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Pokemon Battle Styles Card List

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Pokmon Battle Styles Full Card List

Official Pokemon Battle Styles Set List and Battle Styles Card Price Guide

New cards and new styles.

Pokémon Battle Styles is the newest set being released for TCG players on March 19, and with it comes a new way to play the game, utilizing two distinct styles of attacking.

Inspired by Urshifu and its two different forms, Battle Styles will feature Single Strike Style, which focuses on powerful attacks that deal massive damage right away, and Rapid Strike Style, which uses sneaky, technical attacks that allow a player to attack their opponent in a variety of ways.

Both styles will be applied to various Pokémon included in this and future sets, with their Battle Style being visible as a tag for 60 different cards. And with this new mechanic, Battle Styles is set to impact the meta in some pretty unique ways as players add the shifting styles to pre-existing powerhouse decks and create new forms.

In total, Battle Styles is adding 183 new cards, here is how everything breaks down.

  • 60 Battle Style cards
  • 12 new Pokémon V and 16 full-art Pokémon V
  • Six Pokémon VMAX

Pokemon Tcg: The Hottest Cards From Battle Styles Expansion

The newest Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion is here, giving players the chance to decide between two distinct “Battle Styles” to build their deck around. The new “Battle Styles” expansion introduces a new mechanic that offers players distinct synergies and extra abilities for choosing specific cards. Players can build their deck around two Battle Styles, the Single Strike Style or the Rapid Strike Style, both of which are notated with special logos on certain cards. The Battle Styles don’t do anything on their own – a Emboar card with a Battle Style doesn’t necessarily have an advantage over an Emboar card without a Battle Style – but many of the cards have abilities or boosts that are only activated or affect cards with the same Battle Style.

Not only does the Battle Styles offer some new ways to build Pokemon card decks, it also has some really cool cards that are selling for big bucks on the secondary markets. Pokemon cards are incredibly hot right now, and we expect that a few cards in this new set will definitely will be highly sought after by collectors over the next few months.

To help Pokemon card fans know what cards to keep an eye out for, we’ve assembled some of the hottest cards from the Battle Styles set. All prices listed come from TCGPlayer, which provided estimated market prices as of March 20, 2021.

Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards From Battle Styles

On March 19, 2021 the Pokemon Company officially launched their newest TCG set titled Battle Styles. Although product is becoming increasingly difficult to come by in stores due to the current scalping situation, Battle Styles came out in full-force, with many collectors and TCG players finding ways to source the new set, either by lucking out in stores or placing pre-orders online at number of small shops that carry Pokemon Cards. While Battle Styles was presumably geared more towards the card game because of the Rapid Strike and Single Strike mechanics, collectors soon discovered that Battle Styles had some very desirable chase cards. Because of interest from both collectors and TCG players, this set has seen a lot of success in 2021. Today we will be going over the top 10 most valuable Pokemon cards from Battle Styles – Make sure to bookmark this post for when you decide to rip some packs!

Try your luck at pulling these cards from the following Pokemon card products:

Battle Styles 3-Pack Blisters

#10. Cheryl Rainbow Secret Rare – 173/163

Full Art and Rainbow Rare Trainers have been really ramping up in value lately as collectors seem to really be taking a liking to these collectibles. Full Art cards are not very old for the TCG – First introduced as recently as the Black and White era in 2011 and really only picking up in popularity the past couple of years.

Rainbow Secret Rare Cheryl 173/163 is currently valued around $35 at the time of writing.

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Battle Styles Best Cards

Now, dont go thinking this is an official ranking, its not. These are just the 5 cards that I think are the best available in the new Battle Styles set.

5/ Mawile

Theres nothing particularly special about this card, and Im not even a huge Mawile fan but, theres something about the art that just makes it look cool. It could be the watercolour style or the giant mouth-claw but good job Mawile.

Source: Pokemon TCG Website

4/ Coalossal

Coalossal is one of the best looking new Pokemon from Sword and Shield and this card absolutely exemplifies that. Nothing more can be said, other than it looks like a monster.

Source: Pokemon TCG Website

3/ Empoleon V

Like Mawile, Im not a massive Empoleon fan. Its a fine Pokemon, just not one that blows me away but this card is special. Im a big fan of full-art cards that have a bit of personality, and this certainly fits that bill. Standing in front of a scenic background, Empoleon is completing some martial arts training with Mienfoo and Falinks. Its a really nice card.

Source: Pokemon TCG Website

2/ Single Strike Style Mustard

As well as full-art Pokemon cards with personality, Im a big fan of full-art trainer/supporter cards. The artwork on this Single Strike Style Mustard card is fantastic and is one that will almost certainly look even better up close and personal.

Source: Pokemon TCG Website

1/ Tyranitar V

Battle Styles Full Digital Set List

Battle Styles Comes to the Pokémon Trading Card Game ...

The full digital set list has been revealed for Battle Styles.

We have also added some upcoming promo cards that release in future products.

No full art Marnie? Weird for TPCi not to put a super valuable chase card in the set.

Full art Marnie was Sword and Shield, not Battle styles.


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New Pokmon Supporter Cards In The Battle Styles Tcg Expansion

Supporter and Trainer cards are some of the most important cards in a Pokémon Trading Card deck. These cards are usually based on popular human Pokémon characters, items, or locations from the main video game series. Below are the Supporter and Trainer cards to look out for in the Battle Styles expansion and what they do when played.

  • Bruno Single Strike – Shuffle your hand into your deck and draw four cards. If the player’s Pokémon was knocked out the previous turn, they can draw seven.
  • Korrina’s Focus – Draw until there are six cards in the player’s hand.
  • Rapid Strike Style Mustard – Playable when it is the only card left in the player’s hand. Search the deck for a Rapid Strike Pokémon and set it directly on the bench, regardless of the Pokémon’s Evolutionary stage. Draw five Cards.
  • Single Strike Style Mustard – Playable when it is the only card left in the player’s hand. Search the deck for a Single Strike Pokémon and set it directly on the bench, regardless of the Pokémon’s Evolutionary stage. Draw five Cards.
  • Single Strike Scroll of Scorn – A Pokémon Tool that gives Single Strike Pokémon the move Furious Anger.
  • Rapid Strike Scroll of Swirls – A Pokémon Tool that gives Rapid Strike Pokémon the move Matchless Maelstrom.
  • Tower of Waters – A Stadium Card that reduces the retreat cost by two Energy cards.

With these Battle Style expansion cards, battle strategies can take new directions in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, offering new and exciting challenges to overcome.

Rapid Strike Urshifu Vmax

Urshifu is considered by many fans to be one of the cooler Pokemon designs in regards to legendary Pokemon in recent years. The customization trainers have in choosing to pursue either the Rapid Strike or Single Strike evolution for the creature also adds a level of interest.

The secret rare version of Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX is dazzling and the rainbow shine of this $26 card makes the price point worth it. That price is less than 1/3 the price of Urshifu’s most expensive card in the entirety of Battle Styles.

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Battle Styles Card List

The fifth Sword and Shield expansion set will be launched on 19th March 2021. The set contains 163 cards plus 20 secret rare cards. Battle Styles introduces Single and Rapid strike cards which are eagerly anticipated by players of the Trading Card Game.

All cards in this set are numbered ?/163 and are marked with the Battle Styles set symbol

Cards are listed Grouped by Rarity and in Numerical Order

Battle Styles Grouped by Rarity

Full Art051/163 Tapu Koko VMAX H086/163 Single Strike Urshifu VMAX H088/163 Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX H110/163 Corviknight VMAX H

145/163 Empoleon V U146/163 Empoleon V U147/163 Tapu Koko V U148/163 Mimikyu V U150/163 Single Strike Urshifu V U151/163 Single Strike Urshifu V U152/163 Rapid Strike Urshifu V U153/163 Rapid Strike Urshifu V U154/163 Tyranitar V U155/163 Tyranitar V U156/163 Corviknight V U158/163 Bruno U159/163 Cheryl U160/163 Korrinas Focus U161/163 Phoebe U162/163 Rapid Strike Style Mustard U163/163 Single Strike Style Mustard U

Secret Rare168/163 Single Strike Urshifu VMAX S170/163 Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX S

Rainbow Secret Rare166/163 Tapu Koko VMAX S167/163 Urshifu VMAX S169/163 Urshifu VMAX S171/163 Corviknight VMAX S172/163 Bruno S173/163 Cheryl S174/163 Korrinas Focus S175/163 Phoebe S176/163 Rapid Strike Style Mustard S177/163 Single Strike Style Mustard S

025/163 Emboar H033/163 Kingdra H037/163 Octillery H048/163 Luxray H061/163 Meowstic H096/163 Houndoom H099/163 Steelix H

Flapple V/ Flapple Vmax

BATTLE STYLES CARD LIST! All 183 Pokémon Cards

This pair of double prizers are one of the best Battle Styles cards, thanks to because of their high HP and unique attacks. Flapple V lacks a single energy attack, which hurts its potential as a quick attacker. While Tart Siliva costs two energy, the effect can slow down your opponent. The attack only deals 20 damage, but making the defending Pokemons attacks cost two more can either force a switch or a wasted turn.

Evolving Flapple V brings its HP up to 320. This keeping it safe from being one hit from any attack that isnt from a Fire type. Flapple VMAXs attack can hit for a whopping 250 damage. However, theres the catch of 10 less damage for every damage on Flapple VMAX. With the current Standard metagame using big, high damage attacks, Flapple VMAX should consistently hit for over 200 damage.

Flapple v and VMAX are surely an exciting pair of cards for players looking outside the Rapid/Single Strike cards.

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Top 10 Pokemon Cards In Battle Styles

Battle Styles is the fifth main expansion in the Sword & Shield series of Pokemon TCG Online, and it introduces a bunch of new cards and some new mechanics that are likely to challenge the current best decks in the game.

Single Strike Pokemon are those having the heavy attacks that can one-shot an opponent, while Rapid Strike cards lean more towards the tactical side and slowly build up to victory.

There are Trainer and Energy cards that are exclusive to these Pokemon, and looking back at the game, every new mechanic finds a place in the meta quickly.

The good news is that this set is much, much better than Vivid Voltage and will actually cause a huge shift in the meta. We will be regularly updating our Ultimate Pokemon TCG Online Resource List with the best Battle Styles deck right after the set releases.

Here are the ten best Pokemon cards in the Battle Styles expansion of Pokemon TCG Online:

Best Cards In Pokmon Tcg Battle Styles

If you can believe it, an entirely new set of Pokémon cards was released this month. Battle Styles further expands the meta-game by introducing multiple fighting styles for certain Pokémon. The cover character, Urshifu, shows off these differences across the released artwork, videos, and advertisements.

Basically, some Pokémon now come in Single Strike or Rapid Strike variants. Single Strike is more aggressive, featuring moves that can defeat opponents in one-hit. Rapid Strike is designed to be more technical and methodical, usually giving new ways to swap Pokémon out of the fray or reach out to your opponents bench.

As always, this list will breakdown the five best cards found in this newest release, based on current valuations and pull rates. Pokémon Trading Card Game: Battle Styles released in English worldwide on March 19, 2021, at your local retailer .

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Support Cards For Single And Rapid Strike Pokemon

The Single and Rapid Strike Pokemon have huge advantages in the form of their own Energy. Both Energies are really good, and unlike the other Special Energies weve had recently, and these will be must-haves for all Urshifu decks.

Note that while these Energy cards can only be attached to specific Pokemon, those Pokemon can also carry other Energies, such as Stone Energy or Strong Energy.

Battle Styles also has some great support Pokemon that will help you fetch these Energies and buff your Single or Rapid Strike Pokemon in Pokemon TCG Online.

All three of these are excellent support for Single Strike or Rapid Strike cards, but if you arent using those, theyre entirely useless. What I love about these cards is that none of them have weird prerequisite conditions, like ending your turn or requiring you to put them in the Active Spot.

I would definitely substitute Stoutland V, Mimiyku V, and Necrozma V on the Top-10 list with Octillery, Emboar, and Houndoom, but it didnt feel right to compare these with the other seven on the list.

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Pokemon Battle Styles List The Best Rarest And Most Expensive Cards

Here are the cards we love from the latest TCG Set.

By Sam Woods

Its that time of the year when the Pokemon Trading Card Game releases its next card set.

This time out, we have Battle Styles, a set that is focused around the first set of Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC, The Isle of Armor.

Within the set, there is an awesome range of cards with a particular focus on the new Single/Rapid Strike styles.

Here are the cards weve found to be the most expensive as well as the ones we think just look the coolest from Battle Styles.

Battle in style with cards from the new expansion! #PokemonTCG: Sword & ShieldBattle Styles introduces over 160 new cards, including new Single Strike and Rapid Strike style cards! Take a look at some of the Pokémon coming your way soon!


Battle Styles Set List

The Pokemon Battle Styles contains 183 cards 163 in the base set and 20 secret rare cards some of them are extremely valuable!

Pokemon » All Sets » Sword & Shield » Battle Styles

The Battle Styles set was released on March 19, 2021. Its the fifth expansion set in the Sword & Shield Series and contains 163 cards in the base set, plus 20 secret rare cards the most valuable cards being V, VMAX, ultra, and secret cards. The Battle Styles set introduces Single Strike and Rapid Strike Pokemon new powerful attacks to use against your enemies!

The table below is a complete list of cards in the Battle Styles set. Click on the cards to see their values.

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Prices For Pokemon Battle Styles Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Battle Styles card list & price guide. Ungraded & graded values for all Pokemon TCG Battle StylesPokemon Cards., historic prices, and past sales.

Find out how to identify your pokemon card using card numbers, sets, foil, and editions.

Prices are updated daily based upon Pokemon Battle Styles listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. Read our methodology.

& : Phoebe 175/163 & Cheryl 173/163

Pokemon Battle Styles Top 20 Most Valuable Cards! *Price Guide*

These are the seven and eight spots, but I decided to lump them together because they are in a very similar position and I have the same things to say about each card.

Whenever a new set is released, I always look at the full art Supporter cards. They have performed very well overall, have been subject to major price increases over time and buyouts due to how popular they can be. This makes them a consistently appealing set of cards, especially when they are at their low point, so I always keep an eye on them.

As for this sets Supporters, it seems like the secret rare versions of Phoebe and Cheryl have the lead early, but honestly that means very little to me overall. None of these cards seem to have a large appeal advantage over the others, which leaves them all in a similar position in the long run, even ones that are not listed here. Additionally, despite only listing the secret rare versions here, the actual full art versions have a lot of potential as well.

I dont have much else to say full art Supporters are always keeping an eye on.

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