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How To Get Pikachu Libre In Pokemon Go

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Regional Costume Pokmon In Pokmon Go

How to get Pikachu Libre in Pokémon Go

On Sunday, 20th June 2021, Niantic announced that Okinawan Kariyushi shirt Pikachu would be the first regional costume Pokémon in Pokémon Go, being only available to trainers in Okinawa in Japan.

Regional costume Pokémon work in exactly the same way as regionally exclusive Pokémon like Corsola they will only be available in specific regions around the world and, if you want to collect them all, you either need to travel to this location or trade for one with a trainer who has.

Here are all the regional costume Pokémon which have been released so far:


How To Get Shiny Pikachu Libre In Pokmon Go

It’s a limited-time offer for now.

Its hard to call a Pokedex complete unless you have all the shiny Pokémon in your collection. The most dedicated trainers have been looking forward to the next big event to add more Shiny species to their collections, but its also possible to run into them in the wild.

They tend to have considerably lower drop rates compared to their regular versions, however, and the ones that belong to custom edition Pokémon will be more challenging than finding any other Shiny.

Pikachu Libre was introduced to the Pokémon series in 2014, and it didnt make it to the Shiny list until the end of 2020. Though trainers were aware of Pikachu Libres presence in Pokémon Go, reports showcasing the Shiny version of it started flooding in late December 2020.

Pikachu Libre is the reward for the last rank in the Pokémon Go Battle League season six. There are a total of 24 ranks in this league, and reaching the maximum tier may take you quite a while. While youll be able to breeze through the first 15 tiers or so, progression slows down heavily, increasing the time youll need to commit to obtain Pikachu Libre.

If you have your eyes set on the prize, youll need to follow these steps.

Pikachu Libre Costume Items Were Just Pushed

Pikachu Libre avatar costume items are incoming!


  • Shirt

Update: These items have been now added to the Game Master as well. Not live as of this update though.

For both Male and Female. These are avatar items, not Pikachu itself! For reference, this is Pikachu Libre for those that dont know:

Code Snippets Below:

"bundleName": "m_pants_pikachulibre_0_bundle_icon","bundleName": "f_shoes_pikachulibre_bundle","bundleName": "f_shirt_pikachulibre_0_bundle_icon","bundleName": "f_pants_pikachulibre_bundle","bundleName": "f_hat_pikachulibre_bundle","bundleName": "m_shirt_pikachulibre_0_bundle_icon","bundleName": "f_shoes_pikachulibre_0_bundle_icon","bundleName": "m_hat_pikachulibre_0_bundle_icon","bundleName": "m_pants_pikachulibre_bundle","bundleName": "f_shirt_pikachulibre_bundle","bundleName": "m_shoes_pikachulibre_bundle","bundleName": "m_shirt_pikachulibre_bundle","bundleName": "m_shoes_pikachulibre_0_bundle_icon","bundleName": "f_hat_pikachulibre_0_bundle_icon","bundleName": "f_pants_pikachulibre_0_bundle_icon","bundleName": "m_hat_pikachulibre_bundle",


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How To Get Pikachu Libre In Pokemon Go

Pikachu alert! Clad in a wrestling-themed costume, Pikachu Libre will be making its Pokémon GO debut. You can encounter it exclusively by participating in the #GOBattle League once Season 1 begins!

The Pokemon Go Pikachu Libre is an exclusive reward in the Battle League. This is the ranked PvP mode where you compete against other players around the world for top rewards. As you progress through the ranks, you’ll earn things like stardust, rare candies, and Pokemon encounters that are otherwise tricky to find.

One of these Pokemon encounters is Pikachu Libre. Unfortunately, you do need to attain Legend status by winning enough games, along with hitting the max rank of 25. Expect to play a lot of matches to reach that level, but it’s all worth it for Pikachu Libre, which also has a chance to be shiny.

Pikachu Libre will know the exclusive move Flying Press and you can also earn Libre outfit items for your avatar too, so you can be matching buddies. Make sure to check out all of our guides to the best Pokemon for each league above, to stand a chance of making it to rank 25!

One of the resident guide writers around these parts, give me a game and I will write every “how to” I possibly can or die trying. When I’m not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, you’ll find me hurtling round the track in F1, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I’m doing in Football Manager, or clicking on heads in Valorant.

Flower Crown Pokmon In Pokmon Go


Flower crowns in Pokémon Go are not flower crowns, they are flower hair clips crowns encircle a head, not hoover awkwardly above the right eye. Notably, it’s possible to evolve a flower crown Eeevee, which, if you’re not using an eeveelution trick, will result in a random flower crown eeveelution.

The easiest way to ensure you get the eeveelution you desire is to use the Eevee evolution name trick. This, however, only works once, so, if you’ve already used it to add that specific eeveelution to your Pokédex, then you need to try another method.

If you’re aiming for either an Espeon or Umbreon, then you’ll need to walk with the Eevee you wish to evolve as your buddy for 10km. Once you’ve done this, evolving this specific Eevee during the day will reward you with an Espeon or, at night, an Umbreon.

For a Leafeon or Glaceon, it’s time to use those special lures at your nearest PokéStop. Placing a Mossy Lure Module will allow you to evolve the Eevee into a Leafeon, while a Glacial Lure Module will transform it into a Glaceon.

Thank you to Denarnia from reddit for the Flower Crown Happiny screenshot.

Here are all the Pokémon in Pokémon Go that currently wear a flower crown:

Spring Event 2021 – evolve a Flower Crown Chansey using 50 Chansey Candy
Flower Crown Sylveon Gain 70 Buddy hearts with a Flower Crown Eevee and then evolve it using 25 Eevee Candy

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Move Changes For Season 7 Of The Pokmon Go Battle League

The following moves are being implemented or changed beginning with Season 7:

  • Sunflora, Celebi, Ludicolo, Roserade, and Leavanny will be able to learn Leaf Storm, a powerful grass-type charged attack that decreases your Pokémon’s attack stat after it’s used.
  • Persian, Alolan Persian, Cacnea, Cacturne, Absol, Bronzor, Bronzong, and Liepard will be able to learn the powerful dark-type charged attack Payback.

Setting Battle Parties For The Pokmon Go Battle League

Another thing you can do to prepare for your next Battle is set Parties. Pokémon Go allows you to set up multiple Parties for each League This lets you pick out specific Pokémon ahead of time. When you go to Battle in the League, your chosen Party will be there waiting for you so you won’t have to wade through your hundreds of Pokémon to find the specific Tyranitar you want to bring. This is especially useful for players who have multiple of the same type of Pokémon for different purposes.

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Previous Seasons In The Pokmon Go Battle League

  • The first preseason ran from January 29, 2020, through March 13, 2020.
  • The first season ran from March 13, 2020, through May 11, 2020.
  • The second season ran from May 11, 2020, through July 27, 2020.
  • The third season ran from July 27, 2020, through September 14, 2020.
  • The fourth season ran from September 14, 2020, through November 9, 2020.
  • The fifth season ran from November 9, 2020, through November 30, 2020.
  • The sixth season ran from November 30, 2020, through March 1, 2021.

Shiny Pikachu Libre Comes To Pokemon Go


Unlocking the rare version of Pikachu Libre is extremely difficult. Not only because of the amount of work it takes to reach the encounter, but you only have one shot to do it. So taking this task on is only for the the most dedicated Trainers.

While weve known since December that the masked costume version of the Electric-type was a reward for this Seasons Go, on the 31st players began to report encountering a Shiny version which is a first for the franchise.

Below we will go over the steps on how to capture the coveted monster. Although be warned, it is not for the faint of hearts, and many will leave empty handed.

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How To Catch Shiny Pikachu Libre In Pokemon Go

Pikachu Libre is a reward for reaching the very last rank during Battle League Season 6. However unlike previous iterations, ranks have now been raised from 10 through 24. Getting 20 is fairly easy as long as you participate, but its the final four that will offer up a challenge.

  • Step 1: Enter the Battle League Season 6 in Pokemon Go.
  • Step 2: Get through Rank 1-20 which can be achieved by participating in battles and securing wins.
  • Step 3: Rank 20-24 can only be reached by securing a rating. Reach Legend status with 3,000 points to hit 24.
  • Step 4: Once you hit 24, you will get a spawn encounter with Pikachu Libre which has a chance to be Shiny. Good luck catching it!

Unfortunately there is no easy way around this, and reaching Rank 24 will take a lot of work. Not only that, but you arent even guaranteed a Shiny Pikachu Libre, and only have one shot to catch it all season making the stakes all the more higher.

Many Trainers will no doubt undertake the challenge, as according to Serebiis Joe Merrick the special Pikachu is a first for the series. Although he further clarified it cant be transferred to Home or Sword & Shield.

im guessing it will also be impossible for this pokemon to be put into in pokemon Home right? or do you think due to A CHANCE of gen 4 remakes that the mon will be able to put into home for it to be put into gen 4 remakes?


Pokemon Go: How To Get Pikachu Libre


Heres how to get the Pikachu Libre in Pokémon GO. Is there a time limit on how long we can get it? All details here.

Recently, Pokémon GO introduced a competitive system where players from around the world can compete against each other and win rewards. The GO Battle League is limited to 5 fights per day and allows players to collect Star Dust, Rare Candy, and meet rare Pokémon.

And its now official: Pikachu Libre will be one of the rewards of the GO Battle League. Please note, however, that only participants in the first Competitive Season will be able to access the reward.

For the moment, the Pre-Season is underway. We will have to wait until mid-March for this pre-season to end and make way for Season 1.

To obtain the Pikachu Libre, all you have to do is participate in Season 1.

Pikachu alert! Clad in a wrestling-themed costume, Pikachu Libre will be making its Pokémon GO debut. You can encounter it exclusively by participating in the #GOBattle League once Season 1 begins!

Pokémon GO

Concerning clothes and accessories for your avatar, you will have to win some fights to unlock them.

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Raichu Event Costumes In Pokmon Go

Just like Pikachu, there is a range of costume Raichu for you to collect in Pokémon Go.

You cant find these Raichu out in the wild though. Instead, youll need to evolve one of your costumed Pikachu. This means its always a good idea to catch at least of each costumed Pikachu if you plan on becoming a costume collector.

It costs 50 Pikachu candies to evolve a Pikachu into a Raichu.

Only Straw Hat, Party Hat and Mimikyu Pikachu are unable to evolve into Raichu.

Below youll find all the information you need about the various costumed Raichus in Pokémon Go:


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Fashion Week Event Pokmon In Pokmon Go

Pokémon GO Is Getting Wrestling

The Fashion Week event in Pokémon Go occurred from Friday, 2nd October to Thursday, October 8th in 2020 and celebrated the collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Longchamp Paris.

Since this also happened to be at the start of Paris Fashion Week, Niantic released a number of special costumed Pokémon to go with the event. In keeping with the fashion theme, aside from one Pokémon, these special Fashion Week Pokémon have all come dressed in formal wear.

Below youll find everything you need to know about the costumed Pokémon released during Fashion Week:

Fashion Week Event 2020 in the wild and from Go Snapshot

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Pokemon Min/max Cp Values

How to use: You need to know your Pokemon’s exact level. To find exactly what level your Pokémon is, power up your Pokémon following this chart until you’re certain of your level from Stardust cost changes.

A Pokémon’s minimum level is 1.

Every time you power up, your Pokémon gains half a level.


Pokemon GO09/26/2021 – 15:1609/26/2021 – 07:2509/24/2021 – 13:4909/24/2021 – 09:35

How To Reach Legend Rank In Pokemon Go

Season 9 of Pokemon GO’s PvP Battle League is well underway, with a legion of players taking each other head-on to be the very best in battle.

After climbing the numbered ranks in GO Battle League, Pokemon GO trainers will be tasked with achieving the final four ranks of Ace, Veteran, Expert, and Legend. Legend is the culmination of a trainer’s hard work and gives them a substantial reward to compensate for the hours of battling they had to undertake to achieve the pinnacle of PvP battle.

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Pokmon Go: How To Unlock The Pikachu Libre Costume

Players can unlock a new Pikachu Libre avatar costume in Pokemon Go. This guide will show players how they can unlock this exclusive item.

Players can unlock a Pikachu Libre costume for their avatar in Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go continues to host a slew of events throughout the year for its players to enjoy. Just this July alone, players will be able to participate in Go Fest, an annual event where music is the central theme. While players are caught up with capturing as many Pokémon as they can in Pokémon Go, players often forget they can customize the look of their character. While many of the better clothing options cost PokeCoins to purchase, a handful is given to players as rewards for completing certain challenges. This guide will show players how they can unlock the Pikachu Libre costume.

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Capturing Pokémon and completing the Pokedex is a big reason why players play Pokémon Go. One of the less-represented parts of the game is its PvP, in which players are able to battle opponents in a 3v3 Pokémon battle with fans from around the world. The newest season has just begun, and players can earn a slew of rewards for participating. This season, players will be able to unlock a Pikachu Libre costume. This costume has been present in the series for quite a while, appearing in Pokken Tournament and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Here is how players can unlock the Pikachu Libre avatar costume in Pokémon Go.

Pichu Event Costumes In Pokmon Go

How to get Pikachu Libre Costume – Pokemon GO Browind

There is a good selection of costumed Pichus for you to collect in Pokémon Go.

Costumed Pichu can only be found in eggs that are collected during the event period theyre connected to. This means that, if you hold onto one of these eggs, its possible that you might hatch a Pichu outside of an event.

Typically Pichu can be found in 7km, but its always a good idea to check the specifics of the event just in case theyre appearing in additional egg pools. This will make your task of tracking down that special Pichu a lot easier.

Here are all the costumed Pichus that are currently available:

Holiday 2020 Event in the wild

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Unlock Pikachu Libre In Pokemon Go

If you want to see how the costumes look in the game, you can check out these images for both male and female avatars, courtesy of TheVPS:

As mentioned earlier, in order to unlock the costume, you need to participate in the Pokemon Go Battle League. As the name suggests, the Go League pits you against other players in the ultimate battle.

In order to unlock Pikachu Libre, you need to reach Rank 7 in the Go Battle League. But how do you move up the ranks? The answer to this is fairly simple: just participate in battles as much as you can. I should mention it here that winning battles is not compulsory but recommended.

Training Outside Of The Pokmon Go Battle League

For those who have noticed that Nearby Battles and Team Leader Battles are no longer where they used to be, don’t worry. You can still battle your friends in PVP Battles, and you can still Train against the Team Leaders: Blanche, Candela, and Spark. Once inside the Battle Menu, swipe down to the bottom, and you’ll find your QR Code, along with a button to Scan a Battle Code for a Nearby Battle and Training options with each of the Team Leaders. You can also still Battle your Ultra and Best Friends from their profiles in your Friend List. These PVP and NPC Battles are a great way to practice for the real deal and still grant rewards all their own. However, your Rank and Rating won’t be impacted by any of these Battles, and you won’t get the Go Battle League Rewards from them either.

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