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Where To Find Fire Stone Pokemon Shield

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Where To Find A Fire Stone In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where to Find a Fire Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

In this section, we will see all the locations of Fire Stone. There are a total of two locations where you can find the Fire Stone. You can choose any location according to your need. We will see both the locations one by one.

The locations are Lake of Outrage and Motostoke Riverbank. Lets see Lake of Outrage first. After seeing this location, we will see the second location after that.

The Digging Duo And Evolution Stones In Pokmon Sword And Shield

You can find the Digging Duo near the Pokémon Nursery in Bridge Field, which is located in the Wild Area.

For 500 Watts each, you can hire one of these brothers to dig into the ground to uncover a variety of items, which includes Evolution Stones.

The left-hand brother focuses on skills and is able to find rarer items than his sibling, but can’t retrieve as many.

In the terms of Evolution Stones, this includes:

  • Dawn Stone
  • Thunder Stone
  • Water Stone

Whichever brother you choose is up to you, but you should know that the brothers will save your game before they start digging. This means that you can’t turn off your game if you don’t get the item you want.

It’s a good idea to stockpile some Watts by investigating Pokémon Dens and completing the Rotom Rally before visiting the Digging Duo to ensure you can get a couple of good digs in.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Evolution Stones Locations

For each element Pokemon, there is an evolution stone available. And we will list the location of all of them below

Fire StoneTo get ahold of the fire stone, you will have to go near the Lake Miloch in the first wild area. Head towards the north of Lake Miloch and you will reach a bridge that you will use to cross the river. After crossing the river, look towards the wall on the left. The fire stone will be present in the base of the large wall.

Fire stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemon, while Scorbunny evolves without needing one

  • Eevee evolves to Flareon.
  • Growlithe evolves to Arcanine.

Leaf StoneTo find the Leaf stone location, head to Turffield which is the first major city you will come across in the game. Go up the slope that leads out of Turffield to the right, and youll come to a female NPC. On the short path adjacent to her to the right, you can find the Leaf Stone on the ground.

The Leaf stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemon.

  • Eevee evolves to Leafeon.
  • Gloom evolve to Vileplume.

Water StoneTo find the water stone, go to the wild area in Bridge Field. Look to the large wall that surrounds Motostoke in this area. At the base of this wall, look for an energy well, and youll find the Water Stone just a few meters nearby at the base of the wall.

The Water stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemons.

  • Eevee evolves to Vaporeon.
  • Lombre evolves to Ludicolo.

The Sun stone can be used to evolve the following Pokemon.

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Obtain From The Digging Duo

You have a chance to obtain Fire Stone from the Digging Duo located near the nursery in the Wild Area.

However, you have to pay 500 Watts for them to start digging up random items for you, with the chance of receiving an evolutionary stone.

You will need lots of Watts for the target evolutionary stone to appear. Click the link below to learn how to get Watts easily.How to Farm Watts Quickly

Hidden Evolution Stones In The Wild Area In Pokmon Sword And Shield Explained

Pokemon Sword &  Shield

The best place to find hidden Evolution Stones, however, is the Wild Area. Not only will you be able to find a wide variety of stones, but, if the stone you find is a hidden item, there’s also a slim chance that it will reappear.

Which hidden items reappear in the Wild Area appears to be completely random. This means that, if you’re looking for a specific hidden stone, then try to remember its location and revisit every couple of days.

You never know – you might get lucky!

One of the easiest places to find hidden Evolution Stones in the Wild Area is at the Lake of Outrage.

Once you have the ability to ride your Rotom Bike on water, which is unlocked by helping the Doctor on Route Nine, you’ll be able to cross the lake of Lake of Outrage.

After you reach land again, you’ll be able to find a variety of Evolution Stones all hidden on the ground, including stones like the Water Stone and Dusk Stone.

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Pokedex Info On Arcanine

Type: Fire

Generation Introduced:Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow

Base Stats: Highest stats are Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. The lowest is Defense and Special Defense.

Interesting Fact: In the Red and Blue beta, Arcanine was called “Blaze.”

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All Pokemon You Can Evolve

On the other hand, there are many monsters in the game that you can evolve using the Fire Stone. Here is the list you need!

Growlithe To Arcanine

Growlithe is one of the favorite Pokemon in the game and also in the anime. It is also usually the one that nurses in the anime own.

Growlithe is another first-generation Pokemon that evolves with a Fire Stone. It is also the first dog-inspired pocket-monster. Later puppies include Yamper, Rockruff, and Lillipup. However, Growlithes evolution has always been a favorite that stands out above other dogs due to its sheer size and power.

Pansear To Simisear

Pansear is one of the elemental monkeys that was previously introduced in Pokemon Black and White. It appeared together with Pansage and Panpour. Pansear needs a Fire Stone to evolve into Simisear.

They were easy to catch in Black and White because one would be given for free and its element would depend on what starter the player chose at the beginning of the game.

Vulpix To Ninetails

Vulpix is another dog-like monster in the game. Just like Growlithe, it is a pure fire-type that evolves with a Fire Stone. However, it is also exclusive to games without Growlithe and vice versa.

In the Sun and Moon generation, it got the Alolan region variant that is Ice and Fairy-type. That variant does not evolve with a Fire Stone, but with an Ice Stone.

Eevee To Flareon

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How To Get Evolution Stones From Completing Pok Jobs In Pokmon Sword And Shield

The easiest way to find Evolution Stones in Pokémon Sword and Shield is to complete Poké Jobs.

:: Pokémon Sword and Shield walkthrough and guide

Once you’ve earned the Water Badge, the second gym badge in both games, you’ll be able to access the third tier of Poké Jobs. From this tier onwards, if your Pokémon do a great job at their assigned job, then you may be rewarded with an Evolution Stone.

You see the current Poké Job listings and assign Pokémon to them by using the PC in any Pokémon Centre.

Carefully read the summary of each Poké Job to ensure your Pokémon do a great job, because this will give you a hint about which type of Pokémon to pick.

If a job says that the Pokémon must be good with fire, for example, then you need to pick a selection of fire-type Pokémon.

Sending the maximum amount of Pokémon that the job requires will also increase your chances of receiving an Evolution Stone.

The amount of time you assign your Pokémon to these jobs, however, won’t affect your chances of receiving an Evolution Stone. Instead, this only affects the amount of EXP you receive.

Where To Find Fire Stones

Where to Find Fire Stone – Pokemon Sword & Shield
  • They can sometimes be dug up from the Digging Duo.
  • Sometimes, one will appear on the other side of the Lake of Outragebehind one of the large stones.
  • A specific location where one is found is to the right of Motostoke in the Wild Area. Cross the bridge and on the left in the corner of a brick wall is a Fire Stone.

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How To Get A Fire Stone In Pokemon Sword And Shield

To find the Fire Stone head over to the Lake of Outrage in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area, where theres a circle of rocks to find across a small body of water next to a Watt Trader. You need the Rotom Bike from Route 9 to get here. Once youre able to make it, cross the water and collect the shiny item under every stone, which should give you eight of the possible evolutionary stones. These stones respawn on an intermittent basis, so if you dont get the one you want, come back later.

Theres also a specific location for the Fire Stone. If you head to the right of Motostoke in the Wild Area and cross the bridge, you can see to your left a few pipes next to the corner of a brick wall, with a Pokeball sitting next to them. Pick it up to grab an easy Fire Stone.

Theres also the Digging Duo in the Bridge Field part of the Wild Area who will conduct a bit of archaeology to summon evolutionary stones for players who have enough Watts. Its worth a try if you need another one.

Pokedex Info On Simisear

  • Generation Introduced: Black and White
  • Base Stats: Strongest in Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. Weakest in Defense and Special Defense.
  • Interesting Fact: It shares its category with Fletchinder as the “Ember Pokemon.”

Pansear, along with its other types, are not available in Sword and Shield. They are among the collection of Pokemon that were cut from the Pokedex and did not make a return in any of the DLC expansions. Most fans have theorized that these monkeys didn’t make the cut because they were not popular. While some players may have a Pansear in their Pokemon Home, they will have to wait for future games to transfer it and its monkey counterparts. On the bright side, that is one less Fire Stone to worry about.

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Where Do You Get Growlithe In Pokemon Sword And Shield

First up is Growlithe, exclusive to Pokemon Shield, who will evolve into Arcanine, and can be found exclusively in the Dusty Bowl region of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area, while Vulpix will evolve into Ninetales and can be found on Route 3 and in numerous parts of the Wild Area.

Again, look for it during intense sun. Growlithe evolves into Arcanine when you use a Fire Stone on it. To find the Fire Stone in Sword & Shield, look at the Lake of Outrage, Motostoke Riverbank, from the Digging Duo, or as a reward for a PokéJob.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: Where To Find All Evolution Stones And Which Pokemon Evolve From Them

How to Solve the Turffield Stones Puzzle in Pokemon Sword ...

Some Pokemon require a special stone in order to evolve, here are the locations of all of evolution stones in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Pokemon Sword and Shield has released and many players will be searching for the evolution stones in order to evolve their Pokemon such as Eevee.

Much like any other Pokemon title, there are Pokemon that require special actions or items that will trigger its evolution cycle. One of these special items is, of course, evolution stones most Pokemon fans have known the evolution stones from generation one as they were used to evolve Eevee into one of its three forms.

Be sure to watch our wide variety of Pokemon content here!

Now with multiple Pokemon requiring some type of stone to evolve, we’ll take you through where they are all located in Sword and Shield!

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Guaranteed Evolution Stone Locations In Pokmon Sword And Shield

You can find a variety of Evolution Stones throughout your travels in the Galar region.

These Evolution Stones will appear as both visible items for you to pick up, symbolise as Poké Balls, and as hidden items.

You can find hidden items by keeping your eyes on the ground. If you see a small sparkle, then make sure you interact it with to collect the hidden item.

Below you’ll find a list of all the Evolution Stones, both hidden and not, that have fixed locations within Galar and only be found once:

Dusk Stone

You can find this Dusk Stone behind the Pokémon Centre in Stow-on-Side.

Fire Stone

A Fire stone is hidden against the wall in the Motosoke Riverbank area.

Leaf Stone

In Turffield, you’ll be able to find a hidden Leaf Stone by going down the left-hand pathway just before you reach the geoglyph. Next, head down the short, southward, dead-end and pick up the Leaf Stone you see sparkling there.

Moon Stone

A Moon Stone can be easily by entering the Wild Area from Hammerlocke, heading down the left-hand side of the hill and then following the cliff wall along until you find the item.

Shiny Stone

You can find a Shiny Stone on Route 8 by climbing the ladder to the right of Doctor Joanna after you defeat her. Follow this ledge southward and you’ll find the Shiny Stone after a patch of grass.

Sun Stone

There is a Sun Stone in the Dusty Bowl beneath one of the arches, which you walk beneath to evolve Galar Yamask.

Thunder Stone

Water Stone

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How To Use Evolution Stones

After youve identified and acquired the stone needed to evolve your Pokémon, the last step is to trigger the Pokémons evolution. To do so, simply locate the evolution stone in your bag and select Use to use it on a Pokémon. Note: selecting Give will cause the Pokémon to hold the item and not evolve.

While youre free to evolve a Pokémon using an elemental stone at any time, its typically best if you wait for it to level up and learn certain moves before doing so. Evolve your Pokémon too early and youll risk missing out on some useful moves they could have learned.

How Do You Get A Fire Stone In Pokemon Red

Fire Stone Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield (Early Game)

RedFire StoneFire Stone

Fire Stone Location: Fire Stone is found in Motostoke Riverbank . Cross the bridge that’s connecting North Lake Miloch to Motostoke Riverbank. After the bridge, immediately turn left and you’ll see a red Pokeball pickup next to 3 rusted pipes, that’s the Fire Stone right there.

Also, what Pokemon evolve with stones in fire red? A Fire Stone causes the following Pokémon to evolve:

  • Vulpix into Ninetales.
  • Pansear into Simisear.

Also know, how do you get a Water Stone in Pokemon Red?

Red/Blue/Yellow: The Water Stone can be bought at the Celadon Department Store. Gold/Silver/Crystal: The Water Stone can be obtained from Bill’s Grandfather and Fisherman Tully on Route 34 . It can also be obtained via Mystery Gift.

How do you get a fire stone in Pokemon Silver?

There are several ways to get a Fire Stone:

  • Show Bill’s Gramps a Vulpix .
  • Mystery Gift one
  • Let a pokemon hold one in another version and trade it over.
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    Evolution Stones Pokemon In Sword & Shield

    Dawn Stone

    • Kirlia into Gallade
    • Snorunt into Froslass
  • Get one in the Giant’s Cap in the Wild Area, or in the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area , and through the Digging Duo
  • Dusk Stone

    • Lampent into Chandelure
    • Doublade into Aegislash
  • Found in Stow-on-Side , at the Wild Area’s Lake of Outrage , and through the Digging Duo
  • Can also be handed over by a Pokemon after a completed Pokejob
  • Fire Stone

    • A Fire Stone can evolve:
    • Eevee into Flareon
    • Available from the Stow-on-Side bargain shop and on a roof in town.
    • Also available through the Cram-o-Matic

    Dragon Scale

    • Evolves Seadra to Kingdra – trade while holding the item
    • Isle of Armor DLC exclusive. Found in the Honeycalm Sea or via the Cram-o-Matic.

    Dubious Disc

    • Evolves Porygon2 to Porygon-Z – trade while holding item – as detailed in our Sword & Shield Porygon guide
    • Exclusive to the Isle of Armor. Found in the Workout Sea area or via the Cram-o-Matic.

    Galarica Cuff

    • Evolves Galarian Slowpoke to Galarian Slowbro
    • Ise of Armor only – find it in the Workout Sea area, or through Cram-o-Matic.

    Metal Coat

    • Evolves the following Pokemon :
    • Onix to Steelix
    • Scyther to Scizor
  • Find it in Stow-on-Side – it’s stold in the Bargain Shop but also there’s one inside a pot on a roof.
  • Also availabie via the Digging Duo.
  • Finally, get it in the Isle of Armor DLC on the Challenge Road or from the Cram-o-Matic.
  • King’s Rock

  • Find a King’s Rock hidden on route 8, or get it through the Cram-o-Matic.
  • Prism Scale


    Reaper Cloth



    Whipped Dream

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