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When Does The Pokemon Dlc Come Out

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New Gigantamax Forms For Your Favourite Pokemon

Is The Pokemon Sword and Shield ISLE OF ARMOR DLC Worth It? – My Initial Thoughts

In addition to all of the above, the expansion pass DLC will also bring with it new forms for some of your favorite Pokemon in the game. If you ever thought it was weird you could only Dynamax your starter Pokemon’s final evolution and not Gigantamax it, it’s weird no longer – Rillaboom, Cinderace and Inteleon will all get Gigantamax forms. Here’s all about those three new forms:

  • Gigantamax Rillaboom will focus completely on playing its drums, compelled by the power welling up inside it. The sound can reach across oceans and be heard by those living in other regions. Its said that those who hear the beat will begin to dance uncontrollably, overwhelmed by a rhythm that surges up from inside them.
  • Gigantamax Cinderace boasts incredible leg strengthin fact, its legs are said to rank among the strongest of all Pokémon! Even without its gigantic Pyro Ball, it can deliver powerful kicking moves that overwhelm other Dynamax Pokémon.
  • Gigantamax Inteleon has many hidden tools within its body, and these have also been enhanced due to its Gigantamaxing. The nictitating membranes on its eyes not only allow it to measure the distance to the targetthey now let Inteleon detect temperature, air pressure, and even humidity! Inteleon is a skilled sniper as welleasily hitting a Berry thats rolling around over nine miles away!

Over 100 Returning Pokemon In The Crown Tundra

In The Crown Tundra DLC, over 100 Pokemon from previous generations reappear, including all Legendaries from previous games which were previously uncatchable in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Combined with the new entries from The Isle of Armor DLC, players can look forward to meeting over 200 of their old favorites again. See the full list that has been revealed so far!

Caution Separate Version For Sword And Shield

The DLC is sold separately for Sword and Shield version. If you bought the DLC version for the wrong base game, you will not be able to play the new content!

Different Pokemon & Rival Between Version

Some Pokemon or rivals may be different between Shield and Sword. If you own both versions, consider buying both DLC for the full experience.

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Move Tutor Moves Added

Two new Move Tutor moves were also announced alongside this news.

Burning Jealousy

The first is a fire type move which not only deals damage to all enemy Pokemon, but also inflicts a burn on Pokemon which boosted their stats that turn!

Grassy Glide

The second move is grass type and acts as a priority move if used while a Grassy Field is up!

How Many New Pokemon Are In The Expansion

Pokemon Presents Reaction And Pokemon DLC

See every new and returning Pokemon revealed for the expansion pass so far in the slideshow below.

They both add old Pokemon otherwise unavailable via the original Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex. In total, these expansions will add 200+ Pokemon from previous games to Pokemon Sword and Shield, along with at least five brand new Legendary Pokemon and other new Pokemon, like Galarian Slowpoke .

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The Crown Tundra Post

Check out the for April! Take a peek at the for April! Battle Gigantamax Urshifu in the new Max Raid Event

Not sure what to do after you finish up the Crown Tundra in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Take a look at our guide on all the things that are available once you complete the main story!

List of Contents

New Features And Items

A handful of new features and items are coming as part of the Crown Tundra expansion, including a new co-op mode called Dynamax Adventures, wherein you and up to three other players can explore Pokemon dens together. You can read more about some of the announced new features and items below.

Dynamax Adventures

One of the headlining new features in The Crown Tundra is Dynamax Adventures, a co-op mode in which a team of four trainers sets off to explore Max Raid dens. Each player will choose a team of rental Pokemon to bring with them before the expedition begins. As the squad delves deeper into the den, you’ll need to choose which branching pathways to take and battle any Dynamax Pokemon you encounter along the way.

Galarian Star Tournament

After you’ve reached a certain point in The Crown Tundra’s story, you’ll be able to participate in the Galarian Star Tournament, a new 2v2 competition featuring all the Gym Leaders and other major NPCs from the main game and expansions. You’ll choose an AI partner when you enter the tournament and face off against a series of other teams in two-on-two Multi Battles.

Ability Patch

One of the most exciting new items being introduced in The Crown Tundra is the Ability Patch, which lets you change a Pokemon’s Ability to its Hidden Ability. Given how rare it typically is to find a Pokemon with its Hidden Ability, this is a very helpful addition to the series, but The Pokemon Company teases that the Ability Patch will be “hard to come by.”

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Is There A Pokmon: The Crown Tundra Trailer

Yes! Watch it below.

In the trailer, we see the new Legendary, Calyrex, which is a Grass/Psychic-type Pokémon, and icy plains to explore. The exploring bug doesn’t seem to stop at ice locales, the trailer also shows lush landscapes with light snowfall, exemplifying the level diversity in The Crown Tundra. This all falls in line with DLC’s overall theme of “exploration.”We also see four players synced up and running towards a light.

Sword and Shield‘s base game allows you to interact with ghosts in the overworld of other players to earn items. Crown Tundra is expected to allow players to explore Pokémon Dens Perhaps this is our first look at that in action.

We can also see new and old Legendary Pokémon throughout the trailer, indicating this will be the DLC for you if your living dex is lacking almost any mascot.

The trailer ends with a glimpse at the Galar Star Tournament, a new mode where you can team up with your favorite allies from Sword and Shield for the most fan-fictiony battles imaginable.

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company also released a new trailer on September 29 as well.

In it, we get a closer look at gameplay elements and some of the new environments we’ll see when thenew expansion is released.

What Time Does Crown Tundra Come Out

POKEMON NEWS! Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Placeholders! New Pokemon Snap DLC Footage & More!

A report on Pokemon Sword and Shield official website reveals that Crown Tundra DLC will be releasing on Thursday, October 22, 2020. The release time is 09:00 PT/12:00 ET in the United States, and 15:00 BST in the United Kingdom. Fans must note that this is based on the times that the Nintendo eShop is normally updated. Another report on Nintendos support website reveals that the Pokémon Home app will receive an update between 19:00 ET on October 22 and 00:00 midnight ET on October 23. This update will likely bring the much-anticipated functionality which will allow the app to transfer the Pokémons between the Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sword and Shield video games.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Crown Tundra Dlc: New Legendaries Features And Everything We Know

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s second DLC expansion has arrived here are all the major details we know about The Crown Tundra.

Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Isle of Armor DLC released back in June, and now their second expansion is finally here. The Crown Tundra, the second part of Sword and Shield’s Expansion Pass, went live on October 22, and it introduced another wealth of new content to the games, including a new area to explore, a bunch of new and returning Pokemon to catch, and more.

Like Isle of Armor, The Crown Tundra is a sizable chunk of add-on content featuring its own storyline, cast of characters, and Pokedex to complete, as well as new gameplay modes, items, and other additions. To help get you up to speed on the DLC, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra expansion below.

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Legendary Tree Of The Legendary Three

Another strand of the Crown Tundra’s storyline though is about the Galarian versions of the original trilogy of legendary Pokemon Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos. All three of the birds are quite the design switch from their original appearance, and honestly, I’m living for the sass of Galarian Articuno, who looks like it could be the latest member of an emo band or an Avengers reject. Prepare yourself for the quest of the Legendary Three of the Legendary Tree! *Cue dramatic music*

It looks like you’ll be able to battle and catch all three of these new Galarian Legendary birds, adding them to the expanded Pokedex you’ll receive when starting the Crown Tundra DLC. It’ll be interesting to see how different their movesets and types are when we actually get face-to-face with these new, yet ultimately familiar foes.

“Thanks to the new Dynamax Adventures feature, you’ll be teaming up with up to three other adventurers to battle with in order to reach the new Max Lairs”

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Does Pokemon Sword And Shield: The Isle Of Armor Have A Release Date

Nintendo has said the DLC will be out by the end of , but no exact date has been announced. There are rumblings that the long-awaited expansion pack is about to be delayed thanks to COVID-19. Like everyone else, Nintendo employees are working from home, and industry watchers say the lack of a set release date could mean the development team at Game Freak is having trouble completing the project.

With so much expected of this downloadable content pack, an additional delay isn’t going to make anyone happy. It’s also possible that even if The Isle of Armor makes its window, its follow-up, The Crown Tundra, will be postponed from its fall 2020 release date. Either way, it sounds like The Crown Tundra, which was presumably less far along in development, may be more affected by the coronavirus shutdowns.

Not all hope is lost, however. The fact that Nintendo has already started the countdown through some in-game giveaways could be a sign it’s expecting to meet the deadline.

Trade For Important Items

Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC: All confirmed new and retro ...

If you talk to the Backpacker standing to the right in the Max Lair, you can trade your Dynite ores for important items like the Ability Patches and .

The can change Abilities to Hidden Abilities on Fossil Pokemon or other hard to get Pokemon like Legendary Pokemon, so we recommend making these your top priority when spending Dynite Ores.

List of Dynite Ore Shop Items


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Old Pokemon Returning In The New Sword & Shield Dlc

Here’s the hottest news of the day for hardcore fans – the DLC will usher in the return of a bunch of older Pokemon that haven’t yet appeared in the Galar Region and thus were absent from Pokemon Sword & Shield thanks to the decision to not include the national Pokedex in the game.

Pokemon you’ll be able to catch in thanks to these additions include the likes of Garchomp, Chansey, Magnezone, Horsea, Volcarona, Nidoran, Beldum and Crobat, just to name a few. In all, 200 classic Pokemon will make their return in the two DLCs that make up the expansion pack, with when each Pokemon shows up determined by where it’ll more naturally fit in to the new areas – some will appear on the Isle of Armor, while others will show up in the Crown Tundra. There will also be some version exclusive differences between Sword & Shield, as always.

Oh, and a good chunk of the 200 newly added Pokemon are legendary Pokemon from past titles – practically every classic legendary can be caught in the new zones of the DLC, be it through Wild Area style raid battles or through other means.

If you don’t want to buy the DLC, a free update is coming to the game, too. This free downloadable update will allow players to transfer in the 200 newly-added from other sources like Pokemon Go and the soon-to-launch Pokemon Home, which will let you bring in Pokemon from other past console titles if you so wish.

The Dynamax Adventure Begins


From the Station, head straight ahead and youll run into Peony entering the Max Lair, home to .
Follow Peony inside and speak with the researcher to begin a Dynamax Adventure.Tip: Your first Legendary Pokemon will always be a , so try to get a Grass or Electric-type Pokemon if possible.
Clear the Dynamax Adventure to catch up with Peonia.
After exiting the lair, speak with Peony again and follow him south towards Freezington.

Your First Dynamax Adventure


At the end of the Max Lair, you’ll encounter your first Legendary in the Crown Tundra, Suicune. Many players fail on their first try, and though you can return to encounter Suicune again, you’ll have to start the Dynamax Adventure over to try for another encounter. When proceeding through the Den, try to catch a Pokemon which is effective against Water types to aid in the battle.

Try to Get 8 Dynite Ores

Dynite Ore

You’ll need to collect 8 Dynite Ores to proceed through the Story, as they will be required later on. If you’re aiming to charge ahead as quickly as possible, a maximum of 11 Dynite Ores can be found in a single Dynamax Adventure, so try for a good run through your first Dynamax Adventure and score at least 8 points from the list below.

List of Bonuses
Investigated the den – Defeat a Pokemon.Reached the innermost area – Get to the last Battle.Caught a very special Pokemon – Catch a Legendary Pokemon.Safe Adventure – Clear the adventure without any Pokemon fainting.

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How Much Will Crown Tundra Dlc Cost

According to Nintendo, at the time of its release, the Pokémon Crown Tundra DLC will only be available with the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass. They will be priced at $29.99 in the United States and £29.99 in the United Kingdom. However, at the moment it is impossible to buy the Expansion Pass two DLC packages, the Isle of Armour and the Crown Tundra, separately.

In addition to this, all the customers must be careful while making the purchase. They must order the correct Expansion Pass for the current version of the game. The Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass is only compatible with Pokémon Shield, while the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass will only work along with Pokémon Sword. Fans should also take a note that Nintendo has announced on its official website that a physical premium edition of Pokémon Sword and Shield is coming in the future. It will include all DLC on a cartridge. It will go on sale on November 6 hence, Pokemon players will have to wait a little longer after the Crown Tundras release, if they wish to purchase the package physically.

How To Complete The Crown Tundra Pokedex And Rewards

ISLE OF ARMOR OUT TOMORROW! New Pokemon Dlc coming tomorrow!

Check out the for April! Take a peek at the for April! Battle Gigantamax Urshifu in the new Max Raid Event

Need some tips for completing the Crown Tundra Pokedex in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Check our guide below for things you can do to fill out your Dex and rewards for completion!

The Isle of Armor Pokedex Articles
How to Complete the Crown Tundra Pokedex and Rewards

List of Contents

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Pokmon Sword & Shield: The Crown Tundra Release Date Announced

The upcoming Crown Tundra DLC for Pokémon Sword & Shield now has a release date, finally coming to Nintendo Switch on October 22, 2020.

The release date for the next adventure in the Galar region has been revealed, as the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokémon Sword & Shield will be released on October 22. Pokémon Sword & Shield are the first games in the series to receive DLC updates through its Expansion Pass, which adds the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra areas to the Galar region.

The two DLC areas for Pokémon Sword & Shield collectively bring hundreds of Pokémon back to the series, after they were infamously cut during the transition from the Nintendo 3DS to the Switch. They are also adding some new Legendary and Mythical Pokémon to the games, including Kubfu in the Isle of Armor and Calyrex in the Crown Tundra.

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After announcing a new update regarding the Crown Tundra on Twitter, The Pokémon Company has revealed the release date for the DLC. A new trailer for the DLC has been uploaded to The Official Pokémon YouTube channel, where it was revealed that Crown Tundra will be released on October 22, 2020. Players who have already purchased the Expansion Pass for the Isle of Armor will have access to the Crown Tundra for free when it launches.

Pokmon Sword And Shield Second Dlc Crown Tundra Release Date Announced


The release date of the second dlc of Pokémon Sword and Shield is finally revealed during a video that talks about the news of the main games on Switch.

The second part of the Expansion Pass is coming soon, and this month is the time to prepare to explore the Snowcapped Crownlands. Announced for fall of this year, it will finally be our October epic on Pokémon Sword and Shield since the expansion adding the legendaries of each generation will be released on Thursday, .

As a reminder, in this extension, you will be able to explore different dens with your friends or other players. At the end of the dungeon, you may come across a legendary pokemon or other creature.

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