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How To Throw Excellent Pokemon Go

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How To Get Excellent Throw


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In the world of Pokémon GO, every ounce of XP matters, whether its from getting that bonus 100 XP you gain from your 100th Pokémon, all the way to the 50 XP you gain from turning a Poke Stop. But do Nice, Great, Excellent and Curve Ball really matter?

I am usually a guy who uses Great Throw, and in no way an expert at this art form of throwing, but I do spend awfully a lot of time in with some of the best Excellent throwers. Not sure if theyre really the best, but when you spend in excess of 100 hours playing the same game with the same people, cognitive bias tends to happen. Even further, the community I play with, holds an playing Excellent Throw competitionon a nightly basis.

The winner of the competition is usually the first person to 10 Excellent Throws . Occasionally teams are formed and the true game then begins. I myself have entered into these competitions, but to no avail: not because I suck but because these guys I play with are so good.

So, I did a bit of math and right from the outset you can immediately see that gaining a catch with a Curve ball and Excellent Throw gives you an additional 110 XP. Thats an incredible 110% of bonus XP per catch. It may not seem like a lot, but in an hour grind session when you put on a Lucky Egg, youre running into some serious power leveling XP.

Heres the guide to getting curve ball excellent throws every time.

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What Are Pokmon Go Excellent Throws

So, what exactly are pokémon go excellent throws? Well, compared to how players caught pokémon in the main Pokémon game series starting with Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow until the Pokémon Sword and Shield generations, Pokémon Go does things differently. Every pokémon game has its own mechanics on how to weaken and catch a pokémon. Rather than weakening enemy pokémon, chucking Ultra Balls at it, and praying for successful shake checks, Pokémon Go has a more interactive way to increase your chances of capturing a pokémon.

That way is through making curveballs and nice, great, and excellent throws when tossing different types of pokéballs at the wild pokémon. These types of throws give a statistic multiplier to your chances of catching a pokémon with nice, great, and excellent throws. Here are the bonuses youll get for nailing each type of throw.

  • Nice Throw = 1.15x Bonus
  • Great Throw = 1.5x Bonus
  • Excellent Throw = 1.85x bonus

Aside from the rating of the throw, you can also spin your pokéball to create a curveball that gives an additional 1.0 multiplier, aside from the rating. Along with the multiplier, getting the different rated throws and throwing a curveball also give more experience points than the usual, something you would need to save up on if you plan to go on raids and gym battles.

Do note that the capture multiplier does not do anything to increase or decrease an encountered pokémons individual value or effort value .

Catch Bonuses In A Nutshell

When you try to catch a Pokémon, the goal is to toss your ball inside the shrinking ring around them. But there are special catch bonuses that can help improve your chances of keeping that Pokémon locked inside that Poké Ball rather than breaking free.

There are four catch bonuses: Nice, Great, Excellent, and Curve.

Nice is when the ball lands at the moment the radar circle is at its widest, and gives you 10XP.

Great is when the ball lands in the middle of the radar circle when it’s half-size, and gives you 50XP.

Excellent is when the ball lands in the smallest radar circle and gives you 100XP.

Curve is when your ball curves, and gives you 10XP and a better chance of catching the Pokémon.

Whatever bonus you’re going for, remember to tap and hold on the Poké Ball to start the ring cycle so that you can wait to toss your ball until the ring is at the correct point.

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How A Great Throw Works In Pokemon Go

Throwing a Pokeball in Pokemon GO is all about finding the right timing. If youâre new to the game, it may take some time to develop skills to easily land the ball at the right place. To understand the landing more precisely, hereâs what you need to know about the working of great/excellent throws.

The moment you find the Pokemon on the map, make sure to tap it immediately. This will display a colored-circle around the Pokemon. The circle will help you time your throw so that you can catch the Pokemon and earn bonus points at the same time.

The key to getting a Pokemon GO excellent throw is to throw the ball in such a way that it lands the closest to the center. Itâs worth noting that as a beginner you might not be able to throw the Pokeballs at the center of the circle. In this case, you should target the entire circle. Why? Because when you land the ball inside the circle, youâll have a higher chance of catching the Pokemon.

Once youâve become an expert at landing the Pokeballs inside the circle, you should focus on timing the throw and releasing the ball when itâs closest to the center.

What Breaks Shiny Chain Lets Go

How to Make Excellent Pokémon Go Throw

If you run into a Pokemon that is different, it will break your Catch Combo Chain. Continue catching the same species of Pokemon. If a Pokemon runs away, your chain will break. As long as you dont break the chain, you can fly to other areas on the map and still receive the same benefits, detailed below.

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Pokemon Lets Go Excellent Throws

If you have played Pokemon Go, you will already be familiar with how you catch Pokemon in both Pokemon Lets Go Eevee and Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu. If you are not familiar with how catching works, then let us help you with that!

Whenever you come across a Pokemon out in the wild, you can see a white circle on the outside of the Pokemon.

You will also be able to see another circle inside of that circle of either the yellow color or the orange one, and this circle will be decreasing continuously. You need to throw your ball when the smaller circle is as small as possible.

How Rare Is A Shiny Ditto

Players have a high chance of capturing a shiny Ditto when disguised as a standard Pokémon that you catch in the wild. However, a shiny Pokémon that can transform into Ditto will not transform into one. Similar to the other common Pokémon in the mobile game, theres a one in 450 chance of a Pokémon being shiny.

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How To Always Throw Excellent Pokemon Go

Timing:every pokémon has a target ring that shrinks as time passes, and then returns to its original size. A lot of beginners are usually not able to throw the pokeballs properly, at the center of the circle.

Pokemon Go How To Nail An Excellent Great Throw In 2022

How To Get Great Throws In Pokmon Go

EXCELLENT THROWS EVERY TIME! Pokemon Go Learn how to throw like an expert


Image via Niantic.

Catching Pokémon in Pokémon Go is an easy process to understand. Taking out the battles needed from the mainline games and letting mobile users flick their Pokéballs at the target makes it quick to pull off for anyone. To add a little bit of challenge to the mix, though, youll not only need to be accurate with your throws, you can get some nice bonuses for timing your throws correctly. Doing so may result in a message from the game saying Great! Not only does this give you a better chance of catching the Pokémon, but you will get a little extra experience for your trainer level. Here is how to get Great Throws in Pokémon Go.

When you start an encounter with a wild Pokémon in Pokémon Go, you will see two circles over the monster, a white stationary one and a colored circle that continually shrinks before starting over. If that colored line is green, then the Pokémon is expected to be easy to catch. From there, yellow means medium chance to catch, orange means small chance, and red represents very small chance to catch.

To get a Great Throw, you will need to hit the moving circle on the Pokémon when it is halfway through its cycle. While doing this with a curve throw will make the benefits even better, you can do this with straight throws if you are trying to complete a research task that wants you to pull off multiple Great Throws in a row.

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Detailed Guide To Make 3 Great Throws In A Row:

When you throw a Pokeball at a target, you will notice a target ring that allows aiming better. When you land the Pokeball inside the target ring, a text bubble will appear, stating that its nice, great, or excellent. And the throw will decide what reward you will get. Thats why it is essential that you know how to score an excellent throw. Once you learn how to make 3 great throws, its about time that you become a master in throwing balls as well.

Follow these tips to ensure that the bonuses are always rolling in with the Pokeballs.

    • Watch the Ring:
    • Dont Get Tricked By the Ring:

The players have noticed that the target ring constantly keeps on getting smaller until you throw the Pokeball. And the moment the Pokeball is released, the movement stops until the ball lands. Instead of throwing ahead, throw the ball when the ring is of the right size as it will free instantly, and youll be able to make an Excellent Throw.

These are just some major things that you need to master. Besides that, there are some minor tips that will improve your catching and throwing skills.

How To Get Excellent Throws On Kyurem Pokmon Go

For this Pokemon, it is all about attack patterns. Before trying to catch the actual Pokemon though, I recommend that you learn its attack patterns.

The main reason for this is because that you will need to release the Pokeball right when Kyurem executes an attack.

When Kyurem starts the attack, the one that he moves from left to right and then his head disappears from the screen for a split-second, is the time when you will need to throw the ball.

Also, when encountering one, click on the ball and hold it just so you can get the throw indicator on the screen, and choose for which excellent throw circle you are aiming for.

Follow these steps to hopefully get an excellent throw on Kyurem in Pokémon Go:

  • When it starts doing an attack, start spinning the ball.
  • It will move from left to right, and when his head rests on the right side of the screen for a split-second, is the time to release the ball. More specifically like this:
  • Notice how the finger is placed, as well as the Kyurem. This is the point of release for the ball.
  • Also see how the ball is spinning. At this point Kyurem starts to return back at the center, and at the center is where your ball should hit the target.
  • Like I said, most people will tell you that this is really easy and that you will get it 100% of the time. What Im trying to prove here is that it is impossible to do so.

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    Use Items And Razz Berries To Help Catch Stubborn Pokmon

    As you play and find more creatures, you’ll soon notice that Pokémon become more difficult to catch.

    You can spot this in two ways the throwing circle will become graded from green to yellow to red , or Pokémon won’t even have a CP level, suggesting they are too powerful for you to catch. In you come across these more powerful Pokémon, expect them to take a little longer to catch, or to run away sooner than other types.

    It’s during these instances that items come in handy. As you level up your Trainer, you’ll unlock and receive items that can help. Razz Berries are best dropped at the start of encounters to soften creatures up as well as the ability to collect and use Great Balls from level 12, and Ultra Balls at level 20. These are rarer, more powerful variants than the traditional Pokéball, and while they don’t guarantee a capture, are worth switching to if you find a creature you want is proving difficult to catch.

    How Can I Get An Excellent Throw

    Pokemon Go Excellent Curveball Throw

    What about an Excellent Curve Throw?

  • Touch and hold the Poké Ball until the target circle shrinks down to Excellent size.
  • Wait until the Pokémon starts to attack.
  • Spin the Poké Ball so you can curve it.
  • As the Pokémon gets to about 3/4 through its attack, throw the curve ball as close to dead center as you can.
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    We Have Our Eyes On The Horizon For An Epic Gps Spoof To Catch Some Legendaries In Pokemon Go But Until That Hack Shows Up We Really Like Brian

    Pokemon go excellent throw hack apk. But if knowing how to make 5 great curveball throws in a row is your goal, then here is another guide for you. Pokemon go hack iphone gps spoofing method 2021 } pokémon go hack is plenty of people prefer to earn their rewards honestly, through work and determination. Even if you can throw an excellent curveball every throw you still have a 50% chance of it running away.

    It has a simple and clean look and feel to it. With the pokemon go excellent curveball throw hack, and pokemon go excellent throw hack android, making the perfect throw becomes effortless, easy and effective, everytime. In fact, many pokemon go players want to use cheats and hacks to catch more pokemon characters.

    Got it on my new phone now thank you!!! Use the incense that you can get at pokéstops. Lookup for nord vpn within the app store.

    To catch pokemon, youve got to throw pokeballs . Getting the perfect excellent throw in pokémon go. Without getting a pokemon great throw or pokemon excellent throw, you will find it hard to get exceptional rewards that can boost your gaming experience.

    Timing:every pokémon has a target ring that shrinks as time passes, and then returns to its original size. It’s much more stable than the other guys. If youre doing the elite challenge in pokémon go right now, youre.

    Spooferx is the best ios spoofing app. Click on quick connect so that the vpn connects with the server. However, pokémon go is the most.

    Nice Great And Excellent Throws In Pokemon Go: How They Work

    Once you see a Pokemon you want out in the wild in Pokemon Go, you’ll need to tap it to enter an encounter. Unlike the ‘traditional’ Pokemon games where an encounter takes the form of a Pokemon Battle, in Pokemon Go it’s more a battle of endurance and skill – you’ll need to use berries and Pokeballs skillfully in order to capture the Pokemon without fighting.

    The first thing you’ll notice in the Pokemon Catching interface is how the Pokemon you’re facing has a rapidly-closing circle around them. This circle depicts the ‘ideal’ time to toss a Pokeball – and in order to get a bonus, you’ll want to land the thrown Pokeball inside the circle when it’s closing in to its smallest stages.

    If you land inside the colored circle with your Pokeball throw you’ll have a greater chance of catching the Pokemon – and this also determines the bonus you get. Specifically, a ‘Nice’ throw is one that lands inside the circle at its largest. ‘Great’ throws will be those that land correctly when the circle is at around half-size. Finally, an Excellent throw is when the circle is very small, close to the middle of the interface.

    In addition to this the different throw types carry experience bonuses to help raise your trainer level – a Nice Throw that catches a Pokemon earns 10 bonus XP. A successful Great Throw will earn you 50 XP if it catches. An excellent throw that catches a Pokemon nets a sound 100 bonus XP.

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    What About An Excellent Curve Throw

    You get extra XP and a greater catch percentage with a Curveball, and you get extra XP and a higher catch percentage with an Excellent Throw, so naturally, you’re going to want to combine the two, right? You totally can! Excellent Curve Throws are a solid way of scoring a huge XP boost per catch, and it gets you just about as close as you can get to a guaranteed catch with most creatures. Here’s our best tip for nailing this move!

  • Touch and hold the Poké Ball until the target circle shrinks down to Excellent size.
  • Wait until the Pokémon starts to attack.
  • Spin the Poké Ball so you can curve it.
  • As the Pokémon gets to about 3/4 through its attack, throw the curve ball as close to dead center as you can.
  • The target circle will remain the same size you set, so if you hit it correctly, you’ll score the Excellent throw and associated bonus.

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