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What Pokemon Give Defense Evs

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Pokemon Bdsp Ev Training Spots

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: Special Defense EV Training

We will be providing a table that lists all the Pokemon EV training locations in the game and also tells you which Pokemon drops EV points for which stat so, grinding for your specific needs becomes much easier for you.

Defeating these particular Pokemon in these spots will grant you their respective EV points. If you are aiming to quickly train the EV for a Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, this method is going to be the fastest.

EV Stat

What Gives Special Attack Evs

A speedy Pokémon like Zigzagoon, for instance, gives 1 Speed EV for each one you knock out. Its evolution, Linoone, gives 2 Speed EVs. A Pokémon like Masquerain gives 1 Special Attack EV and 1 Special Defense EV. Again, think of these like Experience Points, except you gain them for each of the six stats.

Pokmon Sun And Moon Evs

EV training is back again in Pokémon Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and is as important as ever for the competitive player.

Here on this page, we’ll be explaining how EV training works, what EVs are, and most importantly for players who already know the basics, the best EV training locations in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

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Why Are Evs Important

EVs are important because they are another way of being able to improve your Pokemon besides just leveling them up. EV training allows players to target specific stats they want to increase on their Pokemon. If you want to make your Charmander faster, putting EVs into its Speed stat will make it more likely to attack first in battle.

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On top of that, EVs arguably increase the realism of the Pokemon world and offer a more diverse and challenging experience when it comes to battling. Having a mechanic that turns a Pokemon’s efforts into visible improvements makes our Pokemon seem that much more life-like.

However, EVs aren’t the only factors that determine a Pokemon’s overall stats.

How To Reset A Pokmons Evs

Pokémon Sword and Shield guide: How to EV train

Because EVs have a limit, and you may have accidentally been earning EVs in the wrong stats for a Pokémon you want to start EV training, you will want to know how you can reset a Pokémons EVs to get a fresh start. There is a way, so you dont have to get a fresh one and start from scratch. There are a set of very specific Berries in the game that function exactly like Vitamins, only in reverse. Each one you feed a Pokémon will reduce their EVs in that specific stat by 10. The Berries youre looking for are:

  • Pomeg Berry Reduces HP EVs by 10.
  • Kelpsy Berry Reduces Attack EVs by 10.
  • Qualot Berry Reduces Defense EVs by 10.
  • Hondew Berry Reduces Special Attack EVs by 10.
  • Grepa Berry Reduces Special Defense EVs by 10.
  • Tomato Berry Reduces Speed EVs by 10.

Use these to fully maximize where you want all of the 510 possible EVs you can give your Pokémon to be the most effective it can be.

Editors’ Recommendations

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Ev Training With Pokerus

Pokemon virus, more commonly known as Pokerus, is a beneficial virus that can significantly improve your EV Training.

Pokerus doubles your EV gain, and it stacks with any of the Power Items above. Pokerus is extremely rare, with a 3 out of 65,5367 chance for it to appear on your Pokemonmaking it one of the most difficult things to find in the game.

You can spread the virus once you have it on one Pokemon to the rest of your party members. Battle any Pokemon, and eventually, the rest of your Pokemon will be infected with the virus.

  • You have between 1-4 days to do this before the virus is gone. But don’t worry even if your Pokemon no longer has the virus, the double EVs effect will linger.

You can also store your infected Pokemon in one of the PC’s boxes to keep the virus past its standard duration. This method won’t infect the rest of your stored Pokemon, though.

How To See Effort Values

Effort Values can be seen by using the “Effort-O-Meter” which displays the amount of Effort Values invested in a graph, allowing it to visualize the progress. All players can see this “Effort-O-Meter” by clicking the hexagon in the middle of Pokémon Summary interface, without paying anything. However, it does not show the specific number of EVs invested for their Pokémon, making it a problem to track how much EVs the players’ Pokémon need without calculations.

For more competitive players who have sufficient Robux on hand, they can purchase the Advanced Stat Viewer Gamepass for 50 Robux, which allows them to see the number of EVs they have invested in all stats. In addition, it also displays the number of Individual Values a Pokémon has, which is another important aspect of competitive Pokémon battling.

The current maximum amount of Effort Values invested into a single stat is 252, and the maximum amount of Effort Values a Pokémon can receive overall is 510, which means only 2 stats out of all 6 can be maximized.

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How To Earn Evs

If you’ve played through any part of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, you’ve already earned EVs for a Pokémon. Good job! Now you can learn how to specifically earn EVs in the stats you want to boost.

Every time you defeat a Pokémon in battle, your entire party will earn some amount of EVs. Which EVs they earn and how many depend on the Pokémon you defeat. Pokémon can yield between 0-3 EVs when beaten in battle.

Usually, the EV yields of a Pokémon make sense. Pokémon that have high attack often let you earn attack EVs. That’s not always the case, however.

The following chart are some suggested Pokémon to battle to earn certain EVs. These aren’t your only options, but they’re all easy to find. Many of these Pokémon are found in several locations, so we listed one or two per entry.

Power Anklet Speed

All of the above power items can be purchased for 16 Battle Points each in the Battle Park, a place you can access in the post-game.

The Macho Brace also boosts EVs received, but in a different way. The Macho Brace doubles the amount of EVs received after each battle. You can find the Macho Brace in Pastoria City in the house north of the Poké Mart.

TLDR: Power items can significantly boost the amount of EVs you earn after each battle.

List Of Pokmon By Effort Value Yield

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl EV Training: Defense
This list is only accurate for the Generation VIII games.For the base experience values and effort values for Generation VII, see List of Pokémon by effort value yield .

This is a list of Pokémon by effort value yield and base experience in Generation VIII.

When a Pokémon is defeated in battle, it will give effort values to the Pokémon that participated in the battle against it. The values shown below are the effort points that a Pokémon will give since Generation VIII, and every four effort points a Pokémon has in a given stat will ultimately translate to an extra point in that stat when the Pokémon is at level 100. Prior to Generation III, however, a Pokémon would actually give effort points equivalent to its base stats. The stat associated with each Pokémon is typically its highest stat, for example Gliscor drops Defense effort values because that is its strongest stat.

Base experience is a factor in determining how many experience points a fainted Pokémon will give to the Pokémon that defeated it.

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How To Ev Train

In order to properly EV Train, you should first plan out your EV Spread for the Pokémon youre trying to train. You have 510 points to work with, so determining how to distribute them the EV Spread should be your first priority before starting.

If youre new to EV Training, youll probably find the most benefit from sticking to simple 252/252/6 spreads that means 252 EVs in one stat, 252 in another, and then 6 in the final stat, which is usually HP.

Some good starter 252/252/6 spreads are:

  • 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP for Physical-based sweepers such as Garchomp.
  • 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP for Special-based sweepers such as Gengar.
  • 252 HP / 252 Defense / 6 Speed or Special Defense for Physical walls like Forretress.
  • 252 HP / 252 Special Defense / 6 Speed or Defense for Special walls like Umbreon.

As you learn more about EV Training and the dynamics of your competitive team, youll experiment with more varied spreads, but these four examples should give you an introduction to how EV Spreads work.

Once youve determined which EV Spread you want to use for your Pokémon, you need to figure out which Pokémon you can repeatedly fight give you only the EVs you need. Its easiest to focus on one stat at a time while EV Training, although as you get more advanced in your knowledge of EV Training, you might be able to figure out ways to train up the stats you need in a more optimal manner.

Ev Training Hotspots In Pokmon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are here, and the best places to EV train have slightly changed. If youre familiar with EV training from Pokémon Sun and Moon, youll feel right at home.

Basic Information

  • A Pokémon can have a maximum of 252 EVs in one particular stat. This is different from the 255 cap present in Generations III-V, and it means you wont accidentally EV train over 252 in any particular stat.
  • A Pokémon can only have 510 EVs total. This means if you train a Pokémon to have 252 EVs in two stats, you still have 6 EVs left over to put in another stat.
  • Each Pokémon, when defeated in-game, gives out a certain number of EVs, usually ranging from 1-3. For example, if you defeat a Wingull, your Pokémon gains 1 Speed EV, and if you defeat a Gyarados, your Pokémon gains 2 Attack EVs. A full list of EV yields for each Pokémon can be found here.
  • If the Exp. Share is turned on, all Pokémon in your party gain EVs from defeating Pokémon. This allows you to battle with a higher leveled Pokémon to EV train your freshly hatched Pokémon. You can even EV train multiple Pokémon at the same time!

Modifying EV Gain

Power Weight

Power Anklet

+8 Speed

Calculations for EVs per Pokémon

Defeating a Pokémon that yields 1 EV:

  • With power Item + SOS Battle: 18 EVs
  • With power Item + Pokérus: 18 EVs
  • With Pokérus + power Item + SOS Battle: 36 EVs

Defeating a Pokémon that yields 2 EVs:

Defeating a Pokemon that yields 3 EVs:

Recommended SOS Battle Locations

  • Adrenaline Orbs
  • HP

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    So How Do I Ev Train My Pokemon

    Though specific strategies and items differ depending on which game you’re playing, there are some universal basic steps to EV training any Pokemon:

    • Remove any unwanted EVs
    • Use items to increase EVs as much as possible
    • Battle Pokemon that give out EVs in the stat you want
    • Use held items to speed up the battling process
    • Keep track of EVs gained if your game doesn’t
    • Receive Effort Ribbon as proof of maxed out EVs

    Below we’ll go into more detail for each step.

    Breeding With A Ditto And A Destiny Knot

    Pokémon Sword &  Shield: 10 Methods To Make EV Training Easier

    But just like real life genetics, Pokemon can pass on their IVs through breeding. Knowing that, the easiest way to breed Pokemon with the highest IVs possible is to get a Ditto with five IVs at maximum and have it hold a Destiny Knot. Catching such a Ditto is a very, very tedious process, though, which involves chaining Ditto encounters 100 times.

    We recommend watching the following video on how to do this:

    The Destiny Knot meanwhile allows all of its offspring to inherit five IVs instead of three as normal, which eliminates a lot of the RNG from the process. You can get the Destiny Knot itself in Route 224, which you can only access once you get through Victory Road.

    Theres a lot of navigation and walking involved in obtaining the item, but its well worth the effort if youre looking to breed Pokemon with as many perfect IVs as possible.

    And thats all you need to know about EVs and IVs from a competitive standpoint in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl! Knowing how both of these mechanics affect your Pokemons stats is important to maximizing your potential in PvP battles.

    Of course, there are many other factors that weigh in on a Pokemons success in competitive play, so stay tuned to Hotspawn for more BDSP multiplayer guides.

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    Can You Ev Train At Level 100

    In Pokemon Black and White, you can EV train at LV 100 if you have no EVs filled in your Pokemon. Since there Is a new EV training system, Now you can do that. In Gen IV games, you can gain the EVs, but not get the stat boost in the stat, so Its a waste.

    ‘pokmon Sword And Shield’ Ev Training Guide: How To Maximize Stats Reset Evs And More

    Training Pokémon for competitive takes a few steps to complete a team. You first need to breed the Pokémon you desire and the other is EV training.

    Effort Values or EVs are how a Pokémon can earn “experience” towards certain stats when they level up. By defeating a certain number of a specific species of Pokémon, a stat can increase faster than normal.

    Couple this with a Pokémon’s Individual Values and Nature, and you can have a Pokémon that excels in a certain stat or two.

    The following is a guide to EVs and EV Training in Sword and Shield, including how to determine a Pokémon’s EVs and which Pokémon to battle to maximize the stat of your choice.


    In Pokémon Sword and Shield the easiest way to check a Pokémon’s EVs is to go through the summary page.

    After selecting your Pokémon and checking its summary, scroll to the stats page and press the X button. This will show a yellow shape that denotes that Pokémon’s EVs. The more you battle, the yellow area will grow.

    A maxed out stat will see the yellow area reaching the end of the hexagon.


    Each Pokémon is allowed 510 Effort Values. The points that go into which stat is determined by the species of Pokémon that is defeated. Each Pokémon in Sword and Shield has a specific amount in a given stat their EV points go towards.

    One example of this is Skwovet gives one HP point when it’s defeated.



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    How To Reset Evs

    If you used a Pokémon to play through the story of BDSP, it will have EV points in all of its stats. EV points in stats a Pokémon doesn’t utilize are wasted. For example, a Pokémon that only uses special attacks shouldn’t have any EVs invested in its attack.

    Luckily, you can lower the EVs of a Pokémon, including dropping them down all the way to zero. This is done by feeding a Pokémon berries. Each of the berries listed below reduces the corresponding EV value of a Pokémon by 10 per berry.


    These berries are spread throughout Sinnoh. You can also purchase them for one battle point each at the Battle Park. Remember that you can grow berries, so you don’t need to spend a load of battle points. Just purchase one of each and grow your own.

    TLDR: You can reset your Pokémon’s EVs to train them up a specific way. You can reduce EVs in each stat by feeding a Pokémon berries.

    What Happens If I Dont Ev Train

    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: EV Training – Defense

    One problem with the whole EV Training process is that it pretty much has to be planned out in advance. If youve played through a Pokémon game with your team of Pokémon without thinking anything about EV Training, your team still will have gained EVs from all of the Pokémon theyve fought, but youll have no clue how they are distributed and they wont be optimally invested in the stats you want to boost.

    Because of this, its STRONGLY recommended that you only consider EV Training freshly-caught or freshly-hatched Pokémon, not any Pokémon that youre playing through the game with normally! While there are ways in some games to reset your EVs entirely, its often a hassle to do, and in some games may be impossible.

    Thankfully, you do not need any EV Training to get through any of the main games! In single-player experiences, the only time youll need EV Training is if you want to tackle some of the challenging facilities like the Battle Tower, Battle Maison, Battle Tree, etc., because in the later rounds there, all of the Pokémon you fight against will be EV Trained.

    Its also important to remind you thatYou dont NEED to EV Train to HAVE FUN! If all of this goes completely over your head, dont let that stop you from enjoying the Pokémon games as a whole, because you can still do so just as you always have. EV Training is geared towards players who want to step up their game and take their gameplay to the next level.

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