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What Are The Shiny Odds In Pokemon Go

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Where To Find Shiny Pokmon

Updated Shiny Combo Odds in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee

Way 1: Increasing Chances in Finding Shiny Pokémon During Community Day

The chances of encountering Shiny Pokémon are higher in special events like Community Days and Pokémon GO Fest. Community Day occurs once a month in Pokémon GO. To Increase the chance of finding a Shiny Pokémon on Community Days, it is recommended not to capture every single Pokémon tapped but to move on to the next Pokémon without getting into combat. The trick is to increase the number of taps. This will let the players check more Pokémon until they find a shiny one.

Way 2: Follow Pokémon GOs Field Research Tasks

Research is a feature in Pokémon GO that allows Trainers to help Professor Willow with his Pokémon Research. Completion of Research tasks unlocks a different kind of rewards.

Field Research tasks can be found by visiting PokéStops. Each PokéStop assigns one task and changes its task every 24 hours. Completing Field Research tasks is one of the easiest ways to find and catch Shiny Pokémon. Field Research tasks are advantageous because a Shiny Pokémon rewarded from a Field Research task will always remain shiny until the Trainer captures it. It will remain shiny even after the Trainer runs away and re-encounters it.

Pokemon Go: Other Shiny Pokemon That Can Be Found In The New Year’s Event

Although Wobbuffet is seeing an uptick in appearances thanks to the current Pokemon GO event, a few more Pokemon are currently appearing more often than they usually would. Though the group of Pokemon contains some very contrasting members, they are nonetheless more likely to appear.

Therefore, these Pokemon have better chances for their shiny forms to appear via more encounters being available to trainers. At present, the Pokemon being upticked in the event are:

  • Bulbasaur

Are Shiny Pokmon Shiny For Everyone In Pokmon Go

No. With Ditto, once a Pokémon is determined to be Ditto, the servers make it Ditto for everyone. With Shiny Pokémon, it’s done on a player-by-player basis.

That means you and a friend can both catch the same Magikarp, yours could turn out to be Shiny, and theirs not.

There has been one exception so far: For the July 2018 Community Day, Pokémon Go had Sunglasses Squirtle available through Field Research and, tasks that had a Shiny Sunglasses Squritle were Shiny for everyone!

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What Are The Odds Of Encountering A Shiny Legendary In Pokemon Go Raids

Surprisingly, the chances of catching a shiny legendary in Pokemon GO are higher than trainers might think.

A shiny legendary is one of the most valuable Pokemon a trainer can catch in this game. Niantic usually doesnt release the shiny version of a legendary when it is first released. This also takes a ton of effort since, naturally, the trainer has to beat a Tier 5 Raid to get the opportunity to catch the Pokemon, shiny or not.

Closing Thoughts And Info

Pokemon go shiny list

Due to spawning restrictions and Rare Pokémon tables in place, only one Charmander can spawn in the overworld at once. This is why the ladder method is used. Due to this, it may seem to take longer to find a shiny Charmander than other Pokémon, as others can spawn multiple in the world at once, but keep hunting and you will find the Shiny eventually!

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What Are The Odds Of Finding A Shiny Pokmon In Pokmon Go

Currently, most estimate Shiny encounters outside of events at 1/400, but during events the chances are much higher, sometimes even as high as 1/20. Even outside of events, however, this is a dramatic increase from the 1/4096 base rate in core games, or 1/512 using both the Masuda Method and a Shiny Charm.

That having been said, It’s still random, so you can get a Shiny right away, or it might take you two or even three times as long as someone else. Your best bet to finding Shiny Pokémon is to tap on every single Pokémon that spawns.

Regional Variants That Are Also Shiny

Regional variants, such as Alolan Vulpix, are extremely rare on their own, but their shinies are even harder to find. This makes them extremely rare and coveted. Having a regional variant thats also a shiny proves how dedicated a player is in their journey to catch em all.

Focusing on just Alolan Forms, there are 18 Pokemon that fit the description, all of which are available in the mobile game. These alternatives are already quite rare, and that scarcity is only worsened when it comes to their shinies. When it comes to Galarian Forms, more than 10 have been introduced to Pokemon Go.

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Shiny Hunting Guide: All Shiny Odds

Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases on January 28! Check Game8’s Guide for all your needs at lightning speed!

Best Battle Tower Team

Improve your chances of getting Shiny Pokemon by breeding with Pokemon from different regions. Read on to learn how to efficiently hunt for Shiny Pokemon in the wild, how to do the Masuda method, and the best odds for finding Shiny Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl .

Shiny Pokemon Guides

Are The Shiny Versions Of The Lake Trio Available


Fortunately, the latest legendaries will have shinies available. Starting on September 14, the Lake Trio from Generation IV will be Tier 5 Raid bosses in Pokemon GO.

Each Pokemon will be available in a different region. The breakdown of which Pokemon is found where is as follows:

  • Azelf located in the Americas and Greenland
  • Mesprit located in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and India
  • Uxie located in Asia and the Pacific region.

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When Did Shinies First Appear In Pokmon Go

When Pokémon GO first launched in July 2016, there were 145 Pokémon available to be caught, but none could be shiny until the first Water Festival event in March 2017, when shiny Magikarp and shiny Gyarados were released to make a homage to the Red Gyarados in the 2nd generation games! It would not be until the Pikachu outbreak in Yokohama, Japan in August 2017 until wed get a taste at the 2nd available in the wild shiny Pikachu!

Before you say Gyarados is shiny in the wild, it is actually not! Evolved versions of shiny Pokémon can not be found in the wild . The ONLY exception to this is the Female Pokémon event in October 2018, when Female Nidoran, Nidorina, and Nidoqueen were all shiny in the wild, but once the two day event ended, Nidorina and Nidoqueen stopped being shiny in the wild. And once a shiny base evolution Pokémon is released in Pokémon GO , it will never stop being shiny.

Pokmon Go: Complete List Of Shiny Pokmon August 2021

First introduced as part of the Water Festival Event, with Magikarp and Gyarados, new Shiny Pokémon are added to Pokémon Go with just about every event and Community Day. There are now so many Shiny Pokémon that it can be hard to keep track of which Pokémon you should be checking. Heres the complete list of Shiny Pokémon as of right now, and how you can catch em all! And be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories a Pokémon Go Plus or a Go-Tcha will make Shiny hunting go much quicker!

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Dynamax Adventures: Fun But Time Consuming

2020s Crown Tundra DLC for PokemonSword & Shield allows Trainers to go on Dynamax Adventures. These adventures consist of four Trainers running a gauntlet of Dynamax Pokemon before encountering a Legendary Pokemon at the end.

These adventures require trainers to use rented Pokemon, and they can be tough if Trainers dont have the right strategy. However, with great challenge comes great rewards. Any Pokemon caught in a Dynamax Adventure, Legendary and excellent non-Legendary alike, have shiny odds of 1 in 300 , which is the best available in Sword & Shield.

Dont Skip Out On Encounters

Shiny Magikarp odds?

Youll need to get into an encounter with a Pokémon to see if theyre shiny or not. Even if you arent planning to catch that Pokémon, you should still get into an encounter and check.

You can still capture them for sport and additional candy. If you cant tell whether a Pokémon is shiny by their looks, keep an eye on a little white symbol that appears right above their CP. This symbol featuring three stars indicates that a Pokémon is indeed shiny, and you may want to switch to a better Pokéball to make sure you dont miss your chance.

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How To Catch More Shiny Pokmon In Pokmon Go

Ooh, shiny.

Completing the Pokédex is the dream of every new trainer in Pokémon Go. Upon their journey, players will run into all kinds of different Pokémon, and theyll need to master the art of throwing Pokéballs to capture them.

After getting more and more playtime, youll realize that you run into some Pokémon more than the other. This is because the Pokémon in the game have a rarity tier. Common Pokémon will appear more often in your surroundings, while Pokémon from higher rarity tiers will have a lower chance of appearing.

Theres also an additional rarity tier, Shiny. This special version of the Pokémon makes them even rarer, meaning rare shiny Pokémon will be harder to come by than regular rares, and vice versa. Shiny Pokémon dont offer any competitive advantages, but they feature different colors and a sparkling texture.

The process of catching a shiny Pokémon is identical to capturing a regular one since youll only need to get into an encounter with them and throw a couple of Pokéballs to secure the deal.

Though there isnt a trick or glitch that will allow you to catch more shiny Pokémon, there are a few adjustments you can make in your playstyle, which can slightly increase your chances of catching shiny Pokémon.

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Can You Catch A Shiny Solosis In Pokmon Go

There are several Pokémon you can capture in Pokémon Go, with many of them having the chance of being a shiny version of it, if youre lucky. Unfortunately, the shiny version for nearly every Pokémon in the game has a low probability of appearing, which means you want to try finding as many of them as possible in the wild, for field research tasks, or in raids. What about Solosis? This guide will cover if theres a shiny version for Solosis in Pokémon Go and if you can catch it.

Solosis was originally released to the mobile game in March 2022, during the Psychic Spectacular 2020 event. However, we can confirm that right now, Solosis shiny version has not made its way over to Pokémon Go. Its been a few years since this Pokémon was released to the game, but Niantic has yet to reveal the shiny version. If youre trying to hunt down this Pokémon, you will not find a shiny version in the wild or any other method. Well need to wait until the shiny version releases during a scheduled event.

A majority of the Pokémon in Pokémon Go have their shiny versions released a year or two after its debut in the game. We can expect Solosis shiny version to release sometime in 2022, but it might be even longer, depending on Niantics overall development cycle. We may see it involved in a Psychic-type related.

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Can Wobbuffet Be Shiny In Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO trainers may not see a ton of upside from Wobbuffet as a battler aside from its durability, but collectors may still want to bag its shiny form.

Thanks to the ongoing New Year event in Pokemon GO, shiny collectors are likely wondering if shiny Wobbuffet is available to them. Fortunately, this is currently the case, and shiny Wobbuffet can be caught in the wild or evolved from a shiny Wynaut.

Shiny Wobbuffet sports a pink body instead of its ordinary blue appearance, making it quite vibrantly colored compared to its original iteration.

Shiny Rates Pokemon Go

HOW TO GET SHINY POKÉMON in Pokémon GO | RNG Explained, Discussing Shiny Odds and MORE! (2021)

Here are the current Shiny rates in the game:

  • The Standard Shiny rate is 1 in 500
  • For Legendary and Mythical Raids is 1 in 20
  • Community Day Shiny rates are 1 in 25
  • Permaboosted Shiny rate is 1 in 64, which is for Aerodactyl, Alolan Grimer, Alolan Marowak, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Vulpix, Chansey, Klink, Lapras, Nincada, Onix, Pineco, Riolu, Skarmory, Spinda, Spiritomb and Timburr
  • Rare species have a less permanent shiny rate boost of 1 in 125

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What Are The Odds Of Encountering Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO are tough finds, and thats part of what makes them so coveted and valued.

Ever since shiny Pokemon were introduced in Pokemons second generation of games for the Game Boy Color , theyve been discussed often and sought after even more. This has, of course, spread to Pokemon GO and its dedicated player base, and players have carried on the tradition of shiny hunting.

But what are the actual shiny appearance rates in Pokemon GO? The short answer is that chances are slim but better than they have been in the past.

Depending on the Pokemon being sought after, its chances of appearing as a shiny may be better or worse.

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Encounter Streak Catch The Same Pokmon 25+ Times

If you played the Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! games, you might be aware of something called catch combos. This means that you fight the same Pokémon, say Nicket, repeatedly without fighting any others. Each time you catch the same Pokémon, the chances of finding a shiny increase. After you’ve caught the Pokémon 25 times in a row, your chances of catching a shiny go up from 1/4096 to 1/2048. However, the percentage can’t go up anymore after 25 chain encounters. Whenever you have a high encounter streak for the same Pokémon, that creature is more likely to pop up, which also helps.

So basically, aim to catch the same Pokémon 25+ times in a row to seriously increase your chances of happening upon a shiny. This process can take hours to pay off, but it’s fun flaunting that Pokémon once you’ve caught it. If you accidentally run into another Pokémon other than the one you’re focusing on, run away. Keep in mind that accidentally catching or defeating another Pokémon will break your combo, and then you’ll have to start your combo streak over.

A Pokémon fleeing from you in battle could break the streak. However, we haven’t been able to verify this for sure.

The Basics Of Shiny Hunting In Bdsp


Before getting into the methods, it’s important to get a few key facts out of the way. For one, the base shiny odds in BDSP are the same as they’ve been in all games since Gen Six – 1 in 4096. These are your odds of running into a shiny in a random wild encounter, or having a legendary or starter be shiny on any given reset. Many people do hunt like this – just doing wild encounters repeatedly, or soft-resetting for legendaries – so the average time for a shiny, if you want to hunt this way, will be roughly the same as in Sword and Shield.

Soft-resetting in BDSP also works like in Sword and Shield. There’s no dedicated button, so you just have to save before the legendary, starter choice, or whatever else, then close out of the game and relaunch it to soft reset. For those out of the loop, the shininess of a static encounter is determined when the encounter starts, so by saving right before it, doing the encounter, and resetting to before the encounter if it’s not shiny, you can essentially keep re-rolling the encounter until it shines.

This is relevant to BDSP in the Grand Underground, as it means you cannot soft-reset on an overworld Pokemon down there. You can still hunt Pokemon in the Grand Underground, you’ll just have to do it by encountering the Pokemon you want and then leaving and re-entering the room to reset spawns, since soft-resetting will just cause you to encounter the same exact Pokemon over and over again.

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The Probability Of A Pokemon Being Shiny In A Tier 5 Raid

When a trainer encounters a Pokemon in the wild, that Pokemon has a 1 in 450-1 in 500 chance of being shiny. However, a legendary Pokemon beaten in a Tier 5 raid has a 1 in 20 chance of being shiny.

The trade-off is, of course, legendary Pokemon have limited accessibility. Trainers can only raid one a day, it requires several people to beat Tier 5 Raids, and even with multiple teammates, its difficult to take down Tier 5 Raid bosses consistently.

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