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Let’s Go Eevee Vs Let’s Go Pikachu

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Firered And Leafgreen: Let’s Go Handholding

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu VS Let’s Go Eevee!

While there is all sorts of unnecessary gating that we’ve come to expect from Pokémon games, FireRed and LeafGreen at least allow you to have your own adventure. You’re not constantly told where to go by Trace. Trace doesn’t even exist in these games. That’s great. We love that. Being able to actually adventure around Kanto is a huge boon for FireRed and LeafGreen, and allow the games to feel much more open and explorable than Let’s Go!

Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee: Pokmon Go Connectivity

The Let’s Go! titles’ first leg up over FireRed and LeafGreen is their ability to connect with Pokémon Go! How dare a GBA game not be able to do the same? This functionality allows you to send just about any Generation One Pokémon to the games that you’d like. This includes the brand new legendary Pokémon, Meltan, who can only be acquired through Go.

Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee: No Hms

The partner Eevee and Pikachu that you get in Let’s Go! are integral to the gameplay experience, you couldn’t beat the game without them. They don’t just help you with battling. They’re the replacements for HMs.

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Throughout the titles, Pikachu and Eevee will learn Secret Techniques that allow them to help the player traverse the Kanto Region without the use of HMs. This is a really nice change, as HMs are one of the most frustrating aspects of older Pokémon titles. In these newer remakes, we don’t have to deal with them at all.

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Lets Go Pikachu: Your Own Eevee

If you dont want to choose between Eevee and Pikachu and are okay with one that you cant dress up, then do keep in mind that there are other Eevees you can get in both versions. Going to Route 17, you will be able to find them in both Lets Go games, but with a rare rate of showing up.

Theyre hard to find, but you arent completely locked off from Eevees if you go with Lets Go, Pikachu. Also, unlike the starter Eevee, you can evolve captured Eevees regardless of your game into Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon too.

How To Resurrect Fossils

Pokemon Let

Though you get these fossils very early on, you can’t actually revive them into full-fledged Pokemon until you reach Cinnabar Island.

Once you get there, head to Cinnabar Lab. It’s to the left of the Pokemon Center.

Go to the back corner on the right, and talk to the man in the lab coat there. He’ll resurrect your fossils into a Pokemon for you, including the Old Amber into Aerodactyl!

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Pokmon Lets Go Enfrenta A Pikachu Contra Eevee Cul Es La Mejor Versin

Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu!‘ y ‘Pokémon Let’s Go: Eevee!‘ ya han sido lanzados al mercado habiéndose convertido en un auténtico éxito mediático para Nintendo Switch. Y es que los títulos de la consola híbrida han sabido encandilar a los fans pese a los pronósticos iniciales, viéndose como títulos que cuentan con una mayor profundidad de lo que aparentan. Sin embargo, dentro de todo ese ambiente amigable que se ha creado en torno a los juegos, desde aquí queremos causar cierto “malestar” al enfrentar a ambas mascotas oficiales, Pikachu e Eevee, respondiendo para ello a una pregunta que muchos os estaréis haciendo: ¿cuál es mejor?

Con esto no sólo nos referimos al hecho de que Pokémon es mejor, sino también a la versión en la que se pueden elegir. Para ello, toca hablar de las exclusividades, las cuales se ven manifestadas con los Pokémon Exclusivos. Para empezar, hay que destacar que con la llegada de ‘Pokémon GO‘ y la compatibilidad de este con los títulos de Nintendo Switch, no se ha vuelto tan dependiente tener a un amigo con la versión contraria.

Let’s Go: Mega Evolution

Let’s Go brought back the popular feature that is Mega Evolution, and unfortunately, Sword & Shield did not. Although there are things in Sword and Shield that make up for this discrepancy, it doesn’t change the fact that the fan-favorite feature was removed, and its return in Let’s Go feels welcome in the classic home of Kanto.

Despite being controversial, Mega Evolutions are a perk that many long-time Pokemon fans are a fan of, and losing them in the mainline games has led to a huge shift in competitive play that many aren’t as fond of. That said, this one can definitely fall under personal taste in many respects.

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Pikachu: El Portento Fsico

El archiconocido ratón eléctrico era sin duda una de las mascotas que iban a tener estas ediciones de Pokémon sí o sí, ya no sólo porque el juego en el que se basan, ‘Pokémon Amarillo‘ lo tuviese como su eje central, sino también por ser el símbolo por excelencia de la franquicia. Y dicho esto, hay que destacar que, al igual que ocurre con Eevee, estamos ante un inicial que tendrá todos los IVs en el nivel máximo posible, lo que automáticamente lo convierte en una máquina de debilitar.

Dicho sea de paso, este Pikachu cuenta con una gran ventaja frente a Eevee, y es que, cuenta con un mayor ataque y ataque especial, , así como su velocidad que le permite atacar antes que sus rivales en la mayoría de los casos. Sin embargo, cojea en sus PS así como sus Defensas de papel, en especial la física, convirtiéndolo en un Pokémon que o debilita rápido al rival o podría acabar en problemas. Tenéis la estadística a continuación:

Vel 120

Pokémon Let’s GO Eevee!

Lets Go Pikachu: Alolan Sandshrew And Alolan Grimer

ALL Version DIFFERENCES In Pokemon LET’S GO Pikachu & Eevee!

The exclusive Pokémon dont stop with what you can capture. Lets Go, Pikachu & Lets Go, Eevee also features lots of in-game trades where you give a Pokémon to an NPC in exchange for one that might be rarer. To make these even more special, some alternate-typed species from Pokémon Sun & Moon are available that you cannot trade for in Lets Go, Eevee.

For Lets Go, Pikachu, this includes the Ice-type Alolan Sandshrew, who evolves into Sandslash and is one of the only Steel-type Pokémon in the game. You also can trade for Alolan Grimer, who gains the equally elusive Dark-type in addition to Poison.

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*note: This Article Was Written Before The Release Of The Isle Of Armor And Crown Tundra Dlcs For Pokemon Sword/shield*

Ive wanted to write this article for a long time. I dawdled on it for a while until I started playing Pokemon Sword again recently. I reviewed both Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee and Pokemon Sword/Shield a while back. I am still happy with those reviews and still stand by them, but today, I wanted to do something a little different. Im going to compare both of these Pokemon titles to find out which one is the better game So, without further delay, lets find out which is the better game: Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee, or Pokemon Sword/Shield?

Point 1: Story

Except for Pokemon Black and White, mainline Pokemon games are not known for their complex storytelling. The Pokemon games will have the player go through the region and collect gym badges Both Pokemon Lets Go, and Sword/Shield seldom deviates from this formula Ill be honest neither of these games makes a compelling argument that they are the best story-wise. If I had to choose one, Id have to give it to Sword/Shield. Pokemon Lets Go has the gym leader just sit in their gym, waiting for the challenger to come up to them. It does make them somewhat imposing, but its nothing compared to the giant stadium with a huge crowd watching you beat the gym leaders pokemon into submission. So, the point goes to Sword/Shield.

Point 2: Visuals.

Point 3: Music

Point 4: Gameplay

Point 5: World

There are a few unique points to each game that need to be addressed, herein referred to as freebies.

Lets Go Freebee:

Meltan And Melmetal Added

There are two new Mythical Pokémon available in Lets Go that were not available in any other Pokémon game. These new Pokémon, Meltan and its evolution Melmetal, can only be found in Pokémon Go, and must be transferred from the mobile game to Lets Go using the Go Park in Fuchsia City.

I like to think of these Pokémon as an updated version of Missingno , but I doubt thats what the developers were going for.

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Dome Fossil And Helix Fossil

In Pokemon: Let’s Go, you will have the option to choose between two fossils while deep inside Mt. Moon after defeating Brock in Pewter City: the Dome Fossil and the Helix Fossil. It’s part of the story, so you can’t miss them!

Here’s how to choose between the Dome Fossil and Helix Fossil and what to do with them.

Los Pokmon Exclusivos Son Un Factor Determinante

Pokémon: Let

Dicho todo esto, hay ciertos puntos a tener en cuenta y es que, restando a los Pokémon exclusivo, el resto de elementos jugables que no se pueden encontrar en la otra versión son más bien escasos, ya que todas las piedras se pueden conseguir las veces que se deseen en los títulos, no hay MTs exclusivas, ni otros ítems. Sin embargo, y al contrario que ocurría con títulos de antaño, sí que hay algo que, se haga lo que se haga, no se podrá mover del juego, dándole por tanto un mayor valor. Y eso no es otra cosa que el inicial.

Y con ello no nos referimos a que puedas elegir a uno u otro, sino que estos serán fijos siempre en el juego hasta el punto de que no podrás intercambiarlos de una versión a otra . Asimismo esto trae como consecuencia que en ciertos momentos de la aventura encontremos a personajes que enseñen movimientos especiales a nuestros Pokémon iniciales, siendo no sólo diferentes en cada caso, sino que además, aunque tengamos un Eevee o un Pikachu capturado de forma salvaje, no podremos enseñarle los movimientos del otro.

Es por ello que es la hora de examinar con más detalles a ambos Pokémon, destacando para ello los puntos fuertes de cada uno así como los papeles que podrían desempeñar en los equipos de los que formen parte, teniendo para ello en cuenta desde sus estadísticas hasta sus ataques únicos y pasando por otras exclusividades que ofrecen Pikachu e Eevee.

Pokémon Let’s GO Pikachu!

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Eevee: El Apoyo Perfecto

Pese a que Pikachu sea la principal cara de la compañía, no se puede negar que si hay un Pokémon que podría opacarlo, ese es Eevee. Ya no sólo tenemos a un Pokémon que se complementaría con el primero en una relación de perro-ratón, sino que este ha sido el único Pokémon con representación en casi todas las generaciones a través de sus nuevas evoluciones, estando presentes en una de cada dos generaciones, lo que le ha dado una gran fama.

Pese a ello, no sólo de fama se nutre Eevee, ya que este también cuenta con unas estadísticas que, pese a no destacar en ningún aspecto, consigue convertirlo en un Pokémon muy equilibrado que sirve para cualquier circunstancia, contando con ello con unas estadísticas en sus defensas que le permiten aguantar mucho mejor los golpes de los rivales, pese a que su flaqueza en la velocidad provoca que no pueda atacar antes que el rival en la mayoría de los casos.


Elimina los cambios de estadísticas

Poner Drenadoras.

Eliminar los cambios de estados.

De esta forma, Eevee se convierte en un Pokémon de apoyo que se puede adaptar a cualquier equipo y que únicamente cuenta con una desventaja doble, y es que, por un lado, ninguno de sus Ataques cuenta con Stab debido a que son de diferentes tipos al Normal, mientras que la inmensa mayoría se basan en Ataques Especiales, siendo su estadística más baja.

Pokémon Let’s GO Pikachu! / Eevee!

Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu:

  • Oddish
  • Meowth
  • Persian

Pokemon Lets Go will also allow players to import creatures from Pokemon GO, so exclusivity is not at all that important unlike in previous games. Moreover, trading creatures between two players will also be available via Wi-Fi, but it is worth remembering that an active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online is required to access that feature.

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Pokemon Lets Go Eevee:

  • Bellsprout/Weepinbell/Victreebel
  • Vulpix/Ninetales
  • Meowth/Persian

So, if youre an Arcanine kind of person, maybe Lets Go Pikachu is for you. If you like Persian and Victreebel, you should consider looking into Eevee. However, its important to remember that you can import Pokemon from Pokemon Go, so exclusivity wont be as much of an issue as it used to be. Im getting Eevee knowing full well that I can import five Arcanines from Pokemon Go. While you used to have to trade your best Pokemon to your mates in order to convince them to give you an exclusive Pokemon from their game, you can now manage it yourself by importing from Pokemon Go.

Importing Pokemon is essential to evolving Meltan into Melmetal anyway, so its definitely a solid use of your time. Therefore, the exclusive Pokemon might seem like a huge deal given its impact on the series historically speaking, but its actually a relatively minor difference this time around.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu Vs Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee

Ash vs Red in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee

It all comes down to preference, really.

This November, kids of all ages will be invited into the adorable world of Pokemon in two new Nintendo Switch games: Pokemon: Lets Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Lets Go, Eevee. What are these games about, and which version should your family pick up? Read on to find out.

What are these games?

Pokemon: Lets Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Lets Go, Eevee are the latest video games in the popular Pokemon franchise. Theyre set in a world inspired by Pokemon Yellow, which was released on Game Boy in 1999, but theyll offer a more casual experience than traditional Pokemon role-playing games . The games will combine elements from those traditional RPGs and the popular mobile game Pokemon Go to create an experience that The Pokemon Company has said will be easily approachable for newcomers to the series.

What will players do?

Each game will allow players to become a Pokemon trainer and travel the in-game world, capturing Pokemon and competing in Pokemon battles against other trainers . Lets Go, Pikachu and Eevee will let players explore environments and talk to characters that they may remember from previous games, but this time in 3D.

Whats the difference between these games and a traditional Pokemon RPG?

If youre playing the game in handheld mode , the capture system is slightly different, asking players to move the Switch around to accurately target the Pokemon with a Poke Ball.

Wait, this game has multiplayer?

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Go Park Replaces The Safari Zone

Instead of the Safari Zone present in Pokémon Yellow, you will now be able to access the Go Parks in Fuchsia City. The Go Parks allow you to transfer Pokémon from the Pokémon Go mobile game to the Pokémon Lets Go Nintendo Switch games. The Pokémon you transfer from your phone will appear in the Go Parks, and you will be required to capture them again, but this is an easy way to fill up your Pokédex.

Unlike in the original version, you do not get Safari Balls when you enter the park. You will be required to use your own inventory of Poké Balls, so be sure to stock up before entering.

Platform Categories And File Size:

Let’s Go! and Lets Go!
Release date
Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!
Release date
signifies that it only applies to the US, UK, CA, AU, NZ and SG.
Release date

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

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Lets Go Pikachu: Exclusive Pokmon

The most common differences in any Pokémon game are the Pokémon themselves, as some species are only available in Lets Go, Pikachu that you cannot find in Lets Go, Eevee, and vice-versa. For Lets Go, Pikachu this includes the Sandshrew, Oddish, Growlithe, Mankey, Grimer, and Scyther families.

If you do wish to truly catch em all, you can always trade with friends to get these. But if any of them are your favorites and you want to include in your team, youll have to make some choices.

Pokmon: Let’s Go Pikachu And Let’s Go Eevee Review Nostalgic Charm With A Few Strange Changes

Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee customization shown in ...

I first learned about Pokémon in elementary school after hearing two classmates argue about whether Raichu or Electabuzz was the better Electric-type Pokémon. It didn’t take long before my parents bought my brothers Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Red, respectively, and then gave me Pokémon Yellow. I absolutely love those games and have played them more times than I know along with every subsequent Pokémon game since through Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Fast forward 20 years later and Pokémon has developed into the highest-grossing media franchise in the world instead of simply being a passing trend. To celebrate, Game Freak released Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! on Nintendo Switch in 2018. While you do travel around the original games’ Kanto region and only encounter the first 151 Pokémon, this is not a remaster. For one thing, these Switch games employ a catching style reminiscent of Pokémon Go’s mechanics. On top of that, you don’t get to choose the original starters in this very simplified version of the original games.

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