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Garchomp Pokemon Go Best Moveset

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Mega Garchomp: A Mega

Best Garchomp moveset with PvPoke. Community Day Analysis // Pokemon Go

Ah, Mega Garchomp. Garchomps mega evolution is sheer and brutal power. It is one of the most dominating mega evolutions and Pokémon alike. And whoa, its super scary!

Before I go any further, check out the stats of Mega Garchomp:

Level 40 CP 5424 | Level 50 CP 6132
ATK 339

That. Is. Insane.

339 ATK stat and that bulk? This thing is a boss-level monstrosity! With those stats, the right moves and no nerf on the horizon, Mega Garchomp is slated to be one of the most powerful Pokémon EVER.

So how does the power of Mega Garchomp justify its two types?

Garchomp Is A Great Pick

As previously mentioned, Garchomp truly shines in the Master League. It has a high CP as a Dragon/ Ground-type mon, but its not useful in the Ultra or Great League.

You can use Garchomp against Dialga and Giratina and easily exploit their weakness. Also, when it comes to Gyms and Raids, Garchomp is versatile, proving its skills best.

Remember that Garchomp is not a mon that will suit every situation, but itll sure bring you some sweet victories.

Best Moveset For Garchomp In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

Garchomp is one of the most powerful non-legendary Pokemon you can find in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Trainers can typically get one in the late game after finding a Gible. They will also come across one against Cynthia, as Garchomp is the focal point of the Sinnoh Champion’s powerful team.

If you want to add Garchomp to your Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl team, which you definitely should, you will want to give it the four best attacks to conquer the Sinnoh region, the Elite Four, and become Champion.

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Comparing Earth Power With Earthquake And Sand Tomb

Vs Earthquake

Earthquake has been the poster child of Ground type moves since the inception of the Pokémon meta. It was initially underwhelming in Pokémon Go but it received a buff later on, resulting in 140 DMG for PvE and 120 DMG for PvP.

Pretty neat and exemplary of Earthquakes raw damage.

But isnt it expensive in terms of energy?!

As mentioned, it is a 1-bar charged move in PvE and a 65 energy charged move in PvP for 120 DMG.

Whereas Earth Power is a 2-bar charged move in PvE and a 55 energy charged move in PvP for 90 DMG, with a chance of debuffing the opponents DEF stat.

This shows that in PvP, Earth Power requires 10 less energy to charge up and is definitely the quicker and more energy-efficient option, making Garchomp faster and meaner in the Master League.

From a comparison of raw stats between the two from our Go Hub DPS/TDO Comparison, it is pretty clear that Earth Power Garchomp has superior DPS and TDO when compared to Earthquake Garchomp. This makes Earth Power the go-to Ground type move in terms of more damage in raids and gym battles.

In terms of Total Performance, Earth Power Garchomp is 8.77% better than Earthquake Garchomp.

Earth Power wins.

Vs Sand Tomb

This is where it gets more interesting, though less complicated.

Sand Tomb stands no chance in PvE. Its too weak to be even compared to the other two Ground type charged moves

With only 55 energy, Earth Power charges very quickly and yet, sports enough DMG to annihilate the opposition.

Once again

Pokmon Unite Garchomps Early Game Abilities

Garchomp Best Moveset Pokémon GO Reddit 2021

Between levels one to three, youll have a choice to make. Eventually, youll be given both but in the early game you need to pick what move you want to help steer you through those initial fights as Gible. Sand attack is all about inflicting some damage but getting away. Bulldoze is all about stomping your way into battle with this AOE damage move.

The later game will bolster your damage, but for now, we recommend sand attack first for its ability to place into both attack and movement, followed by bulldoze.

Move name
Dash Eight seconds Dives into opposing Pokémon, dealing damage and shoving them backwards. Upgrading also slows down opponents after theyve been displaced.

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A Tricky Sweeper In Sand

Garchomp can potentially get as much as two Swords Dance boosts in Sandstorm thanks to its Sand Veil ability. Although it’s not as fast as Excadrill under the same conditions, it has the potential to max out its attack and virtually KO everything that isn’t resistant or immune to its STAB Ground and Dragon-type moves.

Best Move Sets For Garchomp In Pokmon Go

Garchomp is an excellent Pokémon to add to your collection in Pokémon Go. It is a strong pick and it can withstand many attacks in battle. You mainly want to use Garchomp in Ultra and Master Leagues. But you want to make sure you teach it the best moves available to it. In this guide, we cover the best set of moves to teach Garchomp in Pokémon Go.

Garchomp is a Pure Dragon and Ground-type Pokémon. It will be weak against Dragon, Fairy, and Ice generation attacks, but it is resistant to Electric, Fire, Poison, and Rock-type attacks. Since the CP value is higher, you only want to use it in the Master League. If it competes in the Ultra League, it will be much worse because its stats are limited, but its entirely possible.

Here are all the moves that Garchomp can learn.

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What Kind Of Pokemon Is Weak Against Garchomp

What counters Garchomp? Garchomp is a Dragon/Ground type Pokémon, which makes it especially weak against Ice moves, and weak against Fairy and Dragon moves. Kyurem . These moves are calculated using type advantages / disadvantages, and including STAB. Click here for more info » These are the Pokémon most vulnerable to the above moveset.

This Move Combination Has The Highest Total Dps And Is Also The Best Moveset For Pvp Battles

Best Moveset GARCHOMP|| how to get Gible || Pokemon Go

How to catch garchomp in pokemon go. 3x catch xp pokemon go community day bonus community day pokemon go community day. While there is not a certified way to get a garchomp right away, players can get the pokémon after leveling up their gible to level 24 which will evolve him into a gabite, and then leveling gabite up to level 48 which will evolve him into a garchomp. Gible has a 15% chance of spawning in wayward cave and is one of the.

How to catch garchomp in pokemon go. Evolve gabite during the event or up to two hours afterward to get a garchomp that knows the attack earth power. The best approach to get a garchomp in pokemon go is attempting to discover it during its spotlight hour.

Garchomp is a dual typed dragon and ground type pokémon in pokemon go, and is the final stage of. How to get garchomp in pokemon go garchomp can only be obtained if the trainer first finds a gible and evolves it. The best moves for garchomp are dragon tail and outrage when attacking pokémon in gyms.

Garchomp is a pokémon youre going to see in plenty of teams regularly, and its understandable why you would. The utilization of lure at a pokestop and incense while strolling around will likewise expand the odds for the player to get a pokemon go garchomp for their collection. A32nx gets dev update by giuseppe nelva september.

Mega Garchomp Pokemon Dragon Pokemon Teams Pokemon

Garchomp Pokemon Pictures Pokemon Charizard

Garchomp Tumblr Dragon Type Pokemon Pokemon Kalos Pokemon

Pin On Pokemon

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Pokmon Go: Best Movesets August 2021

While it may seem like Combat Power or stats are the most important factors in Pokémon Go, movesets play a critical role as well. Movesets are the combination of the fast attack and charged attack your Pokémon uses in battles.

The wonderful, terrible thing about movesets is that theyre usually determined at random. The good news is that, with Technical Machines and Elite TMs, you change your old, terrible moves. But how do you know which movesets will help your Pokémon win at PvP Trainer Battles and decimate Gyms and Raids and which will make a fight simply unwinnable? Heres the newly updated list! And be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories to take your game to the next level!

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Garchomp With Earth Power Meta Analysis

Your guide to understanding Garchomp & Mega Garchomp in the meta and their viability with Earth Power post the Community Day. Also includes analysis of the updated Dragon Tail.

What has been probably the most anticipated Community Day ever, Niantic finally decided to grace us with the Gible Community Day with a sassy tweet. Needless to say, it got the Pokémon Go world spinning with hype.

This event will help countless trainers get their first shiny Gible and/or grind Candy XL for the little land shark dragon to evolve into a level 50 monstrosity called XL Garchomp.

While everyone was aboard the hype train to , we waited with bated breath for the exclusive move reveal. And finally, we have it! Garchomp will learn the powerful Ground type charged move:

Earth Power.

Yes, expectations were rife for something like Dragon Rush, which would undeniably have been the most exciting prospect. Dragon Rush, which quite honestly, would have been the best-case scenario with the right stats . But regardless, we shouldnt really crib about it. Unlike Altaria, Garchomp did receive an amazing move that could spell great potential for Sinnohs pseudo legendary.

This article aims to explore how Garchomp would fare with the newest weapon in its arsenal. There are bound to be numerous questions

How is Earth Power better than Earthquake?

What about Sand Tomb?

Which Ground type move to use in ML?

Is Garchomp now better than ever for both PvE and PvP?

Which moveset to pick?

And more

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Pokemon Go: Best Electric

Legendaries and Megas reign supreme over the Electric-type category, with only Shadow Electivire managing to eke in. Still, with only one weakness and some amazing super effective damage against Flying- and Water-types, Electric-types can cover a lot of ground.

Among these Electric-types, Shadow Raikou is, without challenge, the best. Its max Attack is a bit lower than Zapdos, but it doesnt even matter with the amount of extra damage its moveset can do. Wild Charge outclasses Thunderbolt completely, and Raikou has more max Defense, meaning itll stick around a bit longer. Sure, Zapdos resists Electrics only weakness in Ground, but it trades that out for weaknesses to Ice- and Rock-type moves.

On the topic of Zapdos even though its a bit behind Shadow Raikou, Zapdos Shadow variant is by no means way worse. It comes in a close second or third situationally, with less DPS than Sh. Raikou and Sh. Electivire, but more TDO than the latter. As we said, Zapdos negates Electrics weakness to Ground, but it has a weakness to Rock and Ice instead, which can be good or bad, depending on what the situation is. Unfortunately, both Shadow Raikou and Shadow Zapdos are extremely hard to get your hands on, so if you dont have them, you might have to settle for another Pokemon from this ranking.

Play Rough

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The Best Moveset For Garchomp In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Garchomp level 35

Pokemon GO has two different ways for Pokemon to attack. Move speed matters when a Pokemon is fighting with the trainer in control. It attacks differently when controlled by AI, such as defending a Gym, striking every 2 seconds regardless.

When it comes to Garchomp, though, the best moveset in Pokemon GO sees no difference between the two. Offense and Defense both carry the same Fast Attack and Charged Attack combination.

Aiming to catch as many Gible as you can during June #PokemonGOCommunityDay? Great news! Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours!

Pokémon GO

Those evolving Gabite during Pokemon GO’s Gible Community Day will end up with a Garchomp who knows the attack Earth Power. While incredibly strong, it does not overtake its best Charged Attack.

Dragon Tail as the Fast Attack and Outrage as the Charged Attack will do insane damage. Both receive a Same Type Attack Bonus and are super effective against other powerful Dragon-type Pokemon.

Garchomp is weak against Dragon and Fairy moves, but 2x weak against Ice-type moves. Even with those weaknesses, Garchomp’s two Dragon-type attacks will decimate Pokemon of many types.

Gible Gabite Garchomp Better stock up on Poké Balls, Trainers! #PokemonGOCommunityDay featuring Gible starts in just a few days! Spread the news by tagging a friend below!

Pokémon GO

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Where Can I Find The Mega Garchomp And Catch Them

To catch Mega Garchomp, youâve to clear a number of Pokemon levels, and then only youâll get the mega stone for the Mega Garchomp Pokemon. However, there is a hush-hush to catch Mega Garchomp, go to Victory Road. To make this smooth, first fly to the Pokemon league. From there, you need to head South in the Victory Road.

Youâll have to pass through two sets of caves, and then youâll re-emerge outside the path where there crumbled walls. After that go North, and youâll know that youâre headed the right direction, as you see the Grey stone platform. From there on youâve to head left, until you come across a spooky trainer girl and there is one wall right behind her. There youll have a mega tower, and there is your Mega Garchomp.

Dragon Tail With Sand Tomb And Outrage Dragon Tail With Sand Tomb And Earth Power

I apologise but this had to be a tie. These two movesets are different and yet they are so much the same! This can be attributed to the fact that the success of this moveset is based on the fundamental. Both work more or less the same, with the Outrage variant having a higher rate of success against the Flying types and the Earth Power variant, against the Steel types.

I remember I promised you that Ill not leave you in the loop? So if you are split between the two, Id say use the Outrage variant if you have a counter for Steel types in your team . Otherwise, go for the Earth Power variant to deal with Steel types better through Garchomp alone. Im personally going to go for the Dragon Tail with Sand Tomb and Outrage variant.

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Gible Evolution Chart: What Does Gible Evolve Into

Gible has two evolutions – Gabite, and Garchomp – which require 25 and 100 Candy respectively .

During Community Day – which runs from 11am to 5pm local time – this is useful to know so you can work out how Candy you need before the event comes to an end.

Remember, there are multiple ways to boost your Candy gains, such as:

  • Using a Pinap Berry
  • Evolving a dragon-type Mega Evolution – such as Mega Altaria, Mega Ampharos or Mega Charizard X – during the event
  • After the event, waiting for the next 2x Candy transfer Spotlight Hour to transfer your caught Gibles

The above is particularly useful if you only want to play for only some of Community Day, and not the entire event, to get enough Candy to evolve and power it up fully.

When you are ready to evolve – remember to use the 3*, 4* search options in your Pokémon collection to find the one with the best IVs – remember that up to two hours after Community Day ends the final evolution will learn an event-exclusive move. If you miss this window, then you need to use an Elite Charged TM.

Question is – is that move always the best? And what fast move should you pair it with?

Garchomps End Game Abilities


Youre at level ten and youve finally reached your final form as Garchomp. At this point, youve unlocked your Unite move, livid outrage, a powerful flurry of high-damage attacks that will leave your opposing team both injured and scattered. Be aware though that by unleashing this move, youll also stun your Garchomp in battle so be ready to fight once youre back in action.

Move name

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All Palkia Weaknesses And Best Pokmon Counters In Pokmon Go

Whats the best way to defeat Palkia?

Image via Niantic

There are several legendary Pokémon that you can battle against in Pokémon Go. Palkia is one of the stronger choices, and this Pokémon seldom ever appears in five-star raids. You want to add it to your collection to use it in PvP battles, especially the Master League. Before you can do that, you need to defeat it, likely with a small group of friends. These are all of Palkias weaknesses and the best Pokémon counters in Pokémon Go.

The Best Moveset For Garchomp In Pokmon Go

Pokémon GO has two different forms of Pokémon attack. Movement speed is important when a Pokémon is fighting with the trainer in control. It attacks differently when controlled by AI, such as defending a gym, hitting every 2 seconds regardless.

However, when it comes to Garchomp, the best moveset in Pokémon GO sees no difference between the two. Offense and Defense carry the same combination of Quick Attack and Charge Attack.

Aiming to catch as many Gible as you can during June #PokemonGOCommunityDay? Great news! Decoy modules activated during the event will last three hours!

Pokémon GO

Those who evolve Gabite during Pokémon GOs Gible Community Day will end up with a Garchomp that knows the Earth Power attack. Although he is incredibly strong, he does not beat his best charged attack.

Dragon Tail as Fast Attack and Outrage as Charged Attack will do incredible damage. They both receive an attack bonus of the same type and are super effective against other powerful Dragon-type Pokémon.

Garchomp is weak against Dragon and Fairy moves, but 2x weak against Ice-type moves. Even with those weaknesses, Garchomps two Dragon-type attacks will decimate Pokémon of many types.

On STAB, Dragon Tail does 16.4 damage per second, while Outrage does 33.8 DPS. The Fast Attack gathers 9 energy each time it hits and the Charged Attack only requires 50 to use.

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