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Which Pokemon Type Are You

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The Year Of The Rabbit: Grass

What Pokemon Type Are YOU!? Throwback Updated Personality Quiz!

Without analyzing the personality traits, the rabbit’s home is within the grass and it is at its best among the grass, therefore it is already perfect.

Nevertheless, just like Bulbasaur, those born in the year of the Rabbit are kind, wise and like Torterra, often rather docile. They can also be rather moody and possessive, closely resembling many different grass-type Pokémon.

What Types Should You Have On Your Pokmon Team Efficient Simulation With Matrices In R

I recently started playing Pokémon again – Pokémon Lets Go Eevee on the Nintendo Switch to be specific. In the classic Pokémon games, you have a team of 6 Pokémon that you use to battle against other trainers. In battles, type match-ups are very important, as some types of moves are super effective against other types. For example, fire moves are super effective against grass Pokémon, which means they do double the damage they normally would. If you can set your team up so that youre always optimally matched, youre going to have a much easier time.

But there are 18 types and you only get 6 Pokémon on your team. This leads to the question – what are the combinations of 6 types that make you super effective against the most types of Pokémon?1 It turns out this is a question a lot of people have asked.

I knew there was a chart out there that matches up every attacking type against every defending and tells you whether theyre super effective, normal, not very effective, or doesnt have any effect. So I decided to use my R skills to answer this question . Along the way, well do a quick exploratory analysis, learn about combinatorials, and leave the tidyverse to use matrices and some base functions.

Pokmon: What Pokmon Type You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered what type of Pokémon you’re most similar to? Your Zodiac sign can point you in the right direction.

Zodiac signs are useful guidelines in a lot of aspects of life. Everything from one’s career, relationships, and various other predictions about the future are things that horoscopes can provide better insight toward.

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Just like Pokémon, there is a wide variety of people whose qualities and traits make them unique in many ways but essentially fall into a wider and surprisingly fitting category. If suggestions based on Zodiac signs are to be believed, we can even figure out which Pokémon type people are most like because that’s the kind of pertinent information one might need in a pinch.

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What Pokemon Type Are You We Have The Answer

There are 18 types in Pokemon. Each type has its own characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and attacks. Some Pokemon even cover two types. As Pokemon continue to adapt and trainers discover new types, we can often find ourselves wondering which Pokemon type best suits our battle style and team.

But another question a lot of trainers have is: Which Pokemon type are you most like?

Each Pokemon type has distinct characteristics and abilities that bring them together and make them recognizable as that type. Its time to find out which Pokemon type matches your personality best! Are you a creative and unique bug type Pokemon or a strong and intimidating steel type Pokemon? Its time to discover your true identity in the Pokemon world.

What Type Are You

What Pokemon Type Are You?

Find out what Pokémon type you are in just three questions!

Before you balk at the idea of a personality test with only three questions, note that there are exactly eighteen ways to answer these three questions, and there are exactly eighteen Pokémon types. That’s the point: everyone with the same type as you answered these questions in exactly the same way, which may actually tell you more about them than a more traditional personality test result.

If you find part of you wants to answer something one way and part of you leans towards another, you’re probably a dual-type – do both, and you have traits of both results.

  • Super Effective
  • I care about the truth, and I strive to keep the information on this website accurate and up-to-date. For instance, where possible, I have taken pains to personally test claims about the video games before making them. However, doing so is not always feasible, occasionally I manage to be wrong even when I think I’ve confirmed something, and with a website of this size, it’s difficult to keep track of every single piece of information anywhere on it that might need to be changed or updated. Thus, if you spot any errors, mistakes or out-of-date tidbits – or even just typos – I’d be thrilled if you would report them via this form.

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    What Pokmon Type Are You


    Hand in hand, what did we protect?
    Top Tier Adobe PhotoshoppingTM skills
    “Us weirdos have to stick together, y’know?”


    DawningWinds said:I’m definitely primarily ground, probably pure ground.If I had to pick a second type it could maybe be grass as I do like some folk but also what’s chamber music, isn’t folk just one genre, and wouldn’t a singer-songwriter just be any singer who writes their own songs I don’t see why that’s listed as a genre.

    “Us weirdos have to stick together, y’know?”


    How To Get The Manaphy Egg

    Hit pause to pull up the main menu the same one that allows you to access your Pokémon, Pokédex, Bag, and so on.

    From there, you might see Mystery Gift as an option in the bottom left of the menu. It looks like a little gift box. If you do, congrats! You have unlocked the Mystery Gift feature. If you dont have it, heres how to get it.

    According to a guide from Dexerto, the Mystery Gift feature appears after the Veilstone gym. Our experience seems to match this, since we have a screenshot of the menu just before the third gym that doesnt have it, but heres one with it unlocked.

    According to a guide from Eurogamer, theres a way to unlock it before the the third gym though, if its not in your menu. To do it, you need to go to the go to the Jubilife TV Station in Jubilife City.

    Take the elevator to the third floor, and talk to the two characters at the bottom of the room. The character on the left will as if you have an opinion about the television programming, to which you need to respond Yes.

    Youll keep talking, and theyll have you pick from a list of programming options. Select, EVERYONE HAPPY WI-FI CONNECTION. Once you do that, the Mystery Gift option on your menu should become available.

    Now that we have the Mystery Gift option, open the menu, click on Mystery Gift and choose, Get via Internet.

    Thatl bring you to a screen with two options: Manaphy Egg Gift and Clothing Gift.

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    How Many Pokmon Types Are There

    Pokémon can have any combination of 18 Types. These can range from elements like Fire, Water, Grass, Rock, Ground, Ice and Lightning, as well as combat-related Types like Poison, Fighting, Steel, to more supernatural energies like Ghost, Dark, and Fairy, not to mention the absurdly potent Psychic and Dragon types. The other types include Normal, Bug, and Flying.

    Pokemon Type Personality Quiz

    What Pokemon Type Are You!? Personality Quiz Throwback!

    So after combing the internet for a good personality quiz to determine what type is most like me , I was extremely disappointed to find that there were few type-based quizzes of any substance. Quizzes were filled with “Do you like volcanoes, beaches, or forests” and “What’s your favorite color”-based questions, which really ruin the mystery to me. Plus, those aren’t akin to personality traits at all! So, without further ado, I give you… completely unofficial type personality quiz!

    The quiz is very short , and focuses on questions regarding social and philosophical perceptions. At the end, you receive the percentages of each type, with a brief description of each result. I looked at the movesets, abilities, and the few type-based personality assessments I could find for each type in order to determine the results.

    If you have a moment, give it a try! I’d love to hear feedback, results, or discussion of these kinds of quizzes in general! Cheers, and Bug-types represent! 🙂

    note: this is just a quiz for fun to determine types. Not trying to violate rule 4 here, I get no viewcount or publicity out of this.

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    The Year Of The Snake: Poison

    When thinking of a snake it is easy to jump to either psychic-type or poison. However, when looking into the personality traits that come with being born in the year of the snake, poison is the obvious choice.

    People born in these years are often rather subtle and insightful, but just like a snake, it can be rather manipulative if they want to be just like Arbok and most poison-type Pokémon.

    The Year Of The Monkey: Steel

    Initially, you would assume that being born in the year of the monkey would make you cheeky and excitable, but that isn’t the case, hence why steel-type is a perfect choice.

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    People born in the year of the Monkey are typically rather sly and resourceful but can certainly be versatile. This is exactly the same as the steel-type Pokémon. Many of them are resourceful and can most certainly be sly when needed.

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    Which Pokemon Type Are You

    Instructions: just answer the questions below about yourself and it will give you a result at the end. Try to answer them honestly and dont just try and get your favorite type. There are also social sharing buttons at the very end so that you can share your result with your friends.

    • Analytical
    • I am a bit weird
    • I can sometimes be a bit sensitive
    • I find it hard to connect with a lot of other people
    • I am usually the loudest person in the room
    • I can sometimes be pessimistic
    • I feel like my life is boring
    • I like to do things at my own pace
    • I sometimes take things too seriously
    • I can be stubborn
    • I like to play Devils Advocate in arguments
    • I try to put a positive spin on everything and it sometimes annoys people
    • I sometimes care about facts instead of feelings
    • I can sometimes be a bit selfish
    • I have a short-temper
    • I find it hard to open up to people
    • I am easily offended
    • I am very self critical
    • I can’t help but point out people’s flaws
    • Celebrity or Politician
    • Anything where I can work with my hands
    • Fisherman or Marine biologist
    • Life coach or inspirational speaker
    • Project Manager or Business Analyst
    • Comedian or Comedy writer

    Pokmon Type Chart: Strengths Weaknesses And Effectiveness Explained

    What Pokemon type are you?

    Use this Pokémon type chart in Sword and Shield or Pokémon GO to ensure you deal super effective damage at all times.

    Knowing the Pokémon type chart is one of the most important elements to becoming a top trainer. Whether youre new to the series or want to double-check something in an important battle, weve got you covered. After all, memorising all 898 Pokémons weaknesses and resistances is nigh-impossible, so its always worth checking back to be sure your team is in good shape.

    A Pokémons type dictates whether it is stronger or weaker against other Pokémon. If youre at an advantage, youll deal super effective damage and if youre weaker, youll do not very effective damage. In some situations, your attack could have no effect whatsoever, so its important to get to grips with the 18 Pokémon types to maximise your damage output. Whether you are piloting one of the best Pokémon in Pokémon GO or in a Pokémon Sword and Shield ranked match, knowing the type chart is one of the biggest factors in winning or losing.

    The easiest way to begin is with the three starting types. Pokémon Sword and Shield offers Scorbunny, Grookey, and Sobble to start your adventure Fire, Grass, and Water-types respectively. Fire is super effective on Grass, Grass is super effective on Water, and Water is super effective on Fire. Scorbunny beats Grookey, Grookey beats Sobble, and Sobble beats Scorbunny. Its just the Pokémon version of the circle of life.

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    All Pokmon Types Weaknesses & Strengths In Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

    Understanding Pokémon types is a crucial part of battle. Here’s every types’ strengths and weaknesses in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

    Understanding the ways different Pokémon types interact with each other is a crucial part of battle in any Pokémon game, and this is no exception in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. To be successful in fights, players are supposed to pick their active Pokémon based on what best counters the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents, meaning players should have a basic understanding of the different Pokémon types and how they work.

    There are 18 different Pokémon types in Pokémon BDSP, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This means rather than simply using the same strong Pokémon over and over again, players are encouraged to build a well-rounded team of different types of Pokémon that can be prepared for any situation. Heres a breakdown of every Pokémon type in the new game, along with its strengths and weaknesses.

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    Which Pokemon Character Are You

    • step

    When a friend is in trouble you

    • fight your hardest to help them out
    • are always there to talk to
    • devise a plan to save them
    • wonder how you can profit from their pain
    • are by their side and ready to help

    When Ty Beanie Babies were totally trendy you

    • collected the rarest ones and them sold them at outrageously high prices to avid collectors
    • had a collection of your favorite animals and displayed them all to see
    • had to collect them all. Sometimes you even stood in line for hours just to get the new releases.
    • bought them and donated them to charities
    • thought they were cute and had a few of your own

    OMG! Your favorite band is reuniting! They are giving away tickets at a local radio station to the person who does the craziest thing. You

    • stand on a roof top with a karaoke machine and sing their greatest hits to the city
    • show up wearing your vintage tees and carry posters showing your total dedication to them
    • have no idea what to do
    • tell the radio manager that if he doesn’t give you the tickets he’ll be VERY sorry hint, hint

    You are having a heated disagreement with someone. What do you do?

    • you challenge the person to a dual and then shake hands when it’s over
    • usually just give into the other person to avoid a fight
    • try to understand their side, but usually can convince them to see it your way
    • plan a sneak attack on the other person
    • get exasperated and walk away

    At a party the person you would be drawn towards the most would be

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    The Year Of The Horse: Normal

    The year of the horse is perhaps the kindest and most cheerful personality in the Chinese zodiac. However, just like normal-type Pokémon, they are often underrated.

    This just shouldn’t be, they are often kind, independent, and endearing people, just like most normal-type Pokémon. Similar to Tauros, people born in this year are rather impatient and like Snorlax, extremely independent.

    The Year Of The Goat: Fairy

    Which Pokemon Type Are You? Persoanlity Quiz #10!

    In the anime, many Fairy-type Pokémon are ungrateful, which is a personality trait that it shares with the people born in this year. However, they are also particularly popular and sociable people who make the best of any situation.

    As a Pokémon type, fairy is particularly popular and quickly become fan favorites one you give them a chance. Both people born in the year of the goat and fairy-type Pokémon can be wonderful additions to anyone’s life.

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    The Year Of The Dragon: Dragon

    This doesn’t need a lot of explaining really. After all, it is easy to say that this match was obvious. However, it isn’t just because of the name, but the personality similarities between dragon type and those born in the year of the dragon are perfect.

    Take Charmander for example, both people born in the year of the dragon, and this Pokémon are passionate and confident however, they can also be pretty arrogant. But wouldn’t you be if you were a dragon?

    Quiz: What Pokemon Type Best Suits Your Personality

    What Pokemon Type Best Suits Your Personality? If you are a Pokemon fan, then take this quiz right now. It takes into account your personality and finds the type of Pokemon that is most suitable for you. If you don’t know what kind of Pokemon you like or want to use, then take this quiz and find out the result. Have fun!

  • I am cool and clever

  • D.& nbsp
  • I am admirable and confident

  • G.& nbsp

    I am loyal and complimentary

  • H.& nbsp
  • I am wise in my own way

  • J.& nbsp

    I am tough and persevering

  • K.& nbsp

    I am cunning and polite

  • L.& nbsp

    I am knowledgable and kind

  • M.& nbsp

    I am clever and joyful

  • N.& nbsp

    I am decisive and wise

  • O.& nbsp
  • I am gentle yet I can be tough

  • Q.& nbsp
  • What’s your battling style?
  • A.& nbsp

    I like to use mainly defensive moves and then tire my opponent out for an easy finish

  • B.& nbsp

    I usually go by experience when I battle

  • C.& nbsp

    I like to work on the offensive side of things

  • D.& nbsp

    I strategize and execute my plan while I’m in total sync with my Pokemon

  • E.& nbsp

    I am in total sync with my Pokemon and I communicate with telepathy

  • F.& nbsp

    I like to stealthily begin, dodging rapidly to tire my opponent and enduring attacks, before using my opponent’s power against them

  • G.& nbsp

    I like to have an exciting battle where I know what I’m up against and I make a strategy accordingly. But having fun is also important

  • H.& nbsp

    I just like to have fun and enjoy myself when I battle, but it doesn’t hurt to win as well. I also play the environment to my advantage

  • A.& nbsp
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