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How To Catch Smeargle In Pokemon Go

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Does A Change Of Target Location Or Camera Help

How to Catch a Smeargle in Pokémon Go!

While you want Smeargle to photobomb the right Pokemon after all, you want it to learn good abilities you can’t just keep snapping photos and hoping it will appear. I have been alternating between several different Pokémon I want Smeargle to learn powers from, just in case and Reddit seems to agree.

Changing location hasn’t seemed to help either, although I have only tried it in a 500-meter radius of my house using different photos and even switching to landscape to see if that helped. So far, there is no evidence that changing location makes a difference.

Several people have reported success in switching from accessing the camera from the item menu to instead selecting the Pokemon you want to snap and then tapping the camera from its summary page. I have tried this also, and it hasn’t worked for me yet, but we can hope.

These things might not do anything, but it makes the monotony of trying to cheat random number generators more bearable. After all, a Smeargle photobomb is, as far as we know, a completely random occurrence, and while it is fun to try and beat that randomness, I have to warn you, we most likely never will.

How To Get Smeargle In Pokemon Go For Johto Collection Challenge

If youre looking to catch a Smeargle in Pokemon Go, you might be a little bit confused, as the Mon cant be found in the same way as other creatures in the game. Heres how to find one.

Despite being a Gen 2 Pokemon, Smeargle was added to Niantics popular mobile app much later than others like Chikorita and Totodile, first appearing in the game in 2019 following plenty of teasing about its arrival.

Like Ditto before it, Smeargle will only show up for trainers to catch in a specific situation. You wont see it roaming around the Wild like most species, and you cant find it in raid battles or hatch it from eggs, either.

Players will need to catch a Smeargle to complete the Johto Collection Challenge, which runs until January 31, 2021. If youre struggling to do that, heres how you can find the Normal-type painting Pokemon.

During The New Pokmon Snap Event

Shiny hunters have something new to be excited about during the latest Pokémon GO event with the release of Shiny Smeargle. This alternative color scheme to the fan favorite character hasnt been available until now and will disappear for an unknown amount of time once the event is over. So you already have limited chances to get one, but the unique nature of the character makes it even tougher. To help, heres tips and tricks for how to catch Shiny Smeargle in Pokémon GO.

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Pokemon Go Has A Massive Collection Of Pokemon That Players Can Find And Catch In The Game Learn How To Catch Smeargle In Pokemon Go Here

Pokemon Go is one of the most innovative handheld games ever. Most mobile games let the player play the game in the comfort of their home, this one on the other hand needs the player to venture out of their comfort zones to play the game. Pokemon Go puts the players in the shoes of a budding pokemon trainer who has to catch them all who has to venture out in the adventurous world and find and catch some of the best Pokemon. Many want to learn how to catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Go Smeargle: How To Take A Snapshot And Catch A Shiny Smeargle


Pokemon Go Smeargle has been in the game for a while now but if you’ve not ticked the artistic pup off your Pokedex yet, you’re not going to run into one in the wild. That’s because there’s a very unique method of catching Smeargle in Pokemon Go, one that requires some special knowledge. On top of that, shiny Smeargle is coming to the game very soon thanks to an upcoming crossover event with New Pokemon Snap. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Smeargle and how to catch a shiny one.

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How To Find Smeargle In Pokemon Go

Head into your items bag and select the camera item. This will allow players to enter the AR mode and capture a picture of one of their Pokemon. Select any Pokemon you wish and continue to take snapshots of it. Do this 10 at a time and keep doing this until Smeargle appears in the background of your photo. It’s completely luck-based at what point Smeargle will make an appearance in these photos. Once it does appear, it will show up in the photos while they are developing. Back out of the camera mode to find Smeargle in the overworld.

Tap it, give it a berry, and throw a Pokeball at it. Although, it does have the option to run away. If Smeargle runs away, players will have to wait until tomorrow for another chance to capture it. To save yourself the time give it a Berry that will increase its catch rate and use an Ultra Ball. This will increase the chances of avoiding it running away. While this doesn’t require a lot of work to capture, encountering it will be the true test of patience. Make sure to find it before this upcoming Sunday to complete the challenge.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

How To Catch Smeargle Pokemon Go

The following steps will help you catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go.

  • On the top right corner, select the camera icon and click pictures of your Pokemon.

  • Take various pictures of your Pokemon.

  • Exit Camera.

  • Look through the captured photos.

  • There is a chance that Smeargle would have photobombed in one of the photos.

  • If Smeargle has not photobombed, repeat the steps mentioned above.

  • If Smeargle has photobombed, exit camera mode and Smeargle must be available in the wild.

  • Tap on it and catch Smeargle.

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Shiny Smeargle Movesets And Other Smeargle/go Snapshot Facts

  • You can only encounter one Smeargle per day
  • The Smeargle you catch will have the same moveset as the Pokémon it photobombs leaving it free to learn most moves in the game
  • Shiny Smeargle has not currently been announced by Niantic, and there were no reported sightings by players at the time of publication
  • It is worth noting that on Google ARCore compatible phones, GO Snapshot mode has a much more exciting AR+ mode to play around in, allowing you to place and move around Pokémon for all kinds of fun, dynamic shots. Older or less capable phones are stuck with Pokémon at a fixed distance, facing towards the camera.

How To Make Smeargle Appear To Capture It In Pokemon Go

How To Catch Smeargle – Pokemon Go

So you will have understood it, we are talking about photos, which means that you will have to use the « new GO Snapshot feature » of Pokemon Go to make Smeargle appear. All you have to do is take out one of your Pokemon and take pictures until Smeargle comes to embed itself on the picture .

Warning, Smeargle does not appear in real time on the image, you can see its presence on your photo gallery. When you see it, click on the back arrow to be able to capture it and add it to your Pokemon collection.

Note that Smeargle learns of the attacks from the Pokemon he jumped into during your photo shoot. Finally, please note that Smeargle only appears once a day, so you will not be able to capture them at will. Only one capture per 24 hours !

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Can You Get Shiny Smeargle After The Event

Please note that Smeargle will only appear in snapshots a limited number of times, and while Shiny Smeargle will no longer appear after the event concludes, you may encounter one during future events. So, Shiny Smeargle will be gone for some time, but will then be unlocked once again but only during events.

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Pokemon Go: How To Catch Shiny Smeargle

Shiny Smeargle is appearing in Pokemon Go for the first time as part of the New Pokemon Snap event here are some tips to help you catch one.

Pokemon Go is celebrating this weeks release of New Pokemon Snap with a special event until May 2. As part of the event, the Painter Pokemon Smeargle will be photobombing snapshots you take more frequently than usual, and you have your first chance to encounter a Shiny Smeargle in the game. This Shiny variant will only be available during the event, however, so if youre hoping to add it to your collection, here are some tips on how to catch Shiny Smeargle.

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When And How To Get Smeargle

Whenever a new event happens in Pokémon GO theres always some trick hidden away somewhere for players to discover. Sure, the announcements and news cover most of it, but Niantic like to surprise. Smeargle has often been a part of this, including his introduction to the game. And he is a surprise once again in the Johto Celebration Event with players tasked to catch him but no clear way to do so. Heres how to catch Smeargle for the Johto Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO.

Other Things You Should Know About Photobombing And Smeargle In Pokmon Go


There are a few other non-essential things to know about getting Smeargle in Pokémon Go, too:

  • Smeargle will copy the moveset of the creature used in the photo. So if you want it to learn specific moves, then choose a specific Pokémon with those moves equipped.
  • There are a couple of caveats to move learning – some cannot be learnt and a second Charged move will not be carried over .
  • Once Smeargle appears, it’ll immediately appear in the wild. If you are in transit, this could be a worry – we caught ours on a train but we had to quickly tap Smeargle before it disappeared from view, so keep this in mind.
  • If you want a different Smeargle, you don’t have to catch the currently active one – you can just photobomb again and the previous one will disappear from the map.
  • Smeargle will stay in the wild for an entire hour, so don’t worry about having to catch it right away .

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Is This A Timed Event

No! Thankfully Smeargle is now part of the general rotation. At the moment, the only way to catch it is by using the Snapshot feature, but they may change that in the future, and it could just become another Pokémon out in the wild.

I hope they don’t, though. Pokémon like this make the game much more varied and interesting. Just like field research, this kind of new way to find Pokémon in the game keeps me coming back for more.

Snapshot In The Wild In Pokmon Go Explained

The arrival of the New Pokémon Snap Celebration event in April 2021 saw a new type of challenge – having to Snapshot in the wild.

To perform this, you must take a picture of a creature on the catch screen. So tap on the Pokémon which has spawned in the wild, and before you throw a ball to catch it, tap the Camera icon at the top of the screen.

Now take a picture, accept the image, and the quest step will be complete.

To clarify – you cannot take a Snapshot of a creature which has been caught – it has to be just discovered in the wild and not yet in your collection.

Note – if you are doing a quest which requires multiple of a certain type or number of wild creatures, remember you can just snap this same Pokémon over and over to complete the entire step. Feels like cheating, but it sure saves time!

Note that creatures who can photobomb – such as Smeargle – do not appear when performing Snapshots in the wild. Instead, you must take them elsewhere…

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Pokemon Go: How To Catch Smeargle Using The Snapshot Mode

First of all, you need to enable the Snapshot Mode in Pokemon Go. From then on, follow these steps to catch the Smeargle.

  • From Items pick you camera and any Pokemon from your team.
  • Start clicking pictures of that chosen Pokemon and quit the Camera mode.
  • Now, its time to look at the photos that you have taken. It is likely that Smeargle might have photobombed one of the pictures.
  • If you see Smeargle in any of the photos, view that photo and click exit. A Smeargle will appear somewhere near you.
  • However, if you dont spot a Smeargle in any of the photos, try clicking photos of random Pokemon again.
  • Now, all you have to do is catch that Smeargle!

Pokemon Go Smeargle Cp

How to get Smeargle in Pokemon Go

So why should you be going after Smeargle in Pokemon Go? Does it have much strength in battle? Well, not really. It has a max CP of 50, though with the moveset mimic ability it can be pretty useful for certain raids if tailored correctly.

Pokemon Go is still evolving and being added to, so there will be plenty more guides to find in USG in the future. In the meantime, why not check out our guide on the next Pokemon Go Community Day event. Theres also our tips on evolving Eevee in Pokemon Go.

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Is There A Trick To Catching Smeargle

Pokemon Go Smeargle catching explained Navigate to your items and select the Camera followed by any Pokemon, or pick the Pokemon of your choosing then select the camera icon in the top right corner. … If Smeargle is in a photo, simply exit out and Smeargle will appear as a wild Pokemon in the world around you.

How To Get Smeargle Using Pokemon Go’s New Snapshot Camera

The clue of how to catch Smeargle is in that splash screen, like we said – and as you can see in the cropped version above, that slash loading screen involves a trainer taking a photo, with the artistic Pokemon Smeargle photo-bombing into the shot. All you have to do is recreate this in real life using the in-game snapshot feature.

Okay, so that’s how you get Smeargle to appear – but there’s some also little considerations you should keep in mind while trying to catch the final gen 2 critter:

  • One thing that’s absolutely key to understand is that the chance of Smeargle appearing – or reappearing if you want a second – is completely random. Pokemon Go players should be used to random chance by now, but keep that in mind – it could appear on your first photo, or it could appear on your four-hundredth or something. Keep at it.
  • Smeargle will only spawn once per day, so don’t bother spamming photos after catching one until the next day.
  • Once it spawns, Smeargle will actually remain in the wild for a good while – an hour – so don’t panic to catch it right away .
  • There’s currently some known bugs in terms of how it displays in the Pokedex, so if it looks off don’t panic.
  • Smeargle will copy the moveset of the Pokemon it’s caught in a photo with, which means you’ll want to consider who you’re photographing to try to get it to spawn carefully. More on that in just a moment…

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When Did Smeargle Come Out In Pokemon Go

Smeargle, the Generation 2 painting Pokemon, is now available to catch in Pokemon GO. Niantic has held off on adding Smeargle to the game for some time now, with the rest of the Johto Pokemon being added in 2017, but Smeargle is special due to its Sketch ability, which can copy the ability of another Pokemon.

How Do You Catch Smeargle In 2021


How can I get a Smeargle in Pokémon GO?

  • There is a random chance that you will see a photobombing Smeargle when you come to review the photos you have taken in Go Snapshot mode.
  • Once you fully back out of the mode after seeing the photobomb, a Smeargle will spawn next to you on the map tap on it to catch it as usual.
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    How To Find Smeargle In Pokmon Go

    In order to catch a Smeargle in Pokémon GO, players need to use GO Snapshot to take pictures of their Pokémon. Occasionally, Smeargle will your picture and afterward, spawn on the world map. This works with AR and AR+, so everyone can catch a Smeargle, regardless of their device.

    Currently, players are reporting going through 1500 2000 pictures before they encounter a photobomb. It sounds a lot but dont be discouraged, take 10 pictures, switch your Pokémon and try again! You can take snaps pretty quickly.

    If Smeargle photobombs your Pokémon snapshots, you will see it in the preview gallery after exiting the snap session. There are two helpful mechanics that players can use to know if they were photobombed ahead of time:

    • Smeargle can only appear in the first picture you took during the session!
    • The picture preview button will pulse 3 times if you were photobombed . It usually pulses only once.
    • The picture preview sometimes shows a small part of Smeargles head and you know that youve been photobombed:

    Its important to keep in mind the following encounter mechanics:

    • Smeargle photobomb can occur only once a day.
    • Smeargle spawns for exactly one hour and it spawns next to your location.
    • It can run away from you and its not a guaranteed catch.
    • Cannot be weather boosted in Pokémon GO.
    • Encounter level and IVs are random and they do not depend on the Pokémon that was photobombed.

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