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Best Deck In Pokemon Tcg Online

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How Do We Rank The 10 Best Decks In Pokemon Tcg Online

“THE NEW BEST DECK” | Pokemon TCG Online Battles

Below is a list of the 10 best decks for the 2022 Standard format. Note that a lot of decks dont have a Type advantage against one another and it can get difficult to rank them over the other. This list is not a strict tier list with one deck being better than the next one in ranks, but a list of the ten decks that have regularly done well in tournaments. We do have the definite meta decks at the top, the ones with the best win rates, and as you go down the list youll find decks that are still pretty strong and fare well in the in-game ladder but wont necessarily win tournaments.

Here are 10 of the best Standard decks for Pokemon TCG Online in 2022:

Target The Rear Lines

There are many variants of moves that target benched Pokemon, though the one possessed by the legendary beast Raikou card in the Vivid Voltage set is among the most powerful of this kind. Their Amazing Shot takes three kinds of energy: grass, lightning, and metal though, despite the high and diverse cost, it can wreck the foe’s bench.

120 damage with no negative effects allows Raikou’s trainer to use this unorthodox move repeatedly to knock out foes who can’t retaliate while also doing the same damage to the opposing active Pokemon. Clearing out the adversary’s reinforcements, as well as injuring their lead fighter, results in Raikou dealing enough damage and snatching enough prize cards via rear-line destruction to be absolutely worth the diverse energy requirements.

How To Build A Pokmon Tcg Deck Around One Type

Like the teams of manyof the Gym Leaders you’ll encounter in the Pokémon video games, a lot of successfulPokémon Trading Card Game decks include Pokémon that are almost all the sametype. This approach to deckbuilding has merit because types are often thematic,which means Pokémon of the same type will favor a similar strategy. Forexample, many Fire-type Pokémon are designed to do loads of damage to theopponent’s Pokémon, whereas Metal-type Pokémon tend to have attacks, Abilities,and access to Trainer cards that prevent or reduce the damage they take from opposingattacks.

In addition, Pokémonof the same type usually use the same type of Energy to attack, and they can oftenbe targeted by the effects of the same Trainer cards. This means it’s muchsimpler to design a deck around one type of Pokémon rather than many types.

We’ll use the following Lightning-type deck as an example:

  • Professors Research swsh35 62

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Pokemon Tcg Best Grass Decks

Hello all you fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and casual readers. Today well be looking at three of the best grass type decks from recent Pokemon expansions. Most of these decks were at the top of their META and use grass type Pokemon as well as those nice green energy that go with them. Without further ado, lets get into the list.

Stick To The Current Sets

Pokemon HD: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Best Theme Deck 2019

As with any other trading card game, the Pokémon TCG has changed a lot since it was released in the ’90s. Back then, Charizard was by far one of the best cards, having 120HP, the maximum amount at the time. Now there’s Snorlax Vmax, with an absurd 340HP. Not only that, but there’s been the addition of special cards, like EX, GX, and the newest, Vmax.

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Not only would it be impractical to try and use cards from older sets against the behemoths, but you wouldn’t be able to participate in tournaments. If that’s not an issue for you, then go for it. But even in casual play, you’ll find it hard to persuade most people to battle. Besides, you won’t get to try out the more interesting new mechanics that have been introduced in the most recent sets.

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Galarian Moltres And Galarian Wheezing

Any deck that can shut off abilities is going to be effective in a meta game that features the likes of Arceus VSTAR and Mew VMAX. Galarian Wheezing slows your opponent down without not giving them a chance to take many prizes, while Galarian Moltres allows you to take late game knockouts.

This deck also uses Sableye to take key knockouts as the damage from Wheezings poison attack takes its toll.

How To Play This Deck:

  • Depending on the type matchups, bench either Thundurus or Tornadus and let the other one be active. Either of them will be your main attacker. The reason you should bench one of them is that benching Thundurus or Tornadus while the other is active increases their attack. Thundurus or Tornadus will be your main combatants, as your other mons act as support.
  • Alternatively, you can use Dragonite as your main attacker. Dragonite is bulky, with attacks that can easily OHKO your enemys Pokemon.
  • Send out your Alolan Grimer so you can withdraw two cards for free.

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Rapid Strike Urshifu Vmax

Urshifu has been one of the best decks in format for a while. In fact, it might have stayed that way had a powerful counter in Mew not been released in Fusion Strike. Urshifu is a beast, and players have also begun combining him with Galarian Moltress V.

Players also combine Urshifu with the powerful Inteleon engine, making it easier to do incremental damage to their opponents Pokemon while pulling up the trainers they need to secure victory.

Despite fears that Manaphys bench protecting ability would hamper Urshifu, Urshifu has recently pulled off an impressive win at the Liverpool regionals.

Setting Up Dragonite And Lanturn

“ZOROARK! THE NEW BEST DECK??” | Pokemon TCG Online Battles

Dragonite and Lanturn will ideally be your late-game Pokemon. Dragonite requires you to have extra Energy cards in your hand while Lanturn steals Energies from your Pokemon when they are knocked out.

Lanturn also discards Energies from itself when it attacks , making it a perfect end-game attacker.

You might get Dratini and Chinchou as your starting cards, in which case you can simply use them to stall. You can also attach a Water Energy to Dratini for a free retreat.

If Dragonite is your Active Pokemon, you will need either Fisherman or Energy Recycle System in your hand as soon as possible, which is why I avoid using it early game.

Since Dragonites attack discards 3 Energies , you will need these two and some more Energies if you want to keep going.

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Reshiram And Charizard Tag Team

Reshiram and Charizard together are about as powerful together as can be expected. One of their abilities allows them to add 10 damage to the attack per damage counter on the Pokemon, basically returning all of the damage it’s taken.

Then there’s Flare Strike, which does 230 damage with the only stipulation being that it can’t be used again next turn. The big one though is Double Blaze-GX, which does a whopping 300 damage that isn’t affected by effects.

Pokemn Tcg: V Battles Deck: Rayquaza V Vs Noivern V Multi

  • The Pokemon Tcg: V Battle DeckRayquaza Vs. Noivern Includes 2 Ready-To-Play V Battle Decks . Each Deck Includes A Powerful Special Pokemon: Rayquaza V Or Noivern V
  • This Also Includes 8 Additional Trainer Cards, Including 2 Foil Cards, 2 Large Metallic Coins, And 2 Large Metallic Coins
  • This Also Comes With 2 Quick Guides To Unlock The Strategies Within, 2 Single-Player Playmats, And 6 Reference Cards
  • You Will Also Get Damage Counters, 1 Guide To Upgrading Your Decks, And A Code Card For The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

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Buying Guide For Best Pokemon Card Decks

Buying Guide for Best Pokemon Card Decks:

There are a few things youll want to consider before buying a Pokemon card deck. The first is that not all decks are created equal some are designed for beginners, while others are meant for more experienced players. If youre just starting out, it might be best to purchase a beginner-friendly deck.

Another thing to keep in mind is your budget. Decks can range in price from $10 to $50 or more, so its important to find one that fits within your budget.

Finally, youll also want to consider the type of cards that are included in the deck. Some decks focus on a specific type of pokemon, while others include a variety of different types.

Pokmon Tcg Astral Radiance Radiant Pokmon: Radiant Hawlucha

Pokemon HD: Pokemon Tcg Online Best Deck

The final Radiant Pokémon in Astral Radiance is Radiant Hawlucha. This cards Big Match Ability gives the players Active Pokémon an extra 30 damage against opposing Active Pokémon VMAX before calculating Weakness and Resistance as long as Radiant Hawlucha is on the Bench. This makes Radiant Hawlucha a good support Pokémon, but as the Pokémon TCG slowly adds more powerful Pokémon VSTAR into the Pokémon V mix, Radiant Hawluchas Ability will become more and more situational. Players will have to watch out that Pokémon such as Radiant Greninja dont knock out Radiant Hawlucha from off the Bench while theyre chipping away at Pokémon VMAX.

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Here Is One Version Of The Deck List:

3 Skwovet DAA 152

2 Ordinary Rod SSH 171

2 Boss’s Orders RCL 154

2 Great Ball EPO 93

2 Air Balloon SSH 156

4 Lucky Egg SSH 167

4 Professor’s Research SSH 178

2 Great Catcher CEC 192

4 Marnie SSH 169

4 Quick Ball SSH 216

2 Pokémon Communication HS 98

4 U-Turn Board UNM 211

2 Island Challenge Amulet CEC 194

3 Psychic Energy

4 Horror Psychic Energy RCL 172

Best Pokemon Tcg Decks That Wreck Hard

The Pokémon company is well known for their popular games in which you battle mystical creatures against each other for the glory of victory. And after 25 years, the collectible, build and battle card game has amassed quite the following.

For those who are unfamiliar with Pokémon TCG, your objective is to combine your choice of over 2,000 unique cards into a 60 card deck. You then battle your deck against an opponents deck with the usual goal being to hit harder and faster than your opponent. Please bear in mind that this article was written in March of 2021. Apologies to future readers who miss their favorite lists That being said, lets look at ten of the decks that demolish the competition.

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Why Blacephalon Is A Good Deck For Pokemon Online Meta

Blacephalon has consistently done well in both online and offline Tournaments. Its especially strong with Zacian V being everywhere, but it does well against other V and VMAX cards too. Its also not on the cheaper side if youre building it in the online game.

The damage potential is huge with this deck. The only thing you need to be careful with is doing the math properly. Blacephalon does 50 damage for each Fire Energy you discard from your hand, and you have to count extra HP for all the decks using Buff Padding, Heat Energy, or Metal Goggles.

Other references fo Pokemon online TGC info and news:


Best Pokmon Tcg Live Deck For Attacking


In terms of the best attacking deck in Pokémon TCG Live, we actually recommend going for the Inteleon VMAX deck. While it only ranks in the E tier of our overall tier list, the attacking proficiency in several of its cards makes it a very useful offensive collection.

If you just want to brute-force your way through a battle and not have to think much about setup or reactionary counters, this is the deck for you. In a sense, it’s a good beginnger deck to use while you familiarize yourself with other popular cards, combos, the Pokémon TCG mechanics as a whole.

Front and centre of this is the eponymous Inteleon VMAX card, which has some excellent attacks. Not only does the Hydro Snipe move remove one of your opponent’s active energy cards, but the Max Bullet move will hurt both your current rival, as well as one of their benched Pokémon. Alongside other solid cards like Dedenne-GX and Inteleon X, and you’ve got a mighty impressive deck.

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What Are The Best Pokemon And Item Cards In The Standard Format

These tanky GX, V, and VMAX cards wouldnt work as well without having the right utility cards that can help you draw more cards, reshuffle your hand, and even disrupt your opponents plans. Here are six cards that dont churn out large damage numbers, but have still become a crucial part of the meta and will be seen in most of the top-tier decks.

Since most of these Pokemon TCG Online cards have cheaper alternatives or are often paired with another card that improves their efficiency, Ill be listing the secondary card in brackets with the main card.

Arceus Vstar With Inteleon Engine

Arceus is a great tool for many decks, but it also works well on its own when paired with the infamous Inteleon engine. This deck was also used at the regionals in Brisbane and did quite well. Its ability to pull the cards you want from your deck when you need them contrasts with the raw draw power of the Fusion Strike system, while Arceus VSTAR only gives up two prizes when KOd.

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Get A Theme Deck From The Shop

Once you have obtained 500 Coins, head over to the Decks menu in the Shop and get a Theme deck.


Relentless Flame is currently one of the best decks in the game. I highly recommend it for new players, because it is easy to learn and will help you speed through the Versus ladder quickly with plenty of win streaks. We have a dedicated Relentless Flame deck guide to help you use it. If the deck doesnt look fun to you, go for one of the other meta decks: Unseen Depths, Soaring Storm, or the Rillaboom Theme Deck.

The Versus ladder is like a Battle Pass with rewards. Its free for everyone and has plenty of great rewards.

Heres One Version Of The Deck List:

Top 10 Standard decks for Pokemon TCG Online in 2021

3 Rowlet CEC 17

2 Galarian Zigzagoon SSH 117

2 Galarian Obstagoon SSH 119

4 Jirachi TEU 99

4 Professor’s Research SSH 178

4 Marnie SSH 169

4 Quick Ball SSH 179

4 Pokémon Communication TEU 152

4 Rare Candy SSH 180

4 Scoop Up Net RCL 165

3 Switch SSH 183

2 Ordinary Rod SSH 171

1 Turffield Stadium RCL 170

1 Viridian Forest TEU 156

4 Grass Energy

2 Aurora Energy SSH 186

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Pokmon Tcg: V Battle Deck: Lycanroc Vs Corviknight

  • The Pokémon TCG: V Battle DeckLycanroc vs. Corviknight Bundle includes 2 ready-to-play V Battle Decks with each deck including a power special Pokémon: Lycanrock V or Crviknight V.
  • This bundle contains 8 trainer cards, including 2 foil cards, 2 large metallic coints, and two 2 boxes.
  • You will also get 2 Quick Guides to unlock the stretegies within, 2 single-player playmats, and 6 reference cards.
  • This also includes damage counters, a guide to upgrading your decks and a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live.

Duraludon Vmax With Arceus Vstar

Duraludon was already a serious contender for its spot on this list of best standard Pokémon decks before Arceus came around. Now, however, with Arceus VSTAR, its that much stronger. This deck finished second at the Brisbane Regionals and has gone on to win many other tournaments.

Thanks to Arceus Vs attack, which can be used with a single Turbo Energy, Duraludon can get powered up and ready to attack in one turn.

Of course, its ability to not be damaged by Pokémon with special energies attached is a great bonus in a meta heavy with them.

Get Duraludon VMAX on eBay.

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Lucario And Melmetal Gx

It’s always fun to see one of Pokémon’s best visual designs with one of its worst, and Lucario teamed up with Melmetal is a perfect example of that amusing disconnect. Still, it’s an excellent recent card with a very good defense ability in Full Metal Wall GX, to the point where it’s one of those cards you could pratically build a deck around. Or just imagine the bizarre buddy comedy between Nutblob and the Kung-Fu Fox, it’s up to you.

What Makes This Deck So Great

PTCGO Turbo Darkrai Deck!! New Best Deck?(Pokemon TCG Online)
  • The Theme Tournament meta lacks hard counters against or decks that are super effective against Soaring Storm. Compare this to Relentless Flame, a normally incredible Fire deck which can easily be doused by strong Water decks like Kyogre-led Unseen Depths.
  • Every card counts. There are very few, if at all, filler cards from this deck.
  • Your attack options are pretty damn amazing. You can use two Legendaries in tandem and/or Dragonite, an absolute beast of a Dragon mon.

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Zacian Adp Deck Price: $8725

The main advantage of this deck is how well ADPs Steel Energy requirement goes with Zacian V. ADP is weak against Fairy Types, a type that was discontinued earlier this year. The Altered Creation GX is an absolutely broken attack, since it gives all of your Pokemon +30 damage for the rest of the game. As if that wasnt enough, you also take +1 Prize card every time you get a knockout. Lets consider a variant of Zacian deck.

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