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How To Get Charmander In Pokemon Shield

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Improving Shiny Pokemon Encounter

How To Get Charmander in Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you read the Charms for You guide, you can use the Shiny Charm to increase your rate of encountering Shiny Pokemon. There is another added method that you can do where you can encounter the same type of Pokemon repeatedly.

Lets say that you want to encounter a Shiny Rookidee, you can keep encountering a Rookidee until a Shiny one pops up.

Using the Shiny Charm and recurring encounters can boost the rate of encountering a Shiny version of that Pokemon.

These are some of the most reliable Pokemon Sword and Shield cheats, tips, hints, and tricks that you can use when playing the games. They take a bit of tweaking and a little bit of getting used to.

It wasnt as convenient as it was back then where you just input a code and everything will be all right.

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How To Evolve Charmander In Pokemon Sword & Shield

To evolve Charmander in Pokemon Sword & Shield, all you have to do is level it up. At level 16, itll evolve into Charmeleon, and, at level 36, youll get your very own Charizard. Thats all there is to it. There are no other requirements in terms of evolution items, time of day, stats just keep the little fella in your party, and keep going until it turns into a Charizard.

How To Use Rare Candy

Now that you know how to get your rare candy, this is how you can use it.

Step 1. Open the menu by tapping on the Menu item which looks like a Pokeball.

Step 2. Hit on the Items.

Step 3. Scroll for the Rare Candy.

Step 4. You can now look for the Pokemon for which you want to use the candy.

Step 5. Use the + or buttons for rare candies amount adjustment.

Step 6. Tap on Yes to transfer the candies.

That frustration leads people to wonder if theres a tool available online. And that can help people collect Pokeballs quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, there is!

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Capturing Charmander And Pikachu

When you want to get Charmander can be easy. Once you beat the game and the credits roll, youll be back in your room.

Head outside and go to Hops house, go upstairs and head to the room on the right. Youll find a Poke Ball on the floor and thats where youll get Charmander.

You can get Pikachu by trading it from Lets Go Eevee or Pikachu. However, there is a way to get it without trading. Go to Route 4 and find the yellow grasses where Pikachu will pop up.

It is very rare so you need to make sure to catch it when you can. It is advisable to use Normal-type moves to ensure that it doesnt get killed right away.

Where To Find Charmander Location In Pokemon Sword & Shield

How To Get Charmander/Gigantamax Charizard in Pokemon ...

To find Charmander in Pokemon Sword & Shield, youll first have to beat the final boss of the games main story. Dont worry, were going to avoid spoilers as best as we can. Once the credits are over, youll find yourself back in your house, in Postwick, free to explore and roam wherever you want. Well, your first order of business is to go to Hops place. Exit your home, go down the stairs, and head to the right, across the bridge.

Turn right at the fork and pull up to the front door. Go inside the house, and youll see a a staircase right in front of you. So, climb up to the next floor. Head right from the top of the stairs, into the red room. Youll see a Poke Ball in the middle of the floor. Pick it up, and youll get a nice little note, as well as your Charmander.

Now, we got the Charmander in Pokemon Sword, and the Starter Pokemon we chose was Scorbunny, aka Fire. Maybe your gift in the end is going to be a different Pokemon if youve made different choices. I dont think that is the case, though I believe everyone will get a Charmander. If you dont, though, that might be why.

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Locations Where Charmander Appears

Find at Hop’s House after Completing the Game

You can find Charmander on the second floor of Hop’s House after completing the story of Pokemon Sword or Shield. After the End Credits, the player will be at their house, so be sure to visit Hop’s and grab Charmander while you’re in Postwick.

Raid Encounter

Earn Rare Candies From The Battle Tower

Participating in the Battle Tower will also net you some Rare Candies! Ranking up will reward you with Rare Candies. If you manage to rank up to the Battle Towers highest tier, you will be rewarded with 10 Rare Candies!

Battle Tower Rewards Cannot Be Earned Repeatedly

Keep in mind that rewards earned from the Battle Tower cannot be earned repeatedly. Use the Rare Candies you get from the Battle Tower wisely!

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Getting Rare Candies From Max Raid Battles In Pokemon Sword And Shield

One of the new features introduced into Sword and Shield is the inclusion of Max Raid battles. These cooperative battles revolve around a team of players defeating a single powerful Dynamaxed Pokemon. These battles are fairly difficult and require solid teamwork but provide excellent rewards in return.

Max Raid battles oftentimes provide rare candies as rewards for completing the challenge. However, it is important to know the two different Max Raid battle types. Normal Max Raid battles will be depicted with a single red light shooting from a given den. These standard battles tend to provide average rewards for defeating them. Depending on the level of the Pokemon will affect what type of Exp candies they provide and if they will provide any rare candies.

Max Raid battles that emit a purple light, are more difficult encounters with rarer Pokemon. These will test a trainers skill to the absolute maximum and will force a group of trainers to collaborate effectively or risk failure. These harder battles are more prone to providing rare candies as their rewards.

How About Getting The Gigantamax Charizard From Max Raid Battles

How to Get CHARMANDER EARLY! In the first 90 minutes of Pokemon Sword and Shield

Another interesting way by which a gamer can get a gigantamax Charizard is by encountering one in a Max Raid battle. To be more specific, the gamer would need to check the Pokemon Den that is in the center of stones in the Lake of Outrage region of the Wild area.

It is important for a pokemon gamer to note that the Gigantamax Charizard is a very rare pokemon. This is why the player would need to look for a purple beam of light which is used to signify a very rare spawn in the game.

One good thing about having the gigantamax Charizard is that it has a hidden ability . It is this power that increases its attack power by 1.5 whenever it is under harsh sunlight. That would in reverse, reduce the HP by 1/8 by each turn.

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How To Get Dynamax Charizard

As soon as the Dynamax feature was revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield, questions bounced around about who could be Dynamaxed. Game Freak actually showed off Dynamax Charizard in artwork for Sword and Shield before the games even launched, which is why this has become a pretty popular search query.

Unfortunately, Charizard can’t be fought in a standard Dynamax battle. The only way to obtain Charizard for yourself is to beat the game, find Charmander using the steps above, and then evolve it all the way to Charizard. You’ll have to do it with experience – there’s no way to do it using a Fire Stone.

Once you’ve eventually evolved your Charmeleon into a Charizard, you’ll finally be able to see what the Dynamax version of Charizard looks like. It’s definitely a sight to behold, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most powerful Fire-type Pokemon in either game.

Evolves Level 100 Pokemon

Using a Rare Candy on a Pokemon that is level 100 will cause it to evolve. This effect only applies to Pokemon that still have an evolutionary stage and evolves via level up.

So for example, a level 100 Rowletwill evolve intoDartrix if given a Rare Candy. But a level 100 Scytherwill not evolve intoScizor if given a Rare Candy.

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Reset Until You Get An Ideal Charmander

Once you’ve captured your Charmander, check out its stats and decide if you want to keep it or reset until you get a better one. Try to get a Charmander with maximum Special Attack, Attack, and Speed if you can.

Judge Function Is Necessary

The Judge Function allows you to see a summary of a Pokemon’s Individual Strengtsh . It can be unlocked at the Battle Tower by reaching Pokeball Tier!

Pokemon Sword Shield Exp Candy

How to Get Charmander in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Learn about Exp Candies in Pokemon Sword and Shield ! Find out about the items uses, how to get, how to farm, and more!!

Exp Candy is an item that awards Exp points to your Pokemon when used by them! Exp Candy comes in different sizes and will award differing values of Exp depending on the size of the candy used.

Exp Candy Sizes & Exp Points Given

Candy Size

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Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Get Charmander In Sword And Shield Tutorial

There’s a secret way to get the Kanto starters in Sword and Shield, find out here!

Pokemon Sword and Shield brings with it many new Pokemon to fill out your Pokedex, including three brand new starters. However, plenty of old school players will naturally find themselves longing for their original Kanto companions. Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander have featured in past games, but it appears that only Charmander makes the cut this time around.

Be sure to watch our wide variety of Pokemon content here!

One of the most common search topics for any Pokemon, game is how to get old generation starters in the current game and there have been some discoveries in the Sword and Shield game files that all three Kanto starters are there, but for now, there has only been the discovery of Charmander.

No matter how good the new Pokemon are, no trainer can resist the urge to use Charmander in their party. We’ll walk you through our tips and tricks to obtain Charmander in Sword and Shield.

How To Get Gigantamax Charizard

Every Charizard was once an adorable Charmander, which means you’ll have to level one up and evolve it.

This Charmander given to you by Leon is capable of turning into a Gigantamax Charizard.

To do this, you need to level it to 16, let it evolve into Charmeleon, and again at 26 when it evolves into Charizard.

Once fully evolved, take your Charizard into a Max Raid, Battle Tower, against another trainer, or somewhere with a Power Spot to use Dynamanx.

You can turn this Charizard into a shiny version as well, just have a poke around special raids at the Lake of Outrage.

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How To Get Charmander At Pokemon Sword And Shield

One of the most popular Pokemon games in the history of the series is also available in the new Pokemon Sword and Shield game. Charmander has been one of the original Pokémon games since 1996. He later evolved in Charméléon and then in Charisard. Charmander can be obtained after you go through the main campaign of the game.

After completing the main storyline visit the city of Postwick and visit Leon at the bottom of the map. In his house on the top floor you will find a pokeball game with Charmander, for him to evolve into his last form, he will need to be leveled.

Getting Charmander In Pokemon Sword & Shield


To get Charmander, youll need to first beat the game. This is because Charmander isnt catchable out in the wild you get it as a reward for becoming the Pokemon Champion of the Galar Region. After youve won your final battle, youll watch a short cutscene play out before ending up back at your house.

From here, make your way to Hops house and head upstairs. Go to the right up here and in the middle of the floor, youll find a Poke Ball that contains Charmander. Simply press A to pick it up.

The Charmander is level 5 and will automatically be added to your Party or Box.

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Pokemon Sw And Sh Charmander Moves List

What moves can Charmander learn from TMs, TRs, and Leveling?

Charmander can learn the fire type move Flare Blitz at level 40. This Physical move User receives recoil damage. May burn opponent. Bolded Pow numbers are adjusted for this pokemon’s Fire type +50% STAB damage.

May cause flinching and/or burn opponent.
Traps opponent, damaging them for 4-5 turns.
User receives recoil damage. May burn opponent.

TM Moves Charmander can learn

Traps opponent, damaging them for 4-5 turns.
TM15 Digs underground on first turn, attacks on second. Can also escape from caves.
TM21 User sleeps for 2 turns, but user is fully healed.
Can only be used if asleep. May cause flinching.
TM25 Protects the user, but may fail if used consecutively.
If opponent is the opposite gender, it’s less likely to attack.
TM34 Makes it sunny for 5 turns.
TM37 Each Pokémon in your party attacks.
Power doubles if user is burned, poisoned, or paralyzed.
In Double Battles, boosts the power of the partner’s move.
TM43 Breaks through Reflect and Light Screen barriers.
TM46 Move’s power and type changes with the weather.
Power depends on held item.
May cause flinching and/or burn opponent.
TM76 Power increases if teammates use it in the same turn.
TM78 Stronger when the user does not have a held item.
TM94 Always leaves opponent with at least 1 HP.

Charmander TR Moves

Here’s How To Get The Gen 1 Starters In The Latest Pokmon Game

ByHannah Cowton, Senior Staff Writer| 18 Jun 2020

They say you cant beat the originals, and getting the first three starters within a Pokémon game always seems like an achievement. Now that the Isle of Armor DLC has been released for Pokémon Sword and Shield, trainers can get their hands on Bulbasaur and Squirtle .

If youd like to know how to get hold of each of the three starters, then keep on reading. We also have a tutorial on how to get started with the Isle of Armor DLC if youre struggling.

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Where To Get Charmander In Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield

When you complete Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shieldyou can essentially free roam around the world doing a number of activities. One such activity is catching em all. Included in the 400 Pokedex is everyones favorite Lizard Pokemon, Charmander. To learn how to get Charmander for yourself, consult our where to get Charmander in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield guide below.

Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Images: Pokemon Sword And Shield Best Nature For ...

While its totally possible to encounter Charmander as a Max Raid Battle target, there is only one proven method for getting a Charmander of your own: Beating the game. Given that Charmander is received as part of an end-game reward, consider this your spoiler warning: Further information on how to unlock this Pokemon will discuss end-game topics. Reader discretion is advised.

To get Charmander, players will need to fight their way through the Pokemon League and take down Leon. Hes the Champion of the League, and is a much higher level than other bracket contenders. Coincidentally, hell make use of a Charizard, and isnt at all afraid of going Gigantamax. Bring your best water-type fighter and prepare for a lengthy battle.

Once Leon has been defeated, the game will spit the player back out in their home. From there, make way to Leons house. If you walk into his bedroom youll find a single Poke Ball sitting in the middle of the rug. Inside that Poke Ball is a Charmander, and its yours to keep.

It wont be a shiny Charmandertheres no way it could be, in fact, so theres no need to try to reload the save in the effort of getting a shiny. However, it can be fully evolved, and with due diligence, players can eventually Gigantamax their own Charizard, same as Leon.

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How To Get Charmander In Pokemon Sword And Shield

In order to get Charmander in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you need to beat the game. Yep, that’s the first step defeat Leon and become Champion, then Charmander will become available to you… if you know where to look.

When you’re Champion and you wake up back in your house in Postwick, to get Charmander you need to run over to Hop’s house over the road. Enter through the front door, run upstairs and ignore the old lady on the landing, then go right into Hop’s room. There’s a Poke Ball on the floor.

That’s right, getting Charmander is as simple as picking it up off Hop’s floor. If you read the note attached, you’ll learn that Leon left if for you as a gift. Quite why he’d leave it on Hop’s bedroom floor and not your own is a mystery, but nevertheless thanks!

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