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When Is Pokemon Dlc Coming Out

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How To Buy On The Switch Eshop

POKEMON NEWS! NEW Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC Predictions! How To Get The Shiny Charm and More!

1: Look For The Pass On The E-Shop

Access the Nintendo E-Shop on your switch home page. You should see the Pass in the Featured tab. If it isn’t there, use the search function to find it.

2: Press The ‘Prepurchase’ Button

Afterwards, confirm that you have the correct pass version before buying! When you’re done, press the proceed to function button.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: The Isle Of Armor Dlc

The first ever DLC is coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield as part of a two-part Expansion Pass. The Isle of Armor, to be followed in fall 2020 by The Crown Tundra, will enlarge the world of Galar with new characters, new landscapes, and new Legendary Pokemon.

Fans are expecting big things from The Isle of Armor thanks to the return of more than 200 older Pokemon that did not appear in the Pokedex of Sword and Shield upon its November 2019 release. Developer Game Freak, after controversially announcing the National Pokedex wouldn’t feature in future titles, eventually promised many previous-generation favorites would come back when The Isle of Armor launched.

In addition to old Pokemon, the new island will be an open world defined by a theme of growth and visually inspired by the U.K.’s Isle of Man. The Isle of Armor should flesh out the world of Galar with more adventure, more Pokemon, and more character customization options. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting add-on.

When Is Pokmon Crown Tundra Released

Our best guess is that the pack will drop around 5:00 on October 23rd here in the UK, which means that we know what we will be doing on our Friday now!

This is of course just an estimate, but with maintenance scheduled to roll out from 23:00 tonight that will conclude at 04:00, and then a downloadable update available just after well, all the signs are pointing to Crown Tundra being playable then.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Expansions

Instead of a third version, Pokemon Sword and Shield has expansions. So far, we know of The Isle of Armor Expansion and The Crown Tundra Expansion. The page explains how the expansion pass works, how much it costs, release dates, and more information and lists all expansions with a brief summary of what comes with each.

Leak Suggests That Third Pokemon Sword And Shield Dlc Is Coming

When does Isle of Armor come out? Pokémon DLC release date could be ...

2019’s Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield received two paid post-game DLC contents in 2020, in the form of The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. However, if a slightly old leak is to be believed, then a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC might be coming in 2021.

Article Contents

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New Cold War Zombies Dlc Map Revealed As Forsaken

The final season of Black Ops Cold War content is upon us and were just over a week away from the start of Season 6 and all the new content in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. What better time to release a new Zombies trailer, right? Treyarch has been teasing DLC 4 for a while now the final round-based Zombies map to be added to Black Ops Cold War ahead of Vanguard and we finally know a little bit about what to expect. Heres the latest and when we should be able to jump into the next instalment of the Dark Aether storyline

What Is The Pokemon Legends: Arceus Dlc Release Date

Its very likely that Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC will be coming later in 2022. But when exactly?

More specific than the 2022 time range is still uncertain. With Pokemon Sword and Shield, two DLC packs were released with the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra. Isle of Armor came out seven months after the games initial release, while Crown Tundra came out 11 months later. Depending on what Game Freak and Nintendo are planning, that would translate to Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC coming out in the fall season of 2022.

As for whats in store for the Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC, CentroLeaks suggested that more than 100 more Pokemon would be added to the game. Its unclear which would be added and whether more new variants would come, but there are many of notable omissions that could come back to a warm reception.

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Are Gigantamax Pokmon In The Dlc

Many of the Pokémon you encounter in the Expansion Pass will have Gigantamax forms for you to discover. In fact, your starter Pokémon gains the ability to Gigantamax once they’ve partaken of a special dish, called Max Soup, that grants them that ability.

There are also be plenty of new Pokémon dens for you to discover, so you’ll be able to join in Max Raid Battles to fight and capture Gigantamax Pokémon.

When Is The Third Pokemon Sword And Shield Dlc Release Date

The Next Legends Arceus DLC Location Will Be Here

At the moment, there is no confirmation of the third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. As such, we won’t be able to give you a release date. However, according to the leak, the third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC should release in 2021, which would supposedly release “the rest of the missing Pokemon” and add “3 new mythicals”.

So, are the leaks true? We don’t know. Until we receive official confirmation from The Pokemon Company, it’s best to take the information from the leak with a grain of salt.

After all, the timing just doesn’t make sense. At the moment, GameFreak has their hands full working on Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Not to mention, releasing a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC would coincide with the release date of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and we highly doubt The Pokemon Company wants to cannibalize its own sales numbers.

On the off-chance that a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC was originally planned, there is a high chance that The Pokemon Company may have decided to cancel it since. The COVID-19 pandemic and the “crunch culture” controversy have forced numerous companies to pivot and rethink their strategies.

Despite the continued success of the Pokemon games in 2020 and 2021, it is possible that The Pokemon Company opted to cancel work on the third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC instead to give the developers more time to work on future projects.

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Does Pokemon Sword And Shield: The Isle Of Armor Have A Release Date

Nintendo has said the DLC will be out by the end of , but no exact date has been announced. There are rumblings that the long-awaited expansion pack is about to be delayed thanks to COVID-19. Like everyone else, Nintendo employees are working from home, and industry watchers say the lack of a set release date could mean the development team at Game Freak is having trouble completing the project.

With so much expected of this downloadable content pack, an additional delay isnt going to make anyone happy. Its also possible that even if The Isle of Armor makes its window, its follow-up, The Crown Tundra, will be postponed from its fall 2020 release date. Either way, it sounds like The Crown Tundra, which was presumably less far along in development, may be more affected by the coronavirus shutdowns.

Not all hope is lost, however. The fact that Nintendo has already started the countdown through some in-game giveaways could be a sign its expecting to meet the deadline.

Expanding The Galar Region

A new region is always an exciting thing for Pokemon players. New regions come with scores of new Pokemon and a whole new environment to explore, often built around themes and aesthetics unique to that region. Although the Galar regions reflection on the United Kingdom was yet another fun concept for a region, its reputation was marred by one of Nintendos design choices. Only 400 Pokemon appear in the regions base Pokedex. Considering that theres over 800 total Pokemon known so far, fans were outraged. In a series of games where a huge part of the gameplays conceit is collecting every Pokemon possible, it seemed counterintuitive that only some Pokemon would appear in Galar.

It seems Nintendo was sensitive to that frustration in the long run, because arguably one of the best parts of the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLCs was that both of them reintroduced Pokemon to Galar. Nintendo hasnt gone all the way to filling the Pokedex back in, but making it partly possible indicates that Nintendo is interested in it. That makes it seem feasible that Nintendo will add more Sword and Shield DLCs in the future. Both it and its fans have a lot to gain that way.

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Pokmon Fans Are Crying Out For Pikachu Clones Evolutions

The creative possibilities are endless.

This is becoming a bit of a modern age-old question, and Pokémon fans around have been asking it since the days of Ruby and Sapphire: why dont the Pikachu clones get evolutions as well, to emulate Raichu? The upcoming Pokémon Scarlett and Violet games are set to be released in November, and we have recently been treated to several new Pokémon that will be released into this new regions wilderness. And what do we have included in this new batch of powered-up pets? Well, another Pikachu clone is what it is, and its called Pawmi.

Now, as all of us Pokémon fans know, it is vital that we evolve our Pokémon if we want to become the Champion they become more powerful, learn better moves, and generally look a lot cooler. There are some Pokémon that dont need a little evolution boost because they are already fairly strong, but there are many that would benefit from one, and these Pikachu clones are a handful of ones that do.

Pretty much every Pokémon generation since the original games have included some kind of Pikachu like Pokémon that are similar in design, move set, typing, and overall cuteness. However, except for Marill who gets an evolution in Azumarill, none of the others in the series gets the same treatment. The debate has gone to Reddit as well, with a user called rexshen laying it all out for us as you can see below.

Pikachu clones should get evolutions too from pokemon

Are There Any Version

Pokemon Sword DLC Livestream

Yes. Nintendo has stated that each version of the Expansion Pass will feature version-exclusive Pokémon and characters.

Currently, returning Pokémon Clauncher and Clawitzer are Pokémon Sword Isle of Armor exclusives, and Skrelp and Dragalge are Pokémon Shield Isle of Armor exclusives . Well update this with more information as it comes to light concerning Crown Tundra exclusives.

The rival Trainer youll face depends on the version of the game you have. Pokémon Sword players will face Klara, a Poison-type specialist training at the dojo of Pokémon Master Mustard. Pokémon Shield players will come up against Avery a Psychic-type user also under Mustards tutelage.

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Is There A The Crown Tundra Map Leak

Yes, in the same sprawling datamine that created our returning Pokémon list, we also got a fully realized outline of the Crown Tundras map. It includes the flying waypoints that will be included in the final DLC along with normal waypoints. Altogether, this provides a fairly viable skeleton for what the final map could look like. You can see the full map here.

The Crown Tundra Story Walkthrough

This is Game8s complete walkthrough and guide for completing The Crown Tundra DLC. If you get stuck along the way, check our walkthrough to learn how to complete everything in The Crown Tundra!

Story Walkthrough Guides


Upon starting the game you will receive a Crown Pass that will allow you to travel to the Crown Tundra from Wedgehurst Station.If you havent received the Crown Pass, be sure that you have purchased the Expansion Pass DLC and downloaded the latest Software Update.
Speak to the rail staff in Wedgehurst Station to board a train to the Crown Tundra Station.
Upon arrival your Pokedex will be updated to include the .
Exit the station to meet Peony and Peonia. Approach them for a battle with Peony.
Peony specializes in Steel-type Pokemon, using a and . Defeat him to move on.
With the battle over you are now free to explore the Crown Tundra and begin filling your Pokedex!

How to Beat Peony

Aggron Lv. 70

You might be caught off guard by the sudden battle the moment you leave the train station. Be sure to prepare your party in advance with Pokemon which can handle Steel-types, such as Fighting-types and Ground-types.

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Who Are The New Rivals

Within The Isle of Armor, the rival you encounter will be different depending on if you’re playing Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield. In Sword, your rival will be Klara, a Poison-type trainer, whereas Shield players will have Avery, a Psychic-type trainer as their rival. The Pokémon in their party will align with the kind of trainer they are, but they will both have a Galarian Slowpoke, since it’s both Poison-type and Psychic-type.

Catch Necrozma To Complete The Chapter

CONFIRMED DLC LEAKED for Pokemon Legends Arceus?! [Rumor]
Catch in a Dynamax Adventure. Its condition for appearing is completely random, so continue Dynamax Adventures until you encounter it.
Youll receive an and for completing the chapter.
Optional: After catching any 5 Ultra Beasts in Dynamax Adventures, youll receive as a gift in front of the entrance to the Max Lair.

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Are New Pokmon In The Expansion Pass

Yes, after completing Mustard’s trials at the beginning of The Isle of Armor, players will receive a new Fighting-type Pokémon called Kubfu. There are also new Legendary Pokémon to discover. In addition to that, players can encounter familiar Pokémon that weren’t previously in the Galar region’s main storyline, such as Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Galarian Slowpoke, and many more. As with all Pokémon games, the Pokémon you encounter in the Expansion Pass will differ depending on whether you’re playing Sword or Shield.

For more information, here’s a list of all the Pokémon that will be in the expansion.

Is The Third Pokemon Sword And Shield Dlc Confirmed

If there’s one community in video games that knows all too well not to believe any rumors and leaks, it’s the Pokemon community. The Pokemon games have long been subject to many false claims and speculations, dating all the way back to the infamous Hidden Mew Under the Truck gaming urban legend.

But, every once in a while, a leak does come that ends up being true, with one, in particular, starting to look less like speculation or guess and more like insider information.

The leak concerned comes from the dedicated Pokemon message board on 4chan. The said post dates back to February 2020 and comes from someone who isn’t exactly known as a credible source. In the post, the leaker makes numerous unfounded and unverified claims, half of which later turned out to be true.

Among the numerous now-verified claims made by the leaker includes the release of the first two Pokemon Sword and Shield DLCs in 2020, as well as the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes and, perhaps, most notably, Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Now that half of the leaks have been proven to be true, it stands to reason that some people are waiting for the confirmation of a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC.

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How Big Is The Crown Tundra And Where Is It

From what Nintendo has said, it sounds like the Crown Tundra will be much, much larger than the Isle of Armor’s map. Here, players will be encouraged to explore a vast environment that operates a lot like the Wild Area in the main Sword and Shield games. Players can see Pokémon walking around and simply need to touch them to initiate a battle. As with the main Wild Area, there will also be several different Pokémon dens so players can engage in Max Raid Battles with other players online.

While some of the map does take place on snowy mountain tops, the Crown Tundra seems to be more of a balanced Yinyang. A baren, snow-covered tree can be found at the tallest peak surrounded by ice while far below it in the valley a pink-leaved tree stands proudly amid rolling green hills. It looks like players will get to explore both the valley as well as the snow-capped peaks during their expedition.

Here’s a follow-up on The Crown Tundra map.Fly locations without designated weather are indoor locations of interest. These can be compared to Master Dojo, Tower of Darkness, Tower of Waters, etc.Full map with corresponding flag names coming soon!

Pokmon Sword & Shield Dlc News Coming Soon


The official Pokémon Twitter account has announced that there will be news about Pokémon Sword& Shields remaining DLC content The Crown Tundra coming tomorrow!

Get ready, Trainers: weve got updates on #PokemonSwordShieldEX! September 29


Its probably going to be a release date! How soon do you think well be exploring new areas in Sword and Shield? Let us know your guess in the comments! Get ready for the release by trading and completing your dex with the help of our Discord server!

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