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Pokemon Go Jolteon Best Moveset

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Are Vaporeon Jolteon Or Flareon Good Best Moveset + Max Cp

Jolteon Gen 1 Best Moveset – Jolteon Best Moveset Pokemon Red Blue Yellow Version Guide

The newest Pokemon GO Neighborhood Day is upon us and its one that will really feel slightly acquainted to long-time gamers.

Moving into the highlight for the primary time since 2018, and for an prolonged two day interval, is none apart from Eevee and all eight of its evolutions.

This outing the Eevee and all of its evolutions will obtain a brand new particular transfer, which might actually shake up the meta.

So, with these strikes in thoughts, lets take a look at whether or not Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon are good in Pokemon GO, their finest movesets and the way they do in PVP.

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon initially found in Galar!


Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon initially found in Galar!



Using The Move Rankings

Each Pokemon has a pool of Fast Moves and a pool of Charged Moves. Some moves might be better in one battle, and other moves might be better in another. For Trainer Battles, you’ll want know which moves will be the best ones to have in the most matchups. You might also want to know which Pokemon are the best candidates for a second Charged Move. The move details within each Pokemon ranking can help you determine that.

Moves are ranked using calculations primarily based on their damage and energy cost. Stat changes are also factored in. These calculations are run for each matchup, and then totaled across the format. Matchup weighting affects these numbers as well, so moves that would be used against significant meta targets will rank higher.

When looking at potential moves, keep an eye out for Pokemon that have a strong tendency toward a single Fast Move and a single Charged Move. These Pokemon will have their optimal moveset in the most matchups. On the other hand, some Pokemon see more balanced usage in their Charged Moves. This is where having a second Charged Move comes into play.

As an exercise, select any one Pokemon in the Team Builder tool and compare its battle histograms when it has one Charged Move and when it has two. If a second Charged Move improves its matchups, it might be one worth investing in.

How Do I Find A Shiny Eevee

Community Day events have a heightened Shiny rate for the featured Pokémon, so if youre playing, you should be able to find several Shiny Eevee. If you dont have time to play all day, you can find a Shiny Eevee by popping an Incense, and tapping each Eevee that pops up. The Shiny rate on Community Days is approximately 1 in 25, according to The Silph Roads research, so you should find a Shiny Eevee quickly.

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Thunder Shock + Discharge And Last Resort*

While Thunder Shock doesn’t have as much raw damage output as Volt Switch, the significantly higher energy gains easily make up for this.

Of all the options Jolteon has for its charge moves, Discharge stands out as the cheapest option in terms of energy, which also makes it the best option to bait shields. Thunder costs only 5 more energy than Thunderbolt, but deals more Damage Per Energy which makes it the more valuable pick. Last Resort could be an option to deal neutral damage should Electric-type damage be resisted, but the lack of power and STAB causes Jolteon to lose way more matchups against most of the meta. Zap Cannon demands way too much energy to be consistently viable.

Which Moves Should This Electric

TM on Jolteon?

Jolteon is frail and, therefore, isnt the greatest “Calm Mind” user. With the move pool limitations in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, though, Jolteon doesnt have many more options. Its “Physical Attack” is pitiful , so even running something like “Double Edge” on it would be pointless.

  • Calm Mind
  • Shadow Ball
  • Hyper Beam

Unfortunately, Jolteon has no bulk or reliable recovery . This means that it wont be able to click Calm Mind too much without taking huge damage. This move is still valuable, though. Its more of something Jolteon will want to click once and then sweep from there.

Thunderbolt is option number 1 for most Electric-types, and the same goes for Jolteon. Hopefully, after a Calm Mind, most Pokemon will drop to one or two Thunderbolts. Thunder is not available in this game for Jolteon, so “Thunderbolt” is its most potent damage source.

“Shadow Ball” is Jolteons best coverage option. It wont have to rely on it too much, but it comes in handy when facing down a Bronzong, Dusknoir, or other bulky Pokemon that could comfortably take a couple of Thunderbolts.

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How Do The Eevee Evolutions Do In Battle

For raiding, youll want Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon. The best raid movesets for them are as follows:

  • Leafeon: Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade
  • Glaceon: Frost Breath and Avalanche
  • Sylveon: Charm and Dazzling Gleam

For PvP, youll want an Umbreon and Sylveon for the differing tiers. Their best movesets are as follows:

  • Umbreon: Snarl with Last Resort and Foul Play
  • Sylveon: Charm and Psyshock and Moonblast

You can also replace Last Resort on Umbreon with Psychic to win some matchups.

Best Moveset For Jolteon

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Majik855 years ago#1Topic.
LazyBro5 years ago#2Volt Switch/Thunderbolt
Jovanawolf5 years ago#3Attacker i belive itsI used to be a nice girl, but now im a bad b**** Love me or hate me idgaf FC: 530-14178-9524
Majik855 years ago#4I mean for attacking.
Spetsnaz4205 years ago#5Thundershock and Thunder Bolt
Jovanawolf5 years ago#6Spetsnaz420 posted…I used to be a nice girl, but now im a bad b**** Love me or hate me idgaf FC: 530-14178-9524
summerclaw5 years ago#7Thunder shock discharge is pretty good as well, gyarados dies so fast.In every loss, in every lie, in every truth that you’d denyAnd each regret and each goodbye was a mistake too great to hide.
DigimonTrainer5 years ago#8I still use my Thundershock/Thunder Jolteon the most, for a one bar charge move it still charges really fast. And honestly, after the buff that Discharge got, all of its charge moves are good for attacking.Intrepidity. Courtesy. Illusions. Until the end. Until the end.
AnyNamesLeft15 years ago#9Thunderbolt by a long shot
TitanOxide5 years ago#10Thundershock / Thunder has no equal.Why you care about small things? World very simple place. World only have two things: Things you can eat and things you no can eat.

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Best Moves For Jolteon In Pokmon Legends: Arceus

For your chosen Eeveelution.

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, moves determine your Pokémons potential in battle. Pokémon will naturally learn more powerful ones as it levels up, but you can also visit Zisu in Jubilife Village to have it learn others for a price. This is true for every Pokémon in the game, including Jolteonone of Eevees many evolutionary forms.

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What About Secondary Charge Moves In Pokmon Go

Pokemon Go EP #5 Perfect Move-Set Vaporeon, Flareon & Jolteon evolution + Gym Battles!!!

With PvP Trainer Battles, Niantic also introduced secondary Charge Moves. You can buy them with Stardust and Candy, and TM them to whatever it is you need. So, what do you need? Typically, variety. If the best Charge Move is a full bar, get a secondary that’s multi-bar. If there are two possible types for the Charged move, get both. For example, a Mewtwo with Shadow Ball or Psystrike is incredible, but one with both? Gamebreaker! However, adding a second Charge Move is expensive so make sure there is a good secondary move before spending on this upgrade.

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Your Best Movesets In Pokmon Go

These are the best Pokémon Go movesets I’ve seen for the toughest Pokémon and best counters currently in the game. If you have a favorite that didn’t make the list, let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out our Best Portable Battery Packs so your phone never runs out of juice on the way to becoming a Pokémon Master!

Is Glaceon Good In Pokemon Go Best Moveset And Pvp Details

Glaceon performs better than Leafeon in two out of the three main GO Battle Leagues, however, its Great League performance really lets it down overall. It ranks as the 444th best Pokemon in that division.

Thankfully, it doesnt perform anywhere nearly as bad in the Ultra League, coming in at 148th and it does even better in the Master League, due to its ability to take on Flying and Dragon-type Pokemon.

PVPoke ranks it as the 48th best option in the whole division, with Glaceon picking up key wins against Togekiss, Dragonite, Yveltal, Gyarados, Groudon and more.

Sadly, Glaceons best moveset doesnt require its Community Day move, you can check it out below:

  • Fast Move Ice Shard

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Pokmon Go: Best Movesets August 2021

While it may seem like Combat Power or stats are the most important factors in Pokémon Go, movesets play a critical role as well. Movesets are the combination of the fast attack and charged attack your Pokémon uses in battles.

The wonderful, terrible thing about movesets is that they’re usually determined at random. The good news is that, with Technical Machines and Elite TMs, you change your old, terrible moves. But how do you know which movesets will help your Pokémon win at PvP Trainer Battles and decimate Gyms and Raids and which will make a fight simply unwinnable? Here’s the newly updated list! And be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories to take your game to the next level!

Best Moves For Jolteon

Optimal Gyarados Defending Moveset vs Jolteon

Jolteon is a very fast Pokémon with a high Sp. Attack stat. This means that its better off keeping special attacks over physical ones. Given that, below are the best moves it can learn.

  • Thunderbolt
  • Charge Beam
  • Shadow Ball
  • Hyper Beam

Moves that are used by Pokémon of the same type have their base damage increased by 50%. We call this same-type attack bonus . Thunderbolt is going to be your Jolteons main STAB move due to its high power.

Use Agile Style Charge Beam before it, and the move will not only deal STAB damage and boost Jolteons Sp. Attack, but also increase the Pokémon’s chances of getting double turns. After all, Jolteon is very fast.

Then, have Jolteon learn Hyper Beam for coverage. Normal-type moves may not be strong against any type but theyll hit any Pokémon. Shadow Ball is also there for more coverage. Its a powerful Ghost move and is super effective against Psychic and Ghost, which are abundant during the night.

For more help with Pokémon Legends: Arceus, we at Pro Game Guides have you covered.

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Is Flareon Good In Pokemon Go Best Moveset And Max Cp Explained

We then move onto Eevees Fire-type evolution, Flareon, which is undoubtedly the worst of the bunch.

While it has a better max CP than Jolteon it performs worse in every division.

PVPoke ranks it as 495th, 338th and 211th across the Great, Ultra and Master Leagues respectively and it really struggles to make a mark.

Youre definitely best avoiding using if possible, however, if you do, Flareons best moveset is:

  • Fast Move Fire Spin

What Do Jolteon Learn In Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire

The moves detail pages may show a different category for Generation 4+. Jolteon learns the following moves in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire at the levels specified. Lv. Cat. Jolteon learns the following moves via breeding in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. Details and compatible parents can be found on the Jolteon egg moves page. Cat.

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Using The Pokemon Rankings

In the top-level rankings, you’ll see a score for each Pokemon. This score is an overall performance number from 0 to 100, where 100 is the best Pokemon in that league and category. It is derived from simulating every possible matchup, with each Pokemon’s most used moveset . Use this score to compare overall performance between Pokemon for example, the difference between the #1 and #50 Pokemon may not be the same as the difference between the #50 and #100 Pokemon. This score also allows you to see the parity in different leagues and categories.

Trainer Battles feature a wide variety of scenarios, especially involving shields. In order to give a fuller picture, our overall rankings are derived from additional sets of rankings, where battles are simulated with different roles in mind. You can explore rankings for each of the following categories:

Different Pokemon may succeed in different scenarios, so use these categories to help determine when a particular Pokemon would be the most valuable.

Within each ranking, you’ll see four separate detail sections:

  • Fast Moves – Which Fast Moves the Pokemon uses most in the league and category.
  • Charged Moves – Which Charged Moves the Pokemon uses most in the league and category.
  • Key Wins – Which battles the Pokemon performs best in, weighed by the opponent’s overall score.
  • Key Counters – Which significant opponents perform best against the Pokemon.

The Best Moveset For Jolteon In Pokemon Red And Blue

Jolteon VS Legendary Yveltal | PVP battle | Pokémon Go.

Jolteon is the glass cannon of Eevees three evolutions in Pokemon Red and Blue. Its a menacing Pokemon that shouldnt be taken lightly.

There are many reasons why players might want to give their Eevee a Thunderstone. As an Electric-Type, Jolteon is only weak to Ground moves.

Spamming strong Electric moves like Thunderbolt and Thunder always deals reliable damage, especially for the many Water-type and Flying-type Pokemon in the game.

Also, nothing can outrun this Pokemon. Jolteon is great for players who just want to deal damage and not worry about taking any in return.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

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Is Jolteon Good In Pokemon Go Best Moveset And Max Cp Explained

Jolteon doesnt really match Vaporeon in any areas. Firstly its max CP comes in at 2888 at level 40 and 3265 at level 50.

In terms of PVP performance, Jolteon is also lacklustre. It blazes in at 420th place in the Great League, does marginally better in the Ultra League, coming in as the 320th best pick and is the 198th best in the Master League.

It does take some big scalps in the Master League, including Togekiss, Yveltal, Kyogre and Zapdos, but ultimately, its going to be very glassy.

If you do decide to use it, Jolteons best moveset is:

  • Fast Move Water Gun
  • Charge Move Last Resort

Like Vaporeon, Jolteons new Community Day move isnt worth using.

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Pokémon GO

Eevee Moves And Best Moveset Recommendation In Pokmon Go Explained

There are a number of Eevee evolutions available, each with their own respective movesets to suit their type.

To keep it simple, we’ve put our recommendations into a table below, alongside the various Community Day exclusive moves available during the event:

Leaf Blade or Solar Beam
Dazzling Gleam

* Last Resort will be available to all Eevees caught or hatched during the event.

Eevee on its own is not a very competitive Pokémon – there are far better normal-types out there – but know that, like starter Pokémon which often frequent Community Day events, the evolutions are often very competitive in their respective types, and are good budget-friendly options to round off your teams.

However, as seen in the table above, unlike most Community Days it’s not the case that the event-exclusive move is the best for each evolution. If you do change your mind after the event and want to try one of the unique moves, however, remember an Elite Charged TM will enable you to select it later.

The Season of Go is here and with it comes Go Battle League Season 11 – starting with the Great League and Great League Remix. This season has already seen the lowering of the level requirement for Candy XL and Go Fest 2022 is on the horizon!

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How To Get Umbreon

Umbreon is normally obtained via evolving Eevee. If players don’t have an Umbreon yet, they can make use of the nickname trick to guarantee Eevee into evolving into Umbreon normally. In order to do this, players must nickname their Eevee of choice “Tamao”. Players will then need to evolve their Eevee as normal with 25 Eevee candies.

If players already used this trick, they must use the normal evolution method. This requires players to select the Eevee of choice as their buddy Pokemon. Players must then walk at least 10 kilometers alongside their Eevee. This does not need to be done all at once and can be done over time.

After walking enough kilometers, players will see a Pokemon’s sillhouette by the evolve button on the chosen Eevee’s menu. In order to make the Eevee evolve into Umbreon, the Eevee must be evolved at night. If evolved during the day, the Eevee will evolve into Espeon instead. This still costs 25 Eevee candies.

Whats The Best Way To Take Zekrom Down

Moveset: Rain Team Jolteon

To take Zekrom down, use dragon -, ice -, fairy -, and ground -types. Some of the best Zekrom counters and weaknesses include: Mega Evolved Pokémon like Mega Abomasnow, Mega Altaria, and Mega Charizard X will also be useful if you have the resources for them. Pay attention to weather boosts, which help you deal more damage.

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