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Best Pokemon Packs To Buy

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Where To Sell Pokmon Cards For A Profit


With some Pokémon cards being valued so highly, you’ll naturally want to know where the best place is for you to sell them at a profit.

Reflecting on how much can be made from the collectibles nowadays, Friedman says: “You’re seeing a new type of collector coming into the market now, like millionaires, multi-millionaires and even billionaires. And they are not just collecting but looking at collectibles as a long-term investment. They want the rarest of the rare and, with more competition to purchase such items, they drive prices up.”

If you want to capitalize on this, then one of the best places to sell cards is on eBay, where you can directly set the price. You can also sell them at Walmart, as well as at specialist card marketplaces like Troll and Toad, TCG Player, CCG Castle and Dave & Adam’s. If you want to appeal explicitly to collectors, then these sites are your best bet.

Meanwhile, Porras suggests that you might not want to put all of your eggs in the online trading basket. Speaking about this, he says: “Auction houses, hobby dealers and online marketplaces are generally the most frequent methods used by collectors to buy and sell Pokémon cards.”

On that note, you don’t have to conduct the transaction over the internet and can always try local pawn shops, comic-book stores, or Craigslist.

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What Are The Best Pokemon Card Packs To Buy In 2021

In this article were going to look at the best Pokemon card packs to buy in this very special year Pokemons 25th anniversay!

Although demand has never been greater, and some prices are through the roof, Im going share with you my top tips for selecting packs that are:

  • Fun to open
  • Have great chase cards
  • Not too expensive

It goes without saying, this is not investment advice! Im merely sharing my opinion. You are responsible for how you spend your money!

Big disclaimer out of the way, lets jump into it!

Best Pokemon Booster Box Brands

The Pokemon Company International manages the Pokemon Companies property outside of Asia. Pokemon was launched back in 1996 and has been one of the most popular childrens entertainment brands in the world.

They specialize in a wide variety of products that include: trading cards, toys, video games, and more.

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How To Find The Value Of Your Cards

Taking your old cards out of the closet and researching to find their current value is the most common way people are getting back into Pokémon. When trying to figure out a cards value, make sure to follow these steps:

Step 1. Find the year of the card. Check the bottom year of the card.

Step 2. Find the set the card belongs to. If there is no logo on the right side, its Base. Every other set has an indicator.

Step 3. Identify the card with the name and number in the set.

Lucario And Melmetal Gx

5 Best Pokemon Card Packs to Buy in 2021

It’s always fun to see one of Pokémon’s best visual designs with one of its worst, and Lucario teamed up with Melmetal is a perfect example of that amusing disconnect. Still, it’s an excellent recent card with a very good defense ability in Full Metal Wall GX, to the point where it’s one of those cards you could pratically build a deck around. Or just imagine the bizarre buddy comedy between Nutblob and the Kung-Fu Fox, it’s up to you.

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Which Pokemon Booster Box To Invest In

Thats the big one. Many players want to know which is the best Pokemon booster box to buy for profit or to invest in. The idea is simple. You want to buy a Pokemon booster box now, hoping its price will go up, and youll be able to sell it for more money than you paid for it.

Many YouTubers will claim that you should go for this or that booster box, to make guaranteed profits, but the truth isnt as simple. Sure, some boxes have a bigger chance of gaining value in the future, but thats not a guarantee.

Lets say that a certain booster box contains three high-value cards that are staples in the format. While the price of the box could go up, these cards could very well get a reprint in the next set, or in a special product, and the price of the box would plummet.

So is it impossible to profit from a Pokemon booster box? Certainly not, as we have seen booster boxes raise to very high prices often enough. We just want to warn you not to invest blindly. Actually, there are some rules you should follow.

What to Pay Attention to When Investing?

  • Only invest money that you can afford to lose.
  • Dont treat your Pokemon Booster Boxes, as your retirement plan. These should at most only be a small part of your portfolio.
  • Keep your Booster Boxes safe from harm, such as water damage, etc.
  • Okay, Ill be Careful. Which One to Invest in?

    As we said, its impossible to tell. However, the most booster boxes that usually go up in price, have some or multiple of the following things:

    Sword & Shield Series Champions Path Elite Trainer Box

    Best Pokemon Set for Hunting Modern Charizards

    Although one of the most modern Pokemon sets on our list, Champions Path rightly takes its place.

    Lets cut to the chase, this is a fiercely sought-after set. Pre-orders went mad, and it was very hard to get hold of an Elite Trainer Box. In fact, most online retailer limited purchasing to one-per-customer, as people were snapping them up so quickly to resell on eBay for an inflated price.

    So, why the hype and hysteria?! You guessed it, its our man Charizard!

    Champions Path features two wildly attractive secret rare Charizards, and the ETB even comes with a stunning Charizard promo.

    Firstly, weve got the Charizard VMAX secret rainbow rare, and then we have an iconic black and red Charizard V card which is also a secret rare. Two bloody secret rare Charizards! No wonder collectors could barely contain themselves!

    Most online retailers remain sold out, so if youre looking to acquire a Champions Path Elite Trainer Box, or Collectors Box, your best bet is eBay.

    Best Cards in Champions Path to Collect

    Best Booster Box for Early Rainbow Rare Artworks

    Next up we have an iconic set from the Sun & Moon era Burning Shadows.

    The previously released Sun & Moon Base Set and Rising Guardians made waves with the introduction of secret rainbow rare cards, a design never seen before on a Pokemon card. However Burning Shadows was the set everyone was waiting for when news dropped of a secret rare rainbow Charizard!

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    Booster Packs And Booster Boxes

    The Pokemon TCG is a trading card game, meaning players collect cards to build unique decks and play against each other. The primary way players collect these cards is through booster packs.

    A booster pack contains 10 random cards, similar to a pack of baseball cards. Each card has a rarity, ranging from common to super rare . The standard distribution of cards in a booster pack is 6 common cards, 3 uncommon card, and 1 rare card.

    Booster packs are released in sets. New sets are released roughly four times a year, each with a unique name like Sun and Moon Team Up. Each set contains a fixed number of new cards, usually around 200.

    When you buy a booster pack, it will indicate the set that it is from. As you can see in the picture above, the booster packs are from the set Sun and Moon Team Up. If you bought 10 packs of Team Up, you would end up with 10 rare cards, 30 uncommon cards, and 60 common cards. While you can buy booster packs individually, they are also commonly sold in a booster box of 36 packs.

    One of the best reasons to buy booster boxes is to get a better distribution of cards. Imagine there are 220 cards in a set. In that set, there is somewhere around 70 rare cards, 70 uncommon cards, and 80 common cards. When you buy a single pack, you will get a random rare card, 3 random uncommon cards, and 6 random common cards.

    If You Want To Spend More Money

    Which Is THE BEST POKEMON CARDS To Buy? Opening Dollar Tree & Regular Version Packs

    If you want to spend more money on Pokemon GO, it’s pretty easy. Just scroll down on the Shop page and pick the PokeCoin bundle that’s most appealing to you.

    Compared to getting only 100 PokeCoins at a time for $0.99 each, bigger bundles give you more for “free.” Getting the $19.99 pack gives you an extra 500 the $39.99 pack gives you an extra 1,200 and the $99.99 pack gives you an extra 4,500. The $99.99 pack essentially saves you about $45, compared to if you were to purchase only 100 PokeCoin packs. Keep in mind that these items are not necessary to progress in the game. PokeStops give you all the items you absolutely need: Poke Balls, Potions, and Revives, as well as Razz Berries. Leveling up also awards you with a few of the items sold in the shop!

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    Best Pokemon Card Packs Buyers Guide

    The online market has all the Pokémon cards you require for your trading needs. Your kids will love these best Pokémon card packs for an exciting gaming experience. How do you identify the best from the hundreds available online? Well, it is challenging, and this is where we come in.

    We want you to see value for your money. This brief guide is intended to provide you with tips on what to look for before making that purchase.

    If You Have Little Time To Play

    Time is PokeCoins, and you don’t have a lot of it. Between work, school, chores, and that bug infestation that really needs your attention, you can’t spend hours a day exploring with Pokemon GO. So what do you do with the time you do have?

    Be as efficient as possible with items! If you can set aside a single hour, you can make a lot of progress. This also applies to those who can’t get to a high-activity Pokemon GO areas often. Here’s how with $9.99 worth of PokeCoins:

    With 1,200 PokeCoins in hand, purchase an eight-pack of Incense and an eight-pack of Lucky Eggs, both 500 PokeCoins. That’s four hours of double-XP and extra Pokemon Encounters!

    With the leftover 200 PokeCoins, you can buy another pair of a Lucky Egg and an Incense, a Bag Upgrade if you never have enough space for Items, or an Egg Incubator if you always have too many Eggs and rarely have time to walk to hatch them.

    Tip: If you have more than one Egg Incubator on hand, always use your infinite-use Incubator on the 2km Eggs. This way, you’ll get the most use out of it!

    When you do have time to play, try to head to an area with lots of PokeStops around. Each PokeStop gives you items and 50xp, plus there are usually many more Pokemon in these areas. Activate a Lucky Egg and an Incense if you know you’ll have at least 30 minutes to maximize your experience and Pokemon encounters! Keep walking to ensure you’ll hatch some Eggs, too.

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    Best Channels To Buy Pokmon Cards

    1. eBay:

    The safest online marketplace to buy and sell Pokémon cards. Check sales for a quick look at where cards are at price wise. Check seller reviews and buy with confidence from high rated sellers. eBay is the largest online marketplace and is your best chance to locate inventory. When searching for cards, look at items nearest you, and contact nearby sellers, potentially creating a local network. It saves on shipping and more. Load up your watch list to get faster alerts when cards sell or are pulled.

    2. Facebook groups & Instagram:

    Look for feedback from sellers to check legitimacy, these are great places to score deals and build relationships within the collecting community but beware of scams.

    3. COMC:

    4. Mercari:

    Popular marketplace to buy and sell cards. When hunting for low population cards, its important to utilize all options.

    5. Card Shows & Stores:

    If you can find a show or store with vintage Pokémon cards, go. You get the chance to look at cards in person, check sales online, network and decide whats of value. You never know what you can walk away with.

    Super Secret Battle No 1 Trainer

    Best Pokemon Card Packs To Buy

    The answer to “What’s the rarest Pokémon card of all time?”

    Sold for $90,000 in July 2020

    Its unlikely youve heard of Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer, and extremely unlikely youve ever seen a copy in person. When it comes to rare Pokémon cards, there are very few cards rarer than this.

    No. 1 Trainer is a holographic promotional card awarded to finalists in the Secret Super Battle tournament held in Tokyo, Japan in 1999. To earn a place in the competitions finals, which were held in a secret location, players had to first win a regional tournament. Their prize was the No. 1 Trainer card, which granted them access to the finals.

    The cards text translates to: The Pokémon Card Game Official Tournament’s champion is recognised here, and this honour is praised. By presenting this card, you may gain preferential entry into the Secret Super Battle. The card features the Japanese logo for the Pocket Monsters Trading Card Game, along with artwork of original generation Pokémon Mewtwo by illustrator Hideki Kazama.

    This is a card so rare and valuable that Indiana Jones probably had to escape a crumbling temple with it at some point. Its counterpart cards No.2 Trainer and No. 3 Trainer, similarly awarded to winners in Japanese Pokémon tournaments during the late 1990s, are almost as rare and valuable.

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    How Can I Teach My Kid The Trading Pokemon Card Game Fast

    Most manufacturers bring along guidelines to help you learn fast. The trainer kit is good and allows your child to learn the game quickly. We also have two ready-to-play decks, which are excellent for walking your child through step by step.

    Another easy way to work on training is to find someone who is already an expert to take your kid through the game step by step. More so, you can watch YouTube videos to learn more about the best guidelines on how to play the game.

    How We Tested And Compared These Products

    Before jumping into this review, its important to understand how the game works. Pokémon is actually short for pocket monsters. Its a Japanese franchise game thats been around for 20+ years. The Pokémon are creatures that either live with their owner, referred to as the trainer, in this case, your kid or out in the wild.

    The goal of the game is for the trainer to capture all the Pokémon, and there are 800+ of them out there. They do this by either collecting cards or trading the ones they already have to build a powerful deck that helps them crush other trainers in Pokémon battles.

    With that in mind, we wanted to find the card packs that had unique Pokémon characters since these are what would be deemed the most valuable and the latest releases or newer series or generation. If your child doesnt have any existing collection, we also identified some great theme deck options you can get them started on.

    • Age range: 4 years and up
    • PokemonBooster packs included: Yes

    Top on our list is the Pokémon TCG Mega Powers Collection box. The pack contains powerful cards with unique powers that we havent come across in other decks. Were talking crackling lightning and flying fists, which your kids will absolutely love.

    • Unlucky buyers find some of the pack already opened, so you need to be careful. You want sealed packs only
    • Age range: 6 years and up
    • Booster pack included: Yes
    • Age range: 6 years and up
    • Booster pack included: Yes

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    Number Of Packs Per Box

    Do you want cards that will help you crush your enemy? Well, consider the box and the number of card packs available in each box.

    If you have many card packs in your box, its an advantage to you as you will have the required varieties to work against your competitor. Additionally, the larger the number, the moresecret rare cards you can find. Most boxes have 36 packs.

    Pokmon World Championships No 1 Trainer


    Every copy of this rare and valuable promo card is one-of-a-kind

    Sold for $31,200 in April 2021

    The first of two rare and valuable Pokémon cards called No. 1 Trainer on this list, this particular card was awarded to winners of the regional Battle Road Spring tournaments held in Japan during early 2002.

    The regional tournaments were held as qualifiers for the Pokémon World Championships, with the small number of No. 1 Trainer cards produced for the few winners making them some of the rarest Pokémon cards in existence.

    Adding to the card’s rarity is the fact that each No. 1 Trainer card was customised with the name of the tournament winner printed onto the card, making each card one-of-a-kind. According to auction house Heritage Auctions, the personalised aspect of the cards also mean that they rarely appear at auction, making them an even rarer sight in the world of Pokémon cards.

    The 2002 No. 1 Trainer card was illustrated by Ken Sugimori, best known as being one of the original artists and designers for Pokémon’s first generation of 151 Pokémon. The text on it reads: “The Pokémon Card Game Official Tournament Battle Road Spring 2002 champion is recognised here, and his honour is praised.” Sugimori’s No. 1 Trainer artwork – featuring fan-favourite Pokémon such as Pikachu, Chansey and Marrill – is exclusive to the card, making it especially unique.

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