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Why Does Ash Leave His Pokemon

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You’re My Best Friend In A World We Must Defend

WHY doesn’t Ash bring back his STRONGEST POKEMON?! // Pokemon Anime Theory


I have mostly checked out of the Pokemon anime, but Im still invested enough in the games that new developments from the show manage to make their way into my field of view. And one shot from a new trailer for the Pokemon Journeys series made my heart grow ten sizes larger this morning.

The trailer in question is a montage of scenes in upcoming episodes, several of which are part of the series arc based on Pokemon Sword and Shields The Crown Tundra DLC. Among them are some hints toward protagonist Ash Ketchum battling Galar Champion Leon, and his companion for the season Goh is still looking to capture Mew. But theres one shot that got me, even as a person who mostly only catches up with Ashs adventures through cultural osmosis: the one of him reuniting with a huge group of his old Pokemon from over the years.

Perfect: Everyone Begins Their Own Journey

Sun & Moon was unique as the number of side characters that all got their own arcs, as well as a decent amount of screen time, was significantly higher than past seasons. After the Pokémon League had ended, all of Ash’s classmates have learned enough from their time at the school to be confident enough to go on their own adventures, and their future endeavors weren’t limited to Pokémon battles and contests like fans had seen in the past.

It was a nice reminder that the world of Pokémon isn’t limited to various competitions and that there are people in the world who just want to be better at what they love, no matter what that is.

Not Perfect: Jesse & James Leaving Their Pokemon

They may be constantly chasing after Ash and his Pikachu, but it seems that Team Rocket are also picking up some of the protagonist’s bad habits when it comes to their own Pokémon. At the conclusion of the Alola series, Jesse and James are recalled to Kanto by Giovanni and subsequently decide to leave their Pokémon behind.

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While the pair may have had a good reason for leaving their Pokémon behind, believing that they wouldn’t be happy at Team Rocket HQ, it didn’t make their release any less heartbreaking. This was particularly true for James’ Mareanie, who had a hard time understanding what it meant for James to leave.

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Ash And His Pokmon Nearly Freeze To Death

Despite it airing as a special episode and in the wrong order, “Snow Way Out!” is one of the most memorable episodes of the Indigo League season of Pokémon.

The set-up for the episode is that Ash gets separated from the group during a snowstorm and finds refuge inside a cave. It’s impossible not to feel something after seeing Ash sitting in the freezing cold, surrounded by his Pokémon. Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pidgeotto, and Pikachu, who choose to stay out of their Poké Balls, settle around Ash to keep him warm, while Ash sheds a proud tear. It’s a beautiful moment that reminds us that Pokémon isn’t just about having cute animals fight, but becoming best of friends with their trainers.

Not Perfect: Ash’s Incineroar

Why Does Ash Never Bring His Old Pokemon To New Regions ...

The Fire-Type starter Pokémon on Ash’s team all tend to have long drawn out storylines that create an interesting and fleshed out character, from the defiant Charizard to the abused Infernape. Like those past team members, Litten had its own struggles to overcome, eventually holding a fierce rivalry with Kukui’s Incineroar that would come to a head in the final battle of the Pokémon League.

After an intense battle, Toracat finally proved it was the better of the two, before suddenly evolving into Incineroar and passing out. While this was a nice end to their rivalry, it also meant that viewers never got to see Ash’s Incineroar in action, as Ash left Alola shortly after this.

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Red Is The Strong And Silent Type

Although Red has been known to speak from time to time, such as in the Pokémon Origins series or more recently in the Pokémon Masters mobile game, the trainer is notoriously a man of few words. When the player first encounters Red in Pokémon Gold and Silver, the NPC does not talk to them before or after the battle, regardless of the result.

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When compared to Ash, whose 10-year-old innocence has him constantly asking questions and shouting up a storm, it’s hard not to prefer a cool, silent protagonist. Next time someone asks you for your thoughts on the Ash vs Red debate, take a page from the latter’s book and simply reply: “…”

‘a Wonderful Piece Of Closure’

But those children are now adults and Jake says seeing Ash achieve his dreams reminds him of what’s happening for him.

“I think I was around eight or nine-years-old when I started watching it and it’s almost in parallel to where I am in my own life now,” he says.

“I think a lot of young people will be able to relate to that.

“Looking at the show, it’s a wonderful piece of closure for his character arc. It’s brought everything full circle with all these people who have been watching the show since it began.”

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Pokmon The Series: Ruby And Sapphire

Ash wore new clothing. He wore a black and red hat with a green Poké Ball on it, a blue sleeveless hoodie with gold trim and a white hood, a black short sleeve undershirt with a red stripe, black fingerless gloves with light green borders, light blue jeans, and blue sneakers.

Ash’s spiky hair is slightly short and his lighting bolt like markings are slightly short.

The Electric Tale Of Pikachu

Ash is LEAVING the Pokemon Anime?

Ash also owns a Pidgeotto in The Electric Tale of Pikachumanga. It is the fourth Pokémon that Ash captures in the manga. It first debuts in Play Misty For Me. In that chapter, it was given the nickname Walter Pidgeotto .

Pidgeotto’s capture is not shown, it is first seen when Ash is writing home to May Oak describing the Pokémon he has caught on his journey so far. Later, he tries to use it in his Gym battle against Misty, but it has disappeared from its Poké Ball, leaving a note saying “I’m beat! Off to get some R& R. Don’t forget to write! -Pidgeotto”.

It is unknown if Pidgeotto has permanently left Ash’s party following this. It does not appear in the manga since then, including when Ash brings his entire party out of their Poké Balls in You Gotta Have Friends. The role of Ash’s main Flying Pokémon is instead filled by Ash’s Fearow.

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Why Did Greninja Leave Ash


Similarly, you may ask, will Greninja return to ash?

When it finally started its journey again with Ash. It happened after approximately 17 year of Charizard’s farewell. So, Greninja can return after a long period of time like charizard. It’ll make its short appearance in anime sometimes.

Similarly, when did Ash release Greninja? In the gamesAsh’s Greninja is featured in the Special Demo Version of Pokémon Sun and Moon. In it, Elio, the player character, is given a Greninja with Ash as his Original Trainer to take care of, met by Ash on October 17, 2013 at level 5 in the Kalos region.

Herein, why is Ash’s Greninja different?

AshGreninja is the form that Greninja takes when the bond between it and Ash is raised to the limit. The strength of their bond changes Greninja’s appearance, and it takes on the characteristic look of Ash’s attire.

Why did Charizard leave ash?

Ash’s Charizard was a snooze lord. However, it changed until Ash came to Charizard Valley, where Ash’s Charizard lost brutally. Because of this, Ash ditched Charizard in the valley to continue his journey and hoped Charizard won’t snooze anymore. Because of this, Gary lost to Ash in the league.

Ash Uses Professor Oak As His Own Personal Pokmon Storage Box

The Pokémon Ash doesn’t leave behind in previous regions do end up with a special place to call home. All Ash’s previous partners are stored with Professor Oak when Ash embarks on the next leg of his journey. Professor Oak’s lab likely looks awfully crowded with eight generations of Pokémon partners taking up space. While this makes sense and creates room for new companions in the next Pokémon region, it can also be sad for fans of specific Pokémon, as it isn’t common for Ash’s previous partners to make appearances in new regions.

It doesn’t appear there will be cameos from Ash’s previous Pokémon any time soon, as Pokémon Journeys has offered plenty of opportunities for Ash to visit Oak’s lab when he is in the Kanto region. He could even bring his past Pokémon back to Professor Cerise’s lab to live with all of Goh’s many different Pokémon, but hasn’t shown any interest in doing so. Having a chance to revisit previous partners from the rest of the Pokémon series would be a great way for long-time fans of the series to see familiar faces, and potentially give closure to those wondering what might have happened to Pokémon like Charizard and Ash’s many other battle companions.

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How Pokmon Training Works Outside The Anime

Its easy to look down on Ashs performance. After all, he has lost so many Pokémon league tournaments that even The Pokémon Company International dedicated an entire article to his failures.

The comparison is even more bleak when stacked against competitive Pokémon trainers, who use every ounce of the communitys accumulated knowledge to reach skill levels that would blow the minds of the animes characters.

But before delving into that body of knowledge, its important to distinguish the two kinds of competitive Pokémon, which are very different.

The first is the competitive singles community, which pits teams of six Pokémon in battles just like you see in the games, with one Pokémon on the field at a time. These players mostly congregate at, a community and resource for Pokémon that groups monsters into tiers based on their usage in online battles. By dividing Pokémon up in this way, its easy to see who some of the lesser-used monsters can viably compete against, letting trainers know when they can actually use their weaker, but beloved, Pokémon.

Smogons tiers are unofficial, but they are the most widely recognized. The site also holds frequent leagues and tournaments that have their own specialized rules for trainers to test their mettle.

The Many Deaths Of Ash Ketchum

Why does Ash Ketchum release his best Pokemon?

If the header for this one intrigues you, take a quick guess at how many times Ash dies in all of the continuities of Pokémon and then know that that answer is at least five. He does only die once in the main series, but that death is debatable. During the episode The Tower of Terror he dies and becomes a ghost for a bit before coming back to life.

In four separate movies, he has fully died, even going to the afterlife in the Pokémon: I Choose You. Other deaths include drowning, being turned into stone and being eaten by a trees antibodies. Normally one time dying is too much for childrens shows, but Ash seems to be going for a record. Check back in 20 years when Ash probably dies again at least 7 more times.

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The Latest Episode Of Pokemon: Sun & Moon Sees Ash And Pikachu Achieve Their Goal After Two Decades Of Entertainment

For 22 years, Ash Ketchum has had one thing on his mind: to become a Pokemon master, along with his trusty Pikachu by his side.

As the iconic title song goes, he has wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was. And now its finally happened!

In the latest episode of Pokemon: Sun & Moon, the Pokemon trainer wins the championship competition of the Alola League, making it the first ever time Ash has won an official Pokémon League tournament, making him a Pokemon Master.

The Pokemon anime premiered first in Japan in 1997 and became a global phenomenon. It was inspired by the video games of the same name, that were first released in 1996 in Japan for the Game Boy. Since then, movies such as Pokemon Detective Pikachu and the augmented reality game Pokemon Go have aided to the popularity of the franchise among kids and adults alike, across the world.

For those who came in late: Pokemon is centered on fictional creatures that human trainers catch, befriend and then train for sport in an alternate universe. The tagline for the English version Gotta Catch Em All is one of the most famous in video-game and anime folklore.

Anythings possible when you believe in yourself, Trainers.

Who Is Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum, known in Japan as Satoshi , is the main character and protagonist of the Pokémon anime. He lives in Pallet Town with his mother and on the first day of his adventure, he sleeps in and arrives late to Professor Oaks laboratory so he does not receive his starter Pokémon. Seeing how desperate he was, Oak offered him a wild and untamed Pikachu he had in his lab and Ash gladly accepted.

Although Pikachu did not like Ash in the beginning and hurt him intentionally after Ash risked his own life to save Pikachus they became the best of friends and started their journey together through the different regions of the world of Pokémon.

Ash and his main partner, Pikachu

Although he has seemingly not aged a day since his first day, Ash has changed a lot while travelling with Pikachu and his other friends his companions changed as the seasons went by. He caught a lot of different Pokémon, he fought a lot of hard battles, he helped save the world on several occasions and he has appeared in all episodes of the anime and all the related anime movies.

He can be described as a brave and sincere, sometimes gullible, and high-spirited boy. He knows the meaning of true friendship and is willing to sacrifice himself for the well-being of his friends and his Pokémon. He has proven this on several occasions as the anime developed and there is no doubt that our interpretation of the character is correct.

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He Ordered Pikachu To Use Lethal Force Against Humans

Unlike in civilized society, the world of Pokemon seems to have very little issue with pitting two animals against each other in battle. It does, however, seem to draw the line at using Pokemon to attack humans. This doesn’t stop Ash from doing so on countless occasions though.

Team Rocket tend to be his usual victims and he’s set many different Pokemon on them over the years. It’s pretty amazing that they have survived his repeated assaults, especially considering Pikachu can unleash thousands of volts of electricity at a time. Ash is lucky that Team Rocket were never killed, not only because it would likely lead to Pikachu being put down, but also because of the murder charges he would no doubt be facing.

Red Caught Legendary Pokmon

Why Ash RELEASES His Best Pokémon

True, Ash has befriended and rescued a great deal of legendary Pokémon, but the game’s tagline isn’t “Gotta Befriend ‘Em All!” Red is the only one of the two trainers to actually catch his share of the powerful creatures, obtaining Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, as well as capturing the region’s most powerful Pokémon: Mewtwo.

In fact, in Pokémon Stadium 2, Red’s second team actually contains Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, suggesting that the trainer continued his catching-streak in other regions, too. Despite this one outlier, the trainer prefers to fight with his older pokémon, showing his preference for dedicated training over raw power.

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Not Perfect: Releasing Naganadel

Ash has a long history of releasing his Pokémon when they are needed for something greater than battling, from his beloved Butterfree to the infamous Greninja release. Naganadel is a bit of a unique situation for Ash, as he has released it on more than one occasion.

The Ultra Beast returned to Ash just in time for his 6v6 battle against Kukui, having evolved since their last encounter, and it was expected that Naganadel might stick around for a while once the final league battle was over. Unfortunately, it was immediately released again following the conclusion of the Alola Pokémon League and sent back through the Ultra Wormhole.

Ash Truly Cares For His Team

If there’s one thing that can be said for Ash above all others, it’s that he is shown to honestly care about each one of his Pokémon. His Pokémon companions don’t follow him because they have to, they travel with Ash because they genuinely want to, and he’s always willing to release them from his team when the time comes.

Saying goodbye to familiar faces is one of the themes of the show because it allows room to meet new friends. If only Ash would actually hang on to some of the stronger Pokémon in his team, perhaps he’d see even more success in competitive battling.

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He Aligns Himself With Team Rocket

Team Rocket are definite threats and a scourge to the community, but they’re still a bumbling organization that need help every so often. Even though Team Rocket have repeatedly endangered the lives of Ash’s Pokémon, he still decides to help them out. One of the biggest consequences from this behavior occurs when Ash, Jessie, James put on a ruse to gain entry to the Celadon Gym. Ash gets what he wants, but in doing so Team Rocket sets the gym on fire, which doesn’t just hurt the city, but could have seriously injured the gyms leader, Erika, or her Pokémon.

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