So, youre curious about how the gyms shake out in Galar? We dont blame you. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have some notable differences that dont just come down to the different types of Pokemon in them were also talking the Gym Leaders that are available as part of the main campaign.

Yes, there are Sword versus Shield specific variants when it comes to who you encounter. Weve listed out the order of the gyms in Pokemon Sword and Shield below for your reference, including the instances where they diverge:

  • Turffield Gym Leader Milo Grass Type Level 19 to 20
  • Hulbury Gym Leader Nessa Water Type Level 22 to 24
  • Motostoke Gym Leader Kabul Fire Type Level 25
  • Stow-on-Side Gym Leader Bea Fighting Type Level 34 to 36
  • Stow-on-Side Gym Leader Allister Ghost TYpe Level 34 to 36
  • Ballonlea Gym Leader Opal Fairy Type Level 36 to 38
  • Circhester Gym Leader Gordie Rock Type Level 40 to 42
  • Circhester Gym Leader Melony Ice Type Level 40 to 42
  • Spikemuth Gym Leader Piers Dark Type Level 44 to 46
  • Hammerlocke Gym Leader Raihan Dragon Type Level 46 to 48

Now that you have our Pokemon Sword and Shield gym order list, you can better prepare your teams for some of the fights that are ahead.

Other Exclusives In Sword And Shield

Gym Leader Theme (First Pokemon) (In

There are also exclusive Ingredients in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which can be used for cooking Curry. In order to get these exclusive you will need to trade someone for a Pokemon holding those ingredients or you can cook with NPCs on routes or other players in the Wild Area. Any recipes you discover when cooking with others will be added to your CurryDex.

Sword Exclusive
Bachs Food Tin

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Piers Leader Of The Spikemuth Gym

Scrafty / Dark and Fighting / Level 44

  • Fake Out

Obstagoon / Dark and Normal / Level 46

  • Obstruct
  • Counter
  • Shadow Claw

Piers, the penultimate gym leader that trainers will face, specializes in Dark-type Pokémon. He is also unique in that he doesnt Dynamax his Pokémon, and the battle doesnt occur in a stadium like every other one. Dark-type Pokémon are weak to Fairy, Bug, and Fighting-type attacks, but all of Pierss Pokemon have secondary types that trainers can take advantage of.

Scrafty is 4x weak to Fairy moves, Malamar is 4x weak to Bug, and Obstagoon will take 4x damage from Fighting-type attacks. Players should bring a Fairy type, such as Galarian Weezing, Alcremie, or Ribombee. Pierss Skuntank doesnt have a damaging Poison move that can do super-effective damage to Fairy Pokémon.

After he is defeated, he will give trainers the Dark Badge, Dark Uniform, and TM85, which is Snarl. Pokémon up to level 55 can now be caught.

Repeat It As Many Times As You Want

In the tournament, 3 trainers will face off against you in a row. These trainers include the Gym Leaders, Hop, & the Champion Leon. Successfully defeating them will reward you with items.

Recommended For Farming Exp And Money

This method gives you over 10,000 per battle, along with a lot of experience points. We recommend selecting Leon, as he will give you a lot of experience points.

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All Pokemon Sword And Shield Exclusives

As it is with all other Pokemon titles, both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will yield exclusive Pokemon that are only catchable in one version of the game. It is likely that these Pokemon can only be gained in the other version of the game, through trading. See all version-exclusive Pokemon on the chart below.


Beat The Gym Leaders And Reach The Top

Pokemon Sword/Shield – Gym Leader Battle Theme (HQ)

Here you will get to know about all the Pokémon Sword and Shield Gym Leaders that you will have to take down the end route to Champion Leon.

Are you anticipating to know how the gyms shake out in Gala?

It is alright, we dont blame you.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield indeed have a huge difference that doesnt come down to various kinds of Pokemon in their versions. We are also talking about Gym Leaders that you will be competing in the challenge.

Yep, when it comes to who you meet, there are Shields versus Sword specific variants.

For your reference, below we have listed the order of the gyms in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which also includes the instances where they diverge:

  • Turffield Gym Leader Milo

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Badges

All the Pokemon Sword and Shield badges eventually fit together to make a glorious coin-like structure, which you can view on the League Card section of the menu. Unfortunately you can’t shine it like you could in old games, but I would pay serious money to have one in real life.

Turn to page two for our guide to the Pokemon and trainers you’ll face in the semi-finals, finals and the Champion.

Pokmon Sword And Shield’s Gym Leader Jersey Numbers All Have A Common Theme

  • 189

One cool little feature found within Pokémon Sword and Shield is the way in which trainers have their very own jersey number, with players, rivals, and Gym Leaders all having their own numeric identities. It would be easy to assume that each character’s number has been plucked out at random as there’s no obvious link between them , but a common theme across all Leaders has been discovered.

That theme has been shared online by Twitter user , who explains that the numbers are all wordplay jokes in Japanese. We did a little more digging on the topic and came across Goroawase, a common wordplay system in which Japanese speakers associate numbers with a series of letters. The system is apparently used in phone numbers amongst other things, where a dentist might feature a string of numbers which equates to “no cavities”, for example.

2/2 Leaders:

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Leon: Pokemon Sword And Shiel

Next, you will be heading to beat the Undefeated Champion of the Galar region, Leon in the ultimate showdown.

You will also encounter Bede, a Fairy Gym Pokemon Sword, and many others.

Other Pokémon in the game are listed below:

  • Mawile Level 51 Steel and Fairy-type
  • Gardevoir Level 51 Psychic and Fairy-type
  • Rapidash Galarian Rapidash Level 52 Psychic and Fairy-type
  • Hatterene Level 53 Psychic and Fairy-type
  • Sylveon Level 62 Fairy-type

I Wanna Be The Very Best

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leader theme (Nightcore ...

Now you know how to beat every gym leader in Pokémon Sword and Shield. These battles can be pretty fierce, so youll want to make sure that your party is stacked with Pokémon that are strong against your opponents Pokémon. Stock up on revives and potions so you can heal your party as necessary, and youll be sure to make it far.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Gym Leaders Guide: Beat All Gym Leaders

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now and the basic aim of the game is to get strong enough to beat all the gym leaders and win the final championship. In this guide, we are going to go over how you can do that.

We are going to cover all the gym leaders in Pokemon Sword And Shield, their Pokemon and tactics. We are also going to recommend the Pokemon that you should use against each gym leader.

Motostoke Gym Leader Kabu

Taking on Kabu is going to be a bit tricky. You need to go up against Pokemon and other trainers will damage your Pokemon while you do so. Catching a Pokemon will get you 2 points and knocking one out will get you a single point.

You should focus on knocking out the other trainers first as the wild Pokemon is pretty weak. You need to get 5 points in order to take on Kabu.

Kabus Pokemon

The following are all the Pokemon that Kabu uses:

  • Level 25 Ninetails

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