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How To Get Shiny Celebi Pokemon Go

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What Is The End Date For The Shiny Celebi Special Research Distracted By Something Shiny In Pokmon Go


Shiny Celebi is getting away.

Image via Niantic

Trainers had the rare opportunity to acquire a special research task in Pokémon Go called Distracted by Something Shiny. It was a promotional event led by notable characters from the upcoming Pokémon movie, Secrets of the Jungle, Jessie and James.

These two are Team Rocket members who famously are always after the main protagonists Pikachu. While this event did not feature Pikachu, it did feature a notable character from the movie, a shiny Celebi version. The shiny version is a rare appearance of the traditional Pokémon, and theyre challenging to encounter, making them a hot commodity in the Pokémon community. By completing the special research, players had a guaranteed chance to capture one.

Distracted by Something Shiny will not be around forever. Developers Niantic has announced that players will not acquire this special request anymore following February 28, 2021. Once this date rolls around, anyone who does not have the quest in their Special Research tab will be unable to receive it again in the future. It might return for an exclusive time in the future, but players who have not received it will not have the chance to move forward after that date.

However, those who already have it in their journal do not need to rush to complete it. In contrast, it will be going away for players who do not have it, players who do have it can continue working on it and complete it following February 28, 2021.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Get A Free Dada Zarude And Shiny Celebi

Players who sign up for the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter by Sept. 25 will receive a free Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi.

The Pokemon Company is distributing a free Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi to celebrate the upcoming Netflix release of Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle.

Pokemon Sword and Shield players will soon be able to add two free mythical Pokemon to their collections. To celebrate the upcoming Netflix release of the series’ latest animated film, Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, the Pokemon Company is giving out a free Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi for the Nintendo Switch games in October.

The mythical Pokemon will be distributed via a download code, which will be included in October’s Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter. To receive the code, you must create a free Pokemon Trainer Club account on the official Pokemon website and opt in to email marketing .

The newsletter containing the download code will be sent out on Oct. 7. Both Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi play a prominent role in Secrets of the Jungle and aren’t normally available in Sword and Shield, so you won’t want to miss your chance to get them. You can see more details about each Pokemon below.

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Dada Zarude

Stage : Walk 10 Km With Eevee As Your Buddy To Earn Candy Evolve Eevee Into Umbreon At Night Trade A Pokmon

Switch your Buddy to Eevee and get walking as soon as this task becomes available to you. Usually, you need 10KM and 2 Candy, so make sure you get both.

Once you’re done, make sure it’s nighttime in the game and hit evolve to get Umbreon.

Making a Trade is easy.

Reward: 1x Star Piece, 15x Pineap, 1x Upgrade

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How Do You Get Evolution Items In Pokmon Go

Most Evolution Items are rewarded as rare drops from PokéStop spins. They can also be earned by completing certain Research, winning in the Pokémon Go Battle League, defeating the Leaders of Team GO Rocket, or participating in events. The elemental Lure Modules can also be purchased in the PokéShop.

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Dragon Scale Pokemon Go: How To Get

Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO trainers are seeking the Dragon Scale evolutionary item.

Much like the Kings Rock and Metal Coat, the Dragon Scale is a special item used to evolve certain types of Pokemon. It is among the rarer evolutionary items trainers can findâlikely due to its smaller applicable Pokemon pool. After all, Dragon Scales only apply to a single Pokemon: Seadra.

Trainers can only use the Dragon Scale to turn Seadra into Kingdra along with 100 candies.

This month, Giovanni has Shadow Moltres in his grasp! If you havenât already, complete the latest Team GO Rocket Special Research, The Higher They Fly, to earn a Super Rocket Radar. This will help you track down the Team GO Rocket Boss and save Shadow Moltres!

â Pokémon GO May 2, 2021

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Stage : Make 3 New Friends Evolve And Evolved Grass

Here’s where it can start getting a little confusing or annoying.

If you already have 3 Friends, you can un-friend and re-friend them to cheat your way past this task. You probably won’t lose your Friendship level, but there’s always the risk of a bug. Otherwise, if you have a local Facebook, WhatsApp, Discord, etc. group for Pokémon Go, see if you can find three new Friends to add.

What does “Evolve an Evolved Grass-type Pokémon” mean? It means evolving a second evolution into a third evolution. So, here are your options:

  • Evolve Ivysaur to Venusaur
  • Evolve Lombre to Ludicolo
  • Evolve Nuzleaf to Shiftry

Third-stage evolutions typically require 100 Candy. If you don’t have enough, go out and catch as many as you can with Pinap Berries, then trade them for additional Candy until you hit the amount you need. Alternatively, you can spend Rare Candy if you have it, but it’s better not to. You may need that for more challenging tasks, or elusive Pokémon later.

Catch a Pokémon 3 Days in a Row is simply a stalling tactic. It prevents people, including spoofers, from racing through the quest in a few hours. It doesn’t matter which Pokémon you catch, and you can catch the same or different pokémon each day, you simply have to catch 3 Pokémon over the course of 3 days.

Reward: 1500 Star Dust, 1x Sun Stone , 1x Raid Pass

How To Get Dragon Scale In Pokmon Sapphire

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A Dragon Scale can be used to evolve a Horsea into a Seadra. However, it can be difficult to find. Heres how to find a Dragon Scale in Pokémon Sapphire.

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Legendary Quest: Catching Celebi


None of the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh, Lugia, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, or Celebi will respawn if you defeat any of them, under any circumstances: this game predates that practice in the Pokemon series. It is highly recommended you save before battling any of them especially the Legendary Beasts since failure with any one of those also screws you out of Ho-Oh.

Japanese GBC Version: To acquire the GS Ball, necessary for this quest, you would have needed to connect your phone to the Pokemon Mobile Phone System GS between 03/29/2001 05/29/2001 or 08/01/2001 08/28/2001, and also obtained all of the badges. Following a minigame and a quiz, you will have received a GS Ball. On taking this to Kurt, hell tell you in 24 hours about a strange presence in the ball. Follow him to Ilex Forest and hell note that, as you can check for yourself, the trees are rustling. Take the ball to the shrine in the forest its north of where the person who lost the Farfetchd gave you the Cut HM and Celebi will appear at Level 30 to fight you.

International GBC Version: Event is unavailable.

Can Celebi be Shiny?: I will go ahead and answer that: yes. Provided Celebi has the proper DVs for it, it can always be Shiny: Shiny-Locking did not begin until several generations later in the series. Correspondingly, 3DS VC players can in fact transfer a Shiny Celebi to Pokemon Bank.

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Is Moon Stone Man Made


Opalite is a man-made glass that is made to look like opal and moonstone. This is a simulated stone that is not a natural gemstone. Some sellers will try to deceive with fancy names like Opalite Moonstone, Sea Quartz, or Opalite Quartz. The stone is even referred to as Opalite Crystal and its not even a crystal.

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Pokemon Go: How To Get Dragon Scale

Tip the Scales of Evolution?

Pokemon GOs evolution can be as simple as using the required amount of candy, but often rarer evolutions will require an evolution item.

These are consumables that can allow you to not only fill out your Pokedex, but also unlock some impressively powerful creatures.

One such item, Dragon Scale, can evolve Seadra into Kingdra, and others too, so its worth grabbing one.

Heres how to do just that.

On This Page:

How To Catch Celebi In Pokemon Go

Celebi is a mythical type Pokemon that cant be caught through any normal means in Pokemon Go. This time-travelling Pokemon cant be caught either through raid battles or in the wild. The only way youll be getting a Celebi encounter is to complete the Special research tasks all the way through. However, there are only two Special research tasks thatll lead you to a Celebi encounter. They are one a normal and the other a shiny.

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The normal Celebi can be caught at the end of the research task called A Ripple in Time. It’s been in the game for longer than the second one, and it also has a longer research task in comparison to the second one as well. There are 8 different stages that you have to go through. And each stage has three tasks, which gives a total of 24 tasks to complete. Like many longer research tasks, they are not all about difficulty but rather about having the patience to acquire items and Pokemons. Below, well give you a full list of tasks you need to complete and the reward list for each task in order to get a Celebi in Pokemon Go.

  • Rewards for the task. 1 Star Piece, 15 Pinap Berries, and 1 Upgrade.

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How To Get Dada Zarude And Shiny Celebi

To get Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi, all you need to do is sign up for the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter before September 25. As long as you do, codes will be distributed to you around the release of Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. Once you have the codes, enter them in the Mystery Gift option in the menu in Pokémon Sword and Shield to claim your exclusive Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi.

Dada Zarude will drop at level 70, holding the Choice Scarf, and Shiny Celebi at level 60, holding the Lucky Egg. Their moves will be as follows.

Is There A Glitch For Celebi In Pokemon Gold

How To Get Shiny Celebi Pokemon Go

From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. The Celebi Egg glitch is a glitch that allows the user to obtain Celebi in Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Celebi is an Event Pokémon and therefore is not intended to be possible in normal gameplay. 4 ????? This glitch was first documented at Glitch City Laboratories by user Paco81.

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How To Get Shiny Celebi Before It Leaves Pokemon Go

Celebi was previously introduced to Pokemon Go in a separate quest line, but Shiny Celebi is part of its own quest. But players who haven’t started the research task don’t have much longer before the task leaves the game.

The Shiny Celebi research task is called “Distracted by Something Shiny.” Anyone who has already started the research task doesn’t need to worry about the quest going away. But anyone who hasn’t claimed or started “Distracted by Something Shiny” will only have until February 28, 2021 to start the quest.

Afterwards, research task can no longer be claimed and will only remain for players who’ve made some progress. To get the research task, all players need to sign into the game, and the quest will be added to current tasks. The task was part of the Secrets of the Jungle event in Pokemon GO, and is presented by Jesse and James of Team Rocket in the anime.

How To Get A Dragon Scale

Getting a Dragon Scale in Pokemon Go is where things get difficult its even harder, in fact, than getting together 100 Horsea Candy since you can now use the buddy Pokemon system to earn yourself extra candy as you walk around.

Getting the Dragon Scale isnt so easy, especially since Pokemon Go doesnt have it available as an easy-to-buy item from a shop or as a reward from an NPC like the main games. Instead its all down to luck: Dragon Scales drop at random from Pokestops.

There is a little twist to this, however. In order to guarantee an evolution stone drop you need to keep up your Pokestop Daily Bonus Streak swipe a Pokestop every day and your streak will continue, and on the seventh day youll definitely get an Evolution item.

There are admittedly a number of these such as the Sun Stone, Kings Rock, Metal Coat and so on. On this you can only cross your fingers and hope you get lucky and get the Dragon Scale but honestly, all of these items are useful for evolving to Pokemon such as Bellossom, Slowking and Scizor among others.

Hold on to any evolution stones you pick up even if you dont or cant use them right away theyre rare, and theyre worth spending some inventory space on.

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How To Find Shiny Celebi In Pokmon Go

Shiny Celebi has made its way into Pokémon GO, and here are the special research tasks players need to complete in order to get the pink pixie.

A new limited research storyline is available in Pokémon GO, and the reward for completing all four sets of missions is a Shiny Celebi. This new limited research storyline is in celebration of the new movie Pokémon The Movie: Coco in which the film’s titular character is accompanied by a Shiny Celebi. While Zarude would have been a more fitting Pokémon to feature during this event, Shiny Celebi is a pretty good alternative.

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Shiny Pokémon are usually quite rare, and Shiny Mythical Pokémon even more so. Mythical Pokémon, like Celebi, are usually encountered in the mainline games once offering an intense battle. These Pokémon are sometimes Shiny huntable by soft-resetting which can take days, weeks, or even months. However, Pokémon GO players are given a free opportunity to catch a Shiny Celebi by completing a handful of challenges, no battling required.

Shiny Celebi Special Research Availability


Were excited to announce that the latest Pokémon film, Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, is coming soon! In celebration of the upcoming release, beginning on Monday, December 14, 2020, Jessie and James will be returning to Pokémon GO, and youll be able to encounter Shiny Celebi by completing limited-time Special Research! You can also look forward to lots of other in-game content inspired by the movie!

There is no time limit to complete the Special Research Distracted by Something Shiny once it has been collected.

There will be a deadline for when you can obtain the Special Research story but once you obtain it, you can complete it at your own pace. Although its recommended you finish while Meowth Balloons are still around.

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Stage : Visit A Pokstop 7 Days In A Row Use 25 Pinap Berries While Catching Pokmon Use Items To Evolve Pokmon 2 Times

Waiting 3 days wasn’t enough for you? How about 7 days? Sigh. That’s what it’ll take to spin 7 PokéStops in 7 Days to complete this task. And, to make things worse, if you miss a day, you’ll have to start over. Double sigh.

25 Pokémon with Pinap Berries is just a grind. Get through it. Use Ultra Balls if you have them so you don’t waste your time with escapes and flees.

Then, if you dutifully saved your Evolution Items from previous rewards, use them on 2 Pokémon to get two evolutions and be on your way.

  • Sun Stone: Evolves Gloom into Bellossum and Sunkern into Sunflora.
  • King’s Rock: Evolves Poliwhirl into Politoed and Slowpoke into Slowking
  • Metal Coat: Evolves Onix into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor
  • Dragon Scale: Evolves Seadra into Kingdra
  • Up Grade: Evolves Porygon into Porygon 2

What Happens If You Already Got Celebi At Pokmon Go Fest Chicago 2018 Back In July

If you already caught your Celebi at Pokémon Go Fest Chicago 2018 back in July, you don’t get another one. Sorry. What you do get is a shot a more candy:

For those who have already completed the exclusive Pokémon GO Fest Special Research and have obtained the Time Travel Pokémon, completing this new Special Research will earn you a new bounty of Candy to power up your Celebi.

A re-roll might have been nicer for those with relatively low stat Celebi but Candy is still Candy.

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How Do You Get Celebi In Gold

The only way to get Celebi in Heart Gold is to trade from D/P/Pl or use the E-Reader to transfer Celebi to Heart Gold without trading. Otherwise use AR. I tried a lot of stuff. Walking the forest, talking to shine with the pokemon, and my bro hasnt found it to trade.

Youll first need to defeat the main game. Fly to Goldenrod City and go to the Pokémon Communication Center where the Nurse should give you a GS Ball. After giving the Ball to Kurt, youll have to wait 24 hours in real time.

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