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Get More Stardust Pokemon Go

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Can I Get Stardust From Gyms

How To Get More Stardust In Pokemon GO

Yes, you can always expect stardust from gyms. But, it is certainly not for battling at Gyms. One of the easier ways around is to feed Pokemon at the gym. The rewards are as follows:

  • 20 stardust for every Berry fed to a Pokemon
  • 2000 stardust for every 10 Berrys fed to 10 Pokemon for 30 minutes.

The only downside is that there is only a handful of friendly Pokemon you can find in a gym. Neither less to say, with everyone completing to get more stardust, such an opportunity can be hard to come by. Another way is to defeat Raid Boss, along with which you will be rewarded with 500 stardust.

Using Stardust To Power Up Pokmon

To power up Pokémon and increase their Combat Power , you need to use their respective candy and Stardust. This is important, as the more CP your Pokémon has, the more HP, attack, and defense they have. The stronger your Pokémon are, the easier it is to complete raids and take down gyms. As you level them up, the more candy and Stardust they require to power up further. Lucky Pokémon require less candy and Stardust to power up.

Since candy and Stardust goes fast when powering up, we recommend only leveling the strongest of the strong.

Each time you power up a Pokémon, they gain a half level. Your Pokémons level cannot exceed your trainer level, and it caps at 40. You can see a chart of the power up costs below.

How To Get Stardust In Pokmon Go

Stardust is an essential material in Pokémon GO. It’s a consumable used for trading and evolution, so players must know how to gain this valuable resource.

Players can earn Stardust by capturing Pokémon, hatching them, participating in trainer events, or participating in the GO Battle League.

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The most common way players can earn Stardust is by catching various Pokémon in the game. Each Pokémon player’s catch grants a minimum of 100 stardust, and weather boosts can increase the net gain from a capture. The higher the evolution of the Pokémon, the more Stardust a player can earn as well. We’ve posted a chart from the Pokémon GO Wiki below with each of the possible Stardust payouts.

Pokémon Type

This first catch of the day also grants a Stardust bonus of 1,800, and if players catch Pokemon seven days in a row, they’ll earn 9,000 Stardust.

Make sure to keep the following methods in mind as well when playing GO, as these unconventional methods can net players substantial Stardust.

Be sure to check out the Pokémon GO Wiki for more information, as they’ve helped many a player scrounge up the resources they need, including us.

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Which Is The Best Way To Farm Stardust

Catching Pokémon is the best way to farm Stardust, because no matter what is going on in the game there are always Pokémon to be caught. Putting on an Incense will currently draw one Pokémon spawn to you about every fifty seconds, and a journey out into the wild will add to the number of Pokémon trainers increase exponentially.

How Do I Get Free 2020 Pokecoins


Taking gyms!

  • Find a Gym and either take it down or fortify it so you can put your Pokemon there.
  • You can only earn 50 Pokecoins a day.
  • Youll earn 1 Pokecoin per 10 minutes of your Pokemon defending a gym.
  • You can only have one Pokemon at one gin at a time.
  • You can only place Pokemon creatures in 20 gyms at once.
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    How Do You Get Stardust In Pokemon Go

    The standard method to get Stardust in Pokemon GO fast is quite time-consuming. You need to purchase the Pokemon Go Plus version. From there, the only way is to catch as many Pokemon as you can. However, this method is hectic as you will soon run out of PokeBalls, and then you would have to spin PokeStops to keep up with the demand of PokeBalls.

    Here are some other ways on how to get Stardust Fast in Pokemon GO.

    1. Walking and Hatching Eggs

    One other solution is to cover miles while walking to hatch Pokemon eggs. The game will reward you with 100-300 Stardust upon hatching an egg, as discussed in the previous section. Still, the value depends on the uniqueness of the hatched Pokemon. Moreover, Pokemon GO will offer 1600 to 3200 Stardust for a 10KM hatched egg while playing.

    2. Beating Raid Bosses and Events

    You can get daily Stardust rewards other than hatching eggs by using the Pokemon GO Free Raid Pass. Besides, the game often introduces many Stardust events throughout the year, such as Community Day or Themed Events, enabling the trainers to get the handy resource quickly. The game also gives you as much as 500 Stardust by beating a single Raid Boss.

    3. Feeding Berries and Research

    We hope that following these tips, you will learn how to get Stardust in Pokemon GO quickly.

    Pokemon Go: Top Methods To Earn Stardust

    Niantic has ensured that players have plenty of ways to earn Stardust in Pokemon GO. Some of the optimal methods of earning Stardust can be found below:

    GO Battle League

    • Winning the first and fifth battles rewards players with a decent amount of Stardust in GO Battle League. With an active Premium Battle Pass, players can obtain some extra Stardust by winning the third battle of the round. On top of that, completing all daily battles also rewards Stardust. Although these rewards are dependent on one’s PvP ranking in a given Battle League season, they’re still significant. The amount of Stardust earned really comes down to dedication. The more a player battles, the more Stardust they can take home.


    • Gifts that players receive from fellow trainers on their Pokemon GO friends list can contain 100-300 Stardust when opened.

    Raiding and Team GO Rocket

    • Pokemon GO battle rewards for Stardust don’t stop at PvP battle. Gym raids on Raid Boss Pokemon can reward a good amount of Stardust once the boss is defeated. Pokemon GO players can also obtain Stardust by defeating Team GO Rocket members. Defeating Grunts, Leaders, or Giovanni will yield different amounts of Stardust.

    Research Rewards

    Catching Wild Pokemon

    • This option is pretty self-explanatory for most Pokemon GO trainers, but catching Pokemon rewards players with Stardust at a consistent but low rate. While capturing Pokemon does not reward a lot of Stardust, it does ensure that there is a steady drip of the resource.

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    How Do You Get Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

    In Pokemon GO, there is only one method to get a Mewtwo: fight him in an EX Raid Boss Battle. Obviously, the player must win the battle and be fortunate enough to keep it inside a Pokeball. These Pokemon GO EX Raid Invitations are not the same as the Raid Passes that can be obtained at Pokemon GO Gyms.

    Complete Special Research And Timed Research Tasks

    Top 10 Tips To Get MORE Stardust DAILY In Pokémon GO! | How To Collect Stardust Effectively! (F2P)

    Some Special Research tasks grant stardust as a completion reward. Many of the Special Research Tasks change over time however, most are available once you reach level five. Professor Willow assigns the Special Research Tasks.

    Timed Research works much the same way, but is limited to a certain time period, usually an event that is ongoing.

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    Capturing And Hatching Multiple Pokmon

    Base Level Stage

    A base level Pokémon means the first phase evolution of the Pokémon. Lets say Gastly. You must capture as much as 25 Gastly to collect the enough candies and stardust. The amount of stardust varies depending upon the level and max cp. It normally ranges around 100 stardust per catch.

    Some Pokémon trainers advised the players to get as much as base level Pokémon because they have usually an easy catch rate. For example, Gastly has a 40% catch rate. Keep in mind that you must capture multiple Gastly to gather candies and stardust. You cannot use other Pokémon candies or Stardust and thats the challenge.

    Evolution Stage

    Usually, 2nd evolution stages are complicated because it lowers the chances of getting the Pokémon. To continue the above example, Gastly can be evolved into a Haunter using 25 candies and random stardust amounts. When the Gastly turned into a Haunter, the catch rate will be reduced to 16% and youll need to collect at least 100 rare candies and random stardust from Haunter species. In this phase, youll normally get around 200 stardust per catch.

    Evolution Stage

    For the final stage, this is the difficult phase among the Pokémon evolutions. It is super rare and there is only a minimal chance that you may encounter this Pokémon for as low as 8%. Usually, you had to trigger the boss raid event first so that the 3rd Evolution Pokémon will be available on the map.

    Daily Catch Bonus

    Weekly Catch Bonus

    Weather-Boost Catches

    Egg-Hatched Catches

    For More Stardust Station Pokmon At Gyms Or Hatch Eggs

    Putting Pokemon at ally gyms will give players free Stardust.

    The main way to get more stardust is to station one of your Pokémon at one of your teams gyms, either one thats already claimed for your team or one you have claimed yourself. To station a Pokémon, follow these steps.

    • Visit a gym and select it.
    • Select the Pokémon you want to station at the gym.
    • Wait 24 hours.
    • Assuming the gym is still in your teams control, visit the shop by hitting the Poké Ball at the bottom of the screen and selecting shop.

    You can also gain stardust by hatching eggs. To do that, follow these steps:

    • Choose Pokémon.
    • Select an egg.
    • Choose Start Incubation.
    • Select an incubator.
    • Take note of the number of kilometers listed under the egg. This is the real-life distance you need to walk in order to hatch the egg. You must now walk around while the Pokémon Go app is open, and after you reach the set number of kilometers, the egg will hatch and give you stardust .

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    Pokmon Go Hack: How To Get Stardust And Level

    If youve been playing Pokémon Go for the last few years, youll know just how important stardust is. Unlike candy, which helps you level up specific Pokémon, stardust is a universal resource, and that means its a massively important part of boosting your Pokémons CP and HP and eventually taking down gyms. You cant even buy stardust in the Pokemon Go store, so how do you get it? Although stardust is essential in the Pokémon world, its not that hard to accumulate when you know how to get it. Here well show you three ways you can get stardust fast in Pokémon Go to level up your squad.

    Pokmon Go Stardust Farming Save Up Field Research Rewards

    How to get more Stardust in Pokemon Go: 2021

    Every now and then, there are Field Research tasks that deliver a guaranteed encounter with Pokémon from the list above as a reward. You should complete these missions normally, but do not cash in the reward right away. You can keep up to 100 unclaimed rewards in your Field Research tab at a time.

    Wait for a favorable time to redeem these rewards. For example, there are some events in the game that double or even triple the Stardust you receive from catching Pokémon. Dont work through your saved rewards until such a bonus is active.

    In December 2021, there are the following field rewards that can be saved up:

    • Send 10 gifts to friends: an encounter with Delibird
    • Use 5 berries to catch a Pokémon: an encounter with Foongus

    Earn 3 candies while walking with your buddy: an encounter with Meowth

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    Pokmon Go: How To Get Maximum Stardust Fast

    Even more than Candy, Stardust is the currency of Pokémon Go. You need it to power up your Pokémon for Gym battles and Raids. You also need it to trade them with other players and to buy secondary charge moves. As though all that wasn’t enough, Stardust is also necessary for Purifying Shadow Pokémon. Fortunately, we here at iMore know how to earn Stardust fast, and be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories. A Pokémon Go Plus is sure to increase your Stardust stock!

    How To Get Stardust From Hatching Eggs

    Hatching eggs is the other way to get new Pokemon and is another way to get Stardust. Eggs come in variants dictated by how far you have to walk to hatch them and their Stardust rewards grow along with their distance growing.

  • 2 Km Egg rewards 400 800 Stardust
  • 5 Km Egg rewards 800 1600 Stardust
  • 7 Km Egg rewards 800 1600 Stardust
  • 10 Km Egg rewards 1600 3200 Stardust
  • 12 Km Egg rewards 3200 6400 Stardust
  • This spread of values makes it a little random which eggs will give you the most Stardust but on average the most lucrative egg is the 12 Km one but it is very rare. So its lucky that the second-best option is the most common egg in the game, the 2 Km egg. Hatching a large amount of 2 Km eggs can be a very good way to help boost your Stardust total, especially if youre catching Pokemon with the previous bonuses in mind as you hatch them.

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    Which Pokmon Are Worthwhile In The Master League

    Basically, it is worth using monsters in the master league that you have leveled up and that also have two charge attacks, if possible, in order to be able to cover a wider field.

    Master League: In the master league you can draw on unlimited resources and use monsters that are as high as possible.

    According to PvPoke, which creates PvP rankings for Pokémon GO based on simulations, the following monsters are the most useful when you have strong variants of them :

    • Melmetal with shock of thunder, power colossus and hail of stones
    • Lugia with kite rod, sky sweeper and blast of air
    • Dialga with breath of fire, iron skull and Draco Meteor
    • Ho-Oh with cremation, nosedive, earthquake
    • Yveltal with lecture theater, dark aura and focus thrust
    • Zekrom with fire breath, grinder and electric shock
    • Mewtwo with psycho blade, psycho thrust and focus thrust
    • Reshiram with breath of fire, grinder and heat frenzy
    • Togekiss with charm, antique power and flamethrowing
    • Mamutel with powder snow, avalanche and steamroller

    In the top 10 there are mainly legendary Pokémon, but they are not necessarily easy to level in order to be strong in the master league. Other good options are Dragoran, Arktilas, Stalobor, Relaxo or Metagross.

    Master League Classic: Only monsters without XL candy can compete in the Master League Classic. So if youre not over level 40 yet, this may be more of an option for you.

    According to PvPoke, the ranking shifts a little here and then looks like this:

    Teleport Anywhere Around The World

    Top 5 Ways to Get More Stardust in Pokémon GO

    If your prime objective is to teleport anywhere around the world, and catch them all, make sure to download and install Dr.Fone.

    Step 1 After you launch the app, select âVirtual location.â You can find it from the list of options. While connecting your iPhone make select âGet Started.â

    Step 2 Once the new window opens, you can find your actual location. Click âCenter Onâ to get an accurate display of the location.

    Step 3 Click the corresponding 3rd icon to active the âteleport mode.â You need to fill out the place you want to travel from the upper left field. Select âGoâ and it would take you to your desired place.

    Step 4 When the coordinates Window pops up, you can always confirm by selecting âMove Here.â

    Step 5 Now that the location is changed, whether you check the same on your iPhone or within the application, it’s going to show the same.

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    What Is Stardust Used For In Pokemon Go

    Now that youve got more Stardust than you know what to do with, we should probably explain what youre supposed to do with it. While you can get by catching Pokemon and expanding your PokeDex without the need for Stardust, if you want to make your team the very best, like no one ever was, youll need to keep some Stardust on hand.

    Stardusts primary purpose is to power up your Pokemon. You can level your Pokemon up until that white curve above it is as far to the right as it will go. Slightly confusingly, every time you level up your trainer, each Pokemon gets two extra segments to the curve, so a fully levelled up Pokemon can be levelled up twice more for everytime you level up. Levelling up Pokemon will cost Stardust and Candies, though it will cost more of each depending on how high your Pokemons level already is.

    Considering how small the quantities of Stardust you get for any individual action, levelling up is incredibly expensive. Getting a Pokemon from level 1 to level 40 costs 270,000 Stardust, for example. For that reason, you should only focus on Pokemon youre likely to use in Raids, and ideally Pokemon with good IVs. IVs are individual values, and refer to their rating out of 15 for Attack, Defence, and HP. These can be found by selecting a Pokemon then choosing Appraise from the menu.

    With that, you know every possible way to get Stardust in the game, and exactly what its used for. Thats all you need to be a Pokemon Master!

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