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Is Sylveon In Pokemon Go Yet

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How To Evolve Eevee Into Vaporeon Jolteon And Flareon

Sylveon is coming | How to evolve Eevee to Sylveon in Pokemon go

Well get the bad news out of the way first; for these three originals, after youve used the nickname trick, were afraid there isnt really much more you can do to guarantee them.;

In order to get any more, youll have to revert to random evolutions by gathering Eevees and candies and keeping your fingers crossed that when it evolves youll get what youre looking for.;

Pokemon Go Eeveelutions: How To Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon Or Espeon

For the Gen 2 pair, its all about walking and time of day. Set Eevee as your buddy and walk 10km, then evolve it during the daytime for Espeon, or during the night time for Umbreon.

Unfortunately, there is no specific method to get Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon. These evolutions are random so you just need to ensure you have enough candy and evolve as many Eevees as needed till you get the one youre after. Since there are only three possibilities each time, it shouldnt take too long.

So there you have it, all the tips and tricks to evolving your Eevee into the Eeveelution of your choice in;Pokemon GO. Make sure you check out the rest of our;Pokemon GO;guides below:

Keep Plenty Of 3 Star Eevee To Evolve

Youll need to evolve Eevee during the Community Day event to get special moves that may not be available again, and theres some work involved to get the trickier evolutions.

Serious collectors will want to keep Eevee evolutions with the special Community Day moves, and also have a powerful evolution to teach the best attack and defensive moves listed on this page.

So plan ahead and dont throw away any 3 star Eevee until you know you have everything you need.

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How To Get A Sylveon In Pokemon Go

Sylveon is unfortunately not able to be caught in Pokemon GO just yet. The mobile title from Niantic has just begun to add gen 5 Pokemon to its roster, so Sylveon hasn’t made the cut just yet, along with other popular gen 6 Pokemon like Goodra or Zygarde. Over these last few years, Niantic has slowly started to add more and more Pokemon to Pokemon GO. So eventually, Sylveon will definitely be added to the game, but as of right now, it’s the only Eevee evolution that can’t be obtained.

However, there is a chance that the gen 5 Pokemon could be coming to the game soon, as players datamined a Pokemon GO loading screen that featured a silhouette of Sylveon, hinting at a potential release.

How To Evolve Multiple Leafeons And Glaceons With A Lure Module

Sylveon Pokemon Go Name Trick

Theres also another method to evolve Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon perhaps the most obvious way if youve had a look in the games shop.

Available from the in-game store for 200 coins apiece, the Mossy and Glacial Lure Modules work just like the ordinary Lure Modules in the game. Simply buy whichever one takes your fancy and use it on a nearby PokéStop.

  • Mossy Lure Module Used to evolve Eevee into Leafeon
  • Glacial Lure Module Used to evolve Eevee into Glaceon

Youll notice that it attracts specific types of Pokémon to your area, but click on one of the Eevees in your collection while within range of the PokéStop and youll see that its evolution button has changed to the respective target evolution. Hit the button and Eevee will evolve into Leafeon or Glaceon right before your eyes .

Make sure youre within range of the PokéStop and that the evolution button is indicating a new evolution before you press it, rather than displaying the usual Eevee question mark symbol.

Its also worth noting that these Lure Modules behave just like the ordinary variants within the game. This means that if another player has used a special Eevee Lure Module on a nearby PokéStop, you can swoop in and use it to evolve your own Eevee. .

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How To Get Espeon And Umbreon In Pokemon Go

For Espeon and Umbreon, the two Gen 2 Eeveelutions, there is a method to obtaining each. Simply add Eevee as your buddy and have it walk with you for 10km. Once that requirement is complete, evolve your Eevee during the day for Espeon and at night for Umbreon. Be careful, however, as sometimes Pokemon Go doesnt reflect night and day like in real life. Check the color of the sky in-game to make sure it is nighttime where you are before evolving.;

Pokemon Unite Sylveon Moveset Leaked

Pokemon Unite Sylveons moves recently leaked, alongside its leveling and release date. Set to drop on , Sylveon releases two weeks after the mobile ports official debut. This potentially foretells the time for next patch update, seeing as how Blastoises release was accompanied with a patch as well. The newly releasing eeveelution marks yet another attacker in the constantly evolving mobile MOBA.

Leveling Patterns

The pokemon starts off as Eevee initially, evolving into Sylveon upon reaching level 4. In regards to evolutions, Sylveons scales similar to Ninetails. Seeing as how they are both four legged, adorable Pokemon with ranged auto attack and abilities, expect the two to play relatively similarly. But whether Sylveon will be as strong as Ninetails, only time will truly tell.

Abilities Analysis

Eevees first move, Swift, turns into either Mystical Fire or Hyper Voice at level 4. Both moves deal multiple hits, with Hyper Voice seeming to be the more readily available move with a shorter cooldown. The move deals more damage based on distance from the target, therefore rewarding Sylveon for skillfully positioning around a fight. Mythical Fire, on the other hand,; provides more utility by decreasing the targets special attack. This move may provide insane benefits, but only hands on experience can truly gauge the moves viability.

For a gameplay leak, watch this video:

In Conclusion

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How To Rename Eevee To Evolve Into Sylveon Leafeon Glaceon Umbreon Espeon Vaporeon Jolteon And Flareon

Evolving Eevee using the required 25 Eevee candy will produce a random evolution. However, you can control which type it turns into by renaming the monster beforehand:

  • Rename “Kira” to evolve into Fairy-type Sylveon
  • Rename “Linnea” to evolve into Grass-type Leafeon
  • Rename “Rea” to evolve into Ice-type Glaceon
  • Rename “Sakura” to evolve into Psychic-type Espeon
  • Rename “Tamao” to evolve into Dark-type Umbreon
  • Rename “Rainer” to evolve into Water-type Vaporeon
  • Rename “Sparky” to evolve into Electric-type Jolteon
  • Rename “Pyro” to evolve into Fire-type Flareon

There are some caveats here. This only works one time per evolution, so if you plan to use your Eeveelution in battle, make sure you’ve chosen an Eevee with favourable stats. The naming trick is currently the only guaranteed way to evolve Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon – once you’ve done it once, it’ll be up to random chance if you get another, regardless of what you’ve named it.

There are tricks to reliably evolving the other Eevee varieties more than once, though…

About The Fairy Type Challenge


This challenge is a collective effort over the worldwide Pokemon Go community. Throughout the entire month of May, the number of fairy types caught by players will be tracked worldwide and once that number reaches 500 million, players will begin to receive special bonus gifts.

The progress cannot be tracked in-game but is documented on the official Pokemon Go Twitter account. As of the writing of this article, players are over halfway to this huge catching milestone.

With the emphasis on Fairy-type Pokemon and Sylveons silhouette appearing in-game in the most recent updates, its all but confirmed that Sylveon will be added in this May event.

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Pokmon Unite Could Release Sylveon Or Mamoswine In The Coming Weeks

Pokémon Unites;Blissey threw an unforeseen wrench into Blastoises release and entered the game before Kantos Water-type starter. This order could have been;due to the lack of viable Support Pokémon in;Pokémon Unite;or to shake up fan expectations. Blissey was released on August 18, three weeks after Gardevoirs debut. Blastoises;Pokémon Unite;entrance into the game was close behind, releasing September 1, just two weeks after Blisseys introduction. If this model continues, then Sylveon and Mamoswine could be joined by another mystery character soon.

The release date for new;Pokémon Unite;characters just passed the three-week mark following Blastoises addition. This marks the longest stretch that players have waited for a;new addition to;Unites;roster.;Pokémon Unites; account stated that news for Sylveon and Mamoswine would be announced soon. Players can likely expect one of the characters in the following two to three Wednesdays, meaning September 29, October 6, or October 13 could bring Sylveon and/or Mamoswine to;Unites;battlegrounds.

Despite;Pokémon Unites;young age, its reassuring to see regular content produced and added into the game. Whether regular character additions will keep;Unites;player count up is unknown, but its recent release on mobile should bump player numbers up for the time being.;Pokémon Unite;is available now on Nintendo Switch and mobile systems, with 28 playable Pokémon currently available.

Keep All Your Shinies

There are lots of Eevee evolutions to collect, and if youre a crazy collector youll also want to have both male and female versions.

After using the Eevee name trick, you cant always choose which evolution you get. So make sure to collect plenty of shinies so you can have another shot if you get any doubles.

Also, who knows what Eevee evolutions there will be in the future? Keep plenty of shinies in your Pokémon storage to future-proof your collection.

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Alternate Eevee Evolution Methods For Leafeon Glaceon Umbreon And Espeon

Gen 4’s Leafeon and Glaceon have a second Eevee evolution method, by using the Mossy Lure or Glacial Lure respectively. When you’re in range of that PokéStop with the Lure enabled, go to your Eevee and choose the Evolution.

Meanwhile, Gen 2’s Umbreon and Espeon also have a second Eevee evolution method. Walk your Eevee as a Buddy for 10km, then evolve it either during the night or day and it’ll turn into the desired evolution.

Note you specifically need to walk 10k and earn two Candies in the process, then keep Eevee as your Buddy when evolving, and be either day or night during the game itself for it to work .

Since the naming trick only works once per evolution type, this appears to be a useful way to get a second Espeon or Umbreon with some reliability.

Everything Known About The Sylveon In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Sylveon evolution: Is it available in Pokemon ...

As of December 2020, the fairy type evolution of Eevee hasn’t arrived in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon should be available in the game soon though, because the 6th generation of Pokemon have already started to roll out.

Here’s how the Pokemon is supposed to look once it is released in the game.

Let’s take a first look at Sylveon in BabyGengar’s debut meta analysis! Sylveon is an upcoming Eeveelution from the Kalos region and its just one of the many Fairy types coming with Gen 6!

Pokémon GO Hub

Given how adorable the Pokemon looks, Pokemon Go trainers were very excited about the Pokemon coming into the game.



Although no specific date has been announced for the Svlveon launch in Pokemon Go yet, since 6th generation Pokemon have been dropping in the game already, it can be expected that this Pokemon will arrive in the game soon too.

For those who are yet to evolve their Eevee into the other available forms, here’s a small little trick that can be used to ensure that the Eevee evolves into the form they want. All that the trainers need to do is set the nickname of the Pokemon corresponding to the form they want.

  • Vaporeon:;Rainer
  • Leafeon:;Linnea
  • Glaceon:;Rea

Using these nicknames will guarantee the evolution into the mentioned forms, provided that the trainers have the necessary amount of 25 candies for the evolution.

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How Good Is Sylveon

It is weak to Poison and Steel-type attacks, but it is resistant against Bug, Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type moves. When you use it in PvP, Sylveon has a maximum CP of 3,069, an attack of 172, a defense of 173, and a stamina of 182. Of the many Eevee evolutions, Sylveon stands as one of the best choices.

How To Evolve Using Nicknames To Guarantee Your Choice Of Eevee Evolution

If you evolve an Eevee ‘raw’ by spending 25 candy, it’ll just evolve into one of the different available evolutions at random. However, you can actually force a specific evolution by renaming your Eevee of choice to a special nickname – and the whole thing began as an easter egg nod to a classic set of Eevee evolutions found in the Pokemon anime TV show.

So, basically, all you have to do is rename your Eevee to a specific name and then evolve it the regular way by spending 25 candy. Here are the names and the Eevee Evolutions:

Eevee Evolution
Kira Fairy

An important note about this little cheat: it only works once per Eevee Evolution. Once you’ve renamed one Eevee as Tamao to get Umbreon, for instance, you’ll only be able to get another Umbreon through ‘natural’ means – with that exact method depending on the eeveelution in question. This is why you should check your CP values and IV values before evolving an Eevee – make sure it’s a good one, as you only get one shot.

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When Pokmon Unite’s New Characters Could Come Out

Pokémon Unite could release its new playable characters in the coming weeks based on the release schedule of previous Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite;is expecting the addition of two new Pokémon characters: Sylveon and Mamoswine. However, there is no release date announced for either yet. Since its release,;Unite;has added several characters, including Blastoise and Gardevoir. Recently,;Pokémon Unite;extended its platforms to mobile to expand the games player base. This momentous occasion was accompanied by a free Pikachu and some coins but featured no news on the new characters.

Tencent revealed little information about Sylveon and Mamoswines abilities, save for brief glimpses of their gameplay in trailers and a recent unconfirmed gameplay leak. Sylveon features several ranged attacks and an apparent AOE that will assist in scoring goals, while Mamoswine has a duo-targeting attack that deals devastating damage. Based on the release schedules of;Pokémon Unites;previous character releases, players can assume that Sylveon and Mamoswine will release in the coming weeks.

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Mamoswine Abilities Best Build In Pokemon Unite

Eevee Evolution Sylveon Kira not yet working – Pokemon Go – April 2021

Mamoswine will join as the second Pokemon designed to be a massive late-game threat, not becoming fully evolved until level 10. Swinub doesnt evolve into Piloswine or get an upgraded move until level six. This likely means that Mamoswine will become an alternative to Garchomp in being a Pokemon designed to shine in the final minutes of a game.

Once Mamoswine is fully operational, the Pokemon looks to be an enormous threat. Each of its moves has some sort of CC function which should allow it to rough up anyone in a one-on-one situation. Its focus on AOE damage should also make it a big threat around Zapdos.

Mamoswines build will likely be a matter of dealing as much damage as possible with its AOE moves in order to empty out the Zapdos pit and set up a game-winning final push. Buddy Barrier will likely be a solid option in high-level play, but there are multiple attack-focused options between Razor Claw, Float Stone, and Muscle Band that could all see some use.

For the battle item, its clearly best to use Eject Button. Its great defensively in lane and its impactful to have the ability to offensively maneuver to set up big attacks.

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Pokmon Go Eevee Evolutions Ranked

  • 0

As Eevee is the star of the , its time to plan what evolutions you want for your killer collection. But all Eevee evolutions are not created equal.

Each of Eevees eight evolutions has different stats and weaknesses. Knowing these will help you choose what to keep from your mega Community Day haul.

All eight Eeveelutions are now available in Pokémon GO: Sylveon, Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon and Glaceon.

In the classic Pokémon games, this particular monster is able to evolve into different types depending on what special items you have, its happiness level, the moves it has unlocked and the time of day. Thankfully you dont have to jump through those kinds of hoops in Pokémon GO.

Instead, you can simply rename your Eevee to one of eight different names to guarantee a particular evolution, or employ some other tricks to get your desired Eevee evolution. There are a few caveats, but these methods definitely work.

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Pokmon Go Eeveelutions: How To Evolve Eevee Into Evolutions Slyveon Leafeon Glaceon Umbreon Espeon Vaporeon Flareon And Jolteon With These Eevee Names

Heres how Eevee evolutions work. If you choose to evolve Eevee without any meddling by feeding it 25 Eevee candy then itll turn to Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon at random.

However, players have discovered a trick that allows you to target any of Sylveon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Espeon, Umbreon, Flareon, Jolteon or Vaporeon by using one of the following Eevee names:

  • Rename Eevee as Kira to evolve into fairy-type Sylveon
  • Rename Eevee as Linnea to evolve into leaf-type Leafeon
  • Rename Eevee as Rea to evolve into ice-type Glaceon
  • Rename Eevee as Sakura to evolve into psychic-type Espeon
  • Rename Eevee as Tamao to evolve into dark-type Umbreon
  • Rename Eevee as Rainer to evolve into water-type Vaporeon
  • Rename Eevee as Sparky to evolve into lightning-type Jolteon
  • Rename Eevee as Pyro to evolve into fire-type Flareon

Important note the trick only works once per evolution type, so make sure you choose Eevees with the best CP values before you evolve them into the type you want.

Thank you to redwineandbeer from reddit for confirming the nickname for Sylveon.

That said, for select Eevee evolutions, its possible to get the specific types you want through a second method

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